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Where To Go For A Water Heater Repair | Oak Ridge, TN

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Water heaters are an essential piece of equipment in any home. They provide hot water every day and are constantly in use. Water heaters are normally highly reliable, and we can take them for granted, so it can come as a bit of a surprise when you find there is no hot water when you need it most particularly during Oak Ridge, TN winters.

For any water heater repair, you need the professional services of My Professional Plumber. Our highly trained technicians have many years of experience dealing with water heater repair, maintenance, and installation. They deal with most types of water heaters that are on the market, and unlike many of our competitors, we offer an emergency service 24 hours a day, every day.

Avoid a Water Heater Repair with Regular Maintenance

Whatever type of water heater you have, My Professional Plumber strongly suggests that you have it regularly serviced. Many checks are carried out to ensure its safe running, as well as making sure it runs as economically as possible.

Without regular service, any warranty on your water heater may be invalid. After the service, you will have extra peace of mind, as the service will reduce the risk that you will need a water heater repair. You will also extend its useful working life. It has been estimated that the average cost of a water heater repair is several hundred dollars, so regular service represents prudent and good value.

Common Problems with Water Heaters

There are some signs that you need a water heater repair which you need to keep a close eye on:










Water Is Leaking From Your Water Heater

Water is a very damaging element, over time water will creep into your walls and floors, and result in structural damage which will be expensive to repair. At the first sight of water near your heater, you should get an inspection from one of our technicians. The solution could be as simple as tightening a loose connection or replace a faulty valve.

It could be more serious if the technician discovers that the tank is corroded, if this is the case and your water heater is over ten years old it may be time to think about having it replaced.

Low water pressure can cause a leak could also lead to reduced water pressure. One sign of this is that your water bill has unexpectedly increased. To make sure that there is a leak, you should turn off all your water appliances and then check the water meter.

If it is still counting, then you have a leak and you need one of our technicians to locate and fix it. A faulty valve in your heater could also be the cause of low water pressure and you will need a water heater repair.

Your water heater shuts down – there could be many causes of this, but a very common one is that you are overloading your water heater by using too many water appliances at the same time. As your family has grown, so has your need for hot water.

You have probably brought more appliances like a washing machine and dishwater the demand for your increased hot water needs may go beyond the capacity of your water heater. The water heater could shut down if overworked, and if this happens too often then it could break and need repair in Oak Ridge, TN.

You could stagger when using your water appliances, so as not to have so many on at once. But the best long-term solution is to have a new water heater installation with more capacity.

Why Choose My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN?

My Professional Plumber is on a mission to support our local Oak Ridge community with a comprehensive range of plumbing services and the highest standard of workmanship at prices everyone can afford.

It is a stressful time when a water heater breaks down and we will send a technician quickly for any plumbing emergency that you may have. Whatever your plumbing needs call us today.


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