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Signs That You Need to Call Professionals for Water Heater Maintenance in Knoxville, TN

Regardless of the season, lukewarm tap water makes doing household chores like dishes or laundry, or even bathing, really inconvenient all year round. This is a major reason why a water heater is considered a home appliance of great utility and value. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Tennessee don’t keep up with the regular maintenance of …


Look Out for These Signs of a Failing Garbage Disposal | Garbage Disposal Repair in Knoxville, TN

An effectively functioning garbage disposal will keep your drain pipes in tip top shape – but you already knew that right? So why does your garbage disposal fail to do its job from time to time? These issues arise commonly due to the way you clean your kitchen, wash up or even the way you …


Has Your Bathtub Ever Been Clogged Up?

My Professional Plumber has received many calls to jobs to unclog a bathtub drain, whether it be of hair, soap backup, or something more serious. When one looks up how to unclog a bathtub drain on the internet, self-sufficient solutions do show up, such as a drain stick, chemical solutions, and much more do it …


Plumbing History: A Brief Timeline of Toilets 

It is said that Thomas Crapper was the first known man to invent the toilet, and this misconception has been proven to be incorrect. In fact, the first person to invent the flushable toilet was Sir John Harington, who was known as the godson of Queen Elizabeth I. He created this flushable toilet in 1596, …


Plumbing Safety Inspections: An Easy Way To Prevent Expensive Plumbing Problems

It’s not rare that we receive a call stating there is no water flow through a faucet. The picture below was taken from a Knoxville customer’s home who called and said that they had no water flow in their kitchen faucet. This problem was caused by debris from a fifteen-year-old water heater combined with galvanized …


Knoxville Water Heater Installation: Why It’s More Crucial Than You Think

Every day, homeowners across the country experience natural gas water heaters being installed incorrectly. This issue not only creates extra costs down the road but also poses a real life-threatening risk to the homeowner’s family. My Professional Plumber wants to ensure that our customers are safe and out of harm’s way. Therefore we train our …


Why You, And Your Home, Need A Water Filtration System

Water filtering systems are used to clean and purify everyday water with chemicals and other substances to have clean, fresh tasting water. When asked why someone should get a water filtration system, our first response is to improve the health of our customers, but also to extend the life of their home appliances and plumbing. …


Drano? We Say DraNO! How Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) Drain Cleaners Damage Your Home’s Plumbing

At My Professional Plumber, we want our customers to know the secrets that aren’t shared on the back of the package, especially when those secrets can lead to long term damage. Corrosive drain cleaners, like Drano, are widely available and claim to be a good choice for unclogging toilets, tubs, showers, and bathroom/kitchen sinks. What …



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