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Plumbing Safety Inspections: An Easy Way To Prevent Expensive Plumbing Problems

It’s not rare that we receive a call stating there is no water flow through a faucet. The picture below was taken from a Knoxville customer’s home who called and said that they had no water flow in their kitchen faucet. This problem was caused by debris from a fifteen-year-old water heater combined with galvanized water lines.

The galvanized pipes were filled with corrosive conditions, which can also cause health concerns in addition to wreaking havoc on your plumbing. The debris from the old water heater backed up the aerator of the kitchen faucet, causing a loss of water flow. This problem could have been prevented with a plumbing safety-check up from My Professional Plumber. Not only does the technician check for pipe issues, but they can also find problems such as aerator back up, and other things that could be causing future problems.

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