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The 5 Most Common Plumbing Problems That Your Emergency Plumbing Service Can Handle In A Flash | Knoxville, TN

No plumbing problem is fun, but some plumbing issues are more problematic than others. It’s good to know that when you have a major plumbing problem at your Knoxville, TN, home, you can count on My Professional Plumber for our emergency plumbing service. We are a licensed plumbing company that specializes in a broad range of plumbing solutions, including septic systems, leak detection, drain cleaning, and, of course, emergency plumbing service. Our plumbers are highly trained and dedicated to providing the best possible service. At the first sign of trouble, we can send a trained plumber to your location to troubleshoot the issue and apply the ideal fix.

Hidden Leaks

A hidden leak can be small or large. In either case, it’s bound to become a big problem once you find out about it. Hidden leaks can occur at any spot in your plumbing system, but valves and seams are often vulnerable points. The problem with a hidden leak is that much of your plumbing system is unexposed. That means that there’s a good chance that when a leak develops, you’re not going to know about it until some time of damage alerts you to the problem.

When a leak occurs behind a wall, the leaking water can damage your drywall, flooring, and even structural elements like wood beams. Fixing the leak is often difficult, as well, because the pipe in question might be difficult to access without cutting into walls, flooring, or even ceilings. It might be necessary to remove sections of the wall or floor in order to reach the problem area. Sometimes the first sign of the problem is an outbreak of mold or uncharacteristically high water bills. Don’t ignore those types of concerns. They can indicate a serious issue with your plumbing system. If you suspect that you have a hidden leak, you should contact My Professional Plumber for our emergency plumbing service.

Ruptured Pipes

When a pipe suddenly ruptures or breaks, the damage to property, as in the case of a hidden leak, can be extensive. A ruptured pipe can occur because of frozen pipes or in association with a drain clog. Sometimes the age and condition of a pipe can leave it vulnerable to ruptures. When a pipe breaks, it can stop your plumbing system in its tracks. There’s no time to wait for normal business hours; at such times, you need emergency plumbing service. We’ll send a licensed plumber to your home to make the necessary repair or replace the broken parts of your plumbing system.

Sewer Line Repairs

When a sewer line is clogged, a home’s plumbing system is effectively shut down. Sewer lines can become clogged by all sorts of things–anything that clogs a drain pipe. Often, however, tree roots find their way into the small cracks of aging pipes to clog the line. The roots will continue to grow until they eventually block the sewer line. If they are left unchecked, they can damage the sewer line.

Sometimes the sewer line clogs occur because a section of the line has collapsed or is badly damaged. If this occurs, part or all of the line might have to be replaced. This can be a major job that requires digging up the pipe to replace it. Inline repairs may be possible and our emergency plumbing service has the equipment needed to clear the line of tree roots. Even so, a sewer line problem is definitely nobody’s idea of a minor plumbing problem.

Septic System Failure

If you have a septic system that’s older, it may require replacement–especially when it begins to fail. Slow drains, spongy and wet spots in the yard, and unpleasant smells near your septic system can all indicate serious problems. Does that mean you have a plumbing disaster on your hands? Not necessarily. Sometimes there’s a clog developing that can be fixed with septic tank pumping.

However, sometimes the issue is more serious and requires emergency plumbing service. Your Knoxville, TN, home’s septic system isn’t designed to last forever. It could be possible that it’s reached its span. Or, there may be damaged pipes in the drain field. Even large tree roots can impact your drain field system. If you suspect that your septic system isn’t functioning properly, contact My Professional Plumber to schedule our emergency plumbing service.

Water Backflow

If water and sewage back up into your home, it’s usually time to call for emergency plumbing service. Sometimes a toilet will back up; in these cases, homeowners are often able to resolve the clog on their own. On the other hand, water can back up from tubs, sinks, and floor drains as well. When this happens, there’s a big problem. Water backflow isn’t only messy; it can be dangerous as sewage contains harmful pathogens. When the water backs up through your drains, it can damage flooring and walls.

Our plumbing service can determine why your plumbing system is backing up. Then, we can perform the ideal fix. Often, these problems occur because there’s a clog in the system. They can also occur because of a collapsed section of pipe. We know how inconvenient these types of plumbing problems can be. That’s why we’ll send an emergency plumber to your home to tackle this situation as soon as possible.

If you need emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN, contact My Professional Plumber. We serve Knoxville and the surrounding areas with a complete lineup of plumbing services. Don’t attempt a DIY fix. Our plumbers are experienced and have the expertise needed to address these and any other types of plumbing disasters. We have the ideal plumbing tools and parts needed to get your plumbing system back into good working condition again fast.

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