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Find inspiration for your next bathroom renovation by getting the scoop on the hottest styles from a plumber near me in Blount County. As a company in East Tennessee that has proudly served our local communities with professional work, reliable solutions, and comprehensive plumbing services for more than two decades, we’re well-placed to provide advice on the latest trends in the Knoxville metro area.

We offer everything you need, from bathtub and shower installations to sinks and vanity placement. You can also rely on our plumbers to map out existing and new plumbing plans, assess water supplies, and confirm the functionality of appliances, fixtures, water supplies, and drainage.

Our roundup includes the most popular designs from your plumber near me in the city, to inspire your next bathroom renovation. While not exhaustive, this list will kick-start creativity and provide insight into the latest bathroom upgrades that have been making waves in 2022.

Trend #1 – Freestanding Tubs

For long soaks and relaxation, freestanding tubs are a great choice. Freestanding tubs aren’t a new concept, but we have seen them growing in popularity over the past few years. This year, they are more popular than ever. One of the reasons why freestanding tubs are frequently chosen during bathroom renovations is that they’re typically more comfortable than traditional bathtubs. You can trust your plumber near me in their conviction that freestanding tubs are the most popular trend installed in bathrooms this year – they’re certainly in the know!

Another reason they’re popular is that they give bathrooms the modern, sleek look they deserve. Freestanding tubs create the ideal focal point for your bathroom and turn your personal washroom into an area you want to spend time in!

Trend #2 – Smart Technology

When you think of smart bathroom technology, you might only think of Japan’s high-tech toilets. Toilets in Japan are often equipped with seat warmers, adjustable lid openers, and adjustable air dryers. However, they’re not the only smart bathroom fixtures that your local plumber near me in Blount County knows about. Popular bathroom renovations now include smart showers, automatic sinks, and even mini refrigerators.

Some homeowners want to be able to program their showers and sinks to start automatically, using touch-free technology to improve bathroom hygiene. Others prefer to integrate Bluetooth speaker systems and recessed TVs to make bath time more fun. Other cool trends include voice-activated lighting, voice-controlled temperature, and smart mirrors. However, there are many more options!

Trend #3 – Multiple Shower Heads

It’s no longer necessary to wait for your partner to finish showering. Shower cubicles have become larger over the years and are now capable of comfortably supporting two shower heads. They can be installed by a plumber near me in several ways, including as twin shower heads or additional handheld attachments. Double shower heads are not only nice, but they also add luxury to your home.

Trend #4 – Wet Room Conversions

The possibilities of expanding bathrooms and creating more usable space are endless, as bathroom spaces continue to evolve. Many homeowners choose to remodel because they want more space. Compact storage options allow you to have more space for your shower or bath. A larger wet area for your bathtub and shower is the best way to maximize practicality and ease in your bathroom.

Trend #5: Floating Bathroom Vanities & Hidden Plumbing

For years, remodeling homeowners have been asking their plumber near me in Maryville, TN, to create sleeker spaces with hidden plumbing. Floating bathroom vanities are synonymous with modern design. This design helps to reduce the cabinetry’s visual weight and allows the coordinating materials, such as the tile choice to truly shine. You don’t have to worry about storage. There are two options: you can either add organizer compartments or use baskets beneath the cabinetry if you’re worried about available space.

If you’re looking to install any of the latest trends, why work with a local plumber? There are several reasons why a local plumber near me in the city of Maryville, TN, is the preferred choice for residents looking to employ contractors for a bathroom renovation project.

A Short Distance: If you need to contact someone immediately when you have a leaking toilet or a burst pipe, the closer a plumber is, the better. These are not jobs that can be done quickly. Therefore, it is important to contact a local plumber. The same applies when you’re looking for the best option for a bathroom remodel. You will prefer a plumber that isn’t required to travel hours to your home, as this cuts down on the available work time each day and can extend your remodel unnecessarily.

Local Area Knowledge: Local plumbers are familiar with your area, including the plumbing conditions and construction techniques. A plumber near me in Blount County is more likely to understand the peculiarities of my neighborhood, the water system, and all about the municipal water supply. The plumber will have a better idea of the best materials and methods to use that meet our county’s plumbing regulations.

Excellent Customer Service: It can be difficult to connect with larger businesses because there are so many stores that sell the same products and services. However, a local plumber can help to restore that trust and connection in your local community. They will listen to what you have to say and meet your expectations. The best way to keep your business afloat for many locals is word-of-mouth. When your plumber finishes a great job, tell your family, friends, and neighbors. You may have already received a recommendation for your current local plumber from word of mouth!

Trust: For many, the ability to go to a local plumbing company’s office is invaluable and makes it easier to place their trust in the business. They’re not just a voice on the end of a phone, they’re a real plumber near me in Maryville, TN! Visit My Professional Plumber to find out more about why we’re trusted local plumbers and how we can make your next bathroom upgrade a reality.

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