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Issues That Require A Call To A Professional In Water Heater Repair | Knoxville, TN

In a perfect world, every appliance in your home will last forever and never need to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect, and there will come a time when the appliances in your home must be repaired or replaced, including your water heater.

Your water heater is essential to the plumbing system because it heats and stores the cold water coming into the home, so you always have hot water when needed. If something goes wrong with the unit, it can affect the water temperature and your ability to use the hot water, so it’s essential to detect issues early and call a professional in water heater repair in Knoxville, TN.

#1 You Don’t Have Hot Water

If you turn on the hot water tap and the water is cold, you may need to hire a water heater repair professional in Knoxville, TN. Before making the call, you should check a few things to avoid an unnecessary service call.

Make sure the pilot is lit if you have a gas, propane, or oil-fueled unit. If your unit runs on electricity, ensure there’s power going to the water heater. Next, check the fuel source. If you have a natural gas unit, check other gas-fueled appliances to ensure your service hasn’t been disconnected and there isn’t an outage. If you have a propane or oil-fueled unit, make sure there’s fuel in the tank.

If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to hire a plumber to resolve the problem.

The most common cause of a lack of hot water is a broken heating element, making it impossible for the unit to heat the stored water. If the unit is over ten years old, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan and may not be able to heat the water.

A professional in water heater repair will inspect the unit and determine if a repair is possible or if replacing the unit is the best option.

#2 Lukewarm Water

If you run the hot water and it doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm, you may need to hire a professional in water heater repair in Knoxville, TN. Before making the call, check the setting on the unit’s thermostat. The recommended setting is 120 to 140 degrees, and if the thermostat is set too low, adjusting it should solve the problem. If the thermostat is set correctly, it’s time to call a plumber specializing in water heater repair. The problem could be due to a broken thermostat affecting the water temperature. If your unit has two heating elements, one may have failed, and the remaining element won’t be powerful enough to heat the water supply to the desired temperature. Older units stop functioning as efficiently as possible, and if your unit is over ten years old, the plumber will recommend replacing the unit.

#3 Strange Sounds

Your water heater should be whisper quiet when it runs, and any strange sounds from the unit require a call to a plumber specializing in water heater repair.

When large amounts of sediment build up in the tank, it will bang against the inside of the tank, causing a clanging sound. A popping sound also indicates sediment in the tank; when water gets trapped beneath the sediment and boils, it will create a popping sound.

A plumber can try to flush the sediment, but if this isn’t possible, you’ll need to replace the water heater.

#4 Brown or Rust-Colored Hot Water

The water coming from the taps in your home should be clean and clear. If the hot water is brown or rust-colored, it’s best to hire a plumber specializing in water heater repair immediately.

When sediment builds up in the tank, the hot water can cause it to break down and contaminate the water, making it unsafe to use. You’ll need to replace the unit if the plumber cannot flush the sediment. If your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan, the tank could be breaking down from the inside, causing tiny metal shards and mineral deposits to contaminate the water. In this case, replacing the water heater is your only option.

#5 Poor Hot Water Pressure

Adequate water pressure is essential for many daily household tasks, and your hot-water-based appliances need good water pressure to function correctly.

Poor hot water pressure occurs when sediment clogs the waterline, and it’s best to hire a professional in water heater repair immediately. They will unclog the line and attempt to flush the sediment. If the sediment cannot be flushed, you’ll need to replace the unit, and if you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before the waterline clogs again.

#6 You Run Out of Hot Water Often

It’s not uncommon to run out of hot water if you use too much in a short period. If you start running out of hot water often, hiring a plumber is best. There are two possible causes, and the first is sediment buildup in the tank. When too much sediment builds up, there won’t be as much space for water storage, causing you to deplete the supply quickly. If the plumber can’t flush the sediment, replacing the unit is the only option.

The size of the unit could also be the problem. If the tank is too small to meet your family’s hot water demand, you’ll often run out of hot water. Replacing the water heater with a larger unit or a tankless model will solve the problem.

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