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8 Signs That Garbage Disposal Repair is Due | Garbage Disposal Repair in Knoxville, TN

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Food waste can produce a foul smell in your kitchen. But disposing of food waste in landfills also creates environmental problems. So, what is the right way to dispose of food waste? A way that keeps your home and the environment clean and safe?

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are what you should be considering. Garbage disposals are essential kitchen appliances that can be installed in any kitchen. They are usually installed under the sink. They pulverize the food waste into small particles that can be washed away with water.

If you already own a garbage disposal in Knoxville, TN, you know how essential it is. However, like all other appliances, garbage disposals need maintenance and repair. If you think your garbage disposal isn’t working as efficiently as it should, you may need to get garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

Below are the signs that indicate your garbage disposal needs repair.

1.   Unusual Noises

In case any solid material that is quite hard, like a spoon, falls into a garbage disposal, it makes a very loud noise. If your garbage disposal is making any unusual sounds, use your hand and torchlight to see what is making the noise. Once you are certain that it isn’t due to anything that went in the garbage disposal accidentally, it is highly possible that one or more components of the garbage disposal have misaligned. Therefore, the presence of unusual sounds from the garbage disposal is a sign that garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN is needed.

2.   Frequent Resets

The garbage disposal comes with a reset button which is intended to be used when the appliance has to recover from an unusual situation like overloading or a blockage. However, if your garbage disposal is not overloaded or does not have any clogs and still needs to be reset frequently, there is a high probability that either your appliance has aged out or there is loose wiring somewhere that is hampering the way it works. This calls for garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

3.   Inexplicable Clogs

The garbage disposal comes with instructions about materials that should not be dumped into it. These include potato peels, greasy or oily materials, etc. Moreover, every garbage disposal comes with a specific capacity. If you are careful not to overload your appliance and completely avoid disposing of prohibited materials but still face clogs, the clogging is most likely associated with a problem with the device and not with your practices. It is a sign that you need garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN to get rid of inexplicable clog problem.

4.   No Power

Another sign that a garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN is needed is when your garbage disposal shuts down during operation. Now, obviously, this means if your garbage disposal shuts down without any obvious external influence such as a power outage or a short circuit. If that happens, the first thing that should be done is to check if there is an issue with the connected circuit. If not, you need to get garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN and hire a professional to see what has caused the garbage disposal to shut down.

5.   Foul Odor

The garbage disposal is associated with the breakdown and disposal of wet food. Therefore, the occurrence of a foul or unpleasant odor is inevitable. However, a thorough cleaning and rinsing should be enough to get rid of this odor, especially if you use the right cleaning agents. If the odor is persistent, there is a chance that food particles are stuck or blocked somewhere in the system that is causing the smell. If you have tried cleaning and washing the appliance but haven’t seen any improvement, you need to hire a professional that deals in garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN.

6.   Renovation

If you are getting your kitchen renovated, you may consider getting your garbage disposal replaced as well. However, if you brought the garbage disposal only recently and you think it is not old enough to warrant a replacement, you should at least consider getting garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN to ensure that even the smallest issue is resolved before the kitchen is renovated and new fixtures are installed.

7.   Poor Performance

Garbage disposals consist of blades that grind and break the food waste into the smallest possible particles that can be washed with water. With time, the sharpness and efficiency of the blades may get reduced. If your garbage disposal is taking too long to wash food waste away, it is possible that the blades have worn out. Getting garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN is what you should do before the efficiency of the appliance drops too low.

8.   Water Leaks

Sometimes, the water may leak from your garbage disposal. You may mistake it to be a leak from sink or water line. If you see any water puddles below the sink or on the floor, you should consider checking your garbage disposal along with the water pipe. If you are certain that it is not the sink or the water pipe that is leaking, the chances that it is your garbage disposal leaking are high. In this situation, you should get garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN as soon as possible to avoid any further mess.

Garbage disposals can create a mess if they are not repaired on time. Since they are involved in disposing of wet food waste, you can expect an extremely unpleasant odor in case it stops working midway during the process.

To avoid any unanticipated messes and trouble, getting garbage disposal repair in Knoxville, TN on time is necessary. If you are looking for professional service providers in Knoxville, TN who can fix your garbage disposal efficiently, My Professional Plumber is the service provider you should go to. Give them a call on their number 865-622-4101 and get the best quality services today.


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