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Knoxville Water Heater Installation: Why It’s More Crucial Than You Think

Every day, homeowners across the country experience natural gas water heaters being installed incorrectly. This issue not only creates extra costs down the road but also poses a real life-threatening risk to the homeowner’s family.

My Professional Plumber wants to ensure that our customers are safe and out of harm’s way. Therefore we train our employees to be up to date on all local code requirements. In the photo shown below, there is a natural gas water heater that has been installed incorrectly; this is an actual photo that an employee of My Professional Plumber found and photographed right here in Knoxville to make others aware of what can happen when quality installation codes are not followed. Luckily our employee found this life-threatening mistake and repaired it before there was a more disastrous result. If this was not found, there could have been carbon monoxide poisoning distributed to the family living in this home. As it is shown in the photo, there is a space between the pipes, allowing carbon monoxide to escape and travel throughout the home, and could have potentially caused sickness or death.

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