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Where Can I Find A Great Plumber Near Me? | Oak Ridge, TN

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Waking up to a cold shower is not a good start to the day, it means the water heater has broken down and you need to find a repair company to fix it. Not having a working water heater is an emergency and you do not want to wait until tomorrow or even after the weekend for it to be repaired.

But where can you find a reliable plumber in Oak Ridge, TN that works out of hours and weekends and will not charge you a fortune?

Your search will probably begin by typing “Plumber near me” on your mobile and searching online. But you will get many results back all claiming to be the best and cheapest. So, which “Plumber near me” do you pick?

The best thing to do is to visit a trusted review site and filter for those that have many five-star reviews and positive recommendations, the name at the top of the list should be My Professional Plumber. There is a reason for that, we offer the highest quality plumbing work for a fair price.

When Do You Need a Plumber?

The sooner you can recognize a plumbing problem the quicker it can be looked at and avoid the need for an expensive call-out and repair. There are several signs that you should be on the lookout for.

A Pipe Has Burst

A burst pipe is a common reason people call for a ‘Plumbing company near me.’ Hundreds of gallons of water may have poured into your home by the time you discover the burst pipe.

The damage caused is going to be substantial, carpets, furnishings, and other treasured possessions are likely to be ruined. It may take months for your home to dry out and be repaired.

If you discover that your pipes have burst, the first thing you should do is to turn off the main water shutoff valve. The sooner you can do that the better, less water damage will occur.

Next, turn off the mains electricity supply to avoid electrocution. Then, turn on all the taps, flush the toilet, and turn off your water heater to run the water out of the system. Now you can call that “Plumbing company near me” from My Professional Plumber.

Top Tip! Not everyone knows where the main water shutoff valve is, if you do not then please find out now. The longer the water runs the more damage will occur.

There Is a Leak Somewhere

A small leak is not necessarily an emergency, but the longer it leaks there will be a gradual accumulation of water damage. A leak is not always easy to detect, most pipes are located behind walls or under floors. It may be a long time before you notice it. The first sign of a leak is often an increased water bill. You may notice damp patches on the wall or floors. There may even be a moldy smell from inside your kitchen cabinet. If you suspect that you have a leak, call us and we will send an experienced “Plumber near me” to locate and repair the damage.

Top Tip – One way to confirm the presence of a leak is to turn off all your water devices and make sure your taps are turned off. Then check the water meter, if the counters are still, you do not have a leak. If they are moving, then you do.

The Water Is Slow to Drain in Your Sink or Bathtub

Is the water in your sink or bathtub taking a long time to drain? Is the water in the shower tray not draining away quickly and laps over your feet and ankles? The probable cause of these problems is that clogs have formed in the drainpipes.

Clogs are formed when warm grease, food, and other materials are poured down sinks. They stick to the insides of the drainpipes and restrict the flow of water through the pipes. If no action is taken the clogs will grow until they completely block the pipes, and you will have standing water in your sink.

Many people will pour chemicals down the sink to remove the clogs. This may work for smaller clogs but may not work on hard-to-remove clogs, like those covered in hard scale. Overuse of chemicals will lead to leaks forming, as the chemicals can cause corrosion in older pipework and joints. The safest way to remove clogs is to have a professional drain cleaning service from “Plumbing near me.”

Top Tip! Do not pour warm grease down the sink and avoid throwing food and coffee grinds down there as well. Place these items in the compost.

Top Tip 2 Buy a hair trap for the drains in the bathroom. Hair, toothpaste, and soap can stick to the inside of pipes as well, and the trap will capture these items before they enter the pipes.

Common Water Heater Problems in Oak Ridge, TN

The best way to avoid problems with your water heater is to have it regularly serviced. A service will notice any minor issues and remedy them before they cause a breakdown. A service represents excellent value when you consider that the cost of a water heater repair will often run into hundreds of dollars.

If you have brought more water appliances for your home, you may have discovered that your water heater is struggling to cope with the demands for its hot water. It may even shut down and if this happens too often it will eventually break down.

You can either stagger their use during the day or invest in a new installation. It is important to select a model that will provide for your current and future hot water needs. The investment will not be cheap, but it will pay for itself over time as your new model uses up to 25 percent less energy than your older model.

My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN

If you have any plumbing emergency and need a “Plumber Near Me”, then call My Professional Plumber we will send somebody out to you as soon as possible. Our friendly team of expert technicians is ready to come to your aid please give us a call day or night, even on holidays!


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