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Has Your Bathtub Ever Been Clogged Up?

My Professional Plumber has received many calls to jobs to unclog a bathtub drain, whether it be of hair, soap backup, or something more serious. When one looks up how to unclog a bathtub drain on the internet, self-sufficient solutions do show up, such as a drain stick, chemical solutions, and much more do it yourself options. In some cases, these options will work, but in other cases, it may just be safer to call a Professional. One of the options listed is using a chemical solution to unclog the drain. For information on why this should not be performed check out our blog on chemical drain cleaners. This option can potentially cause long-term damage to pipes in your home. When calling a Professional, if it is something more than just hair clogging the drain, the technician can solve the problem and get the job done, as well as give you a solution that will not cause long-term issues for a future situation such as another clogged drain. As stated in our caustic soda drain cleaning blog, My Professional Plumber provides a drain cleaner named “BioSmart” that can help with drain clogs without causing future damage. In situations, such as a drain clog, take our professional advice and call us at 865-686-8046!

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