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Debunking The Myths About On-Demand Water Heaters With A Plumber Near Me | Oak Ridge, TN

Maybe you are tired of waking up to cold showers in the morning because other family members have drained all the water from a conventional water heater. Or you are afraid of having a plumber near me in Tennessee replace the conventional water heater with a tankless one because of a lot of conflicting information regarding them, but you need to find out which is true. You may have heard that tankless water heaters are among the best innovations in the entire plumbing industry, and that might be true.

However, there are many myths and conflicting information that you will hear about these plumbing units out there. To put the record straight, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters. They also provide a continuous supply of heated water while taking up less space. Since these units don’t store or heat water when it is not needed, they can save you up to 20% in heating energy costs.

To ensure that you are in the know and are clear about tankless water heaters, this guide will debunk some myths relating to them. It will provide you with information to make an educated or informed choice.

Myths About On-Demand/Tankless Water Heaters that You Shouldn’t Believe

There are many factors that you should consider when it comes to upgrading the water heater. Many fallacies are out there relating to the installation of water heaters. This article has debunked six myths regardless of on-demand water heaters to ensure you appreciate that they are beneficial. If you have any more conflicting information, you should consult your reliable plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN.

All Tankless/On-Demand Water Heaters Have the Same Dimensions

This is not true. Before purchasing an on-demand water heater, consider your budget, water demands, and the size of your home. Tankless water heaters are of different sizes depending on capacity and energy efficiency, affecting their cost. Hence, ensure that you account for your family’s size when choosing a unit. On-demand water heaters leverage the technology, making them cost-effective, easier to install, and more dependable. If you are struggling with high water heating costs and have a conventional water heater, you might call a plumber near me in Tennessee to install a tankless unit. You will notice that some brands are more robust, while others are less reliable.

Tankless Water Heaters Cannot Supply Enough Heated Water

The other common misconception that is hurled around is that these units cannot supply sufficient hot water. However, this assertion doesn’t hold any water. Suppose you had made appropriate consideration regarding the size of your family before having a plumber near me in Tennessee install a tankless water heater. In that case, you shouldn’t be worried about this. Tankless water heaters heat water on demand. On-demand water heaters can provide hot water at a rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. Hence, if the unit is of the right size, you will have a continuous hot water supply. A conventional water heater might take time to refill the tank and heat it when it runs out.

Tankless Water Heaters Use Natural Gas

Regardless of where the property is located, construction professionals and builders may offer their clients the same performance, luxury, and effectiveness that tankless natural gas systems offer by incorporating propane into a project. Unlike natural gas, propane can be added to a project without difficulty. The fact that this energy is construction-friendly may not be known to construction companies. Professionals and their customers are not subject to a public utility when using propane. Performance is never jeopardized despite this. Hence, you might want a plumber near me in Tennessee to retrofit your natural gas tankless system to a propane one.

Temperature Variability

The on-demand water heater’s temperature levels have also entered the realm of misconceptions. Some urban legends assert that tankless water heaters cannot heat the water to sufficient temperatures. The water flowing from the unit is either too hot or too cold. However, both of these statements are misleading. Although tankless water heaters produce hot water, the water never reaches scalding hot levels. This is because they feature sensors that prevent water from exceeding certain temperatures. If your unit produces too hot or too cold water, you might have to call a plumber near me in Oak Ridge, TN for an inspection and repair.

It is Impossible to Move from Conventional to Tankless Water Heaters

The performance of tankless water heaters is influenced mainly by their maker and how well it was installed. It is much easier to switch between platforms when done correctly. An on-demand water heater’s retrofit was not considered when most traditional water heaters were installed. Because of the brand’s compatibility, switching to an on-demand water heater shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. Your venting may need to be changed, or you might need to use an alternative gas line size, depending on the brand you choose. A qualified plumber near me in Tennessee should install your on-demand water heater. Your problems will worsen if the wrong parts are used and your water heater is installed improperly.

When Switching from Tank-Type to Tankless, You Don’t Need Any Inspection

A water heater’s longevity and performance are directly related to the installation quality. However, installation requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, there is a myth that you don’t need any inspection when switching from conventional to tankless water heaters. This assertion is not true. Always ensure that a professional plumber near me in Tennessee performs the inspection before the switch. These professionals know the codes in your jurisdictions and will follow the permits issued by the local authorities to ensure a safer and solid installation.

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