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Top Four Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Drain Cleaning Service Provider | Oak Ridge, TN

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Regular drain cleaning is part of the maintenance of the plumbing system. However, some homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN, ignore the drains until they experience a water overflow due to a clog or notice weird odors. Blocked water pipes can seem like a minor issue, but it could damage the overall plumbing system if ignored for long. They also pose health risks due to the poor hygienic levels they cast. Drain system blockage is a common occurrence in homes, usually stemming from components such as debris, insolvable materials, and hair running down the drains.

Unfortunately, the blockage is not something you can anticipate, as it can happen at any time. That is why finding a reliable drain cleaning service provider is crucial. You will save yourself from agony and frustration and ensure your property is safe and secure. However, finding a reliable company is a daunting task on its own. It is vital to choose the right company to ensure your drainage system is ever healthy. This article will explore some factors that you can consider before hiring a drain cleaning service provider.


With the tough economy, homeowners try to save a dollar every chance they get. Some even opt to go the DIY way. While that may sound like an ideal plan, it is vital to remember that cheap can be expensive at times. You should compare different prices from various local companies and choose the one that works best for you. However, have in mind that the cost of drain cleaning can depend on various factors, including the severity of clogs and the size of your home. Some drain services may require a replacement of fixtures such as pipes, leading to additional costs. Also, some companies charge on an hourly basis while others have a flat rate. Due to these variations, it is hard to establish a standard cost.

A good drain cleaning service provider should give a free consultation, inspection, and estimate of the expected costs before doing the job. Another thing to watch out for is hidden costs. Some drain cleaning providers are notorious for adding unnecessary expenses. For instance, they may opt to replace a pipe that could otherwise require simple repair service. To avoid the above scenario, find a company that is upfront with the prices and gives you a detailed analysis and explanation before commencing the job. Moreover, a reliable plumbing provider should deliver a warranty for the services offered.

References and reputation

The reputation of a drain cleaning service provider is the next factor to consider. Remember that the drains affect the overall functionality of the plumbing system. Therefore, it is paramount to seek services from a company with a good reputation. A good reputation shows that the company can handle any job and in the right way. Some may have all the experience and tools but have no records to show for it. It is crucial to know what their past clients think of their services before trusting them. Some of the questions homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN, should ask are their reliability and customer care services.

One way of finding the answers is by word of mouth. Ask around from friends, colleagues, families, and neighbors. You can also conduct an online search and perform background checks before engaging with them. Search for websites that have feedback and reviews from past clients of the said company. If a plumbing service provider has a bad reputation or zero references, it is wise to consider other options.

Licensing and certification

Another key thing to have in mind before hiring a drain cleaning service provider is their license and certification. Every state has various requirements that drain cleaning companies should comply with. The licensing and certification are granted after passing certain exams and apprenticeship requirements. Hiring a licensed company gives you an upper hand on the quality of the services. It likely employs highly trained and skilled plumbers who have the knowledge and tools to tackle multiple jobs, including unblocking and unclogging drains. Such professionals will follow the set standards, appropriate precautions, and safety checks, ensuring the property is secure.

Besides the qualification, most licensed companies have insurance covers for their plumbers and services. If a technician gets injured while on the job within your property, you will have no financial liability whatsoever since they are covered by the company’s insurance. Also, when your drainage system experiences further damages, you can always file a claim and get compensation from the provider. Licensing and certifications prove that the company is credible and trustworthy.

Services offered

The plumbing system is among the essential parts of a home as it affects its functionality. Having blocked drains automatically affects other parts of the plumbing system. When hiring a drain cleaning service contractor, it is recommendable to choose a company that can handle other plumbing jobs such as sewer repair and water filtration. That will save you money and time as well as prevent reoccurring drainage issues.

One more thing to consider when it comes to services is reliability. Drain blockage issues are unpredictable. They can happen at any time of the day or night, requiring immediate care and attention. A good drain cleaning service company should include emergency services in their list. As a homeowner, it would be wise to have someone you can rely on during emergencies.

We are a call away

My Professional Plumber is a professional drain cleaning service company serving homeowners throughout the area. We are staffed by a group of expert plumbers who perform accurate and timely inspections, detect any form of clogging or blockage, and remove and clean the waste. We have the right tools and equipment to detect and fix any plumbing problem as well as offer new installation and services. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to attend to emergency calls. Call us today for all your drain cleaning service needs, and we will respond in no time.

7 Great Reasons To Have A Drain Cleaning Service Performed Every Year | Knoxville, TN

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The plumbing system in your Knoxville, TN, home is one of the most essential systems in your home. If you cannot get clean water into the home or water and waste won’t drain away, it can make life in the home challenging and inconvenient.

Because your plumbing system is so essential to your daily life, it is essential that you have it properly maintained. One way to do this is to have a professional drain cleaning service performed.

During a professional drain cleaning, the plumber will not only remove any clogs in the pipes, but they will also remove any debris in the pipes that could cause a clog in the future.

There are several reasons why you should have a professional drain cleaning performed every year.

#1 Prevent Clogs and Slow Drains

The main reason why many homeowners have their drains cleaned every year is to prevent slow drains and clogs. When one or more drains in the home are slow or clogged, it can make most daily household tasks difficult.

Some homeowners will try to remove the clog themselves using a liquid drain cleaner. Unfortunately, these products don’t always work, especially if the drain is clogged completely. Also, these products contain harsh chemicals that aren’t good for the pipes.

Rather than dealing with a clog in the future, you should have a drain cleaning service performed every year.

#2 Quiet Your Drains

If your plumbing system is working properly, the water should flow down the drain quietly. If your drains make a gurgling sound when the water goes down, it is a sign that there is a problem.

When there is a large clog in the pipes, the water will need to change direction to find a way around the clog and through the pipes. When the water changes directions, it creates a gurgling sound. If the problem is ignored, it won’t be long before the drains are completely clogged.

The best way to prevent gurgling drains is to have a drain cleaning performed every year. When the food, soap scum, and other debris are cleaned out every year, you won’t need to worry about gurgling drains and future clogs.

#3 Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

If you walk into the kitchen and fruit flies are buzzing around the sink, but you don’t have a fruit bowl or dying flowers nearby, they are probably coming up from the drain.

When food, grease, soap scum, and other debris starts to build up in your pipes, it creates the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies.

There are some DIY methods to rid your pipes of fruit flies, but these are just temporary fixes. If you want to eradicate your fruit fly problem permanently, you should have your drains cleaned.

If you have a drain cleaning performed every year, there will be no buildup inside the pipes, preventing a fruit fly infestation.

#4 Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

When grease, food, soap scum, and other debris build up inside your pipes, it can create a foul odor in the kitchen. If you want your kitchen always smelling fresh, you should have a drain cleaning service performed.

The plumber will remove everything that has built up inside the pipes, which will prevent nasty odors from wafting up from the drain and into the kitchen.

#5 Prevents a Water Backup

One of the worst things that can happen in your Knoxville, TX, home is when water backs up in the sinks, washing machine, or toilets. Not only will this make your house smell awful, but it can also create a flood that can cause structural damage to the home and prevent the growth of mold. When this happens, it is a sign that the water lines are clogged completely, and it can be very expensive to repair.

The best way to avoid the problem completely is to have a drain cleaning service performed every year. This will keep everything clear and prevent a nasty water backup in the future.

#6 Prevent Expensive Plumbing Repairs In the Future

When you have a drain cleaning performed, there will be a charge; however, the cost of the service will be much less expensive than the cost of a major plumbing repair due to neglect. If you don’t have your drains cleaned regularly, your drainage system can become corroded, your water bills will be significantly higher, your water can become contaminated, and your pipes can burst.

The best way to avoid these expensive plumbing issues is to have a drain cleaning service performed every year.

#7 Catch Small Problems Early

If there is an issue with your plumbing system, the best-case scenario is that the issue will be caught early, and the repair will be very inexpensive. When you have a drain cleaning service performed annually, the plumbing will be able to catch small plumbing issues before they turn into major plumbing issues. The drain cleaning service cost is well worth it when you consider the cost of a major plumbing repair and the incovenience it brings with it.

Why Choose My Professional Plumber?

If you are planning to schedule a drain cleaning service, contact My Professional Plumber. We have 80 years of combined experience in the plumbing field and can handle any plumbing problem that you have.

We are a full-service plumbing company and have an excellent reputation with Knoxville, TN homeowners, and business owners.

My Professional Plumber has a 5-star rating on Google, and we won Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2018 and 2019. We also won Home Advisor’s Best Of award in 2017 and Cityview’s Best of the Best award in 2018.

The plumbers we hire are all professionally trained, licensed, and certified. Before they are hired, our plumbers must pass a drug test and a background test so that you can trust the person coming into your home.

To schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service or any other plumbing service or repair, give us a call today.

My Professional Plumber – The Source For Any Emergency Plumbing Service | Knoxville, TN

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Most of the time, you can depend on the plumbing in your home. However, things happen unexpectedly sometimes that can really inconvenience you. This is why it is great to have a reliable emergency plumbing service company that you can contact in these situations.

Common Plumbing Emergencies People Face

There are many different types of plumbing emergencies that can take place. These are the situations that an emergency plumbing service company will be able to help with.

Clogged Toilets

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with a toilet that refuses to flush, just filling up with more water. This typically happens because there is something in the pipes that is causing a clog. In some cases, if you continue to try to flush, you will simply cause the contents of the toilet to spill all over your bathroom floor. You can use a plunger to try to loosen up the clog, but in some cases, you will have to call in an emergency plumbing service professional for help.

Clogged Tubs or Sinks

When a sink or a tub won’t drain properly, it can make the sink or tub unusable. Additionally, it can cause even more of a problem if the water and other contents are overflowing. You can attempt to unclog the drain yourself with a clothes hanger or your fingers, but if this doesn’t work, you will have to call in a professional emergency plumbing.

Burst Pipes

There are many reasons why a pipe would break and you would need to call in an emergency plumbing service professional. If this happens, a lot of water can rush out at the location of the break or crack. A lot of the time, this happens when the pipes are very old or if water freezes within the pipes in the wintertime. In order to minimize the chance of this happening, you should not allow the temperature within your building to go below the freezing point. You should also make sure to check on your pipes periodically, to make sure that they are able to continue to function despite regular wear and tear.

No Hot Water

It can be really hard to live without hot water, even if you have perfectly running cold water. If you end up not having hot water for several days, you need to do something to rectify the issue. It could be caused by a problem within the water heater, such as a broken dip tube, sludge that is building up within the water tank, or the breaking of the heating mechanism. An emergency plumbing service can fix any of these issues for you. If you observe leaks close to your water heater, you should also call one of these services, since this is an indicator of a problem soon to come.

Failure of the Sump Pump

If you have a crawl space or a basement in your home, you most likely have a sump pump. This is a device that will stop a flood from occurring in your home if there is a large amount of rain. Basement and crawl spaces are particularly susceptible to flooding since they are below surface level. If your sump pump is over-exhausted, it could stop working. It could also get a stuck switch.

Sometimes, there is debris that clogs up these pumps, which prevents them from spinning and working properly. If they suddenly stopped working during a storm, there could be flooding in your home, which could also result in pricey repairs. If you believe that there is going to be rain and you have a broken sump pump, you should call an emergency service plumbing professional immediately.

Broken Water Line

There is a water line that delivers water into your Knoxville, TN home from your primary local water source. If this line is not functioning well, the water might not be coming through. You might have low water pressure in your home, or the water might sputter. Sometimes, there will also be soggy patches in your yard. This can also lead to higher utility bills, because of the water leaks. If you call an emergency plumbing service professional, you might actually end up saving yourself money here.

Broken Washing Machine Hose

In some cases, the hose to your washing machine can break, and you won’t be able to use your washing machine anymore. If you try, a lot of water will spill. In this situation, you will want to call an emergency plumbing service professional to fix the issue.

Constantly Running Toilet

If your toilet won’t stop running and flushing, this can cause your water bills to the astronomically high. Calling in an emergency service plumbing professional will be less expensive than continuing to pay this extremely high water bill.

Backup of Sewage

A sewage backup will often cause a terrible smell, even before you see any evidence of it. Because all the waste goes to a sewer, when it backs up, it will come back into your home. Not only does it smell terrible, but it can also present a major health risk and potentially get people sick. If you notice any evidence of a sewage backup, you should immediately bring in an emergency service plumbing professional. If you want to do something yourself, you should clean the areas of backup with a lot of bleach.

Severe Leaks

Severe leaks can be a huge inconvenience, and they can cost you a lot of money in terms of your water bill. If you have a severe leak, you need to call in an emergency plumbing service professional immediately. You likely won’t be able to come up with any makeshift methods to patch up the pipes that will last for very long.

The Takeaway…

If you find yourself in need of some sort of emergency plumbing service in the city of Knoxville, TN, you should feel free to contact the professionals at My Professional Plumber. The talented and skilled people who work here will be able to diagnose and fix your plumbing problem so that you will be able to return to life as normal in your home.

Top Drain Cleaning Service For Your Home | Knoxville, TN

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The plumbing system in your Knoxville, TN, home is essential. If there is an issue with your plumbing system, you either won’t be able to get clear water into the home and waste and water out of the home. Because your plumbing system is so important to your daily life in the home, it is essential that you maintain it properly.

One annual maintenance service that you should never ignore is a drain cleaning service. There are several benefits to having an annual drain cleaning performed.

#1 Water Will Flow Freely Down the Drain

As careful as you are about what you put down the drain in your home, grease, soap scum, food, and other debris is going to get down the drain, creating a clog. Over time, the debris in the drains will get larger and larger with everything that goes down the drain. You will soon have slow drains, and eventually, you will be dealing with a complete clog. When this happens, the water won’t go down the drain at all, and you won’t be able to use the sink until you call a repair.

The best way to prevent all of this trouble is to have an annual drain cleaning service performed. When the drains are cleaned annually, small clogs will be removed before they can become large clogs that can completely clog your drains.

#2 Quiet Your Drains

When the water goes down your drains, it should go down quietly. If you hear a gurgling sound, it is a sign that a major clog is right around the corner. When there is a relatively large clog in your drain, the water will need to change direction to find another route down the drain. When the water changes direction, it will make a gurgling sound. If you allow the problem to persist, it won’t be long before the drain is completely clogged, and water won’t go down the drain.

If you have an annual drain cleaning service performed, your drains will quiet down, and you won’t need to worry about the drains becoming clogged completely, making that particular sink unusable.

#3 Remove Odors

Over time, food, grease, and other debris can coat the inside of your drains. Even if the debris hasn’t caused an issue with how well the water drains, it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause problems. When food and grease are stuck to the inside of the drains, it can start to spoil, creating a foul odor. If you walk by the kitchen sink and smell something foul, it is likely coming from the inside of the drain. You can try to pour scented detergent down the drain to make the kitchen smell better, but this will only mask the smell, and it is a temporary solution.

If you want a permanent solution to the problem, you should schedule a drain cleaning service. To prevent the issue from occurring again in the future, you should be sure to schedule a drain cleaning every year. This will ensure that your drains are always clean, free of debris and that they always smell fresh.

#4 Control Fruit Flies

Fruit flies aren’t aggressive insects, but they really are a nuisance. There is nothing worse than when you are trying to enjoy a conversation with friends or if you are cooking dinner for your family, and fruit flies are buzzing around in your face. If there are fruit flies in your kitchen and you don’t have a bowl of fruit or any open food lying around, the flies could be coming up from your drains.

If there is food, grease,0, or other debris in the drain, it is the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies. There are DIY solutions that you can pour down the drain, but this is just a temporary solution. If you want to eliminate the fruit fly problem completely, you should have an annual drain cleaning service performed. During the service, the debris that has coated the inside of the drains will be removed, and along with it will go the fruit flies’ perfect home. If you have the drain cleaning performed every year, you won’t need to deal with fruit flies any longer.

#5 Prevent a Water Backup Inside the House

One of the worst plumbing emergencies is when water backs up inside the home from the sink, toilet, or washing machine. A serious water backup can cause water damage, which can be difficult and expensive to clean up.

If you want to prevent a backup inside your Knoxville, TN home, you should have an annual drain cleaning service performed. When your drains are cleaned, the plumber will also check the health of the pipes, both of which will prevent a water backup in the future.

#6 Save On Expensive Plumbing Repairs In the Future

Your plumber will charge a fee for the drain cleaning service; however, the service’s cost isn’t as expensive as the cost to repair plumbing damage caused by dirty and clogged drains. When you neglect your drains, it won’t be long before you are dealing with high water bills, a corroded drainage system, water contamination, and even burst pipes. Each of these issues is relatively expensive to repair.

If you pay a small fee every year to have a drain cleaning service performed, you can avoid expensive plumbing repair fees later.

The best way to protect your drains’ health is to schedule an annual drain cleaning with My Professional Plumber. We have over 70 years of combined service in the plumbing industry; therefore, we can handle any plumbing issue that you have.

We have been serving customers in the Knoxville area for years, and we have an excellent reputation within the community. We also have an excellent reputation in the industry. In 2017, we won the Home Advisor Best Of Award. In 2018, we won Angie’s List Super Service award and Cityview’s Best of the Best Award. In 2019, we won Angie’s List Super Service Award again.

Before hiring plumbers, they must pass a drug test and a background check, giving you peace of mind that you can trust the people you allow in your home. All of our plumbers are professionally trained and must take continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with the most current technology in plumbing.

To schedule an appointment for an annual drain cleaning service or any other plumbing service, give us a call today.

7 Reasons Why You Should Book Professional Drain Cleaning Service To Avoid Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Drain clogs are just one of the many plumbing problems homeowners face. They can be minor clogs that are easier to fix or major clogs that require emergency plumbing service.

When dealing with clogs, it’s important to also resolve the root problem so they don’t recur. This is where a professional drain cleaning service comes in. With a professional, it is guaranteed that the problem will be effectively resolved. Below are some reasons why you need to hire a professional to help you deal with clogs.

1. Expert Insight

Over the counter drain solutions provide only a temporary fix. Unless you know the root of the problem, chances are it will likely happen again in the future. You will have to keep calling for an emergency plumbing service and spend more money on costly repairs.

Professional drain cleaners do not just help you unclog the drains. They can keep you informed as to what is causing the problem and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. These experts can tell you whether the clog is caused by corroding pipes or by the things that you throw down the drain. They will provide insights to help you maintain your plumbing and avoid costly emergency plumbing repairs.

2. Hassle-free

Depending on the severity of the issue, unclogging drains could be really messy and challenging especially for a first-timer. It isn’t a job for someone who doesn’t know how to do it right. Relying on DIY videos also isn’t a guaranteed permanent fix. Working with a professional drain cleaner is always an excellent choice. It saves you the trouble and inconvenience of getting your hands dirty removing dirt and grime in your drains. Also, you get to save more money in the long run as experts can guarantee that you don’t face the same problem.

Contact a plumber at My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN if you need help unclogging your drains.

3. Effective Drain Cleaning

In the event of drain clogs, it can be tempting to resort to buying chemical-based cleaners to fix the clog. They may resolve the issue temporarily but you could be facing another problem down the road: damaged pipes. If you live in an old home, chances are you may still have the galvanized pipes installed. These old pipes are more likely to be damaged by chemical-based cleaners.

Call for an emergency plumbing service and have a professional drain cleaner help you instead. Experts are provided with advanced tools to help them do a thorough inspection of your drain. They can tell you the root of the problem, how to actually fix it and prevent them from happening in the future. It could be more than just oil and grease or hairs stuck on the pipes, there could be an underlying issue behind the clog. Experts can keep you informed and they can effectively alleviate the problem.

4. Highly Reliable

Working with a professional drain cleaner ensures peace of mind as they can get the job done. These experts have dealt with different clog problems in several homes making them experts at what they do. Never resort to DIY videos or harsh chemicals when dealing with clog problems, always book an emergency plumbing service in Oak Ridge, TN and have a professional drain cleaning resolve your issue effectively.

5. Saves Time and Money

Some of the problems you will face when you don’t maintain your plumbing includes clogged drains, burst pipes, water contamination, corroded pipes and high utility bills. It is recommended that homeowners schedule routine plumbing maintenance including professional drain cleaning service regularly to avoid the issues mentioned above.

With an expert, you are less likely to experience costly problems in the future. Professional drain cleaners are highly reliable and can effectively get the job done. When they regularly do drain cleaning, you avoid calling a costly emergency plumbing service.

6. Equipped with the Right Tools

Professional drain cleaners have tools and equipment that help them assess the problem and provide the best solutions. They may use a specialty camera during inspections to find out what really is clogging your drains. Experts can also find out if there might be underlying issues that should be resolved.

Working with them is beneficial in the long-run. It will definitely avoid calling an emergency plumbing service that may be extremely costly.

7. You Get Improved Drainage Systems

Most homeowners experience recurring drain problems that cost them hundreds of dollars in emergency plumbing service repairs. You can completely eliminate drain problems and improve your drainage system when you regularly book a professional drain cleaning service.

With the help of plumbing tools, they can quickly find out what is causing the clog and provide a helpful long-term solution. They can help eliminate foul-smelling odors in your drains and can also advise on the best practices to have healthy plumbing.

Schedule Regular Drain Clean with a Professional

If you have been having constant drain clogging problems, it is time for you to consider calling a professional drain cleaner. Recurring plumbing problems can be really costly and not to mention very inconvenient on your part. Also, it is likely that you are having other issues that may give you problems that require emergency plumbing service repairs that are costly. You can avoid this when you get a professional to help you.

Get in Touch With My Professional Plumber Today!

Do you need an emergency plumbing service? Call us today so we can assist you with your problem. Our plumbers are all licensed, certified and have extensive experience in the field. We are always on time and we offer affordable pricing to residents of Tennessee. Our services include all plumbing repairs, emergency services, water softening & filtration, water heater installation and many more. Give us a call so we can walk you through the entire process. We guarantee satisfaction or you get 100% of your money back. Call us today for an appointment!

References and Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Most experts recommend getting drain cleaning services every one or two years. It all depends on the frequency of which your drains get clogged. Those who are less diligent and taking care of their drains will need to get drain cleaning services more frequently to protect the overall condition and wellbeing of their plumbing. On the other hand, those who are extremely diligent and responsibly may find themselves only needing to get their drains cleaned every several years.

When looking for drain cleaning services in Knoxville, TN, most homeowners will simply call up the first number that they see. This is definitely the wrong way of finding a reliable professional that you can count on. An inexperienced plumber can do more harm than good to your plumbing.

Before you decide which plumbing company to go with, you should always ask each prospective company to give you some references to contact. Ask for references from others who have also received drain cleaning services from the same company, as these individuals will be able to give you a more reliable account of their experiences.

Why Are References Important?

When it comes to drain cleaning services, it’s really really important to look at the plumber’s references.


The references can provide you with a good idea of the quality of the drain cleaning service that you’ll receive. You can also take this opportunity to ask past customers about their experience, so you know what to expect. Past customers who are extremely satisfied and happy with the service that they received are usually more than happy to pass on a positive reference. They’ll usually give you a detailed account of their experience.

To make sure that you’re going to get a high-quality service, you should always speak to more than one reference. Fortunately, most plumbing companies will offer you two to three references to check out. Don’t be lazy. Contact them all. This way, you can ensure that they offer a consistent quality of service to their customers.

What to Ask the References

Calling a reference may feel awkward at the beginning. However, these individuals have usually agreed to be a reference, so they’ll be happy to give you more information about their overall experience. After introducing who you are and that you are interested in receiving the same type of drain cleaning services from the same individual, dive into some of the questions below.

#1. How Was Your Experience with the Plumber/ Plumbing Company?

It’s always a good idea to ask an open-ended question. This way, the reference can speak freely and will not be swayed to answer either direction. The reference will be more likely to give you more details about their experience, and he or she may also feel less restricted on what they can talk about. For example, the reference may have had a good experience with the plumber and the quality of his or her work, but may have had issues with punctuality.

In general, you want to know whether the reference would recommend the plumber. You’d be surprised by how many people would randomly offer a reference that may not actually recommend their services at all. Some people don’t think that you’ll actually put in the effort to call their references.

#2. How Have Your Drains Been After the Cleaning?

The main reason that you’re getting your drains cleaned is because they clog frequently. You want to make sure that getting your drains cleaned has made a difference. Ask the reference whether they’ve seen a difference between the before and after.Ask them whether their drains have been still clogged recently. Or, you can ask them whether they have had to get their drains cleaned again. Ideally, you want to hear that the reference has gotten their drains cleaned several years ago and have not yet needed their drains to be cleaned again.

#3. What Is Their Relationship with the Plumber/Plumbing Company?

You want to avoid references that are friends with the plumber or the plumbing company. Ideally, you want to make sure that the reference has found the plumbing company through other avenues. For example, they may have found the company from an online ad or from an ad in the newspaper. If the reference is a friend of the plumber or the owners of the plumbing company, he or she may be inclined to provide a positive reference.

#4. Do You Have Any Before and After Pictures You’d Feel Comfortable Sharing?

This isn’t necessarily a question that many people ask often; however, if the reference is willing to share before and after pictures, it could really give you a better idea of the quality of the work. Before and after every drain cleaning, our plumbers will perform a video inspection. This video inspection should provide you with more details on what was cleaned and how much cleaner your drains look before and after getting serviced.

Call Us for Drain Cleaning Services Today

Are you looking for drain cleaning services in Knoxville, TN? You can’t go wrong with giving My Professional Plumber a call. These licensed plumbers have many years of experience under their belt and have tackled just about every type of plumbing problem with ease. They can easily assess your situation and offer you several different solutions to pick from. Best of all, you can check out their reviews online. Their Google reviews are able to easily show the type of service that you can expect and how satisfied past customers have been with their work. You’ll be happy to see that they have over 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.9. That’s impressive!


You can rely on this company to handle all of your plumbing problems. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can always give My Professional Plumber a call at 865-248-2549. They offer all types of plumbing services, even emergency ones, so they can get a professional out to you in no time!

Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Having clogged drains can lead to serious problems. Many people simply put chemical drain cleaner down their drains to clean it, not realizing that all they are doing is prolonging the inevitable need for a professional drain cleaning service. Clogged drains are more than an inconvenience and if left unchecked, it can lead to some costly issues in the future. Hiring a professional cleaning service can prevent a whole world of issues from occurring and provide year-long benefits to you, your family, and your home. Hire my Professional plumber in Knoxville, TN in to unclog your drains and provide professional drain cleaning services.

The Consequences of Clogged Drains

The most prevalent consequence of having clogged drains is poor draining. A clogged drain will have a tough time draining water due to the blockage. Water will not easily flow through and will have to make its way out through cracks or soak its way through the blockage. This will cause back up in your sink, toilets, or tub. The backup can lead to poor hygiene and other problems. Contact My Professional Plumber in Knoxville TN, to ensure the back up of water cease to exist with their satisfactory drain cleaning service.

Unclean Water

A clogged sink, tub, or toilet is mostly clogged by the items that flow through it on a daily basis. Clogs usually consist of hair, excrement, food, and other organic debris. This debris is the perfect place for bacteria and mold to live. Other organisms such as insects may find a home in your drains as well. This poses a serious risk to your health, especially if your body will be touching it. This can cause skin ailments, such as funguses to grow on the body.

The Risk To Your health

A blocked drain poses a serious risk to your health. Especially to the health of those who are already compromised in some way. The clog in the sink can be home to many organisms. Mold, mildew and bacteria can exacerbate allergy and asthma problems and can even contribute to their development. Although these issues usually occur with a severely clogged drain it can unwittingly be making you very ill and uncomfortable in your own home.

Smelly Odors

Your clogged drain could actually be making your house smell bad. This occurs for several reasons. The organic matter that is forced down your drains will begin to rot and smell. Once the pipes become dry, there will be no more water to try to cover up the smell. The smells get released into the home releasing toxins into the air. Total blockages that create stagnant water can also start to smell because of the water. The actual food and excrement added to stagnant water is a recipe for disaster and should be addressed right away. By contacting My professional Plumber for professional cleaning service, you can easily remove the foul smell from your home.

Broken Pipes

A clog in the pipe can actually cause your pipes to break. The water that flows through your drain needs someplace to go. Blocking that path won’t stop water from flowing. The pressure from too much water can cause a break or leak in the pipes. Leaks are a serious problem due to the damage it can cause to your property and the threat it has on your health. These broken pipes can occur in the floorboards or walls. If leaks occur here, you may have a hefty repair bill on your hands. You will have to have the leak repaired as well as the walls and floorboards. If leaks are left unchecked it can lead to mold, foundation weakening, and much more. To help prevent these disasters hire a professional drain cleaning service to take care of the issue for you.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

By getting your drains cleaned regularly by a professional drain cleaning service, you can enjoy a slew of benefits. These benefits will help everything from your pockets to your health.

Long Live The Pipe Lines

Your pipe and drainage systems can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. The longevity of your plumbing systems has a lot to do with how you care for it. The material used also plays a part in the life span of your pipes. Regular drain cleaning services for your plumbing system can help increase the lifespan of your pip systems by removing damage causing debris from your plumbing systems. This will help maintain your property value and help you avoid a total replacement which can be costly.

Save Some Money

You can save money by having a professional clean your drains. Professional drain cleaning service may seem costly but it is a very affordable practice. Drain cleaning is highly recommended for several reasons. Hiring a plumber to clean your drains will allow the professional to assess the condition of your drains. If any corrosion, leaks, or blockage is found your professional plumber will be able to identify it and fix it accordingly.

Utilizing professional drain cleaning services can help you save money on emergency plumbing costs as well. Consistent drain cleaning will ensure clogs don’t become so deeply lodged that the only way of removing them is through some expensive process which often happens to those who insist on using drain cleaning chemicals. Neglecting a small clog can turn into a costly problem, one that will cost you thousands of dollars which wouldn’t have happened otherwise if you were to simply hire My Professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN.

No More Overflows

Backups are not good for your health. Drain cleaning professionals will easily prevent overflows from occurring by removing all debris and build up lodged in the drain. Commercial chemical drain cleaners aren’t foolproof. Clogs that are thick enough will not be affected by these chemicals. The chemical may temporarily relieve the situation by removing some of the debris and cultivating a path for the water to escape. This relief is usually short-lived. The drain may not be completely clear. The debris left will easily collect more dirt and debris leading to a more serious and stubborn clog.

To enjoy the benefits of clean drains, contact My Professional Plumber for professional and satisfactory drain cleaning services.

How To Find The Right Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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A blocked drain can cause a world of trouble for you and your household. It prevents you from doing your daily activities with ease and can make you sound the alarm for help if it involves a single bathroom with multiple occupants using it. It can interfere with you and your family getting ready in the morning and cause you to come up with alternative ways to use the toilet, bathtub, shower, sink, and appliances until you figure out the cause of the clog and get it remedied by a professional.

If you wonder what causes your drains to be clogged and need to be cleaned, keep reading. This guide was designed to help you avoid expensive repairs and emergency phone calls to drain cleaning service companies in Oak Ridge, TN. It also helps introduce you to professionals in the area and helps you narrow down the selection process when determining who to call and why to give them your plumbing business.

The Most Common Causes of Clogs

There are many things that can cause clogs in drains. Among the most common issues you might encounter have to do with hair, soap remnants, food scraps, tree roots, and other foreign objects blocking the water flow. The plug of material makes water back up in sinks, toilets, and onto the floor because the water cannot freely flow down the drain and into the pipe where it travels outside the home.

Why You Want to Have Your Drains Cleaned Today

The main reason for drain cleaning is to ensure that your pipes don’t break or leak due to the pressure that they’re experiencing. Removing any potential blockages can make the situation improve quickly in your home. It also prevents you from paying exorbitant costs in the future for a drain cleaning service company to fix your pipe or snake your toilet to free the obstruction.

Regular drain cleaning is a precautionary service well worth the investment. It allows you to take care of the issue at hand without it becoming more problematic for you. It tackles the task that could potentially render parts of your home unusable until the issue is resolved by the plumber.

Qualities of the Best Drain Cleaning Service

Hiring an experienced plumbing and drain cleaning company to work with is a deeply personal experience. After all, you work hard for your money and want to make sure that your investment is fully covered. You don’t want to hire just anyone to come to your property, interact with your family, and clean your drains for you, right?

Some of the most notable qualities of the best drain cleaning service in Oak Ridge, TN include:

  • When you call to schedule service with the company, you expect to get a reply right away. Even if you need to leave a message, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for a company to call you back. When the drain cleaning service provider answers your inquiry, they don’t hesitate to get your home put into the schedule so that you can have your drains cleaned efficiently.


  • The best plumbers are ones that put your needs first. They work for companies that other residents in the area know by name. They do the right thing for their customers 100 percent of the time. That’s what makes them the number one choice to call in the city.


  • Broad Knowledge Base of Drains. When a good drain cleaning professional knows their stuff, it shows. They can identify the different types of drains and explain to you how often they need to be cleaned. They let you know the types of problems that you could potentially encounter with clogged drains and advise you of ways to keep debris out of your pipes.


  • Attention to Detail. The tiniest details count when it comes to plumbing and drain cleaning service. You want a plumber who pays close attention to everything they see. That way, they can tell you what they need for you to do. You’ll prevent clogs and blockages by following their expert advice.


  • If there is a problem with a pipe, they’ll let you know right away. They won’t give you the runaround. The plumber provides you with accurate information about the billing process.


  • The best drain cleaners are grateful for your business and aren’t afraid to let you know it. They tell you exactly how much they appreciate you. They also invite you to call them day or night whenever you have issues in the future that need to be fixed.

The best drain cleaning service companies stand out for the right reasons. They go above and beyond what is asked of them to ensure your satisfaction. When looking for a company to hire, make sure that their plumbers live up to your high expectations. You can ask your family and friends for a recommendation or read online reviews to get a feel for how the professionals work with their customers.

Don’t Wait to Hire a Drain Cleaning Service Provider Until It’s Too Late

My Professional Plumber knows the importance of hiring the right drain cleaning service provider. If you do, your problems go away before they have a chance to grow in size and cost. Keeping the drains clean and free from clogs means that you experience less stress and more ease. You’re never without a working sink or toilet because the water that flows through your pipes don’t encounter blockages.

Set up a regular drain cleaning schedule with us. The number to reach us at is 865-248-2549, so don’t hesitate to call us right away. We’re here to assist you with your request and to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible for you to experience. Even more importantly, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs in the event of an emergency.

Drain Cleaning Service: Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning Methods | Knoxville, TN

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Water backups are one of the most common signs of a clogged drain. When you have a water backup that is causing water to spill forth, it’s time to call a drain cleaning service. Often this problem starts with slow drainage followed by the clog getting so bad that water can’t get through your pipes at all. When this happens big problems can arise. Water backups can lead to big problems due to water damage.

When your drains become severely clogged, many homeowners do the responsible thing and call a professional plumber for drain cleaning service. Yet some homeowners opt to try to do it themselves through drain cleaning methods. These methods can often make matters worse, costing you time and money!

At My Professional Plumber, we have seen many DIY nightmare scenarios that have caused homeowners much bigger and more expensive problems. There are many reasons why taking the do it yourself approach to cleaning out a clogged drain is not always a good idea. We will discuss why it is better to call for a service to deal with your clogged drain.


The Problem Might Be More Complex Than You Think

If you are not a plumber yourself you can’t possibly have any idea of the scope of the problem that is lying in your drains. You need to know the exact cause of the clog to even try the many DIY methods out there. Grime buildup for example requires the assistance of a plumber. For solid masses, you’re going to want the help that only a drain cleaning service can provide.


Liquid Drain Cleaners Aren’t Always the Best Option

Knoxville, TN Professional plumbers never recommend the use of liquid drain cleaners. Most of these drain cleaners are also extremely bad for the environment. Some contain lye which is toxic and dangerous. Lye contacting human or animal skin can cause burns, it is also highly corrosive. Most of these cleaners can damage your drains and pipes thanks to the corrosive acids that work to unblock those clogs. A professional service with professional tools won’t cause these issues.


You Could Risk Further Damage

Without the knowledge of professional plumbing, you risk the chance that you could cause even more damage to your pipes than the issue at hand. There are many ins and outs of professional pipe maintenance and cleaning, and many of the DIY methods can damage your drainage system. In short, you could create an even pricier problem which could have been avoided had you called in a professional drain cleaning service, to begin with.


DIY Is a Big Time Investment

DIY Is a big-time investment that doesn’t always yield results. By calling a drain cleaning service you can carry on with your daily activities, without investing the better part of a day or longer in figuring out how to unclog your drains. What would be worse is spending a day trying to unclog the drain, only to find out later that your methods failed. Time wasted is never satisfying. Since DIY is such a time sink why not call in a pro? What if the clogged drain returns in a few days? Even more, time wasted.


Your Drains Can Become Clogged Again Quickly

Most do it yourself techniques only provide a temporary fix to clogged drains. This is especially true with expensive liquid drain cleaners. Ever notice when you use those types of liquid clog fixes that you’re often running to the store to pick up another bottle as the clog has occurred once again? These types of fixes usually only clear out a drain part way, allowing some water to flow but leaving a significant amount of debris behind. This leads quickly to future clogs. Your local drain cleaning service can easily remove those stubborn clogs and tell you how to avoid future clogged drains once the source of the clog has been determined.


Drain Cleaning Service Yields Professional Results

The professionals at My Professional Plumber have access to the tools, equipment, and methods to remove even the most stubborn drain clogs. Amateur do it yourself people do not have access to these tools and equipment, while your local drain service in Knoxville, TN can unclog these drains the way they were meant to be unclogged. You want your drain to be unclogged in a way that stands up to the test of time as well, so the problem doesn’t reoccur at some random point in the future.

A drain cleaning service is often one of the most affordable services a plumber offers. What’s more, is they have advanced training on drain cleaning techniques and tools. For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning, call in the professionals at My Professional Plumber.

Now that we know you need a pro when it comes to clogged drains, what are the signs you need a drain cleaning?


Slow Draining

If your water is draining more slowly than usual you likely have a buildup in your pipes. Call in a drain cleaning service before a slow drain turns into a full-blown clog.


Standing Water Accumulation

If you have standing water in your showers or sinks, this demonstrates that your drainage problem has worsened. If these receptacles are often filled with water that never drains, it’s time to call a pro immediately.


An Unpleasant Smell

If your drains are clogged, sewage and waste can build up in the pipes. In hotter months this problem can send a rather strong odor even into adjacent rooms. Any foul smell coming from your drains should be dealt with immediately.


Fruit Flies

If you suddenly have fruit flies hovering around your drain chances are they are most likely being attracted by the food waste building up in your drain. Calling in a pro can often not only take care of the clogged drain, but also deal with the pesky fruit fly problem.


For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning, call in the professionals at My Professional Plumber today at 865-238-7049, your trusted local plumber.

When to Call A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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As winter thaws out during the spring and the puffy clouds and sunshine begin to dominate the sky, it is again that time of year to schedule an annual drain cleaning service to keep your plumbing network in optimal shape.

The prudent community of Oak Ridge, TN understands the importance of cleaning and maintaining their homes’ systems like heating and air conditioning appliances, running water, and well-functioning drains to expel wastewater and leave properties sanitary and comfortable.

It is very easy to take your plumbing and drains for granted when the water flows easily and the waste is effortlessly flushed away, but ignoring routine maintenance tasks can cause more damage to the property and raise the costs of repairs.

A clogged sink is not simply inconvenient, it is unsanitary. Every home needs unfettered access to clean water and a slow drain can impede that. It can be challenging trying to discern when to roll up your sleeves and attempt to free the obstruction yourself and when to call a professional drain cleaning service.

Common Signs It Is Time for a Drain Cleaning Service

  • Sink overflow is usually the result of wastewater trapped in the pipes that are clogged and require a drain cleaning service. A professional plumber will unclog the wastewater line and assess if there has been any further damage caused by the original blockage in the pipes.


  • Water puddles without any obvious source. Many homes have the wastewater tank buried outside or under the home. When a pipe is blocked the water can rise to the surface.


  • The drain field is oppressed by heavy objects like cars, trucks, riding mowers, and motorcycles damaging the subterranean sewer systems leaving behind horrible smells and murky water.


  • Polluted storm drains that are directly connected to the sewer line can cause problems during severe weather. Debris like pests, leaves, and dirt empty into the sewer line and block the flow of wastewater. Only a professional drain cleaning service will be able to efficiently, and adequately remove the obstruction repairing the damage done to the pipes.


  • Septic smells and other foul odors are a clear warning signal that the plumbing has a blockage in the sewer lines that run underneath the property. Sewer lines are crucial to a home’s sanitation because they run the wastewater away from the home. Sewage smells loom around a home when a pipe has burst or is overflowing in the sewer line.


  • Smelly waste tanks are another red flag that your property needs a drain cleaning service. The sewage smell poses a significant risk to the health of the occupants and the community. A helpful tip is to check if the wastewater tank is electronically controlled, if so access the maintenance panel to check for displayed overflow warnings.


  • Low water pressure is another sign it is time to arrange a professional drain cleaning service because weak water pressure may be the result of a pipe obstruction or ruptured pipe. There are many reasons water pressure decreases and the team at My Professional Plumber can help find the root of the issue.

Drops in water pressure, unusual smells, and any other plumbing issues should be followed up with a visit from a drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumber. Putting off repairs can increase the cost of the work and can lead to the need for an entirely new plumbing network.


“My brother thinks of himself as a seasoned plumber, but he has only been training for a few weeks. Bless his heart he did try to unclog the drain but as soon as some of the water went down (a teeny, little bit) the drain it would come up a few minutes later. My Professional Plumber was running a special on a drain cleaning service and I snapped it up fast.

They arrived prepared and ready to do the job. The technician was professional, clean, and polite. He found the burst pipe with a camera he snaked down the drain. The job took most of the afternoon but when I was given the bill I was happily surprised to discover it was nearly 10 percent less than I was quoted. Give My Professional Plumber a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Nickie Thomas, Oak Ridge, TN, July 2019

“Last winter the heating element in our home went bust. The new unit cost a fortune to replace it. Plus, the installation was a nightmare. We chose a cut-rate heating and air conditioning company to conduct the renovation and they were late every single day. The renovation cost an additional $350 than what was estimated and it took an extra week for them to finish the job.

Safe to say, we won’t make the same mistake again. I took my time when I started to notice some symptoms of a slab leak. There were puddles all over our backyard when it hadn’t rained in weeks. A smell like rotten eggs wafted through our carport each day and our water pressure just gave up.

I called so many different plumbers in my search for a quality company. I did not want a repeat of what had happened when we had our furnace replaced. Most of the plumbers wanted huge deposits without even evaluating the situation. My Professional Plumber sent out a friendly, (and prompt) plumber who investigated the issue without asking for a single penny.

The technician took the time to guide me through the repair process and explained what would impact the job’s timeline and what elements would raise the price of the task. I’m very pleased with MPP! They conducted the slab leak repair with the utmost level of integrity!”

Michelle Sanders, Oak Ridge, TN, February 2019

The team is committed to providing the very best plumbing services for the wonderful community. My Professional Plumber welcomes any inquiries regarding plumbing repairs, installations, or those looking for guidance when purchasing new Energy Star appliances for your home. Give us a call today!


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