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How To Tell If Your Boiler Needs Repairs: Tips From A Trusted Plumbing Company | Lenoir City, TN

A boiler is a key essential in a home’s heating system. Boilers are designed with features that assist them in performing effectively and efficiently. But just like any other device, they need preventive maintenance to help them run more smoothly.

If you have a boiler, you know how crucial it is to ensure it is in good working condition. Boilers are susceptible to malfunctions. This blog focuses on the common signs to look out for that show your boiler may need repairs. You don’t want boiler problems in the middle of a frigid winter.

Strange Sounds

Typically, a boiler is usually pretty quiet. But if you hear weird noises from your boiler, it could indicate an underlying problem with your unit. For instance, if you hear chunking, wiring, and banging sounds coming from your heater, this is a sign that your fan or pump may be worn out and requires replacement.

Meanwhile, if the pressure in your water heater is low or your boiler is kettling, you may hear whistling or gurgling sounds. Sometimes when your boiler is filled with minerals from the hard water coming into the heater, it can lower pressure in the boiler.

Not only does this leave it producing kettling sounds, but it also causes the tank to leak eventually. If you hear any sounds from your boiler, contact a plumbing company to check the issue.

Higher Heating Bills

If you have recently noticed any sudden and unexplainable increase in your energy bills, your boiler may be the issue. Various issues may force your boiler to perform harder to provide heat. For instance, the problem may be that your boiler is leaking and needs repairs.

However, in cases where your boiler is over 15 years old, you should seek a plumbing company’s help to replace it with a more energy-efficient model.


Another significant sign to look for in a faulty boiler is leaking. You should be concerned if you notice water around the boiler. This could mean that you have a leaking boiler. Water should always stay on your boiler since it’s built as a closed-loop system.

If it leaks, your boiler seal may be broken or corroded. If not repaired, water leaks can be a nightmare. They cause mold and mildew growth that can cause property damage.

Also, water damage statistics indicate that even the most minor leak can cause water bills in average household water bills to shoot up by 10 percent. A technician from a reputable plumbing company in Lenoir City, TN can seal the leaks if they fix the leakage problems.

Foul Smell

Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced in the boiler when fuel is not completely burnt due to a lack of oxygen. Usually, the boiler releases carbon monoxide out of your home through the flue, but sometimes some could leak into your house.

Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas, and approximately 430 people in the United States die from CO poisoning, and around 50,000 visits the emergency department. One way you can tell a carbon monoxide leak is through a faint lousy odor in your home.

If your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide, it will also produce a yellow flame instead of the normal blue one. Also, black stains on your boiler may indicate a carbon monoxide leak. Low carbon monoxide levels also cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Homeowners in Lenoir City, TN should look out for any of the above signs. If you note any, immediately turn off the boiler, evacuate everyone from the building, and immediately contact your local plumbing company to resolve the problem swiftly.

Lack of Heat

One of the most common signs of faulty boilers is a lack of heat. Contact a plumbing company to diagnose the problem and fix the problem on time.

Lack of Hot Water

Usually, the function of a boiler is to heat water, but if it’s not performing this task and you can’t get the water in your home to stay hot, you need to seek professional services. You should contact a professional from a plumbing company to check the parts not working correctly and replace any broken parts.

Sometimes, the water may come out way cold or hotter than it should be. In such scenarios, the boiler’s circulation could be the problem, and a plumber can help fix the issue.

Cold Building

Homeowners who have had their boilers for a while are probably familiar with how long the boilers take to heat their homes. If your boiler takes way more time to heat a room than usual, it could be a circulation problem.

Sometimes the house may even remain cold even after you have turned up the heater; this can be very irritating during cold winters.

Seek help from a plumbing company in Lenoir City, TN to help you get to the root of the problem and fix it immediately. However, if your boiler is old, maybe over 15 years old, you should replace it with a new one.

Faulty Boilers

Most boilers are designed with a temperature sensor that triggers your boiler to shut down before it reaches the critical point. If you have recently experienced your boiler turning itself off, chances are that it’s faulty.

The boiler switches off so it cannot overheat and melt down the internal components. This problem may result from a damaged heat exchanger, thermostat issues, or malfunctioning pumps. Whatever the case, it is wise to seek professional help from an expert from a reputable plumbing company.

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