Beyond Emergencies: Plumbing Maintenance, Repairs, And Upgrades From Your Local Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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Your Plumber Helps You Invest in Your Home’s Future

Do you have a five-year plan and beyond for keeping your biggest investment in great shape? For most people, their home is by far their biggest investment and an asset that also provides quality of life for them. Your plumber is an important part of your asset protection plan, helping to keep some of its most valuable features in good condition, adding new and enjoyable upgrades, and of course, responding to emergencies to help avoid damage and distress for your family. It makes a lot of sense to call My Professional Plumber, your Oak Ridge, TN, area plumbing expert, for advice and services that will benefit you in the long term as well.

Drain Cleaning Service: Basic Preventive Maintenance

Drains do accumulate gunk, hair, even objects in every home, and regular cleaning by a plumber can stop the process where a little clog gathers more and becomes a lot. This is a great way to avoid overflows, inconvenience, and emergency visits. Nobody likes the tub filling while they shower, or the layer of dried material left as a blocked drain slowly empties. Our professionals can go beyond simple clog removal, doing video inspections and removing long-term accumulations, catching clogs growing in the wall pipes, and using hydro-jet technology to bring pipes back to their original diameter when they’ve been gathering grease on the walls for perhaps decades. Keeping drains clear is basic maintenance.

Pipe Material and Condition Inspections

When inspecting drains using our miniature video camera, we don’t just look for clogs. We also check for the condition of the pipes, and whether they’re corroding or otherwise damaged. This provides advance warning of bigger problems including leaks that could occur in the walls or ceiling. We can use the same methods to check your water lines, making sure issues such as hard water haven’t thinned the pipe material over the years and left them barely able to hold in the water pressure. In some cases, we’ll also identify certain plastic pipe material that we know tends to have a shorter lifespan, and make sure you know that re-piping might be a good idea in the near future before leaks occur in multiple places as the pipe degrades.

Fixture and Shutoff Valve Checks and Maintenance

Leaking faucets can use a lot of water over time, and they just get worse. Plus, you’ve probably encountered hot water faucets, the side that tends to degrade first, getting increasingly hard to shut off and requiring more strength from you. This can weaken the handle which might break off, and is there a shutoff handy under the sink? Situations can escalate, perhaps the drain is slow also and things get out of hand. While we don’t expect that all to coincide, it’s still a good idea to get your fixture repaired or replaced. We can repack valves or put in a nice new model, perhaps with modern ceramic disc valves. If your home was shortchanged on shutoff valves, it’s a straightforward matter for our plumber to install them in key locations so you don’t have to run to the basement shut off if you can’t control the water flow. They also allow us to shut off the water locally if we’re working on the faucet, rather than turning off the whole house.

Water Line and Pressure

How’s your water pressure? It should be “in the zone,” neither too low nor too high, because both extremes present risks. High water pressure damages valves and appliances and puts unnecessary pressure on your pipes. It also wastes water with faster flow. Low water pressure might seem like just an annoyance, but when your water pressure is low, there’s a chance of a kind of siphon effect drawing contaminated water back into your home’s water supply. This is a common problem when water mains break and nearby homes are affected. We can locate the source of low water pressure, whether it’s on the way in under your yard or somewhere in your home. Our plumber can also check your water pressure regulator, if present, which is used to keep high water pressure in the city supply from affecting your home. When that pressure regulator starts to fail, which it will at some point, your water pressure can get somewhat crazy.

Water Heater

Our plumbers are on call if your water heater springs a leak, but we’re also ready to check and maintain it, looking for signs of corrosion in the lining and making sure the anode rod is doing its job to prevent problems. We’ll also check and replace thermostats and investigate hot water pressure problems. Ask us about tankless water heaters and inline heaters for your kitchen sink and other locations where you want quick hot water without the wait long pipes can cause.

Sewer Line

If you haven’t had your sewer line checked in a few years or if there are any signs of potential trouble, including multi-drain issues in the lower levels of your home, You’re wise to get us in there to take a look with our video equipment. There’s so much we can do to head off trouble! From hydro-jet blasts to clean out the gunk that’s not moving into the city line, to locating growing problems like tree root intrusions or areas of the pipe crushed from heavy equipment moving above, we can see and address it. Often, there are ways we can fix sewer line issues without a total pipe replacement, and even if the pipe is clear, our video is a great thing to have if you’re selling your home as it helps reassure buyers.

My Professional Plumber for Your Home’s Comfort and Value

Choose maintenance over emergencies, and we’ll make that a wise decision. We’re glad to help our Oak Ridge, TN neighbors with emergency plumber visits, but we’d rather keep your plumbing in good shape and trouble-free. Call us soon.