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Where Can I Find An Emergency Plumber? | Knoxville, TN

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If you need an emergency plumber in Knoxville, TN, My Professional Plumber has an experienced team on standby, ready 24/7 to respond rapidly to your needs. Our plumbers are highly skilled and have many years of experience fixing all sorts of plumbing problems.

If you have the right skills there are some plumbing jobs that you can do, but what appears to be a simple repair is often not the case. There is no shame in admitting that a plumbing job may be beyond you. If you are not careful, that “simple” dripping tap could turn into a water fountain.

Do You Need an Emergency Plumber?

A small leak can often be left for a little time and is not such an emergency as a full burst pipe. But water is a powerful destructive force and even a small leak can cause a great deal of damage if left for a long period of time. If you can spot any smaller problems, they can be repaired without the need for an expensive emergency call out.

Things to Do in an Emergency

A burst pipe is a serious problem and needs a speedy response from an emergency plumber. But before you call My Professional Plumber, there are a couple of things that you can do beforehand.

The first is that you locate and turn off your main water shutoff valve, the sooner you do this the less water damage will be caused. Depending on the extent of the damage it can take a long time for your home to dry out to allow repairs to begin. Even if you are fully insured it will be heartbreaking replacing any ruined carpets and furnishings in your treasured Knoxville, TN home.

Be sure to locate and turn off your main electricity supply. This will avoid any risk of electrocution to yourself, your family, or the emergency plumber. If you do not know where these valves or switches are then find out now, do not wait until an emergency strikes.

When Do You Need an Emergency Plumber?

Your Sink Is Blocked

If you have standing water in your sink and it will not drain, then you probably have clogs in the pipework. A clog will form when warm grease, oil, and food stick to the insides of your waste pipes. First, you will notice that the water takes longer and longer to drain.

If you do nothing eventually the clog will grow and completely block the pipe. The safest way to remove the clog is to have a professional drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumber. After this stop pouring warm grease, oil, and food down your sink, to prevent the clog from reoccurring.

Discolored Water Is Gurgling Back into Your Sink

Having standing water in your sink is bad enough, but if discolored water is backing up into your sink together with the strong smell of sewage, you have a serious health problem on your hands. There is a good chance that your sewer line is blocked or damaged. Being unable to reach the main sewer network, any wastewater will back up into your home. This includes the wastewater from your toilet.

Your Toilet Is Blocked and You Need an Emergency Plumber

We tell people not to flush things like wet wipes, sanitary products, and tissue paper down the toilet. They are hard to dissolve in water and can cause blockages if not flushed away quickly. Another bad idea is to keep pouring chemicals down the toilet to remove a blockage, this does not always work, especially if the blockage is located far along the pipework.

If you have a persistent blockage the best thing you can do is to call us. We have cameras on the end of a flexible tube to locate and determine the extent of the problem. A cleaning service will be the safest way to remove the blockage and not damage your pipework.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing

Another piece of advice we give people is not to keep flushing the toilet to remove the blockage. All you are likely to do is cause an overflow and have human waste all over your floor. Please call us for an emergency plumber, this is not a job you want to do yourself as you are at risk of infection from germs and bacteria. Our plumbers are equipped with protective clothing to reduce this risk.

Your Water Heater Is Not Working

We rely on hot water to keep clean, wash laundry and prepare food. It is vital to get your water heater back up and running and you need an emergency plumber to do this.

To avoid an expensive call-out we suggest that you have your water heater regularly serviced by My Professional Plumber. A service will reduce the risk that the water heater will break down and need an expensive repair. As the average cost of a water heater repair is often many hundreds of dollars this makes good sense.

You Hear Dripping or Running Water

Most pipework is located behind walls or under floorboards, and so a leak is not always easy to detect. The leak may have been running for some time and have caused a lot of unseen damage. A sign of a leak is the smell of damp under sink cabinets. Others include wet patches on the wall, under carpets, and on concrete floors.

Another red flag is a larger-than-expected water bill is another sign that you have a leak. If you suspect that you have a leak, you should turn off all the taps and water appliances in your home. If your water meter is still running, then you have a leak.

My Professional Plumber of Knoxville, TN

We have listed only a few reasons why you would need an emergency plumber. But whatever your plumbing needs you can rely on the experts at My Professional Plumber. We only hire the best plumbers so we can deliver the best plumbing service to you. Putting off any service or repair work could cause serious damage to your home and land you with an expensive repair bill. Do not delay, call us today.


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