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Signs That You May Need To Have Your Residential Plumbing System Repaired By Your Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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Residential property owners often rely on plumbing systems to supply clean water indoors and the drainage of wastewater outdoors. A well-maintained plumbing system provides a healthy environment for you and your family.

On the other hand, plumbing issues such as broken pipes, blocked toilets, or sewage backups may arise the need for extensive repairs, which can be costly and stressful. You should have a working knowledge of the red alerts to look out for if your Oak Ridge, TN, home has a plumbing problem. This knowledge may help you save time and resources.

Plumbing issues that stay unresolved for too long may end up causing more damage to the system. In some scenarios, homeowners may have to request a replacement service, which may force them to dig deeper into their pockets. To avoid such scenarios, seek the services of a professional plumber. Here are some signs that show you may need to request plumbing repair services.

Skyrocketing Water Bills

If you’re wondering why your water bills have suddenly shot up, it may be due to water wastage resulting from an unnoticed pipe leakage. Pipe leaks are quite common in US homes. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that approximately 10 percent of residential properties in America have plumbing leaks that waste about 90 gallons of water a day.

These statistics can indicate that as a homeowner, you may have to deal with household leaks sooner or later. Therefore, you should know some of the signs of a possible plumbing leak in your home to prevent structural water damage on your property. If you notice an inexplicable spike in your water utility bills, you should call a plumber for professional assistance.

Low Water Pressure

A drop in the water pressure could be a sign that something’s wrong with your home’s plumbing system, and it may be time to seek assistance from a professional. Such an issue may make it hard to use the shower or flush the toilet.

The water pressure in your residence may diminish due to several reasons, including a broken pipe that causes leakages within the underlying plumbing system. If you fail to ask your nearest plumbing professional to investigate and remedy the cause of the problem urgently, the issue may worsen. This may result in extensive property damage and water wastage. Both consequences can affect your finances negatively.

Visible Signs of Structural Water Damage

Dark patches on roofs and ceiling walls, unusual mold growth, and signs of structural weakness on the walls or floors of your home are an indication that your residence may have extensive water damage. With that in mind, you should always look out for signs of structural water damage as they may also hint towards plumbing problems within your residence.

Water seepage through a small crack on the floor or the basement may lead to significant damage to your property unless you seek the appropriate solutions immediately. Ignoring minor structural issues may cost you dearly in the long run.

Your home’s foundation may start to sink or become unstable, jeopardizing the safety of you and your family. In that regard, you should reach out to your local plumber so they can help you identify and remedy the issue promptly.

A Sweating Water Heater or Inconsistent Hot Water Temperatures

If your water heater isn’t working or has started producing less hot water than your family requires, it may be due to leakage. Sometimes, it may be because of a system breakdown due to improper maintenance. Rusty spots and signs of corrosion on the heater are clear indicators of leaks within the water heating infrastructure.

Since water heaters typically comprise complex components, you should always leave their servicing needs to professionals. To guarantee the safety of your family and property, you should contact your nearest plumber as soon as possible for diagnostic and repair solutions.

Rusty Water

Ideally, water that’s safe to drink should be colorless. Therefore, colored water may not be safe for consumption. If you notice a change in the color of the water in your home, something could be wrong with your plumbing system’s intake pipes. If you’re receiving rusty-colored hot water, it’s often indicative of corrosion inside the hot water tank or extensive silt accumulation.

A rusty color in the cold water coming from the other outlets in your residence may signify extensive corrosion in the plumbing pipes. Plumbing experts often attribute water discoloration to the infiltration of soil sediment inside the piping following a crack or burst. While sometimes they may advise flushing the toilet continuously or leaving the faucets running for a while, you should always consider asking a professional plumber for help if the discoloration persists.

Slow Draining Sinks

If your sink or bathtub is taking too long to drain or the wastewater is coming up instead of going down, you might have issues with the main sewer line. Tree roots in the sewer may cause the sewage to reverse its course.

Clogs resulting from debris buildup in the sewer line can push the sewage back into your house. You should seek the services of a professional plumber if you notice that your home’s sink and shower drains no longer drain as effectively as before. They can perform inspections and get rid of any materials that could be clogging your residential plumbing system.

Stinking Sewers

That unpleasant sewage odor that you’ve tried to clear with hot vinegar or deodorizing solutions in vain can be sickening. It’s a sign of a problem deeply rooted within your sewer line, one that home remedies can’t do much to resolve.

Dirt in sewers may result in clogging, ultimately slowing waste discharge and compromising the hygienic conditions of your surroundings. While sewer problems require urgent solutions, it’s in your best interest to leave them to an experienced plumber in Oak Ridge, TN.

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