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Questions That Homeowners Often Ask Their Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that you’ll have problems with your plumbing system at some point. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that plumbers are asked. If you have a plumbing emergency, it’s essential to turn off the main water supply to your home before calling a professional.

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Why do I have water dripping from my light fixture?

Some homeowners noticed that they have water dripping from their light fittings; maybe the light globe in your living room is gradually filling up with water. This may seem strange or dangerous, but it’s important not to panic. Water dripping from light fixtures is an indication that there’s a leak somewhere in your home. You should call an emergency plumber as soon as you notice the problem before your electrical system becomes affected.

Before calling out a plumber, there are a few simple steps you should take. Don’t turn the light off; instead, shut off the power supply to your home at the breaker box. You should also turn off the main water supply to your home as this will reduce the damage caused by water. Be careful not to touch any water that’s on the light; don’t drain the water as it could give you an electric shock or cause electrocution.

Why are my water bills increasing?

It’s never good news when you receive a bill that’s higher than you expected. Plumbers are commonly asked about sudden spikes in water bills, as this is likely to indicate that there’s a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system. Several things, including leaking faucets or toilets or a leaky irrigation system, can be caused by a high-water bill.

Leaky faucets

The most common cause of a higher than expected water bill is due to a dripping or leaky faucet. You may be surprised to learn that a leaky faucet can waste around 3,000 gallons of water a year. If you’ve noticed any faucets that leak, its time to call in the professionals.

Leaking Toilets

Flushing the toilets accounts for about 24% of our daily water use, which will increase significantly if there’s a leak. A leaking toilet can waste a staggering 200 gallons of water every day.

Outdated Plumbing

If you live in an older property, your plumbing system may be outdated and ineffective. This could cause more problems such as leaks or bust pipes. Sometimes there may be a leak in your system that has gone unnoticed. If your water bills have seen a sudden increase and you live in an older home, it may be time to replace outdated plumbing works.

Leaking water Line

An increase in your water bills could also be caused by a leak in the underground pipes that bring water to your home. A pipe may have become loose or could have become damaged by tree roots, animals, or an earthquake. If there’s a problem with the waterline, you’ll likely notice areas of waterlogged or flooded ground in your yard.

Too much water waste

If there seems to be no apparent reason for your water bill increase, it could be due to your family using too much water. If you’re overwatering your lawns or are taking longer showers, then usual, this may cause an increase. Some families notice an increase in their water usage during the summer months while their kids are home from university.

Leaky irrigation system

If you use an irrigation system to water your lawn, your water bill’s increase may indicate that your sprinkler system leaks. If this is the case, you’ll need to have it replaced.

There’s a sewer smell inside my home. Help!

You may be distraught to notice that there’s a bad smell in your home. Plumbers are commonly asked about what causes this and what to do about the problem. Several things could create a bad smell.

Dry U-trap Trap

Toilets have been designed with a U-trap, which is a U shaped pipe in the toilet bowl that acts as a barrier to sewer odor. If there’s a sewer smell in your bathroom, the U-trap may have dried up, which would allow smelly gases to come into your home. To fix this issue, you can put some water into the U-trap, which will help recreate the barrier.

City Sewer

If you notice that there’s an offensive smell in your garden or neighborhood, it’s likely to be from the city sewer. The sewage treatment plant may be having plumbing problems. Smells in your yard could also indicate that your home has drain problems. If this is the case, you can contact a plumbing company who will be able to clean the drains and get rid of the odor.

Sewer Trap Plugs

Another common reason that there’s a sewer smell in your home may be that there’s a missing or loose sewer plug. Your sewer pit should contain a trap that creates a barrier between the sewer and your house. If this plug is missing or gets damaged, the odor will travel from the city sewer to your home. If this is the cause of the problem, a plumber will need to replace the plug, and this will allow the air to clear.

My Professional Plumber

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