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Why You Shouldn’t Do DIY Water Heater Repair | Lenoir City, TN

Bathing and performing other residential cleaning tasks with cold water can be extremely uncomfortable and ineffective. Therefore, a water heater is an essential appliance found in almost every home in Lenoir City, TN. But like any other appliance, your water heater can malfunction and fail to do its work as expected. Unfortunately, given the importance of your water heater, a water heater breakdown in your house can be quite disruptive. However, no matter how fast you would like to see your broken water heater repaired, water heater repair is not a job you should consider doing on your own. Instead, you need to have a licensed, reliable plumbing contractor you can trust to help you handle any water issue problem you might encounter. But what exactly could go wrong if you decide to handle water heater repairs on your own? Below is a rundown of the reasons you should avoid repairing a broken water heater unless you are a professional plumbing contractor.

You Could Get Hurt

Handling a broken water heater can be quite a risky job. For instance, if you come into contact with boiling water at high pressure, you might end up severely injured. Similarly, if the job involves handling some electrical component, it could put you and your family at risk of electrical shocks and even electrocution. The good news is that you do not have to take such risks. You can have a professional water heater repair expert who can assist you to resolve any water heater issue you might encounter. Professionals have the necessary training, tools, and safety gear to handle any water heater problem without hurting themselves or getting other people hurt. In any case, professional plumbing contractors are insured, and therefore, even if they get hurt when fixing your water heater, you will not be the one to be held financially liable. Therefore, to keep yourself and your family safe, you need to get all your water heater issues fixed by a professional instead of trying DIY repairs.

You Could Damage the Equipment

Your water heater is quite a delicate appliance. Therefore, if you try to repair it on your own, there is a good chance that you might leave it damaged. For instance, due to the complexity of the appliance and your inexperience in handling water heater problems, you might end up misdiagnosing the underlying cause of the issue at hand. Unfortunately, this means you could tamper with parts that don’t have any problems trying to solve what you think might be the problem. As such, instead of fixing the issue at hand, you might end up causing more problems. On the other hand, professionals deal with water heaters, and they are familiar with most water heater problems, meaning that it will be much easier for them to isolate the issue at hand and fix it without interfering with other components of your water heater.

You Might Lose Money and Time

Some people try DIY water heater repair hoping to save some money in the end. However, the truth is that when you set out to fix your broken water heater on your own, there is no guarantee that you will save any money at all. In fact, without the right skills and tools for the job, you might end up spending more time on the issue only to cause more problems instead of fixing the current issue decisively. Therefore, even after spending your time, money, and effort on the issue, you might be forced to call a professional in the end. On the other hand, by hiring a professional water heater repair expert from the word go, you can get the issue at hand resolved decisively and in the most efficient way possible.

You Could Void Your Warranty

Your water heater is quite an expensive appliance. Water heater repairs can also cost a lot of money. This explains why water heaters and water heater repair services come with warranties. If your water heater is relatively new or you have recently hired a plumber to fix it, you could be having a valid service warranty. This means that you might benefit from free repairs or even replacement if something goes wrong. However, warranties come with some conditions you must observe for them to remain valid. If this is the case, trying to fix your water heater on your own will effectively cause you to lose your warranty. Therefore, for you to fully benefit from your water heater’s warranty, you need to make sure that all your water heater issues are addressed by a licensed water plumbing contractor, such as My Professional Plumber.

Your Might Lose Your Home Insurance

If you have home insurance, you could get financial compensation if your house in Lenoir City, TN, is hit by a calamity, such as a fire or a flood. However, for your home insurance to remain valid, there are some conditions you must observe. For instance, your policy might demand that all your home improvement jobs that might compromise the safety of your house are handled by a licensed professional. Water heater repairs are some of such jobs. If this is the case, trying to repair your broken water heater on your own will effectively cause you to lose your home insurance. To circumvent such an eventuality, you should have a professional plumber you can call every time you have a water heater problem, no matter how minor it might seem.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that when you have a broken water heater, you need to fight any temptation to fix it on your own and instead get a professional who is well qualified for the job to help you handle any water heater issue in your house. If you are looking for a professional plumber providing water heater repair services in Lenoir City, TN, My Professional Plumber is the answer. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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