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What Plumbing Malfunction Requires An Emergency Plumbing Service Call | Oak Ridge, TN

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Plumbing emergencies are serious matters that need to be handled urgently. Postponing a plumbing emergency resolution can result in significant damages to your property. The longer you wait to fix something the more expansive it will be to fix in the future. Unfortunately, plumbing faults are a common occurrence. Emergency plumbing malfunctions can be decreased or avoided completely with regular plumbing maintenance. If a plumbing emergency does occur, however, it is important to act fast. The faster you resolve the issue; the less damage may occur. If you own a property in the Oak Ridge, TN, area, you should contact My Professional Plumbing for emergency plumbing service.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Many plumbing malfunctions can occur to your plumbing system, however, there are a common few that can be avoided with proper preventive maintenance from a professional and licensed plumbing company. Preventive maintenance is the act of proactively to maintain something in order to prevent future issues. If you find yourself contacting a plumbing service with emergencies often, you may want to consider utilizing a preventive maintenance plumbing service in order to save money and prevent further damages from occurring in or because of your plumbing system.

Possible Flooding

If you suspect your home may be flooded due to a malfunctioning plumbing appliance, contact an emergency plumbing service right away. Hesitating to do so, may result in actual flooding. Flooding can and will cause damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings if left for too long. Many plumbing floods can be avoided with certain measures and precautions. The following examples are ways that a plumbing malfunction can cause a flood.

Rapid Water Leaks or Burst Pipes

A rapid water leak is exactly as the name states. It is a leak that is rapidly spewing water. A burst pipe acts in the same way a rapid water leak does, with little difference. Rapid water leaks and burst pipes can easily lead to flooding. If this does occur, it is important you contact a plumbing service for your emergencies right away. After you do so, you should locate the main water shut off valve and use this to stop the flow of water from flooding your home. You should also ensure that all of the faucets are in the off position. If you are having trouble doing this, contact My Professional Plumber for emergency plumbing service.

Burst pipes often occur in the wintertime when pipes, full of water, begin to expand and decompress due to freezing and unfreezing water. This can easily be avoided by installing insulated pipes. Insulated pipes will not freeze, and they will keep their structure intact. Rapid water leaks can be caused by a crack or break in the water supply line. Rapid water leaks can also occur in the sewage line, which would pose an extremely unsanitary problem. To avoid leaks in either the sewer or water supply line, you should have a professional plumber do annual inspections to ensure your pipelines are clean and free of debris. If your property has sprung a rapid water leak for any reason, contact My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, for emergency plumbing service.

Sump Pump Malfunction or Failure

Another common cause of flooding in the home is rainwater. Rainwater can easily seem into the ground in your basement, without really being noticed until it’s too late. In areas, with heavy rain seasons, this can lead to extensive damages to your property. It can also cause mold and mildew to grow and thrive in your home. This leads to illness and respiratory problems for people who have to breathe that air. Rainwater flooding can a very damaging problem, to both the property and its inhabitants. To avoid rainwater flooding, many homes have a sump pump installed somewhere in their basements.

A sump pump is a device that is typically put in the lowest point of your house. It can be submerged in water in order to pump excess groundwater away from your home. The sump pump is active most of the time, only becoming activated when it is needed. When it starts to rain, the ground will soak up the water. When the water becomes too much, the ground around your home will become oversaturated with water which would then leak into your home. The sump pump diverts this water into storm drains, wells, or ponds close by. If you do not own a sump pump you can contact an emergency plumbing service in order to have one installed as soon as possible.

This is a wonderful appliance to have in the home. It helps to keep the inside of your home dry when it is wet outside. However, sump pumps can become faulty or overwhelmed. It is unfortunately hard to tell if it is malfunctioning until it is needed. If your sump pump does fail, you will need to have an emergency plumbing service professional assess the damage and restore It as soon as possible because, without it, your house may continue to flood and procure more damage.

Sump pumps must be installed by a professional plumber to ensure proper operation. Sump pumps are usually put into pits that will then fill with water. If your sump pump is working correctly the water will never reach the height of the basement floor, and will therefore never flood again. If you notice your sump water level is getting too high, contact an emergency plumbing service as soon as possible. Acting fast may help you prevent a flood from ever happening.

Other Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing emergency doesn’t just look like flooding, it could be a clogged toilet, a foul odor emanating from your pipes, or even an alarming sound stemming from your water heater. If your plumbing system is not functioning in the way it was intended to, you should contact an emergency plumbing service. When you do contact an emergency plumbing service, make sure that the company is reputable and professional. If you live in the area, contact My Professional Plumber for all of your plumbing emergency and maintenance needs.


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