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When Should You Call An Emergency Plumbing Service? | Lenoir City, TN

As a homeowner in Lenoir City, TN, you have probably required the services of a plumber at one time or another, which is a normal part of property ownership. However, there will be times in which you might have to call an emergency plumbing service to help you with a problem. These types of things just can’t wait in order to avoid a potentially dangerous situation that could inflict permanent and costly damage to your home. With this in mind, there are certain signs to look out for in order to determine whether you should call an emergency plumbing service or not. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Your Home Is Losing Water Pressure

Even though your water’s normal pressure can vary under certain conditions, if the loss becomes consistent, it could be a sign of increasing buildup in your water pipes. While it could be tempting to attempt to fix the problem by yourself, calling a professional emergency plumbing service will ensure a thorough inspection of your pipes detects the problem without the possibility of further damage. In many cases, the loss of water pressure can be traced to cracked pipes, leaks, or other similar issues, which could worsen if you don’t have the necessary experience, resulting in costly repairs.

You Suddenly Notice Water Pooling Where There Shouldn’t Be Any

Any sign of flooding or water pooling in places it normally wouldn’t is a good indicator that you may have to call an emergency plumbing service. If you notice water leaking from your walls, or ceiling or coming through your floor, you may have a serious problem that could cause permanent damage to your home’s structure, furniture, and more. Calling a professional emergency plumbing service will ensure no further time is wasted and will get the problem corrected before you find yourself facing thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided. Once again we have to reiterate that if you don’t have the experience and knowledge necessary to locate and repair the issue you should not attempt to do the work yourself. Doing so can make the problem worse and put your family and your property in danger.

Your Pipes Froze

One of the biggest problems affecting your home’s water pipes during the winter is freezing. When the temperature is too low, the water in your pipes can freeze. As it does, it will expand and result in burst pipes. If this is your case, you can verify it by turning on the faucet and if nothing comes out, your pipes may be frozen. When this happens you should call an emergency plumbing service immediately, before temperatures rise and your home is catastrophically flooded.

The help of an emergency plumber can be essential to the health of your property at certain times. For example, a clogged toilet isn’t much of an emergency and can wait for a regular plumber, but, if the toilet starts to overflow, an emergency plumbing service should be called.

Other Benefits of an Emergency Plumber’s Service

Being able to call an emergency plumber to fix any problems with your Lenoir City, TN, home’s water system has even more benefits than just being available when it is needed. Think about it this way, it’s a holiday weekend, and you are comfortably sleeping in your bed when you are abruptly woken by the sound of water rushing into your room from your bathroom. You quickly put on your already wet slippers and try to figure out what is going on. You walk into the bathroom to discover that the incessant drip from your faucet you have been ignoring has now turned into a major problem and there’s water gushing everywhere. This is when it hits you like an ice-cold bath: you are going to need a plumber to fix the problem right away, before your entire house gets wet.

There are many other scenarios in which an emergency plumber is needed, including gas line problems, backed up sewers, overflowing toilets, burst pipes and hoses, and more. While 24/7 availability is the most important benefit of being able to call an emergency plumber, there are other many other positive things this type of service has to offer, including the following:

Are You Looking for an Emergency Plumber?

Having to wait for a regular plumber to help you repair any problems you may have with your home’s water and sewer systems may be a luxury you can’t afford. This may be because major plumbing issues seem to have a tendency to occur at the most inconvenient times, usually when regular plumbing companies are not in service. This is where an emergency plumbing service in Lenoir City, TN, can become your most valuable ally, and while their services may be a little bit more expensive due to them being needed outside of business hours, the convenience of their availability is well worth the extra amount you may have to pay. At My Professional Plumber we understand how dire a plumbing emergency can be, and we know how much is at risk when it happens, so, if your home’s plumbing is giving you grief, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call right away!

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