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Most of the time, you can depend on the plumbing in your home. However, things happen unexpectedly sometimes that can really inconvenience you. This is why it is great to have a reliable emergency plumbing service company that you can contact in these situations.

Common Plumbing Emergencies People Face

There are many different types of plumbing emergencies that can take place. These are the situations that an emergency plumbing service company will be able to help with.

Clogged Toilets

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with a toilet that refuses to flush, just filling up with more water. This typically happens because there is something in the pipes that is causing a clog. In some cases, if you continue to try to flush, you will simply cause the contents of the toilet to spill all over your bathroom floor. You can use a plunger to try to loosen up the clog, but in some cases, you will have to call in an emergency plumbing service professional for help.

Clogged Tubs or Sinks

When a sink or a tub won’t drain properly, it can make the sink or tub unusable. Additionally, it can cause even more of a problem if the water and other contents are overflowing. You can attempt to unclog the drain yourself with a clothes hanger or your fingers, but if this doesn’t work, you will have to call in a professional emergency plumbing.

Burst Pipes

There are many reasons why a pipe would break and you would need to call in an emergency plumbing service professional. If this happens, a lot of water can rush out at the location of the break or crack. A lot of the time, this happens when the pipes are very old or if water freezes within the pipes in the wintertime. In order to minimize the chance of this happening, you should not allow the temperature within your building to go below the freezing point. You should also make sure to check on your pipes periodically, to make sure that they are able to continue to function despite regular wear and tear.

No Hot Water

It can be really hard to live without hot water, even if you have perfectly running cold water. If you end up not having hot water for several days, you need to do something to rectify the issue. It could be caused by a problem within the water heater, such as a broken dip tube, sludge that is building up within the water tank, or the breaking of the heating mechanism. An emergency plumbing service can fix any of these issues for you. If you observe leaks close to your water heater, you should also call one of these services, since this is an indicator of a problem soon to come.

Failure of the Sump Pump

If you have a crawl space or a basement in your home, you most likely have a sump pump. This is a device that will stop a flood from occurring in your home if there is a large amount of rain. Basement and crawl spaces are particularly susceptible to flooding since they are below surface level. If your sump pump is over-exhausted, it could stop working. It could also get a stuck switch.

Sometimes, there is debris that clogs up these pumps, which prevents them from spinning and working properly. If they suddenly stopped working during a storm, there could be flooding in your home, which could also result in pricey repairs. If you believe that there is going to be rain and you have a broken sump pump, you should call an emergency service plumbing professional immediately.

Broken Water Line

There is a water line that delivers water into your Knoxville, TN home from your primary local water source. If this line is not functioning well, the water might not be coming through. You might have low water pressure in your home, or the water might sputter. Sometimes, there will also be soggy patches in your yard. This can also lead to higher utility bills, because of the water leaks. If you call an emergency plumbing service professional, you might actually end up saving yourself money here.

Broken Washing Machine Hose

In some cases, the hose to your washing machine can break, and you won’t be able to use your washing machine anymore. If you try, a lot of water will spill. In this situation, you will want to call an emergency plumbing service professional to fix the issue.

Constantly Running Toilet

If your toilet won’t stop running and flushing, this can cause your water bills to the astronomically high. Calling in an emergency service plumbing professional will be less expensive than continuing to pay this extremely high water bill.

Backup of Sewage

A sewage backup will often cause a terrible smell, even before you see any evidence of it. Because all the waste goes to a sewer, when it backs up, it will come back into your home. Not only does it smell terrible, but it can also present a major health risk and potentially get people sick. If you notice any evidence of a sewage backup, you should immediately bring in an emergency service plumbing professional. If you want to do something yourself, you should clean the areas of backup with a lot of bleach.

Severe Leaks

Severe leaks can be a huge inconvenience, and they can cost you a lot of money in terms of your water bill. If you have a severe leak, you need to call in an emergency plumbing service professional immediately. You likely won’t be able to come up with any makeshift methods to patch up the pipes that will last for very long.

The Takeaway…

If you find yourself in need of some sort of emergency plumbing service in the city of Knoxville, TN, you should feel free to contact the professionals at My Professional Plumber. The talented and skilled people who work here will be able to diagnose and fix your plumbing problem so that you will be able to return to life as normal in your home.


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