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Factors Influencing The Cost Of An Emergency Plumber’s Service | Maryville, TN

The last thing you want as a homeowner is to experience a plumbing emergency. These plumbing issues arise at most unexpected times. Plumbing emergencies are different from other kinds of emergencies because they can cause a lot of damage within a short time. Hence, they should be addressed promptly whenever they arise. This means having the contacts of a reliable emergency plumber in Maryville, TN. When that plumbing emergency finally beckons, you’ll know who to call.

These professionals are available and always on standby to respond to your call. Responding promptly to your cry will limit the damage caused by the plumbing issue. Further, the emergency plumbers are usually experienced in several plumbing areas, meaning they can address other issues they might uncover during the plumbing emergency. They also are properly equipped to ensure that they can diagnose and address the issue quickly.

Unfortunately, these professionals will charge you slightly higher than the regular plumbers. However, because of the convenience this accords you and knowing the damage that the plumbing issue might cause, the higher fee is understandable. But what informs the price? What factors might impact the cost of an emergency plumbing repair?

Type of Emergency

Whenever the pipes burst, you need to call an emergency plumber to repair or replace the affected part and avert the water damage caused by flooding. However, the cost of repairing a burst pipe that can cause a flood in your basement cannot be the same compared to the cost of patching a leak. You might be charged more for fixing a flooded basement or replacing a burst pipe than sealing a leak. If the basement is flooded, there is a high probability of extensive damage. The professional will also have to factor in the total spending on removing the water from your basement.

Further, if the plumbing emergency is a backing up sewage or a burst drain line, you should expect to be charged higher. This is because of the health risks that the professional will be exposed to. Sewer wastes, bacteria, and gases are harmful. They also will have to wear protective clothing while fixing the issue. The cost also depends on if you need a replacement of some plumbing pipes and appliances. If the compromised or damaged part of the plumbing is extensive, the cost will also be higher.

You must know the charges for emergency plumbing services differ from one plumbing company to another. Hence, you are advised to speak with several plumbing companies ahead of time to compare their charges and hire one you are comfortable with. This means you can evaluate an emergency plumber and get a good deal without getting ripped off. You will not be making a quick decision in the middle of a plumbing emergency.


You might get a pretty satisfying deal if you research rebates and other financing programs. Should you decide to have a plumber install water conserving or energy-efficient appliances after experiencing a plumbing issue, you might get a rebate on that installation. This will help you save some money. Unfortunately, you might be under real stress when dealing with a plumbing emergency.

At that time, you might be thinking about calling an emergency plumber in Maryville, TN, to address the issue. The last thing in your mind at that time is where and whether you can get rebates for making a different solution. Fortunately, a good plumbing service provider will consider all such factors when discussing a solution. They even can help you find a great solution. The professionals might even find the rebates on your behalf.

When You Call

The time that you call the professional for service also matters. Some emergency plumbers might charge slightly higher if you contact them for a repair during a holiday, at night, or on the weekend. However, this is not standard for all emergency plumbing service providers. How extra they charge varies. Hence, it is a great idea to call plumbing before the plumbing emergency arises to grasp better their expectations and what they might ask for.

However, the higher cost is justified because of the convenience that comes with it. Otherwise, you might be left with an emergency plumbing issue that is causing more and more damage. And come to think of it, it is like you are only paying for the convenience by waking the plumbers at night or calling them off from their vacation.

The Travel Expenses

Does the plumber have to travel a long distance to arrive at your home? If so, they might charge for it. You are most likely to see this on the travel expense. For this reason, homeowners are advised to hire emergency plumbers nearby. Before agreeing to an emergency plumbing service, inquire from the plumber whether they will charge you an extra cost for traveling to your Maryville, TN home.

You will be surprised at how travel costs can be expensive. Some plumbing companies don’t charge travel costs so long as you live within a certain distance from their base of operations. This can reduce the plumbing costs significantly. Additionally, an emergency plumber near you will promptly arrive and repair the issue quickly—knowing that every second counts in a plumbing emergency, this is a better deal than waiting for the faraway plumber to arrive.


The emergency plumber may be a journeyman or a master plumber. In most instances, they aren’t apprentices. The experience and expertise combined with their certification levels have a bearing on the total charges. Generally, hiring a master plumber will cost you more because they have many years of experience and can handle almost all, if not all, emergency plumbing repairs.

In some instances, the master plumbers supervise the journeymen and apprentices sometimes. If you hire a journeyman to address your plumbing emergencies, you will pay a lower cost than a master plumber. However, please speak to the plumbing company to see what types of plumbers they have.

Prompt Emergency Plumbing Services

Every count in a plumbing emergency. Hence, you want to hire a plumber near you because they can reach your home within no time. They also will most likely not charge you transport expenses. There are various factors, as discussed above, that have an impact on the cost of the emergency plumbing service. Hence, ensure you consult your plumbing service provider on the charges before signing the contract. Contact us at My Professional Plumber for a reliable and prompt plumbing service.

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