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Drain Cleaning Service: Hire A Plumbing Pro So Your Dollars Won’t Go Down The Drain | Oak Ridge, TN

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Drains are an essential part of plumbing infrastructure, designed to whisk used water away from your home and bring clean water in. As part of a complex system used in most homes on a frequent and daily basis, drains require a certain amount of maintenance to continue functioning smoothly.

When a problem arises, whether it’s a clog, a blockage, a leak, backed up water or strange smells and noises, homeowners have a choice. They can try to tackle the problem themselves with DIY zeal and a few hardware store products. Or, they can call in a drain cleaning service such as My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN to expertly assess the problem drain, and fix it right.

How Do You Know Your Drains Need Cleaning?

There are often tell-tale signs that a potential problem is brewing within your home’s drain system. Ignore the following signs and you could end up with a costly mess on your hands:

  1. Sluggish or noisy drains may be struggling to drain water through or around a physical obstruction that needs to be cleared
  2. A smelly kitchen sink or bathroom drain may mean food waste or a combination of hair and grease or other substances has been trapped in the drain somewhere. Over time, debris can build up in drains and pipes making the free flow of wastewater more and more obstructed
  3. Uncleared water in your dishwasher or washing machine can indicate a drainage line blockage which may need to be manually resolved by a drain cleaning service specialist
  4. Low water pressure can mean a clogged or broken pipe or could indicate a number of other drainage issues.
  5. Bubbles back flowing in your sink, shower, or tub while water is trying to drain out usually indicates a blockage or clog in the making somewhere along the plumbing pipeline

Why Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

You often hear homeowners discouraged from undertaking DIY plumbing repairs on their drains and plumbing infrastructure. There’s a reason for that. Here’s why drain cleaning and other plumbing issues are typically ill-suited for DIY solutions:

  • For many DIY warriors, the most common solution when faced with clogged drains involves grabbing a chemical drain cleaner. These do not only emit toxic fumes (do you really want those anywhere near your drinking water supply? or your family?), they can damage pipes made of any material, not just PVC plastic.
  • Hardware store solutions rarely do the trick. And professional-grade tools need to be used by a pro. From plumber’s snakes and augers to diagnostic video cameras and hydro-jets, plumber’s tools are specifically designed for the task at hand, especially when handled by someone with experience and skill.
  • With plumbing problems, there is always the potential for catastrophic damage. Plumbing and drain infrastructure is integrated throughout the home and also often connects to external components. For this reason, a problem in one area can have a knock-on effect and cause a problem in another. A plumbing professional understands a structure’s drain and pipes system holistically and can troubleshoot with this in mind.
  • In the case of extreme weather events, emergency repairs, or community-wide outages or problems, inspections and certifications may be required once repairs are completed. And if an insurance claim is made, documentation and guarantees become especially important. DIY can’t cover your household and your pocketbook for this kind of scenario.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Hiring a reputable drain cleaning service to fix an immediate plumbing problem is one thing, scheduling regular maintenance has a whole other set of benefits. If you’re a homeowner that values consistent everyday functionality over surprises and disasters, a regularly scheduled service call can be money well spent.

On a maintenance drain cleaning service call, a qualified plumbing technician will thoroughly assess the drain and plumbing infrastructure that keeps water flowing in and out of your home. Using specialized plumbing tools such as video diagnostic imaging and hydro-jetting to clear minor clogs and debris build-up, as well as other cutting-edge technologies, a knowledgeable drain cleaning service professional can set your household up for a year of worry-free plumbing functionality.

But Is It An Emergency?

Any time you are unable to use part of your home’s plumbing infrastructure (toilet, sink, shower) it’s fair to say this constitutes an emergency. Depending on the size of your household, even one single day without smoothly running plumbing can be a trial. A flooded basement is an emergency. Waste materials or sewage backing up into your home is an emergency. A kitchen sink out of commission due to a clogged drain is an emergency.

When something like this happens, you want to have a reliable drain cleaning service and plumbing professional ready to make a speedy house call. Technicians at My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN are on call 24/7 to handle these types of emergency scenarios. Even better, homeowners can largely avoid the need for emergency service calls with a regular maintenance drain cleaning service call once a year and a few simple preventative household rules. These might include flushing nothing but toilet paper and human waste down the toilet, or installing traps to capture solid substances (including food waste, hair, grease, and coffee grounds) before they can go down the drain. Ask your drain cleaning technician to recommend products and techniques that can help keep your drains draining efficiently.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of a regular drain cleaning service, or you’re in need of 24/7 emergency support, give the experts at My Professional Plumber of Oak Ridge, TN a call. Their team of certified plumbing and drain cleaning specialists offers prompt, courteous, professional, and safe service for any kind of issue with household or commercial drains. Don’t mess around with DIY solutions when a professional can and will get the job done right the first time.

5 Tips For Making Your Drain Cleaning Service Last | Oak Ridge, TN

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Many plumbers recommend getting a drain cleaning service every 3 to 5 years. However, some people may notice that they require more drain cleaning services than others. The drains might get clogged after only 1 to 2 years.

Why is that? Why do some homes require more frequent drain cleaning services than others?

The answer lies in how mindful the homeowners are in taking care of their drains. Those who are more mindful and more diligent will often need to get their drains cleaned less frequently. They may also find that their drains and plumbing tend to be in better condition throughout the years.

If you are interested in proactively taking care of your drains and plumbing, consider implementing the 5 tips below after getting your drains cleaned.

#1. Be Mindful of What You Flush Down the Toilet

First and foremost, you must always be mindful of what you flushed down the drain. This includes anything from the kitchen sink to the toilets. You should never flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Some people think that flushing sanitary napkins is okay, but this isn’t the case. These items can easily clog the toilet, the drains and the plumbing in that area.

Many of the things that you flush down the toilet may not affect the drains, but may actually damage the septic tank system.

#2. Always Clear the Dishes Before Washing Them in the Sink

Many people simply toss their dirty dishes into the sink without a thought; however, this could easily cause the kitchen drains to get clogged. Food items can get washed down the drain and coat the inside areas. This is particularly true for any greasy food items. If there’s grease on your plate, make sure you scrape the grease off into the garbage bin or compost bin before placing your dishes in the sink.

You should run the dirty dishes under hot water for some time to ensure that all of the remaining grease and residue is washed away. You should also make sure that small bones and other items are scraped off first. This is particularly true for starches, like rice and pasta, as the starches can easily coat the inside of the plumbing and become a huge headache to deal with at a later time, as these substances are difficult to remove.

#3. Avoid Using Any Chemical Drain Cleaners

Whenever most homeowners run into any clogs, they usually pick up some chemical drain cleaners right away. While chemical drain cleaners may appear to be effective, they’re actually something that you should avoid, as the chemicals can actually corrode the inside of the plumbing and do more harm than good.

After getting professional drain cleaning services for your home, you should try to stick to more natural cleaning methods, like warm water or vinegar. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners if they are not necessary at all, as they may only cause more issues to arise in the future.

Chemical drain cleaners also don’t work on every clog, and can damage your septic system as well. Depending on the type of product that you are using, the chemical fumes may also be dangerous to you and your family’s health, especially if the fumes get trapped within the plumbing.

#4. Stick to Your Regular Maintenance Schedule

Even if your drains look super clean, you should still stick to your regular drain cleaning service schedule. You never know if there are any underlying issues within the plumbing that you can’t see. By sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, you’ll be notified immediately if anything looks amiss. This will allow you to avoid many headaches in the future, as minor problems won’t even have a chance of becoming a major hassle.

If our plumbers do not see anything suspicious, we may recommend that you delay your next drain cleaning service to a later time, as you probably won’t need your drains cleaned as frequently. With time, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to stretch the drain cleaning services longer and longer, as your drains will be in amazing condition.

Those who stick with a regular maintenance schedule will also find that they usually won’t forget to get the necessary maintenance services that their plumbing needs. Some plumbing companies may even offer you a deal if you sign up to one of their maintenance programs.

#5. Install a Drain Catcher

Last but not least, consider installing a drain catcher. A drain catcher can really help prevent small items and foods from entering the drain. They’re particularly useful if you have small children, as they can accidentally drop their toys and other small trinkets down the drain.

A drain catcher is particularly useful in the shower, especially if you have long hair. It’s not unusual for long hair to get tangled up into a mess within the drains. If they clog the plumbing in this area, they can be really difficult to get out. This is especially true since a lot of soap may cling onto the tangled hair. This creates a huge chunk.

Call Us for Drain Cleaning Services

Do you need to drain cleaning services in Oak Ridge, TN? If so, give My Professional Plumber a call at 865-238-7049. We have many experienced plumbers on our team who will be able to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our video inspection will easily determine whether there are any other plumbing issues that need to be resolved while we’re there. For example, if there’s a small leak somewhere in the plumbing, it’s always a good idea to get it patched up sooner rather than later.

We offer many specials, promotions and deals throughout the entire year, and we guarantee our services! We can tackle any plumbing problem that you may be facing. Give us a call today if you are in the Oak Ridge, TN area, and we can send someone out right away to inspect your plumbing.

Understanding Why Periodic Professional Drain Cleaning Service Is Important | Knoxville, TN

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Your sewer drain is a necessary component of your home. The sewer drain connects to all of the drains in your home and leads debris away from it. No one really thinks about their sewer drain until there’s a problem with it. This is the wrong way to maintain your drainage system. Neglecting to maintain your drains until a problem manifests can negatively affect your pockets, your property, and your health. Proper drain maintenance includes regularly scheduled, professional drain cleaning service. Basically, you should hire a trained and experienced plumbing company to perform preventive maintenance services and drain cleaning on your home’s pipe system periodically, throughout the year. Experts suggest having your drains professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year.

The more you maintain your drains, the fewer issues you will have with them. Your sewer drains have the huge job of removing nearly all waste products from your home. Your drain needs care and attention from time to time, or it will become clogged. Clogs in drains usually occur due to some sort of obstruction in the drain. Clogs can be avoided by hiring a drain cleaning service provider to clean your drains periodically. If your drain is clogged already you should still contact a professional drain service provider to remove the obstruction for you. If you live in or around the Knoxville, TN area, you should contact My Professional Plumber to clean your drains, so you can get back to your day and other responsibilities.

Plumbing systems can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. This largely depends on the material used to make the pipes and the maintenance your plumbing system receives. Older homes with drainage systems made from iron may experience clogging due to rust and corrosion. If you live in an older home, hiring a professional drain cleaning service or plumber will give the experts an opportunity to access the condition of your pipe system. Your professional plumber can then provide you with diagnostics and suggestions on how to handle your plumbing systems.

As a homeowner, you should be aware of the functionality of the homes system. That includes the sewage and pipelines. Understanding how your pipe system works and how professional drain cleaning services can be beneficial will help you make better maintenance decisions for your home.

How Do Your Drains Work?

You have many pipelines in your plumbing system. The main pipelines are your water supply system and your sewage line. Both are extremely important components of your plumbing system. Your water line brings the water into your home and through your faucets. Your sewage and drainage system carries it out, along with other forms of debris. The constant influx of debris particles and items washing down your sewage drain can cause clogging. This is why regular drain cleaning service and plumbing maintenance is so important. Your drains need to be cleared of all debris periodically to allow the water to flow freely through it.

Your plumbing system is complex. It’s a connected intricate assembly of pipes, traps, air cushions, drains, and joints. Your professional plumbing technician will be able to ensure the integrity of your system is still intact, as well as provide services for all of the plumbing appliances in your home.

Drains That Should Be Cleaned

Toilets make up for 30 percent of tater used in the bathroom and nearly 100 percent of the waste that leaves the bathroom. Toilets are sturdy appliances that rarely need to be maintained but could use regular drain cleaning services every now and again.

Tub Drain

Your tub drain should be cleaned often. Many things can fall down the tub drain that could cause it to clog. The drain in your tub was not meant to carry large loads of debris. Waste products such as hair and oil may cause your tub drain to become significantly clogged. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about this inevitable clog, except preventing it with regularly scheduled drain cleaning service maintenance. You can also do your best to avoid having any debris fall down the drain by using a strainer of sorts to prevent large clumps of hair and debris from going down the drain, causing a blockage.

Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink should rarely become clogged. However, it does happen. This could be due to hair, toothpaste, and other forms of the waste following down the drain and becoming lodged. If you notice that your bathroom sink is backing up, you need to have your drains professionally cleaned as soon as possible. Neglecting clogged drains could lead to a stubborn clog that’s harder to remove. If you live in the area, contact My Professional Plumber for drain services and remove your drain clog as soon as possible. By being prompt about your drain cleaning servicing needs, you avoid exasperating a problem to the point of financial stress.

Kitchen Sink

Cleaning the drains in the kitchen sink is extremely important. Kitchen sinks are usually connected to other appliances such as the dishwasher. A clog or back up in the kitchen sink could be directly related to a dishwasher malfunction; it also affects the operations of the dishwasher. Preventing clogs in your kitchen sink is important for preventing further damaged appliances in your kitchen. Hiring a drain cleaning service provider to clean your kitchen sink drains will help save you money in the form of fewer damages and fewer backups.

The Many Benefits of Regular Professional Drain Cleaning

There are many benefits to regular drain cleaning. Proper drain maintenance can lead to fewer clogs and backups. This will help you save money on numerous house calls. Professional drain cleaning services will also help increase the lifespan of your plumbing system. Over the counter drain, cleaners can actually lead to damages in your drainage system. The harshness of these chemicals can also lead to health problems if ingested or absorbed through the skin. Let the professionals handle all of your drain cleaning needs. Contact My professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN, if you need your drains cleaned.

Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Your plumbing system is constantly being utilized. Clogs are bound to happen. When clogs do happen, you should contact My professional Plumbing to rid your home or business of any drain blockages.

Drains clog all of the time. They would clog less if you hire a professional drain cleaning service to clean your drains from time to time. It’s important to hire a professional to do so because of how delicate pipes can be. One bad clog can cost you thousands of dollars for repair and other damages that may occur if it is not dealt with properly. There are many benefits you will enjoy by simply hiring a professional, trusted, and local drain cleaning service to maintain your drains. Experts suggest drain cleaning once or twice a year. If you live in or around the Oak Ridge, TN area you should contact My professional plumbing for all of your plumbing maintenance needs.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

No Bacteria or Mold

Did you know that dirty drains can foster bacteria and mold? This is because damp dark areas such as drains are the perfect place for micro-organisms such as bacteria to live and grow. The longer you leave a clog in the drain the more bacteria will be able to latch on to it. The back upped water that comes from your drains could be fostering that same bacteria. This can be dangerous for the health of your skin.

The mold and mildew that may form as a result of dirty, neglected drains can also cause your skin o to become irritated. Mold is detrimental to your respiratory health and should not be left to thrive. It may be difficult to determine whether you have these dangerous microbes living in your drain. By acquiring regular drain cleaning service, you can make sure mold and bacteria don’t have a chance to thrive in your drains. My Professional Plumber provides services to residents and businesses in the Oak Ridge, TN area. Hire this trusted company to perform routine drain maintenance and avoid bacteria-filled tub or sink backups.

No Clogged, Slow Drains

Clogged drains drain slowly. This causes your tub, sinks or toilets to become backed up with water. Slow drains can lead to flooding and damage to the property. The inconvenience of a clogged drain can also lead to lower property values when it comes time to sell or rent.

Many homeowners decide to call a drain cleaning service after a clog becomes increasingly worse. This is the wrong way to go about drain maintenance due to the damage a clog can do. Clogs have a tendency to become deeply lodged into the drain. A drain cleaning service provider is typically able to easily remove clogs with a series of simple techniques. If the clog becomes lodged to the point that none of the simple techniques work than your plumbing technician may have to use more complicated methods to remove the stubborn clog. A stubborn clog may have to be removed by removing the part of the pipe that the clog resides in. This method can be costly. This method is completely avoidable if the clog dealt with immediately. Clogs that are dealt with sooner than later will not have a chance to grow and become deeply lodged in your pipeline. Simple methods such as snaking would be sufficient for a newly formed clog.

Improved Smell

Dirty pipes may be the source of foul smells in your home. There are many issues that can occur with a slow or non-draining drain. The clog itself may be the source of the problem. If the debris is retaining water or allowing water to stand for a long period of time, a smell can quickly form, leading to a foul odor that permeates the entire home.

The sources of these smells are hard to get rid of on your own. You will need to acquire the help of a drain cleaning service to ensure your pipes are clear of the foul odor source or sources.

Less Noise

Pipes can be noisy. Many homeowners think this is normal, especially those who live in older homes. Pipes can sometimes make noises on their own and may only happen a few times over a long period of time. This may be normal. However, if your pipes make noise on a consistent basis you may have an obstruction in your pipelines that is creating this noise.

My professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN will remove any pesky blockages in your drains and determine whether or not that was the source of the noise. You will have a cleaner and more peaceful home environment.

Fewer Breakdowns and Longer Lifespan

Drains are strong but aren’t meant to last forever. The average lifespan of a plumbing system is 17 to 100 years. The lifespan of your pipe system largely relies on the material used and the maintenance out receive on your plumbing. Drain cleaning service will help extend the lifespan of your pipes.

Clogged drains can lead to leaking pipes. Obstruction in the drain is pipe hazards. Clearing a clog is less costly than fixing a leak. If you are experiencing a clog or a leak you should contact a professional plumbing company such as My Professional Plumber right away. The sooner these issues are fixed, the less likely these issues will become larger more costly issues.

Well maintained drains are less likely to degrade and breakdown prematurely. Hiring a drain cleaning service to perform regular maintenance will help prevent plumbing emergencies due to the expertise of your professional plumber. Skilled plumbing technicians will be able to identify future potential issues and either fix them or identify them and discuss the next best steps for protecting your property and your wallet. If You want to enjoy all of the benefits mentioned in the article then contact My Professional Plumber for reliable and efficient drain cleaning service.

References and Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Most experts recommend getting drain cleaning services every one or two years. It all depends on the frequency of which your drains get clogged. Those who are less diligent and taking care of their drains will need to get drain cleaning services more frequently to protect the overall condition and wellbeing of their plumbing. On the other hand, those who are extremely diligent and responsibly may find themselves only needing to get their drains cleaned every several years.

When looking for drain cleaning services in Knoxville, TN, most homeowners will simply call up the first number that they see. This is definitely the wrong way of finding a reliable professional that you can count on. An inexperienced plumber can do more harm than good to your plumbing.

Before you decide which plumbing company to go with, you should always ask each prospective company to give you some references to contact. Ask for references from others who have also received drain cleaning services from the same company, as these individuals will be able to give you a more reliable account of their experiences.

Why Are References Important?

When it comes to drain cleaning services, it’s really really important to look at the plumber’s references.


The references can provide you with a good idea of the quality of the drain cleaning service that you’ll receive. You can also take this opportunity to ask past customers about their experience, so you know what to expect. Past customers who are extremely satisfied and happy with the service that they received are usually more than happy to pass on a positive reference. They’ll usually give you a detailed account of their experience.

To make sure that you’re going to get a high-quality service, you should always speak to more than one reference. Fortunately, most plumbing companies will offer you two to three references to check out. Don’t be lazy. Contact them all. This way, you can ensure that they offer a consistent quality of service to their customers.

What to Ask the References

Calling a reference may feel awkward at the beginning. However, these individuals have usually agreed to be a reference, so they’ll be happy to give you more information about their overall experience. After introducing who you are and that you are interested in receiving the same type of drain cleaning services from the same individual, dive into some of the questions below.

#1. How Was Your Experience with the Plumber/ Plumbing Company?

It’s always a good idea to ask an open-ended question. This way, the reference can speak freely and will not be swayed to answer either direction. The reference will be more likely to give you more details about their experience, and he or she may also feel less restricted on what they can talk about. For example, the reference may have had a good experience with the plumber and the quality of his or her work, but may have had issues with punctuality.

In general, you want to know whether the reference would recommend the plumber. You’d be surprised by how many people would randomly offer a reference that may not actually recommend their services at all. Some people don’t think that you’ll actually put in the effort to call their references.

#2. How Have Your Drains Been After the Cleaning?

The main reason that you’re getting your drains cleaned is because they clog frequently. You want to make sure that getting your drains cleaned has made a difference. Ask the reference whether they’ve seen a difference between the before and after.Ask them whether their drains have been still clogged recently. Or, you can ask them whether they have had to get their drains cleaned again. Ideally, you want to hear that the reference has gotten their drains cleaned several years ago and have not yet needed their drains to be cleaned again.

#3. What Is Their Relationship with the Plumber/Plumbing Company?

You want to avoid references that are friends with the plumber or the plumbing company. Ideally, you want to make sure that the reference has found the plumbing company through other avenues. For example, they may have found the company from an online ad or from an ad in the newspaper. If the reference is a friend of the plumber or the owners of the plumbing company, he or she may be inclined to provide a positive reference.

#4. Do You Have Any Before and After Pictures You’d Feel Comfortable Sharing?

This isn’t necessarily a question that many people ask often; however, if the reference is willing to share before and after pictures, it could really give you a better idea of the quality of the work. Before and after every drain cleaning, our plumbers will perform a video inspection. This video inspection should provide you with more details on what was cleaned and how much cleaner your drains look before and after getting serviced.

Call Us for Drain Cleaning Services Today

Are you looking for drain cleaning services in Knoxville, TN? You can’t go wrong with giving My Professional Plumber a call. These licensed plumbers have many years of experience under their belt and have tackled just about every type of plumbing problem with ease. They can easily assess your situation and offer you several different solutions to pick from. Best of all, you can check out their reviews online. Their Google reviews are able to easily show the type of service that you can expect and how satisfied past customers have been with their work. You’ll be happy to see that they have over 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.9. That’s impressive!


You can rely on this company to handle all of your plumbing problems. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can always give My Professional Plumber a call at 865-248-2549. They offer all types of plumbing services, even emergency ones, so they can get a professional out to you in no time!

Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Having clogged drains can lead to serious problems. Many people simply put chemical drain cleaner down their drains to clean it, not realizing that all they are doing is prolonging the inevitable need for a professional drain cleaning service. Clogged drains are more than an inconvenience and if left unchecked, it can lead to some costly issues in the future. Hiring a professional cleaning service can prevent a whole world of issues from occurring and provide year-long benefits to you, your family, and your home. Hire my Professional plumber in Knoxville, TN in to unclog your drains and provide professional drain cleaning services.

The Consequences of Clogged Drains

The most prevalent consequence of having clogged drains is poor draining. A clogged drain will have a tough time draining water due to the blockage. Water will not easily flow through and will have to make its way out through cracks or soak its way through the blockage. This will cause back up in your sink, toilets, or tub. The backup can lead to poor hygiene and other problems. Contact My Professional Plumber in Knoxville TN, to ensure the back up of water cease to exist with their satisfactory drain cleaning service.

Unclean Water

A clogged sink, tub, or toilet is mostly clogged by the items that flow through it on a daily basis. Clogs usually consist of hair, excrement, food, and other organic debris. This debris is the perfect place for bacteria and mold to live. Other organisms such as insects may find a home in your drains as well. This poses a serious risk to your health, especially if your body will be touching it. This can cause skin ailments, such as funguses to grow on the body.

The Risk To Your health

A blocked drain poses a serious risk to your health. Especially to the health of those who are already compromised in some way. The clog in the sink can be home to many organisms. Mold, mildew and bacteria can exacerbate allergy and asthma problems and can even contribute to their development. Although these issues usually occur with a severely clogged drain it can unwittingly be making you very ill and uncomfortable in your own home.

Smelly Odors

Your clogged drain could actually be making your house smell bad. This occurs for several reasons. The organic matter that is forced down your drains will begin to rot and smell. Once the pipes become dry, there will be no more water to try to cover up the smell. The smells get released into the home releasing toxins into the air. Total blockages that create stagnant water can also start to smell because of the water. The actual food and excrement added to stagnant water is a recipe for disaster and should be addressed right away. By contacting My professional Plumber for professional cleaning service, you can easily remove the foul smell from your home.

Broken Pipes

A clog in the pipe can actually cause your pipes to break. The water that flows through your drain needs someplace to go. Blocking that path won’t stop water from flowing. The pressure from too much water can cause a break or leak in the pipes. Leaks are a serious problem due to the damage it can cause to your property and the threat it has on your health. These broken pipes can occur in the floorboards or walls. If leaks occur here, you may have a hefty repair bill on your hands. You will have to have the leak repaired as well as the walls and floorboards. If leaks are left unchecked it can lead to mold, foundation weakening, and much more. To help prevent these disasters hire a professional drain cleaning service to take care of the issue for you.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

By getting your drains cleaned regularly by a professional drain cleaning service, you can enjoy a slew of benefits. These benefits will help everything from your pockets to your health.

Long Live The Pipe Lines

Your pipe and drainage systems can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. The longevity of your plumbing systems has a lot to do with how you care for it. The material used also plays a part in the life span of your pipes. Regular drain cleaning services for your plumbing system can help increase the lifespan of your pip systems by removing damage causing debris from your plumbing systems. This will help maintain your property value and help you avoid a total replacement which can be costly.

Save Some Money

You can save money by having a professional clean your drains. Professional drain cleaning service may seem costly but it is a very affordable practice. Drain cleaning is highly recommended for several reasons. Hiring a plumber to clean your drains will allow the professional to assess the condition of your drains. If any corrosion, leaks, or blockage is found your professional plumber will be able to identify it and fix it accordingly.

Utilizing professional drain cleaning services can help you save money on emergency plumbing costs as well. Consistent drain cleaning will ensure clogs don’t become so deeply lodged that the only way of removing them is through some expensive process which often happens to those who insist on using drain cleaning chemicals. Neglecting a small clog can turn into a costly problem, one that will cost you thousands of dollars which wouldn’t have happened otherwise if you were to simply hire My Professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN.

No More Overflows

Backups are not good for your health. Drain cleaning professionals will easily prevent overflows from occurring by removing all debris and build up lodged in the drain. Commercial chemical drain cleaners aren’t foolproof. Clogs that are thick enough will not be affected by these chemicals. The chemical may temporarily relieve the situation by removing some of the debris and cultivating a path for the water to escape. This relief is usually short-lived. The drain may not be completely clear. The debris left will easily collect more dirt and debris leading to a more serious and stubborn clog.

To enjoy the benefits of clean drains, contact My Professional Plumber for professional and satisfactory drain cleaning services.

How To Find The Right Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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A blocked drain can cause a world of trouble for you and your household. It prevents you from doing your daily activities with ease and can make you sound the alarm for help if it involves a single bathroom with multiple occupants using it. It can interfere with you and your family getting ready in the morning and cause you to come up with alternative ways to use the toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, and appliances until you figure out the cause of the clog and get it remedied by a professional.

If you wonder what causes your drains to be clogged and need to be cleaned, keep reading. This guide was designed to help you avoid expensive repairs and emergency phone calls to drain cleaning service companies in Oak Ridge, TN. It also helps introduce you to professionals in the area and helps you narrow down the selection process when determining who to call and why to give them your plumbing business.

The Most Common Causes of Clogs

There are many things that can cause clogs in drains. Among the most common issues you might encounter have to do with hair, soap remnants, food scraps, tree roots, and other foreign objects blocking the water flow. The plug of material makes water back up in sinks, toilets, and onto the floor because the water cannot freely flow down the drain and into the pipe where it travels outside the home.

Why You Want to Have Your Drains Cleaned Today

The main reason for drain cleaning is to ensure that your pipes don’t break or leak due to the pressure that they’re experiencing. Removing any potential blockages can make the situation improve quickly in your home. It also prevents you from paying exorbitant costs in the future for a drain cleaning service company to fix your pipe or snake your toilet to free the obstruction.

Regular drain cleaning is a precautionary service well worth the investment. It allows you to take care of the issue at hand without it becoming more problematic for you. It tackles the task that could potentially render parts of your home unusable until the issue is resolved by the plumber.

Qualities of the Best Drain Cleaning Service

Hiring an experienced plumbing and drain cleaning company to work with is a deeply personal experience. After all, you work hard for your money and want to make sure that your investment is fully covered. You don’t want to hire just anyone to come to your property, interact with your family, and clean your drains for you, right?

Some of the most notable qualities of the best drain cleaning service in Oak Ridge, TN include:

  • When you call to schedule service with the company, you expect to get a reply right away. Even if you need to leave a message, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for a company to call you back. When the drain cleaning service provider answers your inquiry, they don’t hesitate to get your home put into the schedule so that you can have your drains cleaned efficiently.


  • The best plumbers are ones that put your needs first. They work for companies that other residents in the area know by name. They do the right thing for their customers 100 percent of the time. That’s what makes them the number one choice to call in the city.


  • Broad Knowledge Base of Drains. When a good drain cleaning professional knows their stuff, it shows. They can identify the different types of drains and explain to you how often they need to be cleaned. They let you know the types of problems that you could potentially encounter with clogged drains and advise you of ways to keep debris out of your pipes.


  • Attention to Detail. The tiniest details count when it comes to plumbing and drain cleaning service. You want a plumber who pays close attention to everything they see. That way, they can tell you what they need for you to do. You’ll prevent clogs and blockages by following their expert advice.


  • If there is a problem with a pipe, they’ll let you know right away. They won’t give you the runaround. The plumber provides you with accurate information about the billing process.


  • The best drain cleaners are grateful for your business and aren’t afraid to let you know it. They tell you exactly how much they appreciate you. They also invite you to call them day or night whenever you have issues in the future that need to be fixed.

The best drain cleaning service companies stand out for the right reasons. They go above and beyond what is asked of them to ensure your satisfaction. When looking for a company to hire, make sure that their plumbers live up to your high expectations. You can ask your family and friends for a recommendation or read online reviews to get a feel for how the professionals work with their customers.

Don’t Wait to Hire a Drain Cleaning Service Provider Until It’s Too Late

My Professional Plumber knows the importance of hiring the right drain cleaning service provider. If you do, your problems go away before they have a chance to grow in size and cost. Keeping the drains clean and free from clogs means that you experience less stress and more ease. You’re never without a working sink or toilet because the water that flows through your pipes don’t encounter blockages.

Set up a regular drain cleaning schedule with us. The number to reach us at is 865-248-2549, so don’t hesitate to call us right away. We’re here to assist you with your request and to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible for you to experience. Even more importantly, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs in the event of an emergency.

Drain Cleaning Service: Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning Methods | Knoxville, TN

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Water backups are one of the most common signs of a clogged drain. When you have a water backup that is causing water to spill forth, it’s time to call a drain cleaning service. Often this problem starts with slow drainage followed by the clog getting so bad that water can’t get through your pipes at all. When this happens big problems can arise. Water backups can lead to big problems due to water damage.

When your drains become severely clogged, many homeowners do the responsible thing and call a professional plumber for drain cleaning service. Yet some homeowners opt to try to do it themselves through drain cleaning methods. These methods can often make matters worse, costing you time and money!

At My Professional Plumber, we have seen many DIY nightmare scenarios that have caused homeowners much bigger and more expensive problems. There are many reasons why taking the do it yourself approach to cleaning out a clogged drain is not always a good idea. We will discuss why it is better to call for a service to deal with your clogged drain.


The Problem Might Be More Complex Than You Think

If you are not a plumber yourself you can’t possibly have any idea of the scope of the problem that is lying in your drains. You need to know the exact cause of the clog to even try the many DIY methods out there. Grime buildup for example requires the assistance of a plumber. For solid masses, you’re going to want the help that only a drain cleaning service can provide.


Liquid Drain Cleaners Aren’t Always the Best Option

Knoxville, TN Professional plumbers never recommend the use of liquid drain cleaners. Most of these drain cleaners are also extremely bad for the environment. Some contain lye which is toxic and dangerous. Lye contacting human or animal skin can cause burns, it is also highly corrosive. Most of these cleaners can damage your drains and pipes thanks to the corrosive acids that work to unblock those clogs. A professional service with professional tools won’t cause these issues.


You Could Risk Further Damage

Without the knowledge of professional plumbing, you risk the chance that you could cause even more damage to your pipes than the issue at hand. There are many ins and outs of professional pipe maintenance and cleaning, and many of the DIY methods can damage your drainage system. In short, you could create an even pricier problem which could have been avoided had you called in a professional drain cleaning service, to begin with.


DIY Is a Big Time Investment

DIY Is a big-time investment that doesn’t always yield results. By calling a drain cleaning service you can carry on with your daily activities, without investing the better part of a day or longer in figuring out how to unclog your drains. What would be worse is spending a day trying to unclog the drain, only to find out later that your methods failed. Time wasted is never satisfying. Since DIY is such a time sink why not call in a pro? What if the clogged drain returns in a few days? Even more, time wasted.


Your Drains Can Become Clogged Again Quickly

Most do it yourself techniques only provide a temporary fix to clogged drains. This is especially true with expensive liquid drain cleaners. Ever notice when you use those types of liquid clog fixes that you’re often running to the store to pick up another bottle as the clog has occurred once again? These types of fixes usually only clear out a drain part way, allowing some water to flow but leaving a significant amount of debris behind. This leads quickly to future clogs. Your local drain cleaning service can easily remove those stubborn clogs and tell you how to avoid future clogged drains once the source of the clog has been determined.


Drain Cleaning Service Yields Professional Results

The professionals at My Professional Plumber have access to the tools, equipment, and methods to remove even the most stubborn drain clogs. Amateur do it yourself people do not have access to these tools and equipment, while your local drain service in Knoxville, TN can unclog these drains the way they were meant to be unclogged. You want your drain to be unclogged in a way that stands up to the test of time as well, so the problem doesn’t reoccur at some random point in the future.

A drain cleaning service is often one of the most affordable services a plumber offers. What’s more, is they have advanced training on drain cleaning techniques and tools. For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning, call in the professionals at My Professional Plumber.

Now that we know you need a pro when it comes to clogged drains, what are the signs you need a drain cleaning?


Slow Draining

If your water is draining more slowly than usual you likely have a buildup in your pipes. Call in a drain cleaning service before a slow drain turns into a full-blown clog.


Standing Water Accumulation

If you have standing water in your showers or sinks, this demonstrates that your drainage problem has worsened. If these receptacles are often filled with water that never drains, it’s time to call a pro immediately.


An Unpleasant Smell

If your drains are clogged, sewage and waste can build up in the pipes. In hotter months this problem can send a rather strong odor even into adjacent rooms. Any foul smell coming from your drains should be dealt with immediately.


Fruit Flies

If you suddenly have fruit flies hovering around your drain chances are they are most likely being attracted by the food waste building up in your drain. Calling in a pro can often not only take care of the clogged drain, but also deal with the pesky fruit fly problem.


For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning, call in the professionals at My Professional Plumber today at 865-238-7049, your trusted local plumber.

When to Call A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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As winter thaws out during the spring and the puffy clouds and sunshine begin to dominate the sky, it is again that time of year to schedule an annual drain cleaning service to keep your plumbing network in optimal shape.

The prudent community of Oak Ridge, TN understands the importance of cleaning and maintaining their homes’ systems like heating and air conditioning appliances, running water, and well-functioning drains to expel wastewater and leave properties sanitary and comfortable.

It is very easy to take your plumbing and drains for granted when the water flows easily and the waste is effortlessly flushed away, but ignoring routine maintenance tasks can cause more damage to the property and raise the costs of repairs.

A clogged sink is not simply inconvenient, it is unsanitary. Every home needs unfettered access to clean water and a slow drain can impede that. It can be challenging trying to discern when to roll up your sleeves and attempt to free the obstruction yourself and when to call a professional drain cleaning service.

Common Signs It Is Time for a Drain Cleaning Service

  • Sink overflow is usually the result of wastewater trapped in the pipes that are clogged and require a drain cleaning service. A professional plumber will unclog the wastewater line and assess if there has been any further damage caused by the original blockage in the pipes.


  • Water puddles without any obvious source. Many homes have the wastewater tank buried outside or under the home. When a pipe is blocked the water can rise to the surface.


  • The drain field is oppressed by heavy objects like cars, trucks, riding mowers, and motorcycles damaging the subterranean sewer systems leaving behind horrible smells and murky water.


  • Polluted storm drains that are directly connected to the sewer line can cause problems during severe weather. Debris like pests, leaves, and dirt empty into the sewer line and block the flow of wastewater. Only a professional drain cleaning service will be able to efficiently, and adequately remove the obstruction repairing the damage done to the pipes.


  • Septic smells and other foul odors are a clear warning signal that the plumbing has a blockage in the sewer lines that run underneath the property. Sewer lines are crucial to a home’s sanitation because they run the wastewater away from the home. Sewage smells loom around a home when a pipe has burst or is overflowing in the sewer line.


  • Smelly waste tanks are another red flag that your property needs a drain cleaning service. The sewage smell poses a significant risk to the health of the occupants and the community. A helpful tip is to check if the wastewater tank is electronically controlled, if so access the maintenance panel to check for displayed overflow warnings.


  • Low water pressure is another sign it is time to arrange a professional drain cleaning service because weak water pressure may be the result of a pipe obstruction or ruptured pipe. There are many reasons water pressure decreases and the team at My Professional Plumber can help find the root of the issue.

Drops in water pressure, unusual smells, and any other plumbing issues should be followed up with a visit from a drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumber. Putting off repairs can increase the cost of the work and can lead to the need for an entirely new plumbing network.


“My brother thinks of himself as a seasoned plumber, but he has only been training for a few weeks. Bless his heart he did try to unclog the drain but as soon as some of the water went down (a teeny, little bit) the drain it would come up a few minutes later. My Professional Plumber was running a special on a drain cleaning service and I snapped it up fast.

They arrived prepared and ready to do the job. The technician was professional, clean, and polite. He found the burst pipe with a camera he snaked down the drain. The job took most of the afternoon but when I was given the bill I was happily surprised to discover it was nearly 10 percent less than I was quoted. Give My Professional Plumber a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Nickie Thomas, Oak Ridge, TN, July 2019

“Last winter the heating element in our home went bust. The new unit cost a fortune to replace it. Plus, the installation was a nightmare. We chose a cut-rate heating and air conditioning company to conduct the renovation and they were late every single day. The renovation cost an additional $350 than what was estimated and it took an extra week for them to finish the job.

Safe to say, we won’t make the same mistake again. I took my time when I started to notice some symptoms of a slab leak. There were puddles all over our backyard when it hadn’t rained in weeks. A smell like rotten eggs wafted through our carport each day and our water pressure just gave up.

I called so many different plumbers in my search for a quality company. I did not want a repeat of what had happened when we had our furnace replaced. Most of the plumbers wanted huge deposits without even evaluating the situation. My Professional Plumber sent out a friendly, (and prompt) plumber who investigated the issue without asking for a single penny.

The technician took the time to guide me through the repair process and explained what would impact the job’s timeline and what elements would raise the price of the task. I’m very pleased with MPP! They conducted the slab leak repair with the utmost level of integrity!”

Michelle Sanders, Oak Ridge, TN, February 2019

The team is committed to providing the very best plumbing services for the wonderful community. My Professional Plumber welcomes any inquiries regarding plumbing repairs, installations, or those looking for guidance when purchasing new Energy Star appliances for your home. Give us a call today!

The Step-By-Step Professional Drain Cleaning Service Process | Knoxville, TN

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Though you may not think about it, your household relies on a clear, free-flowing drain system. Without it, everything you flush down the sink, tub, or toilet will back up into your house. You and your family won’t be able to shower, wash clothes or dishes, or use the toilets until the problem is fixed.

One of the best ways to keep your drains in good shape is to have routine professional drain cleaning service. This can keep your drains from developing a blockage from all the grease, chemicals, hair, and soap residue that flows through them daily.

If you have never had professional services for your home or business, you should consider them before you run into expensive repair work. When you call for drain cleaning service this is what you can expect.

Thorough Drain Inspection

Professional drain cleaning service begins with a complete inspection of your drain system. Your plumbing expert will need to see exactly what is going on inside your pipes and where the biggest issues are.

Using tiny cameras, your professional will get a good look at the inside of your plumbing system. As the camera travels through the pipe, it will clearly show where any problems are. They will be able to identify any repair issues and find all the clogs that are affecting your drainage.

Drain Clog Removal

Clogs in your drains don’t usually happen overnight. Every day, you and your family wash hair, grease, food particles, shampoo, and waste products down your drains. As these products move through the drainage system, residue can gather on the inside of the pipes. They become matted together and slowly cut off the flow of water. When the water won’t flow through the drain pipes properly, it will begin to back up into your house. This foul water is filled with germs and bacteria, and will cover your flooring, walls, and furniture quickly, causing serious damage.

Once they have found the location of the blockages, your drain cleaning service will get to work on the clogs. There is a lot more to getting rid of a severe drain obstruction than simply plunging it out. Using specialized tools, your Knoxville, TN drain cleaning service can carefully remove whatever is blocking your drain without harming your pipes.

Hydro Jetting of Drain Pipes

With the clogs out of the way, your cleaning service can start cleaning the inside of your drain pipes. One of the fastest, most efficient ways to make sure your drain system is thoroughly clean is with high-pressure hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting is the process of flushing your drains out quickly and completely by connecting a hose to your drain pipes and spraying water through at a high pressure. Your plumbing service can safely remove all the gunk that is sticking to the inside of your pipes, so future clogs are prevented.

All that corrosive material remains in one spot in your pipes when you have a clog. That can cause your drain pipes to deteriorate and leak. To make sure your pipes last as long as possible, you should consider hydro jetting.

When you have a professional hydrojet your drains, you know that every bend and curve in your drainage system has been completely cleared. If you schedule routine service, you can prevent major issues from ever occurring.

Regular Inspection & Drain Cleaning

Having your drains professionally cleaned is a great way to make sure your plumbing system works properly now. But what about the future? Your drains will still see a barrage of materials washing through them every day. To keep your drains working at optimal level, you need to schedule regular drain inspection and cleaning for your home or business.

As a general rule, you should schedule professional drain cleaning service for your home at least once every two years but this could vary slightly. As soon as you notice that your drain flow is compromised, it’s time. Your plumbing professional will inspect your drain pipes for blockages or repair issues and make certain that your drains flow freely throughout the year.

Finding the Right Drain Cleaning Service

A lot of companies claim to provide drain cleaning services, but fail to provide professional quality results. Many of them simply snake the drain with an auger and call that a drain cleaning.

The truth is, for something as important as your drain system, you need a professional drain cleaning service in charge. An amateur can actually cause damage to your pipes if they don’t have the right tools or training. That will end up costing you a lot more than professional drain cleaning every year or two.

Finding a professional in Knoxville, TN to clean your drains can seem intimidating. With everyone claiming to be the best, how do you know who to trust? Here are a few basic guidelines to help narrow your search.

Make Sure They Are Licensed & Insured

The first thing you should confirm is that the company you work with is properly licensed and fully insured. This is the only way you can be guaranteed the professional results you expect.

Work with Local Professionals

It is important to the economy in your area to support local businesses. Plus, it’s comforting to know that you can call your drain cleaning company any time you have a problem.

Check Their Customer Reviews

Your plumbing company should have plenty of experience in drain cleaning. To see what other customers experienced when working with a company, look for customer reviews online. You can check the company website, independent review sites, or ask for referrals from clients in the area.

There are a lot of benefits to professional drain cleaning for your home or business. When you are ready to clear out your drain pipes, My Professional Plumber is ready to help. Our licensed experts have the training, experience, and skill to keep your drains flowing freely.

Contact us today at My Professional Plumber to find out more about our professional drain cleaning for your home or business.


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