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Most experts recommend getting drain cleaning services every one or two years. It all depends on the frequency of which your drains get clogged. Those who are less diligent and taking care of their drains will need to get drain cleaning services more frequently to protect the overall condition and wellbeing of their plumbing. On the other hand, those who are extremely diligent and responsibly may find themselves only needing to get their drains cleaned every several years.

When looking for drain cleaning services in Knoxville, TN, most homeowners will simply call up the first number that they see. This is definitely the wrong way of finding a reliable professional that you can count on. An inexperienced plumber can do more harm than good to your plumbing.

Before you decide which plumbing company to go with, you should always ask each prospective company to give you some references to contact. Ask for references from others who have also received drain cleaning services from the same company, as these individuals will be able to give you a more reliable account of their experiences.

Why Are References Important?

When it comes to drain cleaning services, it’s really really important to look at the plumber’s references.


The references can provide you with a good idea of the quality of the drain cleaning service that you’ll receive. You can also take this opportunity to ask past customers about their experience, so you know what to expect. Past customers who are extremely satisfied and happy with the service that they received are usually more than happy to pass on a positive reference. They’ll usually give you a detailed account of their experience.

To make sure that you’re going to get a high-quality service, you should always speak to more than one reference. Fortunately, most plumbing companies will offer you two to three references to check out. Don’t be lazy. Contact them all. This way, you can ensure that they offer a consistent quality of service to their customers.

What to Ask the References

Calling a reference may feel awkward at the beginning. However, these individuals have usually agreed to be a reference, so they’ll be happy to give you more information about their overall experience. After introducing who you are and that you are interested in receiving the same type of drain cleaning services from the same individual, dive into some of the questions below.

#1. How Was Your Experience with the Plumber/ Plumbing Company?

It’s always a good idea to ask an open-ended question. This way, the reference can speak freely and will not be swayed to answer either direction. The reference will be more likely to give you more details about their experience, and he or she may also feel less restricted on what they can talk about. For example, the reference may have had a good experience with the plumber and the quality of his or her work, but may have had issues with punctuality.

In general, you want to know whether the reference would recommend the plumber. You’d be surprised by how many people would randomly offer a reference that may not actually recommend their services at all. Some people don’t think that you’ll actually put in the effort to call their references.

#2. How Have Your Drains Been After the Cleaning?

The main reason that you’re getting your drains cleaned is because they clog frequently. You want to make sure that getting your drains cleaned has made a difference. Ask the reference whether they’ve seen a difference between the before and after.Ask them whether their drains have been still clogged recently. Or, you can ask them whether they have had to get their drains cleaned again. Ideally, you want to hear that the reference has gotten their drains cleaned several years ago and have not yet needed their drains to be cleaned again.

#3. What Is Their Relationship with the Plumber/Plumbing Company?

You want to avoid references that are friends with the plumber or the plumbing company. Ideally, you want to make sure that the reference has found the plumbing company through other avenues. For example, they may have found the company from an online ad or from an ad in the newspaper. If the reference is a friend of the plumber or the owners of the plumbing company, he or she may be inclined to provide a positive reference.

#4. Do You Have Any Before and After Pictures You’d Feel Comfortable Sharing?

This isn’t necessarily a question that many people ask often; however, if the reference is willing to share before and after pictures, it could really give you a better idea of the quality of the work. Before and after every drain cleaning, our plumbers will perform a video inspection. This video inspection should provide you with more details on what was cleaned and how much cleaner your drains look before and after getting serviced.

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