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How to Tell Your Water Heater Needs Service | Water Heater Service in Knoxville, TN

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If you live in the state of Tennessee, whether in Knoxville or any other place in the state, then you definitely need a water heater.

Tennessee is thought of as a hot and desert state with the sun shining all year round but that is not actually the case. Tennessee receives its fair share of cold and snow and thunderstorms are very common on an annual basis.

When a raging thunderstorm hits Knoxville, you will need warm and hot water to get through the downpour and chilly winds. A water heater you can clearly see therefore is an essential component of any household, whether they live in cold or hot states.

As a result, Water heaters are some of the most overused and taxed installations in any household. Your water heater will require regular water heater service in Knoxville, TN to perform well and have a good life.

There are several reasons why you should have timely water heater service in Knoxville, TN and in the end, it will only be to your own benefit.

1.   Longevity

Maintenance and timely repair allows any machine or object to live its natural life and might even extend it. Water heaters are costly installation and not cheap to replace thus you should strive to keep yours for as long as possible.

Proper maintenance carried out at regular intervals will not cause it to die before its time.

2.   Sediment Buildup

Most water heaters are based on conventional tank models. They take in water, heat it and then release it back in normal plumbing lines.

This process can cause a buildup of sediment and minerals in the piping and main tank. Over time, this buildup can impact the heater’s proper functioning, cause expansion and leaks and accelerate rusting.

It is vital that such buildup is cleaned and cleared by regular water heater service in Knoxville, TN.

3.   Uninterrupted Water Supply

A problem commonly seen in old and unmaintained water heaters is an inconsistent water supply. Due to age and buildup of material, their ability to output water is not as smooth.

This means warm water takes a long time to come, it comes in random spurts, the pressure is low or it doesn’t come at all.

You surely not want to get splashed by cold water in winter. Timely water heater service in Knoxville, TN will alleviate all such concerns.

These are some of the broader reasons why water heater maintenance and repair is something you definitely should not skip out on. Warm water is essential to modern needs and any disruption in its supply can, in turn, leave you disturbed for the rest of the day.

Ideally, you should opt for water heater service in Knoxville, TN on a routine basis at regular intervals. That will be the best for your water heater and keep it in top condition.

If you manage to forget or skip out on routine inspections though, you should at least keep in mind certain call signs. These signs if they appear in your water heater or warm water supply mean a water heater maintenance inspection is due to be called.

1.   Temperature Fluctuations

As we told you before, one of the quickest ways to spot when your water heater is due for a water heater service in Knoxville, TN is to check the temperature of the water.

If it is just warm at the hottest setting or comes in random bursts of hot and warm then it means there is a problem with your water heater.

Due to sediment buildup, the water is not heated evenly and there are fluctuations in the temperature of the water.

2.   Pressure Fluctuations

Apart from fluctuations in temperature, the fluctuations in water pressure should also be checked out.

If warm water is coming at very low pressure and is not flowing openly and freely then it might indicate immense buildup and blockage in the piping of the water heater.

Immediate water heater service in Knoxville, TN will be required to clear it out and get the pipe ways open again so water starts flowing again at normal pressure.

3.   Leaks

A water heater which has not been maintained, tightened or cleaned out over the years will begin to leak eventually.

This leaking is caused by plenty of reasons like a structural expansion of the metal over time to rusting making parts of the heater brittle and porous to a buildup of sediment exerting pressure on the heater’s pipes.

Look for leaking water to pool underneath the water heater. If you spot it then a call for water heater service in Knoxville, TN will be required. A leaking water heater has high chances of exploding if left unattended.

4.   Strange Taste and Color

If the warm water appears cloudy or brown or has particles floating in it then it means rust has occurred in the water heater’s pipes or body. Such rusting is also accompanied by a strange metallic tinge to the water’s taste.

This should be immediately solved by water heater service in Knoxville, TN since rusting can not only ruin and damage your water heater beyond repair but the rusted metallic particles are also not good for your health.

5.   Loud Noises

If your water heater is making loud noises like banging or churning or cracking then it means a heavy buildup of sediment has occurred. This is actively preventing the water heater from its work and is overburdening it.

This can become a dangerous situation and cause an explosion so turn off your water heater and call for professional help immediately.


If you notice any of the above signs or have not had water heater service in Knoxville, TN carried out for a long time then worry no more.

Call My Professional Plumber Inc at 865-622-4101 and get in touch with us. We can deal with and serve all water heater maintenance related needs and whether it is loud noises or leaks, we can take care of it all.


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