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New Homeowner’s Guide: Must Know Things About Bathrooms | Tips from Your Knoxville, TN Plumber

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Have you finally bought yourself your own home in the Knoxville, TN area? We know you must be overwhelmed with joy, and have a thousand questions about it. There’s so much to learn that you don’t even know where to get started.

Well, let’s begin with one of the most important parts of your home that’s essential of your everyday life- the bathroom. These can be a little complex to understand with all the plumbing elements. Although you require a professional plumber in the Knoxville, TN area to help with the upgrade, you must have basic knowledge about it.

That’s what we’re here for! In case you’re also a first-time homeowner, this is what you must know about your bathroom.

Remodeling the Bathroom

Buying your own home is already a big enough investment that you’ve made. At times, the bathrooms would only require a small amount of work, but if you’ve bought an older house it might need an overall remodeling. So if you’re a new homeowner, we advise you that the moment you’ve enough money, make sure to get the bathroom remodeled.

Usually, homeowners make a huge mistake by buying the home and waiting till they’re about to sell the home to get the bathroom remodeled. If you get the bathroom remodeled when you’re ready to leave the place, you won’t be able to get the return on your investment, and neither would you be able to enjoy it while you’re there. So it’s best to get hold of a plumber and start off with the bathroom remodeling project as early as possible.

When planning to remodel your bathroom, no matter how small scale the project is, set a budget so you can save up for it. The total remodeling cost varies, depending on the size of the room and the kind of upgrades you’ve planned on getting. You can take advice from a plumber and get and estimates on the costs.

Picking Energy Efficiency Items

Energy efficiency is one thing you must consider when remodeling the bathroom in your home. Most of the old homes have items that cause additional wastage of water and energy than homeowners require. This includes faucets, showerheads, toilets, and lights.

Even when you can’t afford a complete remodeling of your bathroom, by replacing such old products you’d observe noticeable differences in the bathroom and your utility bills. You can always begin with these items as a low-budget approach to upgrade the bathroom. Make sure you get the help of a professional plumber for these problems.

In an old house, remodeling the bathroom to replace the plumbing fixtures you need upgrade a number of plumbing items and make sure that they’re up to the standard. A qualified plumber can help you figure out the items that need an upgrade and the budget required for it.

Refinishing vs. Replacing the Bathtub

Often, when you move into an old house, the bathtub usually looks somewhat outdated. Instead of replacing the whole thing, think if you can get the bathtub refinished, which would be a much more affordable option.

This is how you can decide what to do

Consult a plumber on what’s the better option for you and how much would each option cost you on an average.

You can also get the caulk touched up to give the bath and shower a fresh new look.

Battle Mold and Mildew

Keeping in mind all other rooms in your house, the bathroom undoubtedly has the highest amount of moisture. Hence, it’s advised that you start battling it out the moment you settle in your new home. To start fresh, give your bathroom a good wash. Wipe out the walls and tiles, paying attention to cleaning each and every small crack. In case there is no fan inside the bathroom, this should be one of the first investments you make. You can ask a professional or even the store to help you pick a fan within your budget.

Style It to Your Own Taste

The best thing about having your own home is being able to style it according to your own taste and preferences. While keeping the functionality and resale value in mind, redesign and upgrade your home with changes that you like.

You shouldn’t only be invested to make it look appealing to the next homeowners and be constantly worried about its resale value. You’re living in the house now, and you should be able to enjoy it just as much.

You can take advice from theprofessionals to help you design it the way you like while making sure that it doesn’t lose its value.

Investing In the Things That Matter

Once you’ve decided to move out from your place, you want to make sure that your bathroom would attract the buyers. So when you’re getting your bathroom remodeled, make sure that your money is spent on the items that are up-to-date and that the task is done right.

When deciding to remodel the bathroom, begin with a realistic budget, even if you have to wait for a year to start off the remodeling project. If you want to save your time and money, make sure you budget for the remodeling as it will be better in the long run. Call a professional in the Knoxville, TN area to assist you with it.


Being a new homeowner has its own joys and complication. So when you begin to remodel your home, make sure you plan ahead and budget before starting off. If you’re looking for help from a plumber in the Knoxville, TN area with the remodeling, contact My Professional Plumber for the best services in town.


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