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Tips From An Emergency Plumber On How To Look Out For And Prevent Plumbing Issues | Oak Ridge, TN

Plumbing emergencies are those kinds of issues that will normally spring out of nowhere and result in devastating damages for any Oak Ridge, TN, home. However, only a few plumbing emergencies come just out of the blue. Most of them result from ignoring minor plumbing issues or their repair. Others might also arise when you decide to take on a plumbing issue yourself rather than having a professional with experience and training fix it.

To ensure that you never have to call, it is advised that you have a routine plumbing inspection and maintenance by a reliable emergency plumber. This ensures that the minor developing issues are handled professionally and eliminated before they worsen to plumbing emergencies. Further, you should leave the plumbing installations, repairs, and replacements to a professional. This is because most of them have the tools and experience to efficiently and properly complete the repair. Otherwise, you might exacerbate the issue to an emergency level, meaning you’ll pay more for the repair and restorations.

Plumbing issues arise when you least expect any. While some could wait, other issues require immediate attention. So, you must know of the signs that indicate a plumbing emergency and have the contacts of a reputable and prompt emergency plumber. Below are some of the signs that your plumbing issue cannot wait.

The Water Bill Unexpectedly Becomes Abnormally High

Have you noticed that the water bill has increased a bit? Such jumps from one month to another are normal. However, an unexpected sudden jump should be a cause for concern unless you have constructed a swimming pool or have opened a car wash. Otherwise, such increases normally indicate a leaky or an underground burst pipe. When leaks arise in hidden places, they might worsen without you knowing and result in a high-water bill.

Not every leak or burst pipe can cause puddles on your bathroom or kitchen flooring. Other times, the leakage seeps into the ground beneath your home. Over time, this might cause serious damage to your home. This is why you should contact an emergency plumber if the water bill unexplainably increases, but you cannot notice the leak.

Slab Leaks

The other sign that you might have to call an emergency plumber is when you notice you have a slab leak. Slab leaks are one of those hidden leaks that will happen under the foundation of your Oak Ridge, TN, home. They might go for long without you noticing them, making them a problem. Since they are beneath the slab, they might seep into the soil and weaken it. This has a ripple effect and consequences of affecting the structural integrity of your foundation. Hence, when you notice damp spots on the floor or the carpet becomes wet, those are some of the signs of slab leaks. Immediately call a plumber when you notice such signs to have the problem fixed.

Your Water’s Discolored

Clean water should be clear and with no smell or taste. However, some occurrences within the plumbing system can make the water discolored. If you notice that your faucets are releasing brown water, that is a sign that your water lines might have greatly eroded. Other reasons you might be getting discolored water is when the water line is blocked or has a crack where the impurities like soil might seep.

Do not drink the water if it is discolored because it might cause a serious health issue. Rather, purchase bottled water and have the plumbing system inspected and the issue fixed by an emergency plumber.

Blocked Drains

Your drains might be blocked for various reasons. However, tree root intrusion and improper drain hygiene are among the leading causes. You might have toddlers who throw their toys accidentally into the toilet or even throw food into the kitchen drains while washing the dishes. Food shouldn’t go down the drains unless properly shredded by a garbage disposal unit. Soap particles, scum, hair, and cosmetics are another reason for drain clogs, especially in bathroom drains. If you haven’t installed a filter on the bathroom drain, have a professional come over and install it.

When the drains are clogged, the wastewater doesn’t have a place to flow. It settles in the drains and decomposes, producing a pungent smell that backs up into your living space. Further, continued water use will make the wastewater back into your home a serious potential health hazard. This will flood your flooring and also damage your tiles. You realize you don’t just need a plumber at that time. You need an emergency plumber to resolve the issue promptly.

A Weakly Flushing Toilet

It is not only disgusting but embarrassing to leave behind mess for the next toilet occupant because the toilet isn’t flushing. It is even more embarrassing if the next person that comes in is a guest. Clogs in the toilet drain or deep in the sewer lines are the main reasons the toilet won’t flush. Further, it can not flush if there is no water in the tank. A non-flushing toilet is a plumbing emergency or a clear sign of one. Hence, you should have them inspected further by an emergency plumber to ensure that your toilet doesn’t get messy.

A Pungent Smell

Have you noticed a musty and nasty odor wafting via your Oak Ridge, TN, home? That is a sign of something amiss and shouldn’t be ignored. It either means that the drains are clogged or bad water damage. For instance, if you notice a rotten egg smell caused by sewer gasses, the drains are clogged. When you notice a musty smell, that is a sign that wastewater is backing up your drains or a leak. Such a smell can cause serious health complications and would require you to have the issue addressed by an emergency plumber before they cause a health emergency.

Let Us Handle Your Plumbing Emergencies

How often do you have your plumbing system inspected and maintained by a professional? Routine plumbing system maintenance is essential because it keeps plumbing emergencies at bay. Otherwise, you will frequently call an emergency plumber because problems quickly get out of hand. For a reliable emergency plumbing service, trust and call us at My Professional Plumber, your prompt plumber.

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