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5 Safety Measures to Take for A Plumber Amidst COVID-19 | Oak Ridge, TN

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With the current pandemic, it’s not unusual for many homeowners to feel uncomfortable calling a plumbing company to come take a look at the plumbing. Many homeowners may be concerned about the possibility of getting exposed to COVID-19 while others may simply feel worried because they’re unsure of the type of safety precautions that they should take.

While some plumbing services can wait, others are considered emergencies and should be handled immediately. Many plumbing companies in Oak Ridge, TN are already implementing additional safety measures to keep everyone healthy.

This article will look at five safety measures that you can take during this time to feel more comfortable with calling a plumber.

#1. Give the Plumber More Space

Nowadays, professionals recommend that you social distance and give everyone at least 6 feet of space. Although you may be tempted to hover around the plumber while he or she is doing their job, you should still be able to social distance. There should be no exceptions. Be mindful of the amount of space that you are giving the professional while they are at work.

Some plumbers will set up barriers in order to prevent others from entering their workplace. Depending on the type of plumbing service that you need, you should consider perhaps freeing up the space around that area, like moving furniture. You should also make sure that everyone in the family knows that the professional will be there and to avoid that space if possible.

For example, if the professional is going to be working in the kitchen, make sure that everyone has the snacks and water they need, so they won’t need to interrupt that space. Try not to hover around the professional and perhaps stay in another room. This may even speed up their work, as there are less distractions around.

#2. Wear a Mask

Although this is not often a requirement, it’s always respectful to wear a mask while the plumber is in your home and while you are talking to them. You can even go one step further by having everyone in the home wear a mask while the professional is there. Usually, most plumbing jobs only take several hours to complete, so this is not that much of an inconvenience.

Most professionals will also arrive wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE). This includes face coverings and masks, shoe coverings, gloves and other types of clothing that will prevent them from spreading any germs. For safety reasons, most professionals will keep the PPE on the entire time.

#3. Provide Sinks, Soaps and Alcohol-Based Wipes

Hygiene and sanitation are a top priority in today’s climate. Before the plumber arrives, you should sanitize all surfaces with an alcohol-based wipe to ensure that there’s no bacteria or germs around. You should also consider cleaning up the area where the professional will be working, so they’re not working in filth or in unhygienic scenarios. Remove large furniture and any other objects that may get in their way.

You also should provide a sink specifically for the professional to use, so they can always clean their hands or any other equipment and tools that they’ve brought along. Make sure that you have soap available, and even alcohol-based wipes. These cleaning supplies will definitely come in handy.

#4. Lay Out Floor Mats or Coverings and Give All Surfaces a Quick Clean Afterwards

Although most professionals will walk through your house with shoe coverings, you may still want to consider laying out floor mats or coverings that protect your flooring. These floor coverings will also protect your floor from any dirt and bacteria that may get trekked into the house. You should consider where the professional will walk-through and layout for coverings; they create a path from the entrance to the area that requires work.

You should give all of the surfaces a quick clean after the professional leaves. Studies show that COVID-19 can live for about 2 days on the floor. Make sure that you use soap and warm water or some type of alcohol-based wipes. You should consider cleaning the floor even if you used a floor covering.

#5. Open the Windows for More Ventilation

Last but not least, Consider opening the windows and the doors for better ventilation while the professional is in your home. Better air circulation can prevent bacteria and germs from getting transmitted from one person to another. If a space is poorly ventilated, viruses and other pathogens can easily spread within the air. Studies have found that opening a window can reduce the transmission of bacteria like tuberculosis by up to 72%. Opening the windows can also prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It’s also good to get some fresh air every now and then. Studies have shown that breathing clean outdoor air can actually improve cognitive performance. It can help you feel more alert, awake and energized, and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve circulation within the home.

Call Us to Learn More About the Additional Safety Measures We’ve Implemented During this Time

We understand if you feel hesitant to call a plumber in Oak Ridge, TN due to the current pandemic. However, some plumbing services are considered emergencies and need to be taken care of immediately. They cannot wait. Some examples include major leakages that borderline on floods, frozen pipes and even sewage backing up into your home. The longer that you wait to get professional help, the worse the problem will become.

Thankfully, many plumbing companies including My Professional Plumber, have implemented additional safety measures during this time to keep both their plumbers and the homeowners safe. To learn more about the different safety measures that we have implemented, give us a call or contact us online. We can walk you through our new protocols and policies, so you feel more assured about getting the plumbing services that your home needs.


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