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Common Water Purifier Problems As Explained By A Plumber Near Me | Lenoir City, TN

Roughly 77 percent of Americans use water purifiers to ensure they have clean water. But it’s common for your water filtration system to develop issues after some time. If well maintained, a water purifier can serve you for 4 to 5 years without any issues.

At the end of the unit’s life span, you’ll face common problems, the common one being water leakage. In this blog post, you’ll learn about water purifier problems and how a plumber near me in Lenoir City, TN can help you.

Bad Tastes and Odor

If you have recently noticed an unusual taste in your filtered water or a foul smell, the problem could be that a biofilm has accumulated in your water purifier. A biofilm is a group of one or more kinds of microorganisms in a slime layer that usually forms on surfaces in contact with water.

At some point, all water distributions form biofilms. The quickest way for homeowners to eliminate biofilms in their water system is by replacing all the clogged filters and membranes. As a part of routine maintenance, contact a plumber near me to change the filter after every six months, even if you don’t notice any problems.

Since the cleaners are copper piping, your water may taste metallic. This is not okay. It implies your water may have dissolved sulfates, bicarbonates, and chlorine from the filter’s copper tubing.

Sometimes, your home may taste salty; in such a case, the salt and other particles have dissolved in your water. For your RO purifier to eliminate these particles, it must be optimally functioning. If you have noted a salty taste in the water, contact a plumber near me to clean the filter and perform a maintenance check on your water purifier.

Strange Noises

In most cases, loud strange noises from your water filter result from missing membranes or filters. But sometimes, even after replacing the membranes and cleaners, these noises may not go away because the air is pushed out of the system.

Also, it can result from changes in water pressure in the system. A plumber near me can help you check if the tubing was correctly installed. In some cases, your water purifier could be in good condition, and the noise could be due to a water tank valve that wasn’t closed properly.

Slow Water Flow

Typically, your water filter system requires a minimum of 40 psi to operate, but the most preferable is 60 psi. If the water purifier releases water slowly and only fills half the glass simultaneously, the water pressure or volume is also low.

If all your household faucets seem to have low water pressure, the problem could be with your local water utility company. But if it’s only the water purifier with low pressure, you could have a faulty water tank cleaner. The purifier tank has an air bladder that ensures water flows quickly.

The more water, the higher the pressure. But if there is a leak in the air bladder, it will not be able to provide enough release pressure, hence, the slow flow of water from your faucet.

Also, the water flow may be slow if the water filter cartridges are clogged due to high sediment accumulation. If that’s the case, a plumber near me can clean the unit or perform a replacement.

Leaks in Water Tank or Faucet Connection

If the purifier faucet, membrane, or filter is leaking, the issue could be that a cleaner component does not fit well. The solution is to identify the incorrectly fitted parts and fit them properly, or if the need arises, have a plumber near me replace them.

However, if the leak comes from the membrane or the fitter, your O-ring is most probably worn out. Typically, an O-ring seals the water filter housing cap to hinder leaks. If the O-ring is worn out or cracked, it must be replaced and fitted correctly.

Contact a plumber near me in Lenoir City, TN to inspect the O-rings’ condition and ensure they are in good working condition.

RO Water Tank Does Not Fill Up

One of the causes of this issue is low water pressure. As seen earlier, an RO system requires between 40 to 60 psi to function properly. If the water pressure is down, you need to get a water pump to increase the pressure.

Secondly, your tank may not fill because the RO membrane is damaged. An RO water purifier has several membranes that assist in eradicating different types of impurities in your tap water through various filtration processes, leaving your water approximately 90 percent free of biological contaminants and minerals.

The most essential of all the filters is the RO membrane. If the membrane of your RO system gets clogged after using it for a while, the water filtration process slows down, and water quality becomes poor.

To ensure your cleaning water is safe and clean, a RO membrane should be replaced annually, depending on how much you use it. It is wise that you immediately contact a plumber near me to replace the membrane if it is clogged or damaged to prevent further destruction.

The Filter May Be Clogged

This is among the most common problems with water purifiers; in most cases, something could be stuck. A hair may be trapped inside or could be other small particles or even more extensive like a rock or twig. If this happens, removing whatever got stuck before using the cleaner again is crucial.

Homeowners in Lenoir City, TN can do this by running hot water through the filter until all pieces have cleared and rinsing any remaining debris. Or you can contact a plumber near me for professional cleaning services.

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