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What To Look For When Shopping For Water Purification Systems | Knoxville, TN

A water purification system is an essential commodity in households that ensures water is clean and safe. According to CDC, one in 44 people in the country gets sick annually from water-borne diseases. Finding the right water purification system for your home can be challenging without the help of a professional.

Water purifiers are an excellent investment for people concerned about their drinking water’s safety. They prevent water-borne diseases such as Typhoid and Cholera. Installing the water treatment systems ensures your family has access to clean water.

There are a variety of water purification units to choose from in the water filtration market, depending on brand, type, functionality, and quality. Before investing in one of them, it’s essential to research what features to look for and those to avoid.

This blog will help you understand aspects to consider when purchasing water purifiers for your home that meet your family’s needs.

Contaminants Reduced

Water purification systems reduce contaminants in the water. They can eliminate metals, cysts, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, chlorine odors, and industrial pollutants. The percentage and form of dirt removed depend on the type of filter, water flow rate, and system design. Your water source is also an essential factor when selecting water purifiers.

You can go for water purification units certified by NSF/ANSI, the water quality association. Water filter certification ensures that your water purification system meets quality standards and performs its intended functions. Knowing the water streaming to your house is clean and safe after removing most contaminants gives you the confidence to use it and peace of mind.

When choosing water purification systems for your Knoxville, TN home, you should check the system’s performance data sheet to know whether it is certified and the types of contaminants it eliminates.

Filter Change Indicator Light

The best water purification systems have clear indicator lights that show you when to change your filters. With an efficient indicator light, you will know when it’s time to replace the filter or if debris is blocking the water flow.

The early alerts can make you call a plumber to clean or change the filters to prevent using dirty water, which can lead to numerous health issues which can be expensive to treat.

Leaving the filters unclean for longer reduces their life span as clogs can cause significant strain on them, making them break. You can opt for a Whirlpool® Filtration Systems with the EZ-Change™ Indicator because the replacement filters come with an additional battery.

Types of Filters and Filter-less Systems

Efficient water purifiers have filters that can remove most contaminants, including Chlorine and Lead. They either have a self-cleaning feature or use a replaceable filter to remove pollutants from the water in your home. There are several water filters, including the open pump with an open cup at each end for handling, self-cleaning, and encapsulated options.

The open pump filters are of standard size and fit numerous pump water filters. On the other hand, the encapsulated systems are unique plastic filters for different water purifiers.

You can only fit them in some types. With the self-cleaning filters, you can program them to cycle at selected intervals. They are also costly and require less maintenance, a power source, and a nearby drain.


Point-of-use water filters are designed to decrease waterborne contaminants, including pathogens, right at the end of your water systems, such as the shower or faucet. As the water flows through your point-of-use filter, the filtration system holds on to pathogens, thereby increasing water quality.

The point-of-use water filters are mainly installed under the kitchen sink to provide clean and high-quality tap water. Point-of-entry water filters remove sediments from water streaming into your home from the municipal or well before flowing to water treatment systems installed to the point of use.

They help in protecting your plumbing appliances g from abrasive particles. Some point-of-entry filters also help reduce chlorine taste and odor in water, while others eliminate different contaminants. You can get a professional to help you choose the best point of entry and point of use water purification systems that meet your clean water needs.

Working with Water Softener Systems

Studies show that approximately 90 percent of homes in the United States have hard water. A water softener can come in handy to remove the hard water minerals and make the water softer to use if you have hard water problems.

All water purification systems can be installed with a water softener to treat hard water by removing calcium and magnesium responsible for hardening water through ion exchange.

If your water has heavy sediments, you should install a whole home filtration system at the point of entry before the water softener at the point of use. A softener is optional If your water is not hard. Therefore, water purification systems are best if you want better-tasting water in your Knoxville, TN home.

A System Tested by an Independent Lab

Homeowners should opt for water purification systems that an independent third-party lab has tested. The testing ensures that your water purification system effectively removes contaminants at the intended levels.

These tests are necessary to know what kind of contaminants the unit can eliminate and how well it can remove them from the drinking water.

Dedicated Filtered Water Faucet

EPA regulates the level of contaminants present in drinking water nationwide and uses drinking water standards to assess and protect water, making it safe for consumption. The water treatment methods limit the contaminants in water that meets the drinking water standards.

Sometimes water can become dirty due to poor quality of distribution systems, especially if the pipes burst and allow the soil to enter the piping system.

Installing a water filter on your home kitchen faucet can solve the polluted water. The best choice of faucet filter for your home is one that is easy to use, effective and cost-conscious.

However, not all water purification systems are designed to work with additional faucets. Understanding the system’s specifications ensures they meet your desired needs.

Improve the Quality of Water in Your Home Today!

Suitable water purification systems will save you time, money, and headaches. Do you want to install a water purifier in your Knoxville, TN home? If yes, contact us at My Professional Plumber. Our experienced and certified plumbers offer premier softeners and filtration services.

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