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Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair | Garbage Disposal Repair in Knoxville, TN

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Garbage disposals are the home cook’s best friend.

Versatile and easy to use, garbage disposals make the chore of cleaning up after dinner very convenient.

How garbage disposals operate is all edible food waste apart from bones can be put into the garbage disposal’s mouth or opening and rotating blades slice and dice them up. This turns big chunks of food which would clog up drains into smaller manageable pieces which can easily flow down the drain.

This way all leftovers and such can be washed down the drain instead of being thrown in the trash bag or dust bin. This prevents rot and odors since they no longer sit there in the trash, waiting for the morning garbage truck. Because of this convenience, however, garbage disposals are often abused and used in unintended ways. Food and waste such as bones and coffee beans which should not go in a garbage disposal are still put into it.

You should take care to avoid these common mistakes lest you want to send your garbage disposal to an early grave. Maintenance is something which should be regularly carried out for a garbage disposal since it is an overused installation and gets worn and torn. It also requires deep cleaning every now and then to thoroughly rid it of food particles. If you don’t take such care and timely maintenance then you will soon be calling for garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN. Clogged and blocked garbage disposals are some of the most common issues that plumbers are called to fix.


Here are the major signs and problems which exhibit themselves when a garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN becomes due.

1.   Loud Noises

Garbage disposals work by either cutting or grinding food matter into smaller chunks and particles. It is a problematic sign if loud noises are coming from your garbage disposal because ordinarily, it should produce only a smooth buzzing sound.

Sounds like banging or grinding can mean several things. Either something solid like a piece of cutlery or jewelry has fallen down and is blocking the blades, either some large and hard natural object like a peach pit or coffee beans have obstructed the passageway or there is some mechanical problem.

Either way whatever the cause, this is not something you should attempt to fix on your own. Calling a garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN is the way to go.

2.   Constant Resets

If you have to consistently and constantly turn your garbage disposal on and off again it might mean it has reached the zenith of its life. In this case your garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN will need to be called to de-install it and replace it with a new one.

It might also mean however that there is some problem in the electrical layout and wiring of the garbage disposal which is not providing adequate power for it to function. In that your garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN can look at the wiring and solve the problem or refer it to an electrician if the problem becomes more complicated.

3.   Clogs

The problem of clogs can occur in two ways in a garbage disposal. You might have put in something which was not supposed to go into the garbage disposal or perhaps what you put in was too big for the blades to adequately slice.

This might create a clog which will block the garbage disposal and the garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN will have to be called to get it cleared and cleaned.

In some cases, you might be doing everything right but there may be a clog deeper down or no matter what you put in and how small it is, it still clogs the disposal. This might mean either the blades are not working properly and have become blunt or that you a model with a higher capacity.

A deep clog could be a result of pouring something like grease or fat down the disposal and that could solidify and catch the sliced food particles and make a bigger clog. All of these issues will require a garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

4.   Odors and Smells

Since a garbage disposal deals with processing food waste and leftovers, some smells and odors are likely to occur.

This is also due to the design of a typical garbage disposal which contains many small moving parts and works primarily through its blades. This creates a lot of opportunities for food particles to get stuck. Normally this is no big issue since it can be fixed easily enough with pouring diluted detergent or putting citrus peels in the disposal.

If however despite all this the odorous smells don’t seem to stop and seem to be coming from somewhere deeper then a call must be made to the garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN. Attempting to solve it with drain cleaning acid can ruin and damage your garbage disposal so this is one task best left to the professionals.

5.   Declining Performance

If the performance and ability of your garbage disposal seem to be increasing then your garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN will likely need to be called.

This can happen in any number of ways, either it is taking longer with its load which will consume more electricity, or it doesn’t properly process the load and keeps getting food lodged or needs maintenance frequently.

This all signals a unit which has reached its end and needs to be replaced, something which only professionals can do.


Managing with kitchen without a working garbage disposal must surely be an unfathomable scenario for you. Particularly so if you have guests due over when you know a lot of food waste and leftovers will be generated.

Without a garbage disposal to aid you, your life will become harder. That is why if you find yourself in need for garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN then Contact My Professional Plumber Inc at 865-622-4101 and get in touch with us. We will thoroughly inspect your disposal and repair any problems and deficiencies we find but also check if the drainage and plumbing it is connected to is working properly or not.


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