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6 Minor But Critical Water Heater Repairs You Should Never Put Off | Lenoir City, TN

Most people don’t think about their water heaters until they stop working. When that happens, it’s usually because of a major problem that requires an expensive repair or replacement. But many people in Lenoir City don’t realize that most water heater issues start as minor problems. If these minor problems are addressed immediately, they can …


When A Clogged Drain Requires The Help Of A Professional Plumber | Maryville, TN

There are countless tools readily available for homeowners needing to tackle clogged drains in their homes. From plungers to drain snakes to chemicals of all kinds, hardware and grocery stores are often the first places that people run to for help when slow-draining sinks or bathtubs with standing water become an issue. Most people don’t …


Solved! Signs Of Malfunctioning Water Filtration Systems That Prompt Homeowners To Call A Residential Plumbing Technician | Maryville, TN

Water is life. But too many people seem preoccupied that they can’t stop for a moment and think about the quality of their drinking water or where it’s being sourced. Most assume they’re getting the best possible output. However, that may not be the case. As much as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates contaminants …


5 Times To Look For A Plumber Near Me | Oak Ridge, TN

If you are searching for a plumber near me, it might be because you are experiencing an issue with your plumbing system. If that is the case, then you need to reach out to a plumber that can help. You may just be searching for a plumber for an easy repair, but either way, you …


7 Reasons To Install Water Filtration Systems | Maryville, TN

Every person in Maryville has a right to clean, sufficient, safe, and readily available water. We rely on water for most daily activities, from showering, cooking, drinking, cleaning, and more. Although municipal water companies use a series of treatment methods to purify water, it might still get contaminated within the distribution system. Contaminants that may …


One Essential Tip From An Emergency Plumber Is To Never Postpone Plumbing Repairs | Lenoir City, TN

Are you the type of homeowner who’s proactive about their plumbing, or are you the type that only does something when you no longer have other options? You can avoid costly plumbing repairs when you take action right away. If you suspect something is wrong with your plumbing, we recommend calling an emergency plumber to …


Types And Advantages Of Home Water Filtration Systems | Lenoir City, TN

Finding naturally occurring clean water is a challenge most residents face, with most relying on local authorities for clean pipe water. However, to be safe, it’s advisable to install water filtration systems in your home to access clean water for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. Your water can get contaminated in several ways, including high mineral …


Understanding The Benefits Of Power Rodding With A Plumber Near Me | Maryville, TN

Having been used in plumbing for several decades, rodding is a tested and tried method of drain cleaning. It is a variation of snaking, although it improves the simple snaking process, rather than just pushing through the clogs or power rodding grinds or chews through the blockage. The plumber near me uses a highly flexible …


Water Heater Issues? Call A Water Heater Repair Professional | Maryville, TN

Worrying when an appliance in your house fails to function correctly is normal. Your appliances are designed to make life in your home more convenient, and a broken appliance will affect how you perform daily activities. For example, if the refrigerator dies, you must put your food in a cooler to prevent it from spoiling. …


The Amazing Capabilities Of Our Water Filtration Systems | Oak Ridge, TN

Protecting your plumbing, improving your drinking water quality, and helping you enjoy showers, baths, and clean clothes are a few of the ways that water filtration systems from My Professional Plumber can help. Here in Oak Ridge, the water supply has improved considerably over the decades since more troubled times, but there are significant advantages …



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