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When you call us for a late-night emergency, you probably just want us to clear the drain or unblock the toilet and be on our way. Other times, though, you may have questions for us, for instance about a strange noise your plumbing is making. You may want some ideas about renovations you have in mind, or you may have discolored spots on the wall and wonder if there’s a leak. Our many years of experience as plumbers to the Oak Ridge, TN area have given us a wealth of knowledge that we’re glad to share.

We’re Here for You When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

People call our plumbers 24/7 with emergencies like drain clogs, toilet backups, and water leaks. They know that we’re the professional plumbers who do the job right so they can go off to work or back to sleep without worrying if the problem will return. We’re also glad to advise you by phone or when we visit to help you take care of simple problems yourself, and make sure you’re not doing anything that could cause future problems. For example, you may see us using an auger to chew our way through a drain clog, or a plunger to push material through the P-trap and on its way out. The secret is knowing when that’ll do the job, and when you’ll just get a little flow going that will clog again soon.

Plumbing Inspections

We can be a big help if you’ve got an older home or one you recently purchased. When you’re not sure about the state of your plumbing, there are plenty of developing issues that our plumbers can identify and provide quotes if you like. You may have pipes that are corroding or leaching materials like lead into your water, or a water heater that’s nearing the end of its life. If you’re hearing loud bangs from your appliances that use water, a couple of water hammer prevention devices can prevent trouble down the road. We’ll be glad to explain what we see in your home’s plumbing, and use our video camera to check out pipe and sewer conditions.

Repair Projects, Large and Small

If you need a leaky faucet repacked or a shower control replaced, we’ll be glad to schedule a plumber visit and do it professionally, taking it off your growing to-do list. In fact, if you have a DIY list and were planning to get the hardware and tools someday, we’ll be happy to check off your items so you can do something you’d rather handle. If you’ve got possible leaks or plumbing damage, we can patch or install new pipe as appropriate, using the latest equipment to keep the repair as simple as possible.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Some day, your water heater will corrode and dump up to 40 gallons or more into your basement. That’s annoying if you’ve got a cement floor, but a nice carpeted home theater or bedroom is a tragedy. We can inspect your water heater, make repairs to prolong its life such as replacing the heating element, and when the time comes, install a new one quickly and professionally.

Water Softeners and Filters

Do you have a well or hard water from the public supply? Has a water test indicated that there are contaminants you’d rather not drink? We install and maintain water softening equipment and water filters for purer, more delicious water that won’t corrode your pipes or stain your clothes. We’ll be glad to help you get your water tested and explain how this equipment can improve the values on the report that may be cause for concern.

Drain Cleaning

One of our round-the-clock bestsellers, a drain cleaning visit is how a lot of people first meet their plumber. We’re thoroughly familiar with everything that finds its way down drains, and how to identify and extract even the most stubborn clogs. Some customers call us for a routine visit when sinks or toilets drain slowly, and we also perform drain maintenance. Still, all it takes is a couple of action figures down the wrong hole or rice down the sink blocking the P-trap to get us on the way to clear your drain and get it flowing again.

Garbage Disposal

Rice in the P-trap is one reason that your garbage disposal might back up, but there are others. More often, we answer calls to remove hard objects that find their way in, from coins and fruit seeds to glass and even jewelry. Ask us about the unexpected jams we find, like when slippery vegetable peels wrap around the blades and render them unusable. We’ll also replace tired disposal units and fix leaks from the unit’s piping. This is definitely an area where we’re glad to help — we know how to keep our fingers safe.

Appliance Installation and Remodeling

It’s always best when you’re replacing laundry equipment or a dishwasher to make sure that the existing connections are in good shape. We can take care of the installation for you, and install new hoses if the old rubber ones are fading. We recommend stainless steel hoses for your washer for long-lasting reliability. If you’re relocating appliances or creating a new space that requires plumbing such as a second sink or bar, we’ll be glad to offer suggestions as well as do the work.


Homeowners love when we perform video inspections of their sewer line and tell them everything looks clear. Even if there are problems between your home and the city line, these days a full pipe replacement is only one of many possible solutions we can tell you about.

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