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Plumbers Can Help You Save Money With Long-lasting Plumbing Repairs | Oak Ridge, TN

Although the plumbing system is essential to the comfort of any Oak Ridge, TN home, it isn’t immune to damage. Many issues affect the plumbing system, from leaks, corrosion, bursts and overflows, and hairline fractures. This essential home component comprises underground pipes below the slab and behind the walls.

The deterioration or damage of the underground pipes and the ensuing repairs aren’t probably something you might have planned. Whether the damage is caused by aging, root intrusion, corrosion, or even soil activity, some homeowners don’t consider restoring property/home water lines or plumbing affordable.

However, there are several ways that you can avoid expensive landscaping tasks and lower the costs associated with pipe repairs. While hiring a plumber for routine maintenance remains the best option, there are other measures that homeowners can take to reduce repair and restoration costs. However, the most affordable solution that you can rely on depends on where your piping is laid in your yard, how deep they are, and the extent of damage they have sustained. Below are measures to save on home plumbing repairs.

Look for Alternatives to Traditional/Invasive Pipe Replacement

Re-evaluating what options you have when it comes to plumbing repair might perhaps be the best way for you to save on piping repair costs. Besides traditional plumbing repairs, you can also speak with your reliable plumber about using modern trenchless piping repairs such as pipe lining, sectional point repair, CIPP, and pipe bursting. Unlike traditional plumbing repairs, trenchless plumbing repairs don’t involve extensive yard excavation. They only require entry and exit holes.

In most piping repairs, the costliest part isn’t the materials required or even the needed labor but the remedial landscaping costs that follow. If the plumber uses the traditional plumbing repair methods, the pipes running underneath the driveway, sidewalks, yard, or other home fixtures will need to be manually dug out. Your yard or driveway will need repaving and landscaping, which will cost you a fortune.

However, this is no longer necessary with trenchless piping repairs. The cured-in-place piping repair technologies mend your pipes without digging and create new internal pipe walls from within. Epoxy resin-based liners are used virtually in almost all trenchless pipe repairs. They internally heal the entire pipe without uprooting the lawn and ruining paved surfaces. You can save a fortune on pipe repairs by going trenchless.

Consider Bursting the Damages Pipes

Have your pipes fully collapsed, so their pipe lining will not be a good solution? You can also rely on pipe bursting. It is an affordable alternative to traditional invasive plumbing repairs that don’t involve excavating the failed pipe. In this technique, the plumber will use a steel bursting head to physically burst the damaged pipes and lay replacement pipes without the expensive digging involved in the traditional repair techniques.

The plumbing expert can complete the replacement or repair with pipe bursting within hours. Hence, you won’t have to miss a day of work or experience extensive inconveniences at your home. It also costs considerably less in materials and labor compared to trenching. Even for the severest damaged pipes, there exists a trenchless solution that you can have a plumber use at your home.

Using Video Inspection to Gauge the Damage Extent

A professional plumber conducting an inspection camera to evaluate the status of your pipes is among the most useful measures a homeowner can take and save a fortune on piping repairs. These inspections take minimal time to complete but significantly impact pipe repairs, especially the cost implications. Through such inspections, a plumbing expert will notice any developing issues and resolve them before they worsen. A routine plumbing inspection is a critical part of plumbing maintenance. Additionally, the video camera tools used in the inspections can be inserted through the already existing pipe entry points.

Using Sectional Point Repair to Fix Isolated Pipe Damage

After the sewer or pipe inspections, some damage in your pipes might be discovered. If these damages are in isolated sections like cracking along the critical joints or root intrusions on a single point. In such a case relining the pipe fully doesn’t make sense. Pipe bursting or relining would cost you higher than needed. Rather, your plumber can use the sectional point repair to help you repair the damaged pipes at a lower cost.

The trenchless repair technician can reline the isolated segments of your pipes using the two small entry points other than addressing the entire line. By doing this, you will see considerable savings on labor and materials used. Sectional point repair can be used for almost all piping materials, including iron, steel, cement, plastic/PVC, and Orangeburg pipes. No matter the pipes you have at your Oak Ridge, TN home, the plumbing expert can use sectional point repair.

Getting a Professional Opinion

Sometimes, when the damaged piping lines are laid less than a foot or two below the ground surface and don’t run below the driveways and sidewalks, a dig-and-replace repair might be the most efficient way to resolve the pipe damage. It is more sensible to dig two feet underground and repair or replace the pipes manually instead of investing in pipe lining. Pipelining and other trenchless repairs are more suited for pipes that are too deep underground.

Routine Maintenance

One of the best ways to save on plumbing repairs and replacements is by routine maintenance of your plumbing system. During the maintenance visit, the plumber will inspect the pipes, determine any underlying issues, and take corrective measures. Hence, the issues will not worsen to the extent that they cost you a significant fortune.

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Plumbing repairs and replacements don’t have to be way expensive in this age of technology. As you can see above, plumbers can use techniques and measures to ensure your Oak Ridge, TN, home’s plumbing system remains functional and efficient. Contact us at My Professional Plumber today for either of the above plumbing services.

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