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Top Seven Plumbing Problems That Only An Emergency Plumber Can Resolve | Knoxville, TN

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Your home’s plumbing system comprises two essential parts, the drainage, and the water intake infrastructure. Each of these components is constructed using different materials, which can determine the life expectancy of the entire plumbing setup.

Ideally, a well-maintained residential plumbing system should last for about 75 to 100 years based on the piping materials used. However, despite their long life expectancy, normal wear and tear may still take a toll on some elements, prompting the need for solutions from a scheduled plumbing repair service provider or an emergency plumber near Knoxville, TN.

Determining if a plumbing issue requires a scheduled service or emergency solutions can be difficult. Fortunately, you can go through this guide to have a working idea of some of the problems that categorically fit the description of a plumbing emergency. Needless to say, you should never wait around for such issues to simmer as they may result in extensive structural damage, which can compromise the integrity of your residence as well as its safety.

Burst Water Pipes

The North Texas Municipal Water District urges homeowners with pipe bursts or significant water leaks on their properties to consider seeking prompt solutions from their nearest emergency plumber. Pipes bursts can cause considerable water wastage.

The agency claims that a leak in a half-inch pipe could waste as much as 50 gallons of water per minute while damaged four-inch pipes could waste up to 3,400 gallons per minute. With that in mind, it should be a no-brainer that if you spot a burst pipe on your property, your next move should be to switch off the main water supply and get in touch with an emergency plumbing service professional near Knoxville, TN.

If you’re unable to turn off the water main before the water floods your residence, you should try as much as possible to stay out of the water to avoid electrocution as you wait for expert solutions. You should also turn off your home’s electricity to prevent this phenomenon.

Leaky Pipes

Although a full-scale pipe burst can cause significant water wastage, homeowners should also pay attention to leaky pipes. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, it’s estimated that almost 10 percent of all American homes have plumbing leaks.

These leaks lose an average of one trillion gallons of water yearly, equating to water that can be consumed in over 11 million households. Leaking pipes can waste not only water but also leave your home susceptible to structural water damage.

The latter can lead to more severe problems such as extensive property damage and mold growth, which is why you should always seek solutions from a plumber if your home ever experiences plumbing leaks.

Damaged Water Main

The water main is essentially the line responsible for ensuring that your home has a clean supply of water at all times. It connects your residential plumbing system to the public water supply system.

A problem with the water main can cause extensive property damage, which is why you should always reach out to an emergency plumber under such circumstances. Damaged water mains are often denoted by soggy spots in the yard, astronomical water utility bills, shallow water pressure, and poor water quality.

The damage can occur due to several factors, including tree root infiltration, mineral buildup, freeze and thaw action, or ground shifts. With most water mains typically lying beneath the ground, spotting leaks or breakages can be difficult. Luckily, your plumber may have the tools and knowledge required to provide effective solutions.


Some clogs can be easily cleared with the help of DIY tools such as drain snakes and plungers. However, if your residence has blockages too tricky to clear or present in multiple plumbing appliances, the problem may lie deep within its drainage system. Without timely interventions by an emergency plumber, these clogs can create pipe leaks, which can, as previously discussed, leave your home susceptible to significant structural water damage.

In some scenarios, the clogs may even cause sewage backups. Failing to have a plumber locate and clear such blockages can damage your home’s plumbing pipes beyond repair, prompting the need for costly replacement services.

Frozen Water Pipes

Most areas in the US can experience freezing temperatures, especially during the winter season. Therefore, homeowners should make efforts to protect their home’s plumbing pipes from freezing to prevent the need for an emergency plumber in the future. If water freezes as it moves through the pipes, it may force them to expand.

The expansion can then form cracks which can create a flooding risk once the ice has thawed. Homeowners should always try to thaw frozen pipes as carefully and fast as possible. Meanwhile, they should avoid applying intense heat as it can damage the pipes further. It’s always advisable to seek assistance from a nearby emergency plumber under such circumstances.

Sewer Line Blockages

Your home’s sewer line is responsible for transporting waste from your indoors to the outdoor septic system for treatment. If it becomes clogged for one reason or another, you may have serious consequences to deal with that may require you to request the assistance of an emergency plumber.

Drain clogs in multiple appliances often denote sewer system backups, water pooling around basement floor drains, and gurgling sounds inside the plumbing system. During sewage backups, the sewage often gets trapped at the backup point, creating a health hazard. If the clog’s extensive, the sewage may find its way into your home, putting the health of its inhabitants at risk.

Gas Leaks

Professional plumbers can help homeowners seeking solutions for copper pipes and damaged gas-powered water heater connections. Whenever there’s a gas leak, you should first evacuate your residence and immediately contact an emergency plumber near you along with your gas company. Gas leaks can cause home fires, and in some cases, prolonged carbon monoxide exposure, which can have lethal consequences.

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