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Best Drain Pipe Options for Homes: Insights From A Plumber Near Me In | Knoxville, TN

Plumbing systems are incomplete without water pipelines that distribute water to your plumbing fixtures and drainage pipes that let the used water and human waste out to the installed septic tank. Water pipelines and drain pipes have similar materials but differ in diameter size.

A plumbing service expert connects the piping system from toilets and urinals to dispose of human waste (black water) and installs the pipes to showers, sinks, tubs, and washing machines to eliminate interior wastewater (gray water).

The expert understands the proper size of sanitary drains, which depends on the plumbing fixtures in your house. A plumber near me in the city can use their knowledge to help you select the appropriate pipes that comply with applicable plumbing codes and standards and satisfy your drainage problems. Without further ado, the following are some of the best drain pipes for residential buildings.

PVC and Polyethylene Drainage Pipes

When getting drain pipes that offer unmatched draining services in your home, it is wise to consider a type that is resistant to cold and heat and with high durability levels to serve you the longest time without issues.

One of the pipes that fit the description is PVC plastic drain pipes that come in versatile diameter sizes and strength. They are the most preferred drain pipes for homes because they are resistant to rust and temperature changes, making them last longer and in perfect condition. PVC drain pipes are also easy for a plumber near me in town to assemble and connect to different plumbing fixtures towards the septic system by using glue to join parts for efficiency.

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, the pipes can withstand any level of water pressure. Plumbers in Knoxville, TN, can discourage you from buying the pipelines if your drainage system will have bends because PVC pipes are rigid.

Clay Drain Pipes

If you prefer environmentally friendly pipes, you should consider clay pipes for installation by a plumber near me in the neighborhood. The manufacturers use organic materials to make them stronger. Despite their resistance to high acidity levels in wastewater, they are prone to break easily due to immense water pressure.

They are not the best option in places with expansive soils that expand when they absorb a lot of water and shrink when dry. A plumber near me in the city can prefer thermoplastic pipes to clay ones because of their higher possibility of allowing tree intrusion in case of a pinhole that can cause adverse plumbing issues such as sewage water damage.

In addition to being expensive to buy and maintain, the clay drain pipes are difficult to transport from one place to another due to their heavy weight and fragile nature. So, despite their strength, it is better to avoid clay pipes, especially if you have numerous plumbing fixtures in your home that can increase the pressure when draining at once.

Corrugated Drain Pipes

Another type of drainage pipe you should consider for installation by a plumber near me in a nearby company is the corrugated pipeline. They come in different materials, including metal and plastic, and diverse sizes fit to eliminate wastewater from your house. Corrugated plastic pipes are preferable because of their resistance to rust, high and low temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion.

Unlike the clay and PVC pipes that drain out wastewater inside homes, corrugated drainage lines are for draining water in walkways and driveways. The corrugated polyethylene drainage pipes are also durable and robust, making them a better option that can serve your drainage needs the longest, especially with proper and routine maintenance by a plumber near me in Knoxville, TN.

Cast Iron Drainage Pipes

Folks with residential buildings can also choose cast iron pipes for their drains during the plumbing installation. They are the best for home sewage and drainage systems due to their durability and strength, enabling them to withstand high water pressure.

In addition to being easy to install and maintenance-free, the cast iron pipes come in numerous sizes, thicknesses, styles, and looks, which could add beauty to your home if visible. The corrosion-resistant pipes that a plumber near me in town installs underground can last for years allowing wastewater to flow to sewer and septic systems for disposal.

Galvanized Drainage Pipes

Last, you can choose to get galvanized pipes for your home’s sanitary drainage system. The pipelines have a molten zinc layer that enhances their durability and rust resistance.

A plumber near me in the community can install the pipes indoors or outside. However, they are highly susceptible to pin holes that lead to leaks and are costly to maintain.

Copper Drain Pipes

Moreover, homeowners can prefer to buy copper pipes for their drainage systems. Compared to other piping materials used for plumbing and drains, copper pipelines have exceptional durability levels with unmatched heat resistance. Copper pipes are expensive, an aspect that makes most homeowners prefer PVC pipes for installation.

They are also non-resistant to rust due to exposure to high levels of acidity that can lead to multiple plumbing issues, such as leaks, which will need urgent repairs and replacement by a plumber near me in the county.

Even if the pipes are undeterred by heat, copper drain pipes cannot survive low temperatures, hence the need to install them online indoors to avoid the harsh effects of winter seasons that can make pipes with water freeze and expand.

In Need of Drain Pipes?

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