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Caring for Your Plumbing | Tips from Your Trusted Knoxville, TN Plumber

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Knoxville was the first capital of TN and today is its third largest city and is a hidden gem full of culture, natural beauty and friendly locals. Our team at My Professional Plumber is one of the most relied upon in the region.

Our staff represent decades of training, education and innovation. When we send a technician to help you, we send a solution to your plumbing problem. Our associates arrive with a fully stocked vehicle of tools and parts to get the job completed as quickly as possible.

We understand that allowing a tradesman into your home is an act of trust. We make certain our staff are registered with the great state of Tennessee, pass a comprehensive background check and are subject to random drug tests. The people we send to your home are active members of the community and take pride in the work they do.

Our staff are dedicated to keeping up with the innovations in the plumbing industry. Our people are encouraged to invest working hours to become familiar with current technology and studies. We offer a wide variety of services, including maintenance plans to keep your plumbing in tiptop shape.

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“I’ve had some plumbing issues since my boyfriend moved in. I thought maybe the extra showers were sucking the water pressure, but we both decreased our time in the water, but it didn’t change. I called MPP and within 20 minutes, they had the problem sorted out. My boyfriend and I both had luxuriously long showers since! Thanks a lot!!”

Jenny Hines, Knoxville, TN

“When we bought our house, we knew sooner or later that the plumbing would need a complete overall. The toilets struggled to flush from the day we moved in, but that’s what you get when you fall for a historic home. We called a couple of places in the area and compared their services, and My Professional Plumber offered the best options. They had a competitive price, availability and specialized experts who know the Knoxville, TN region and the plumbing. I’m very pleased with the job they’ve done. The toilets flush great these days!”

Frank Ellis, Knoxville, TN

Warning Signs You Need a Professional

It’s advantageous for everyone to know how to plunge a toilet or clear a basic drain obstruction, but how do you know when you really should call a professional plumber?

The team at My Professional Plumber want their community to be as self-reliant as possible but sometimes it is wiser to call in the experts.

Here are a few warning signs that you should give My Professional Plumber a call:

Emergency Plumber to the Rescue

At My Professional Plumber, we understand that disaster doesn’t always strike during the regular 9 to 5. It’s doubtful that your nephew will innocently cram turkey bones into the garbage disposal on a Tuesday morning. It’s more likely that will happen on Christmas Eve.

Our team understands that plumbing problems don’t happen on a schedule. We respond no matter what time of day or part of the year. We care about our community and can’t leave our prized customers uncomfortable during any time of year, let alone the holidays.

Our experienced customer service agents will discuss the options available to you and offer immediate help, if suitable to your situation. My Professional Plumber believes providing a work and life balance for our team mates helps them provide the gold standard of plumbing.

An emergency visit may incur an additional fee, but we’re transparent and fair about all our pricing. We’ll give you an estimation during the initial evaluation and update you in the rare chance that an unexpected expense arises. We’ll ask you before plowing ahead and discuss the options available to you.

Appalachian Proud

My Professional Plumber strives to ensure all our technicians meet the highest thresholds for a plumbing professional. Our team sharpen their skills periodically throughout their career and learn how to harness new technology and advancements in the plumbing industry.

We are committed to serving Knoxville, TN and eastern Tennessee. The Appalachian spirit is one that connects with the community and always helps their friends. My Professional Plumber will exceed your expectations and all at an affordable price.

Protect your plumbing with a regular maintenance schedule. We offer a discount for prudent customers who actively maintain the health of their plumbing and sanitation systems.


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