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Signs You May Need A Plumber To Fix Your Root Intrusion Problems | Oak Ridge, TN

Among the various problems that can plague a home’s plumbing system, few are as irritating as a root intrusion. Root intrusions occur when the roots of trees or other plants grow into sewer lines or drainage pipes in search of moisture or nutrients. Once they enter the pipes, the roots can cause all sorts of problems, from clogging drains to breaking through sewer lines.

In some cases, the only way to remove the roots is to dig up the affected section of the pipe and replace it. Needless to say, this is a costly and time-consuming repair. Fortunately, there are a few signs that can indicate that you have a root intrusion problem. If you notice any of the following, it’s best to call a plumber as soon as possible.

Sediment In Your Water

If you’ve noticed an increase in sediments in your water, it’s important to take action immediately. Sediments are a major sign that you may have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. This can happen when the roots break through the sewer pipe, allowing dirt and debris to enter your home’s water supply. If you notice sediments in your water, it’s important to call a professional right away to have your plumbing system checked for a root intrusion. A root intrusion problem can often be resolved with prompt action without major repairs or replacement.

Bad Smells Coming from Your Drains

If you’ve noticed bad smells from your drains, it’s another sign that you may have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. This is usually caused by tree roots growing into the sewer pipe and causing a blockage. As the blockage worsens, it can cause sewage to back into your home, leading to bad smells and a health hazard. If you notice bad smells coming from your drains, it’s important to call a plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, immediately to have your plumbing system checked for a root intrusion.

Roots Protruding From Your Drainage Pipes or Sewer Line

If you see roots protruding from your drainage pipes or sewer line, it’s a sure sign that you have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. Roots can grow into sewer lines and drainage pipes in search of moisture or nutrients. Once they enter the pipes, the roots can cause all sorts of problems, from clogging drains to breaking through sewer lines. If you see roots protruding from your drainage pipes or sewer line, you should immediately call a professional to check your plumbing system for root intrusion.

Green Patches In Your Yard

Have you noticed any green patches in your yard that seem out of place? A common sign of a root intrusion in your plumbing system is the presence of green patches in your yard. While this may result from other issues such as poor drainage or over-watering, it is often an indication that tree or shrub roots have infiltrated your sewer lines. 

If you think you may have a root intrusion problem, you should contact a plumber to have your pipes inspected. An expert can determine if you have a root intrusion problem and recommend a course of action to repair the damage.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is often caused by a build-up of mineral deposits in your plumbing system. However, it can also signify that you have a root intrusion problem. Tree roots can enter your sewer lines through cracks or leaks, quickly growing and blocking the pipe.

As a result, water pressure can drop significantly, making it difficult to use your faucets or shower. If you suspect that you have a root intrusion problem, it is important to contact a qualified plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, as soon as possible. They will be able to assess the situation and take steps to resolve the issue, restoring normal water pressure to your home.

Some Drains Are Slow or Clogged Completely

If your drains are slow or clog completely, this may be a sign that you have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. Tree roots can enter the sewer line through cracks or holes and grow into the pipe, causing blockages that can lead to sewage backups and flooding.

To prevent this, it is important to have your sewer line inspected regularly and repaired if necessary. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to have the affected section of the pipe replaced. If you think you may have a root intrusion problem, call a professional plumber for an evaluation and repair.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing or Backing Up

If you’ve ever experienced an overflowing toilet or a backed-up sink, you know how frustrating it can be. But did you know that these problems could signify a more serious issue with your plumbing system? In particular, they could be indicative of a root intrusion.

Roots can enter your sewer lines through cracks or leaks and cause blockages that lead to sewage backups. If the roots are left unchecked, they can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and your home. In the worst scenario, you may be able to see the roots growing through the toilet bowl or coming out of the drain. If you notice your toilet overflowing or backing up, it is important to contact a plumber right away. Taking action quickly can avoid serious damage to your home and keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Don’t Let Root Intrusion Damage Your Plumbing System

If you think you may have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system, you must contact a professional plumber immediately. They will be able to assess the situation and recommend a course of action to repair the damage. In some cases, the roots can be removed and the pipe repaired. However, in other cases, the damage may be too severe, and the affected section of the pipe will need to be replaced. Either way, it is important to take action quickly to avoid further damage to your home.

Our Team Can Help

If you think you may have a root intrusion problem in Oak Ridge, TN, our team of experienced plumbers from My Professional Plumber can help. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly assess the situation and take action to resolve the issue. We also offer a wide range of other plumbing services, so we can help you with any other problems you may be experiencing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Summertime Plumbing Tips From Your Local Plumbing Company | Knoxville, TN

Life during summer is easy, other than the scorching heat. However, the activity increases in most homes around that time. It is during summers that people plan for house parties and hikes. Since the kids are on break from school and the traveling family members and friends might show up and stay at your home for several days, weeks, or even a month, water use is bound to increase.  

Additionally, there will be more sewer wastes and energy consumption heating the water for showers. Hence, the plumbing appliances and fixtures might work harder because of the added use. Hence, you might notice appliance breakdowns and sewer plumbing issues that prompt you to call a plumbing company in Knoxville, TN, to have them inspected and fixed. Below are some of the plumbing tips that you might use for summer.

Hand Sinks and Toilets

The size of your family or the number of inhabitants at your home can affect all the aspects of the plumbing system at your home. These include issues such as clogged hand sinks and toilets in the bathroom and blockages in other plumbing areas of your home, such as the kitchen and the swimming pools. The excessive use of toilet paper also can result in clogged sewer lines. Hence, you should remind the family members and visiting guests to use a smaller amount of toilet paper to reduce the potential for clogs. Additionally, you are advised to keep a plunger ready just in case.

Hand sinks are bound to clog even with normal use. The added hair gobs and other foreign materials, toys, and debris that might find their way into the bathroom sinks might result in a mess. Though not as bad as a clogged toilet, the blocked hand sinks will still require some plunging. Unfortunately, not all blockages can be removed by a plunger, and you might have to enlist the help of a plumbing company to clean the drains and remove the blockage, especially for clogged toilets. In most cases, the guest bathrooms see minimal use. 

You might not notice a plumbing issue until they see increased use. If you are planning a summer house party, hire a plumber to inspect the guest bathrooms before the company arrives. This helps you ensure that all things are in order. If there is an underlying issue, the professional will diagnose it and use their experience and training to fix it. However,  any plumbing company will advise homeowners to retain their service in annual inspection and maintenance of their plumbing.


During the summer, the showers are used more than in other seasons. As some family members increase or change their showering habits to get rid of the smelly sweat of the summer day, more water will be used. There is also additional showering after a boat trip into the sea, a hike, or a trip into the sea. During these trips, the dirt, debris, and sand might be carried into a shower, and whenever they find their way into the drains, they might slow them. 

Hence, you should rinse the dirt outside before entering the shower. However, if you notice that the shower drains are slow, do not reach out to the chemical drain cleaners that might result in more harm than good to your drain pipes. Instead, hire the services of a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN, for a drain cleaning service.

Garbage Disposals

Summer brings on an abundance of produce and vegetables. Unfortunately, some of the waste you throw down the garbage disposal unit might inundate it and result in sewer issues. When using the garbage disposal unit, ensure that you run enough water through the lines during its use to ensure the waste can flow through the sewer lines smoothly. Additionally, do not pour grease and cooking oil down the garbage disposal unit. 

Other things to avoid throwing down the garbage disposal include watermelon rinds, potato peels, and other fibrous wastes. Although you might plunge into a clogged garbage disposal unit, that is a temporary solution. Instead, you should hire a professional plumbing company to clean the unit and ensure it is optimally operating. The professionals have the right tools and experience to complete drain cleaning quickly. They can also offer advice on properly using a garbage disposal unit.

Faulty and Clogged Sewer Lines

The age of the pipes, tree roots, ground movements, and disturbances are among the most notorious cases of sewer line failure. As the rains recede and days become warmer, the ground becomes drier. This might make the sewer pipes begin shifting, resulting in cracks. The cracks and fractures on the sewer lines will then allow the tree roots and sediments to penetrate the piping, resulting in sewer backup and clogging in your home. 

However, there are some common signs that your sewer line has an obstruction, including water backups into the bathtub, the formation of wet spots in the yard which draw flies and insects, or even multiple clogged drains. If you are experiencing or have noticed either of the above signs at your home, you should call a professional plumbing company for sewer line repair and cleaning. The professionals will inspect the sewer line and drainage system and fix the affected section to ensure the sewer is flowing properly. 

The plumber might recommend sewer line replacement if the problem is more protracted. Most homes constructed over 100 years ago might have clay, cast iron, or Orangeburg sewer lines that will have outlived their service life. With trenchless repair technologies, sewer line repair can be done without any damage to your yard safely and quickly. This is because the professionals don’t have to dig up your yard.


Summer plumbing issues mostly affect the in-ground sprinklers. The increased foot traffic in your backyard because of the summer parties, barbeques, lawn maintenance, and kids can result in damaged sprinkler heads. It is easy to notice a cracked or damaged sprinkler head though not always. Have you noticed that your water utility bill has increased after a summer? That might be a sign of a damaged sprinkler system, and you should seek the assistance of a professional plumbing company to address the problem.

We Are Your Reputable Plumbing Company

During summer, many parties, hikes, and visiting friends and families might take a toll on your Knoxville, TN plumbing resources. Therefore, it is advised that you hire a professional plumbing company before and after the summer to inspect, fix, and maintain your plumbing systems. You can rely on our plumbing company if you need any plumbing service. Call us at My Professional Plumber today.

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Plumber Tips: Stop Doing These Things To Your Plumbing System | Knoxville, TN

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Although some plumbing issues are uncontrollable, others are due to homeowners’ inattention. You may not believe it, but the most dangerous threat to your plumbing system is yourself. Your gross habits, such as doing a terrible DIY job or inserting inappropriate substances in the garbage disposal, will end up causing havoc on pipes and drains.

In fact, some folks ignore minor plumbing problems such as leaky faucets or running toilets, leading to extensive and much bigger problems. Do you want to prevent big plumbing troubles in your home? Continue reading to find out some of the daily mistakes that could be slowly destroying your plumbing system.

Relying on Liquid Drain Cleaners

Most individuals fall into the trap of using quick and easy solutions such as liquid drainers to clear clogged pipes. However, these products are known to do more harm than good; that’s why it’s rare to see a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN, using them.

These drain cleaners contain strong chemicals such as bleach, caustic potash, lye, and peroxide that are toxic and fatal when swallowed or inhaled. They also cause severe burns when they come into contact with your skin.

In addition, household drain cleaners damage your pipes because they react with clog and the pipes, hence eating away everything. Sometimes the cleaners may be unable to clear stubborn clogs and remain in the pipes, causing significant damage.

Although no plumbing system is safe from these toxic chemicals, the damage is worse in homes with old plumbing systems or those using PVC pipes. Therefore, to avoid the devastating effects of these chemicals on your health and pipes, it’s advisable to look for a competent plumber to resolve these problems.

Using Drop-in Toilet Fresheners

Drop-in toilet cleaners are popular among homeowners because they are a fast and mess-free way of cleaning toilet bowls. They come in the form of bleach-chlorine tablets, thus effective in washing dirty toilets. However, the chlorine in the tablets dissolves and corrodes the washers and the gaskets. In the long run, your toilet starts leaking or fails to flush properly due to the damage resulting from the in-tank tablets.

Also, the cleaners are not environmentally friendly and have to be neutralized before entering the sewage treatment system. Instead of using toilet cleaners, a qualified plumber will advise you to go the old fashioned way of scrubbing using the toilet bowl cleaner. This will save you from incurring the long-term cost of toilet repairs and replacements.

Thinking A Big Plumbing Problem Is Kindergarten Task That You Can Handle

There is nothing wrong with trying to save some money by going DIY. But it’s important to remember that some plumbing jobs are best left to plumbers. Since many DIYers do not have the expertise and professional training, they rely on online guides and trial and error to get the project done.

However, in plumbing, there is no room for trial and error, and even a minor mistake will end up being costly. That’s why it’s common to find most DIYers making expensive rookie mistakes such as forgetting to turn off the water before beginning the project, over-tightening the connections, or connecting two different metal pipes.

If the plumbing costs are daunting, you can get bids from professionals in Knoxville, TN, and select the affordable one instead of embarking on a misguided DIY project that will end up being a disaster.

Not Replacing Hoses on Washing Machines and Dishwashers

When was the last time you replaced the hose from your dishwasher or washing machine? If it has been a long time, it would be good to install a new hose to avoid water damage in your laundry room.

Most manufacturers advise homeowners to have the water supply hose replaced every three to five years to prevent it from bursting or cracking because debris and gunk get stuck in the lines over time. This saves your laundry room from water damage.

Flushing Foreign Objects

Although homeowners know that they should only flush toilet paper and waste down the toilet, there are still many cases of plumbers encountering foreign objects of all kinds in clogged toilet drains.

Treating your toilet like garbage by flushing items such as jewelry, feminine hygiene products, food, paper towels, or wipes will end up causing clogs, blockages, and expensive repair bills from a plumber.

Homeowners can avoid most plumbing emergencies by following some of the plumbing tips below:

  • Put a garbage bin in the bathroom to avoid the temptation of flushing objects that are not supposed to go down the toilet.
  • Avoid flushing items such as wipes even if they say “flushable,” and instead throw them in the trash to avoid interfering with the clog drains.
  • Use reusable items, including cloth diapers and washcloths.

Leaving Hoses Connected in the Winter

As you are winterizing your plumbing system ahead of the autumn rain and freezing winter, do not forget to store your hoses indoors. Leaving your garden hose outside in winter causes it to freeze, especially if there is some water inside.

When water freezes, it expands, causing the hose lining to wear out, forming holes in the pipe’s walls. This may even lead to water pressure problems in the water lines of your home, and you’ll be forced to start looking for a plumbing company during the frigid winters.

Putting Potato Skins Down the Garbage Disposal

Unlike the earliest garbage disposal units, the current models can handle multiple kitchen waste. However, homeowners should be careful not to put potato peels in these systems. This is because potato peels have abundant starch that could bind together, forming a thick paste that clogs the disposal.

Sometimes, intact peels could pass through the garbage disposal and accumulate in the drain forming a tough clog. Plumbers advise homeowners to peel potatoes directly into old newspapers, towels, or plastic grocery bags before throwing them into a compost bin to avoid these issues.

Consult A Plumber To Avoid These Plumbing Problems

With this information, you can avoid many plumbing mistakes and live stress-free without any worries. If you experience any plumbing mishap, you can rely on My Professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN, to address any issue promptly.

We work with certified and licensed plumbers who are available 24/7 to respond to all your plumbing emergencies. Request a service call today for all your plumbing needs, whether it’s water filtration, repairs, installation, drain cleaning, water heater, or garbage disposal.

Is It Time To Start Thinking About Drain Cleaning From Your Plumbing Company? | Knoxville, TN

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The drainage system forms an important part of your plumbing system. It is responsible for ensuring that the wastewater from your house is efficiently drained into the public sewer or even a septic tank. Therefore, when the drains have a problem, they can create a big mess and cause serious inconveniences in your Knoxville, TN home. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be in touch with a plumbing company that can help you keep your drainage system in good shape. One way in which a professional plumber can help you in this regard is by cleaning the drains. Indeed, keeping the drains can have several benefits. For instance, it can prevent drain clogs, improve your home’s hygiene, and add more years to the life of your plumbing system. But is it the right time for you to start considering scheduling a drain cleaning service? Here are signs that it is time for you to get your drains cleaned by a professional plumber.

It Has Been More Than One Year Since the Drains Were Last Cleaned

Drain cleaning is a preventive maintenance procedure that is meant to prevent some major plumbing situations in your house. Experts recommend that it needs to be done at least once per year. Therefore, if it has been more than one year since your drains were last cleaned, or you don’t even know when they were last cleaned, you need to ask your plumbing company to assess the condition of your drains and advise you on whether they need a thorough cleaning. A lot of things go down the drains, and some of them can stick to the walls of the drains and encourage pipe corrosion. Therefore, if the drains are too dirty, it is important for you to schedule a drain cleaning service with a reliable plumber to keep your plumbing system healthy.

You Have a Stubborn Foul Smell In Your Kitchen

Dirty drains can encourage the growth of bacteria in your drains. As these microorganisms break down the organic material in your wastewater, you can expect a foul smell that refuses to go away no matter how well ventilated your house is. Your kitchen is supposed to have a sweet smell of cooked food, and therefore, if you have a foreign odor from bacterial activity in your drains, then your house can become such an unpleasant place to live in. Unfortunately, this bad odor will not go away no matter how much air freshener you apply. The only solution is to make your drains less attractive to bacteria by asking your plumbing company to clean the drains thoroughly.

You Have Slow Drains

For your home to remain clean and healthy for your family, the wastewater must be drained out as soon as it finds its way into the drains. But wastewater carries materials such as hair, soap scum, and greases. With time, some of these materials can stick to the walls of the drains, which severely reduces the space through which the wastewater passes. When this happens, the wastewater will take longer to find its way out of your house, and you will experience what is commonly known as a slow drain. If this issue is not solved as soon as possible, you will soon experience a full-blown drain clog that can even cause flooding in your bathroom and kitchen. To prevent such an eventuality, you need to get your drains cleaned by a professional plumbing company.

Your Drains Keeps Getting Clogged

As mentioned earlier, if your drains are not cleaned as soon as you start experiencing a slow drain, then you can expect drain clogs to start developing. Sometimes, you can remove the clogs using a plunger. However, this solution is usually temporary, and it is not always effective. If the issue keeps recurring even after you have fixed it with a plunger, then there is a bigger underlying issue. In most cases, the problem is caused by dirty drains, and therefore, for you to fix it decisively, you will need to ask your plumbing company to assess the condition of your drains, remove all the clogs, and ensure that the drains are cleaned thoroughly to keep the wastewater from your house flowing efficiently.

You Have a Lot of Drain Pests in Your House

Dirty drains provide a perfect environment for drain pests such as cockroaches and fruit flies to thrive. This is because such drains offer plenty of food and water in addition to a dark ambiance that these pesky pests love. Unfortunately, the pests are not just a mere nuisance since some of them carry pathogens that can lead to serious illness. Therefore, dirty drains can pose a serious health hazard in your Knoxville, TN home. The best way to deal with these pests is to prevent them from coming to your house. To this end, you need to destroy their habitat by simply getting your plumbing company to clean your drains on a routine basis. Keeping your drains clean will deny the pests the resources they need to thrive, and consequently, keep your home healthy for you and your family.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that keeping your drains clean is an important plumbing maintenance procedure to be done at least once per year. Even if you do not know when your drains were last cleaned, it is not hard for you to determine the right time for you to start talking to your plumbing company about the need to get the drains assessed and cleaned. Keeping the drains clean will not only keep your wastewater flowing out efficiently but also protect your plumbing system and keep your family healthy. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing company to help you with drain cleaning in Knoxville, TN, My Professional Plumber is an excellent choice. We have been cleaning drains for many years, and we know what needs to be done to safely keep your drains clean. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our plumbing company and service.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Your plumbing system acts like the veins and arteries in our bodies. Instead of carrying blood around the body, our plumbing system carries water around your home and wastewater goes away from it. As the pipes are often out of sight, we only really notice them when something goes wrong. Because they are out of sight it is not always easy to detect a problem such as a leak until a lot of damage is caused.

Just like our bodies, a problem in one area can lead to problems elsewhere. An experienced technician from My Professional Plumber is highly trained. They must perform a diagnosis of a problem and then find the correct solution for it.

Take for example that standing water in your sink or bathtub. Is it caused by clogs forming in the local pipework? Or is it due to a more serious problem like the sewer lines being blocked and causing the water to back up into your home? A drain cleaning service on your sink will remove clogs but not fix a sewer line. You need an expert to get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible, you need My Professional Plumber of Knoxville, TN.

When Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Service?

Having a regular drain cleaning service is not at the top of most people’s priorities. Cleaning the drains is one of those put off until tomorrow’s jobs and even then, most people’s solution is to pour some chemicals down the sink.

We at My Professional Plumber suggest that you have a regular drain cleaning service. This will give you peace of mind and remove any problems before they become serious ones, requiring expensive solutions. But if you spot some of the following signs and act quickly you can prevent these serious problems from occurring.

  • Water is slowly draining from your sink or bathtub. One of the first signs of a problem is that your sinks or bathtub will not drain as quickly as they used to. There could be a clog starting to form in the pipework, if it is allowed to grow it will slowly restrict the water that flows through the drain. Unless you act quickly the clog could completely block the pipe, requiring a professional drain cleaning service.


  • The clogs keep returning. In the early stages of clog formation pouring some chemical down the sink may do the trick and completely remove the clog. But it may be more difficult to remove a well-established clog, especially in a hard water area where minerals dissolved in the water can form layers of insoluble scale. The only safe and sure way to remove clogs is to have a professional drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumbing.


  • Do you hear gurgling noises when the water drains? As the water flows over a clog small air bubbles are created, and this causes the gurgling noises that you hear. This is a certain indication of a clog or blockage forming. Unless you like this gurgling sound it is not going away until the clog is removed.


  • Dirty water backing up into your Sink. This could be a blockage in the pipework under your sink or an indication that something more serious is wrong. If you can detect the smell of sewage, then this could be a sign that your sewer line is blocked or damaged. If the sewer line is blocked, then the wastewater from your home cannot exit into the main sewer system. This is a serious health hazard, and you need an expert drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumber.


  • Other unpleasant Other smells could be due to food being trapped in the U-bend. Gentle chemicals may do the trick, but if not, you may have to undo the U-bend to clean it or use a drain snake. If you do not feel confident enough to do this, call My Professional Plumber where help is at hand.


  • Your toilet is not clearing after you flush it. Sometimes a second flush will clear a small blockage, but for larger blockages, if you keep flushing the only likely outcome is that the toilet will overflow. Cleaning up the mess after an overflow is not a pleasant task, and with all the germs, bacteria and even chemicals lying around you will run the risk of infection. Our technicians use protective clothing, and it may be better to leave it to them.

How Do You Avoid These Problems from Happening?

There are some suggestions that you should follow to avoid any future clogs and drain blockages:

  • Be careful what you are pouring down the sink. Clogs are formed when grease, food, and other materials stick to the inside of your pipes. Place food in the compost and pour any grease into a separate container and not down the sink.


  • Be careful what you put into the toilet. Toilets are not trash cans. The only items that should be placed in a toilet are water, human waste, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners. It comes as a surprise to many that products such as wet wipes and tissue paper are a no-no. Unlike toilet paper, they are not designed to dissolve easily in water.


  • Do not use strong chemicals. Pouring these down a toilet or sink is not a good idea, as overuse can corrode and damage older pipework and joints leading to leaks.

Let My Professional Plumber Deal with Your Drain Cleaning Service

My Professional Plumber is the drain cleaning service expert in Knoxville, TN. If your toilet has overflowed or your drain is blocked, you want an expert to come over quickly to clean the mess up and fix the cause. We understand the stress you are under when unpleasant things like this happen.

We have many years of experience in cleaning and unblocking drains, and we are on call 24 hours a day. Whatever your plumbing problem, get in touch with us today. We recommend that you have your plumbing system regularly checked. Cleaning the drains regularly will eliminate smaller clogs and blockages before they cause major problems.

7 Reasons Why Regular Drain Cleaning Service Is So Essential | Oak Ridge, TN

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Most people know that regular maintenance is essential for their heating and air conditioning system to function properly. What many people don’t know is that plumbing systems need to be maintained to ensure they are functioning properly as well.

If you want to keep the plumbing system in your Oak Ridge, TN home functioning properly, you should have an annual drain cleaning service performed. During a drain cleaning, a plumber will assess your pipes for clogs and other issues, then clean the drains to remove clogs and any debris that has built up inside the pipes.

If you aren’t sure if a drain cleaning is worth the money and the time it takes for the appointment, you should consider the benefits of having this service performed regularly.

#1 Keep the Water Flowing Down the Drains

If the drains in your Oak Ridge, TN home are slow or become completely clogged, it can make simple daily tasks difficult or impossible. Many homeowners will try to resolve the issue themselves to save money by using a liquid drain cleaner. Unfortunately, these products aren’t always effective. They may clear part of the clog, but if the entire clog isn’t removed, it is only a matter of time before you have drain issues again. Also, liquid drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be very damaging to your pipes.

If you have an annual drain cleaning service performed, the plumber will eradicate every clog, so the water flows down the drain freely. Having this service performed will prevent drain issues all year long.

#2 Quiet Noisy Drains

Most Oak Ridge, TN homeowners hear gurgling sounds coming from their drains and don’t think much about it. What these people don’t know is that gurgling drains are a sign of major drainage issues to come. If you hear a gurgling sound when water goes down the drain, it is a sign that there is a large clog. When the water cannot get past the clog, it changes direction to find another way, which causes the gurgling sound. If you don’t have a drain cleaning service performed, eventually, the water won’t be able to change directions, and the water won’t go down the drain at all. A drain cleaning will remove the entire clog, quieting your drains, and the water will flow down the drain freely.

#3 Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, grease, food, and other debris will end up going down the drain, creating a small clog. It is inevitable. When food and grease clog the drain, it can start to spoil, creating a foul odor that can waft up the drain into your kitchen. If there is a foul smell in the kitchen of your home, and it remains no matter how often you clean, the drain is likely to blame. You can pour bleach and scented dish liquid down the drain, but this will just mask the odor. In a few days, you will start smelling it again.

If you want to rid your kitchen of the smell permanently, schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning. During this service, the clog and any food and grease stuck to the inside of the pipes will be removed, making your kitchen smell fresh and clean again.

#4 Rid Your Kitchen Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies aren’t a major problem, but they can be a nuisance. If there are fruit flies in your kitchen and you don’t have a bowl of rotting fruit or dying flowers on the counter, they could be coming from your drains. When food, grease, and other debris build up in the drain, it creates the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies. There are DIY home remedies to solve the problem using products in your cabinets; however, these methods are just a temporary fix. You will need to use the DIY remedy several times a week to keep the fruit flies away.

If you want to permanently rid your kitchen of fruit flies, you should have a drain cleaning service performed. During the service, the plumber will remove the clog and any debris that has caked on the inside of the pipes, which will rid your kitchen of fruit flies for good.

#5 Save Money On Expensive Plumbing Repairs

If there is a clog in the drains in your home, it can cause plumbing issues regardless of the size. These issues can cause serious issues with your plumbing system, including:

  • Corroded drainage systems
  • Water contamination
  • High water bills
  • Burst pipes

There are all very serious issues and can be very costly. Although there will be a fee for a drain cleaning service, it will be a fraction of the cost of plumbing repairs. Having this service performed every year can save you money in the long run.

#6 Detect Plumbing Issues Early

If there are issues with your plumbing system, you might not realize it until serious complications occur. Because most of your plumbing system is hidden behind walls and under the floors, you won’t be able to detect an issue before it is too late. This can result in an expensive and inconvenient situation.

During an annual drain cleaning service, the plumber will inspect your plumbing system for any issues. If a problem can be detected early, it can be repaired before a minor issue becomes a major one.

#7 Prevent Water Backups

If water backs up into your sinks, toilet, or washing machine, it can result in a nasty flood. The most common cause of water backups is a large clog in the drains. When you have a drain cleaning service performed, the clog in the drains will be removed, preventing water from backing up and flooding your home.

Why Choose My Professional Plumber?

If you want to keep your drains healthy and plan to schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service, schedule an appointment with My Professional Plumber. We have been serving customers in the area for many years and have 70 years of combined experience.

Over the years, we have earned an excellent reputation in the community and the industry. Thanks to the excellent service we provide, we have a 5-star rating on Google. In 2017, we were Home Advisor’s Best Of winner. In 2018, we won Cityview’s Best of the Best Award. In 2018 and 2019, we won Angie’s List Super Service Award.

We understand that you want to trust the plumber you allow into your home, which is why our employees must pass a background check and a drug test before they are hired.

To schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service or any other plumbing service, give us a call today.

Will You Notice A Change After You Get A Drain Cleaning Service? | Oak Ridge, TN

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When My Professional Plumber provides drain cleaning service to your home in Oak Ridge, TN, we do a thorough job, clearing out expanding clogs that may have developed over years. Our service also helps clear traps and pipes between the floors of your home, and blasts out accumulations of grease, hair, soap scum, and who-knows-what that line the pipes, especially leading from your bathrooms. It may seem like our drain cleaning service will just help you avoid emergency plumbing calls to your Oak Ridge, TN home. However, you may actually notice a difference, especially if you’ve never had this service before. Here are some reasons why.

The “Slow Sink” Effect

Have you experienced a clogged sink that, when cleared, suddenly drains much faster than you remember it doing before? Clogs tend to creep up on you. Sometimes it’s something obvious stuck in the toilet or drain that’s blocking and, when removed, restores full flow. Most of the time, though, the clog is a result of a slowly expanding mess in your pipes that has caught more stuff as the flow slows through that section. When the problem is in your main drain pipes, this slow flow can help clogs form in the pipes and traps in your bathrooms and kitchen. Drain cleaning service is a way of starting fresh, making sure that all the lanes in your drain highways are open, if you will. We do this through a diverse approach, from running mechanical cleaning devices through to hydro-jetting the mess away using very high pressure water. Our experts also monitor the condition of your pipes, making sure that they’re in good shape and don’t need repair, and also ensuring that our cleaning techniques are appropriate for your specific plumbing.

Ensuring That Any Clog Is a Simple Clog

If your home hasn’t had a drain cleaning service recently, or at all, a simple toilet or sink emergency plumbing call can turn out to be more complex, or to require another visit once the real problem in the pipes further on gets clogged again. This can be especially troublesome late at night, when the plumber talks about how he’s cleared the sink or toilet, but something’s still not right and it is going to take some time. Once you’ve had a drain cleaning service, the odds of having one of those distant clogs cause problems for you are slim, and your plumber will simply do the work on the sink, trap, or nearby plumbing and be gone again, mission accomplished. You could mention that you had a drain cleaning service performed recently and get a few compliments from the professional, who knows how much it helps their work.

Sewer Cleaning, Too

Sometimes the biggest clog in your system is parked outside your house in your sewer line. That could slow down and back up flow from throughout the house, even in ways you don’t expect so it’s not clear where the problem is. In any case, if your drain cleaning service includes your sewer line, you can get clogs cleared out with hydro-jetting or other techniques and have a straight shot all the way to the city line. Sewer line, that is. Cleaning and inspection go together, and while no homeowner wants to face sewer repair costs, if there are problems in your pipe, we may be able to provide repairs using one of several newer techniques that don’t involve serious landscaping disruption. On the plus side, even if we see signs of future issues, you know and can plan, which can be valuable. For most homeowners, though, we look, we clean, and everything flows better.

Plumbing Inspection as Part of Your Drain Cleaning Service

If yours is an older home, depending on the type of drain pipes you have there may be corrosion or other issues. When we take a look in your pipes, we can help you understand any issues developing there, and catch any problems before there are leaks which, of course, are a bit messier when they’re in the drain line. We also provide inspection services and leak detection and repair for your water supply lines, both inside your house and in your yard on the way from the city supply. Ask us about these and other services that can help you keep on top of any plumbing issues you have, avoiding future problems.

Call Our Experts for Your Remodeling Projects, Too

One way to make sure your drains stay clean is to have new plumbing professionally installed to code so they drain properly and work smoothly. Our team is glad to work with you to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, adding new features and replumbing as necessary to give you a better kitchen experience or reviving your old bathroom. These days, there are so many new fixtures and features to enjoy, from comfortable sinks with easy-access spouts and controls to highly effective and efficient toilets that save water without degrading performance, and can even be installed with a bidet option. Your shower or bath is just waiting for renewal, surely, and there are ways to make your shower quick and convenient or relaxing and luxurious that don’t use that much water and are definitely worth it.

The Benefits Are Clear: Drain Cleaning Service from My Professional Plumber

By now you should have some idea of why clear drains make such a big difference in your home, and why a regular service will benefit you in so many ways, especially in limiting the late-night disruptions of overflows and floods. At My Professional Plumber, our team serves the Oak Ridge, TN area with complete plumbing services including expert drain maintenance and repair. We also offer skilled emergency plumbing service when you need help now and you want an experienced professional on the job. We’re glad to answer your questions, schedule visits, and talk about your remodeling plans. Just give us a call.

Residential Drain Cleaning Service: Benefits Of Clean Drains | Knoxville, TN

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Drainage systems remove wastewater from your house to the septic tank or sewer lines. Clean drains and pipes help homeowners to run household chores smoothly since water will flow freely through the drainage, reducing stressful situations such as sink blockages, odor, and looking for a drain cleaning service professional in Knoxville, TN. Ensuring drains are clean comes with some long-lasting benefits, including:

Keeps Blockages at Bay

Household drains are prone to clogging due to small substances, soap scum, mineral deposits, grease, food particles, dirt, and debris. Grime and dirt build-up over time leading to blockages require the attention of drain cleaning providers to unblock them.

The blocked drains are always a nuisance to homeowners in Knoxville, TN, because they can lead to health hazards if indoor floods, backups, and overflows occur. Routine cleaning of the drains by a drain cleaning professional averts the blockages and clogs. You should also ensure that foreign materials do not go down your bathroom and kitchen drains for the smooth running of the drainage system.

Therefore, keeping the drains clean will ensure blockages are at bay. It will also clear up any form of a build-up of soap scum, food particles, and dirt that might lead to standing water and floods. In addition to that, unclogging your drains prevents the possibility of pipe bursts.

Prevents Odor

Blocked toilet drains can cause unhealthy situations in case of overflows and backups. It can also make your home a no-go zone because of the bad smell that permeates the whole house. Wastewater backups from toilet bowls can also cause health complications that might be costly to treat.

Such issues can be handled effectively by drain cleaning service experts to fix the faulty drains to restore indoor air quality. Clean drains in your home will prevent permeating odors that can create a bad image before your visitors. Having a regular maintenance plan that’s executed by reliable and skilled drain cleaning contractors to clean the drains at least twice annually will help keep the toilet and bathroom drains clean, promoting fresh and clean air in your home.

Elongated Pipe Lifespan

Drains are connected to pipes that are responsible for transporting used and dirty water and toilet waste from your house to sewer systems. Monitoring what is flushed down the toilet, and what goes down that bathroom and kitchen drains is one way of keeping the drainage system operational for long without repairs and replacements.

Regular maintenance of the drainage system by drain cleaning service plumbers can also aid in prolonging the life of the drainage pipes. Additionally, comprehensive cleaning averts blockages that might cause cracks in the pipes leading to leakages of the dirty water and waste into your foundation or beautifully landscaped yard. Therefore, you should ensure a professional inspects your drains regularly for any blockages and clean them. It will help you save on finances you would spend on replacing drainage pipes when they crack or burst.

Say Goodbye to Floods and Overflows

Clogged bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen drains can lead to overflows and floods in your house. If you have ever found your home filled with water after a short vacation and your taps weren’t open, then there’s a possibility your drainage system is faulty. The floods and overflows can damage your personal items and house furniture making you spend time and money on getting wastewater damage restoration services.

To avoid such scenarios in the future, you can talk to a drain cleaning service provider to inspect your drain regularly and deliver the necessary maintenance solutions. You can rest easy knowing all your drains are operating smoothly after a drain cleaning provider cleans them.

No More Costly and Dirty Plumbing Work

Clean drains lower the risks of emergency, dirty, and costly plumbing work in your home. Having a skilled drain cleaning service professional in your house to inspect the drains for clogs and clear any built-up grease and grime during maintenance is crucial.

The expert ensures the drains are left clean and in perfect condition to eliminate the dirty used water and waste from your home effectively. When cleaning is done regularly, there is no day you will call your drain cleaning service provider for emergency plumbing solutions. It is costly to hire a drain cleaning professional if your drainage system is in a pathetic unmaintained condition. A poorly serviced drainage system will require more time and attention, making the cleaning process expensive.

The clogged systems can also create a sizable dent in your pockets because you might need new drainage pipes to replace the corroded and cracked ones. To avoid spending more time and money fixing drains and replacing worn-out components, you should invest in regular cleaning by skilled drain cleaning service professionals.

Reduces the Risk of Mold and Bacteria

Clogs in your bathroom and kitchen sinks can be caused by accumulated molds and bacteria inside drainage pipes. Experienced drain cleaning service providers use biological cleaners, which are environmentally friendly to clear out clogs caused by mold and bacteria in your drains. With repeated cleaning and maintenance of the drains, there will be no or limited chance of microorganisms growing in your home’s drainage system.

Averts Leakages

When your drainage system is leaking, it might cause bad odor and filthy unhealthy conditions in your residential home. The leakages might be due to corroded drain pipes that are cracking and releasing dirty water or waste.

Accumulation of chemical deposits in the drain pipes can cause the pipes to corrode and burst. By having routine cleaning of your drainage pipes by a drain cleaning technician, you will reduce the possibility of the pipes corroding, leaking out waste, and dirty water compromising the value of your home. Additionally, you should utilize drain pipe-friendly chemicals in your home to help prevent corrosion.

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The most noticeable benefit of clean drains is how it runs smoothly and efficiently. It makes cleaning the drains a crucial process that you should invest in to prevent blockages, clogs, bad permeating odors, and costly plumbing repairs. Therefore, if you want your drains to be regularly cleaned by experienced drain cleaning service experts, contacting My Professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN, is the first step to take.

Drain Cleaning Service Discoveries: Top Causes Of Drain Clogs And A Few Unusual Ones | Oak Ridge, TN

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At My Professional Plumber, we serve the Oak Ridge, TN area with drain cleaning service and general plumbing, so we have solved a lot of plumbing puzzles and seen a lot of surprising things. We also raise our eyebrows at how common certain problems are when you wouldn’t think that they would be. Here’s one thing we’ve learned for sure. You can’t guess about the condition of drain pipes, so it’s best to just do a regular drain cleaning service and take good care of them. It’s not just hair clogs and grease, plus a few of those troll dolls. Stuff that you flush down the toilet doesn’t evaporate, and that sink is just sitting there waiting for something unusual to fall in.

Just Because the Water’s Flowing Again Doesn’t Mean the Job is Done

Pipes are sized for proper water flow and pressure and one goal of drain cleaning service is to ensure that internally, they remain clear at the full diameter, all the way through. When a clog is partially removed, there will be some water flow but not enough, and the pressure will also be insufficient for the gravity feed of the sink or toilet water to move material down the pipe. The clog will soon return in many cases. That’s what happens with many DIY sink clearing projects, where it’s a relief just to remove the standing water and have the sink usable again, or get some flow in the toilet so the fear of it backing up at the next flush is alleviated. Soon enough, it’s time to get the DIY tools out again and cut another hole through the material that has once again built up. A drain cleaning service once or twice a year can reset this process and make sure that your pipes are flowing freely, clear back to the walls without partial obstructions waiting to close up again.

Clogs Take a Lot of Time to Build Up

Like the proverbial snowball, clogs gather over time. They often begin as a narrowing of the pipe due to a lining of grease or soap scum, then adding hair, soil, food particles, and other material. As the pipe constricts due to the gathering clog, the water flow will slow and you’ll have your first indications that something is wrong as your drain starts to empty more slowly. This would be a great time for a drain cleaning service, by the way. The reduced water flow will allow more material to gather since it’s not being swept along by volumes of water, and the accumulation will accelerate. At this point, you’ll probably be thinking that it’s time to do something about the drain, and before you know it, you’ll have to because it’s very slow or completely stuck. Then you may need an emergency drain cleaning service to get your drain flowing properly again.

People Hair and Poodle Hair

Long hair, animal hair, any kind of fibers that are washed in the shower and tub can join up further down the drain and create a clog, or just a filter through which water passes but which gradually accumulates material for a good, solid blockage. A simple strainer for your shower and one for your sink can significantly reduce the amount of trouble you get from hair going down the drain, though you may have to clean the strainer fairly often. In the sink, the strainer will also catch valuable objects that would otherwise be lost, and in the shower, shampoo caps that form unusual clogs won’t be able to do their mischief. This won’t save you from the need for a drain cleaning service to keep the pipes clear from grease, soap scum, and other materials, but it will definitely reduce the amount of material that gathers in the pipes. Clearing your drain pipes regularly can also gather odd obstructions that have fallen in and partially blocked the pipe, preventing the collection of other clog material and allowing fast-flowing water to prevail.

Food Clogs and Your Garbage Disposal

Food that expands with moisture should be carefully ground and sent down the drain in small quantities, if at all. This includes rice, pasta, and similar materials. If they don’t make it all the way through the system and out the sewer, wherever they stop they can expand as they absorb moisture, forming a dynamic blockage. Grease and similar slimy, sticky substances can adhere to the sides of pipes, especially ones with rough surfaces due to corrosion, and grab onto other material passing by as they create a clog.

Stuff That Shouldn’t Be Flushed

Some people use toilets as trash cans and create all sorts of interesting clogs. Cat litter is one problematic clog source, since it’s not only bulky but tends to clump by design, creating cement-like obstructions in the line. Goldfish really shouldn’t go down the drain, and neither should vermin of any sort such as mice or rats or other small mammals. Even bulky sanitary products, paper towels, and other materials that seem reasonable to flush can cause big problems. If they don’t clog the toilet itself or the sink, they can worsen a clog further down the line in the P-trap or main pipe in the wall.

More Unusual Objects

Drain cleaning services do find entire smartphones in the toilet. Batteries, headphones, nail clippers, eyeglass lenses, pen caps, name tags, and pretty much anything else that could fall in while someone is sitting on the toilet or bending over to flush have been found during drain cleaning service. The thing is, all of these objects don’t respond well to plungers and augers, though moving them around in the drainpipe can temporarily restore flow.

Keeping Your Drains Free Flowing in Oak Ridge, TN

At My Professional Plumber, we love to do preventive maintenance on our Oak Ridge, TN clients’ plumbing. Call us to schedule drain cleaning, and you can relax.

Emergency Plumbing Service: Sorting Out Plumbing Concerns For Your Family’s Safety | Knoxville, TN

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In emergency medicine, doctors use the process of “triage” to sort through the incoming patients and get them the appropriate level of attention. For plumbing, it pays to have an idea of what situation requires an emergency plumbing service to rush to resolve it, and which needs a plumber quickly but not immediately, and what problems should be seen soon, but won’t cause damage or tremendous water waste. When in doubt, call your Knoxville, TN area emergency plumbing service, My Professional Plumber, to be sure because some emergencies are not obvious. Low water pressure, for example, can seem to be an inconvenience that you might be able to live with. In some situations, low water pressure can allow contamination of your clean water supply, resulting in a need to boil water before drinking it. You may also find that a little leak is a sign of a big one right around the corner, tilting the decision towards plumbing service now to prevent emergency and cleanup later.

Toilet and Sink Clogs

When dirty water isn’t draining, it’s a problem and especially so if there’s more water coming in, from a toilet that won’t quit or an unattended sink. When these overflow, they add cleanup to the cost, and of course there’s the matter of hygiene, as anywhere the overflow has gone is contaminated. Your emergency plumbing service can advise you how to shut off the water as they are en route, and also help you arrange proper cleanup if there’s damage to be dealt with. As far as the clog is concerned, the original problem, hopefully it’s a simple matter of something stuck in the near part of the drain but lower in the P-trap, down the pipes, and into the wall are also options. The sooner your emergency plumbing service gets to work clearing the clog and perhaps doing a video inspection to locate it further down the pipe, the sooner life will get back to normal. One note, though: if you have multiple overflows, especially in the lower areas of the house such as basement drains, the main sewer line may be the cause.

Sewer Line Clogs

We often use a tiny video camera to inspect pipes which may have clogs, damage, or wear. If there are signs such as foul smells, multiple backups in the house, or slow drains, we’ll probably check your sewer cleanout and then go ahead and look in the pipe leading to the street. If the pipe itself is in good shape, the answer could be fairly straightforward, such as a thorough cleaning with high-pressure water known as hydro-jetting. As with individual drain clogs, this is a situation where time is a critical factor and it’s important to avoid increasing cleanup costs and damage as well as major health concerns. Calling your emergency plumbing service promptly for diagnosis helps give you information and options, and is a good idea even before you figure out budgetary issues.

Sewer and Drain Line Leaks

Clogs result in backup and overflow from specific points, but when drain pipes or sewer lines are damaged, the mess can be almost anywhere. As with other plumbing problems that involve wastewater, getting it under control quickly is essential. Our emergency plumbing service gets to work quickly identifying the extent of the problem and recommending solutions, including pipe or joint replacement or repair inside the house. There are quite a few potential options for the large sewer line from your home to the city sewer line, and once again a video inspection gives us key information about what’s going on. With that in hand, we can see if we are dealing with a tree root intrusion, pipe decay from age, pipe damage from pressure or soil shifting, or other factors. We can then replace the pipe completely, perform special patching techniques from inside the sewer line, or run a liner of patch material and reline the pipe. Any of these options adds significant lifetime to the pipe in most cases.

Water Line Leaks

Since your water lines are under pressure, the clock is ticking when you discover or suspect a leak. The line from the street, under your concrete slab in many cases, through pressure regulation, filtration, backflow prevention, and other equipment, and throughout your home can all leak, for different reasons. These include corrosion, joint leaks from damage or poor repair work, pipe damage from vibration or impact, and for pipes in the soil, even factors like shifting soil putting pressure on the pipe. If the leaking water is causing damage to your home, our emergency plumbing service can get to work locating it using special equipment and performing a repair. If the leak is outdoors, you may have trouble with water pressure, excessive water in your soil, and pressure on your foundation or slab, so a prompt repair is important. What about freezing pipes? Knoxville, TN is on the edge of freezing during the winter, so it’s possible that you might experience some pipe freezing, especially for exposed outdoor pipes. If you suspect yours have frozen, let’s get to work on them right away to avoid flooding when they thaw.

No Water

No water is a clear emergency, since your home cannot operate normally without it. Your hygiene, cooking, and other activities will be suspended and you’ll have to find options such as renting a hotel room to gain access to cleaning and cooking. Our emergency plumbing service team is excellent at diagnosing water pressure problems and complete lack of water. We’ll work with your water provider for resolution, including identifying any reasons for shutoff.

Call My Professional Plumber for Emergency Plumbing Services and More

For these water problems and many more, we take your family’s comfort and safety seriously and have the expertise to take care of you. We also can handle your urgent hot water heater issues and sump pump problems in the Knoxville, TN area. Call for help.


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