5 Reasons You Need Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Your entire household depends on your plumbing system working every day. Any time there is a plumbing problem at home, it can certainly seem like an emergency. However, you need to make certain that it is a true emergency before you call a professional. Emergency plumbing services can cost a lot more, since most plumbers charge an extra fee for after-hours, weekends, nights, and holiday repair services.

Here are some examples of when you require emergency plumbing service. This can help you decide if your situation can wait for a scheduled visit or if you need to call right away for professional emergency plumbing service.

You Have No Water at All

Sometimes a plumbing problem is inconvenient, such as having the water shut off to one room. But if you have no access to water at all, that is much more than simply inconvenient.

You and your family need running water for many reasons. Besides bathing, water is needed for all regular hygiene tasks. Brushing your teeth is necessary, and washing your hands regularly throughout the day has become even more important. You also need fresh water for washing your vegetables and fruits, along with cooking. And, most inconvenient of all, you won’t be able to flush your toilet.

Your family needs access to water. If your home is not getting any from the taps, you should call right away for emergency plumbing service from a trusted Oak Ridge, TN professional.

So, why doesn’t your house have any water? It could be because of a problem with the water main. Check your emergency shut-off valve and see if it has been activated by mistake or is leaking. Ask around to see if any of your neighbors are having the same problem.

If the problem is not with the water main, you could have a clog in your tap connection. Old ones can get sediment buildup in them or become corroded as the years pass. It is best to replace your tap connection if it is degrading. If the connection is still in good shape, it might work for a while if it is cleaned completely.

Other possibilities include substandard or eroding pipes and fittings, along with blocked pipes. Your plumbing professional can determine just what is keeping your water from working and fix it quickly, so you can get on with your busy life.

Your Sewer Is Backing Up

Any plumbing issue can cause foul water to back up into your house. But the worst by far is when your sewer is backing up into your home. Not only do you have a filthy, wet mess to clean up, you also have to deal with the horrible smell. It will fill your home, your curtains, carpets, and furniture with harmful bacteria and germs, and the stench will linger on for a long time.

When your sewer lines get clogged, the water cannot get past the blockage. Therefore, the nasty water has to go back up the way it came, overflowing and pouring into your house. It will quickly get to work ruining your floors, walls, and anything else that gets in its way.

Plus, your family will be without any toilet facilities as long as the sewer is backing up. It would be difficult enough to go an entire day without a toilet; just imagine your whole family being without service for a week or more! Don’t put yourself through the stress of waiting for a scheduled appointment with a plumber. This is definitely a time you need emergency plumbing services.

Protect your home and keep your facilities working with emergency plumbing service. Sewer problems that send the waste back into your home should be taken care of immediately by professionals, so you know the problem is truly fixed.

Your Home Is at Risk of Flooding

Flooding can cause irreparable damage to your home and possessions. Any paper, fabric, leather, and metal items are at risk for serious damage. Plus, your hardwood, carpets, and linoleum floors may have to be taken up and completely replaced. If the water sets long enough, your subfloor can become water laden and start to rot, leading to the need for extensive remodeling expenses.

It’s important to identify what problems might potentially cause flooding inside your house. One issue is faulty appliance connections and components. For example, your washing machine, dishwasher, and icemaker are all connected to your home’s water supply. If a hose begins to leak or a connection is not secure, you could soon be dealing with a puddle on your floor.

A broken pipe can quickly fill your house with water. It is fairly easy to check the exposed pipes under your sinks for leaking. But sometimes the compromised pipe is hidden behind a wall or under a floor. The best thing to do when you notice a leak in your pipes is to turn your water supply off immediately and seek help.

Don’t risk your most valuable property. If your house is in danger of flooding because of your plumbing issues, call immediately for emergency plumbing service. While many belongings can be replaced if the need arises, there are treasured heirlooms and photographs that you would lose forever to water damage.

You Have a Burst Pipe

Winter weather can be hard on your plumbing system, especially any exposed or uninsulated pipes. It is crucial that every homeowner do all they can to make sure that their pipes are properly insulated and covered, to protect them from icy weather.

Sometimes, however, even the best protection measures can’t keep your pipes or outdoor spigots from freezing. This not only keeps you from getting any water, it can also cause your pipes to burst. As the water freezes inside the pipe, it causes the pipe to expand and possibly crack. You need to call for emergency plumbing service before your home is destroyed by water.

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