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High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures A Plumber Can Install In Your Home | Knoxville, TN

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Toilets, bathrooms, and kitchen sinks are the places that are likely to waste large amounts of water and can increase water bills or even cause water damage. If your home does not have water-efficient fixtures, money goes down the drainage system every time you flush your toilet, wash your hands, or clean dishes.

And no one would want the inconveniences of low water pressure as they try to minimize usage. If you want to save water and lower energy bills, you should talk to a plumber to install water-efficient plumbing fixtures in your Knoxville, TN home.

These fixtures can reduce water usage without affecting their performance. In the U.S, every homeowner uses about 82 gallons of water daily, and switching to water-efficient products can save up to 20 percent of daily water usage. Since you all need the energy to treat water, pump, and heat for residential use, switching to water-saving techniques can save you on electricity bills. It also prevents air pollution. Below are some water-efficient plumbing fixtures a plumber can install in your home.

Water-saving Toilets

Did you know that you can conserve about 13,000 gallons of water annually by upgrading to low-flow toilets? Toilets are the main source of water use in homes and account for about 30 percent of indoor water usage. Inefficient toilets use up to 6 gallons of water per flush which adds to water wastage in homes.

Switching to WaterSense models can reduce the amount of water you flush down the drain. Low-flow toilets use 1.28 gallons in every flush, which is 20 percent lower than the federal standard of 1.6 each flush. You can also invest in dual flush toilets that have separate buttons for solid and liquid wastes. These fixtures use less water for liquid waste and more for hard-to-flush solids.

Also, you can ask a plumber to install a composting toilet that uses low to no water for flushing. If your home has old toilets using 1.6 gallons each flush, consider investing in the current EPA standard models. You can also ask a plumbing professional to update your existing toilet to become more efficient by placing a small water-filled bottle to reduce displacement.

Low-flow Showerheads

Showering contributes up to 17 percent of residential indoor water usage and adds to about 1.2 trillion gallons of water used per year. Standard showerheads pump more than 2.5 gallons per minute, while the current versions use less than 2.0 gallons every minute and still gives powerful shower streams.

Some low-flow showers include a flow restrictor allowing you to control water flow depending on your needs. Hiring a plumber to upgrade your old toilets can save you water, energy, and money. Saving about half a gallon each minute may seem like a joke to replace your inefficient models, but it can sum up to 2,700 gallons annually per household.

Also, reducing the power demands on your water heater can save over 330 kilowatt-hours per year, sufficient to power your home for about 11 days. When shopping for these models, consult an experienced plumbing professional to ensure you’re choosing appropriate fixtures.

Efficient Faucets

The only way to lower indoor water usage is to use low-flow aerators in kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. An average household can conserve about 700 gallons annually by replacing standard faucets that pump 2.2 gallons per minute with efficient ones that use not more than 1.5 gallons each minute.

Also, you can save about 3,000 gallons per year if you turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. If you have standard faucets in your home, you’re wasting too much water that translates to high energy and water bills.

Consider talking to a certified plumber to upgrade your faucets. Also, if you do not want to replace them, a professional can install a flow restrictor in your existing taps.

Tankless Water Heaters

Also known as demand-type water heaters, tankless water heater systems produce hot water only when you need it. Homeowners who use as much as 41 gallons of hot water per day can save 24 to 34 percent energy if they install demand-type water heaters.

The initial purchase costs may be higher, but they can pay back because they have lower operating and energy costs. If well kept, tankless water heaters can last for over 20 years, unlike standard storage tanks, which last for 10 to 15 years. They provide sufficient hot water and eliminate standby energy losses since it only supplies hot water when you turn on the faucet. They also require little or no maintenance.

Conventional water heaters require large space for installation, high maintenance costs, and consume a lot of energy. Investing in tankless systems can make your home more energy-efficient. Consider working with an experienced plumber to ensure you get a proper installation.

Hot Water Recirculating System

A hot water recirculation system constantly circulates hot water and provides hot water within a second when you open the valve. About 400 billion to 1.3 trillion gallons of water go down the drains as homeowners stand waiting for water to heat up.

You can minimize such losses if you hire a plumber to install a hot water recirculation in your home. They are also more convenient since they supply hot water quickly with no wait times. Such systems also lower energy consumption. If you have a hot water recirculating pump in your home, check to ensure that the pipes are properly insulated to minimize heat loss.

Compact Urinals

These plumbing fixtures are convenient for men, and they use less water per flush compared to toilets. Some have hand-free flush valves, while others have manual valves.

They are hygienic and are water-efficient. If you want to invest in them, consider energy-efficient ones that use at most 0.5 gallons of water per flush. Consult a certified plumber when shopping for them to make sure you get products that meet federal standards.

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