8 Telltale Signs You Need A Plumber To Repair Your Faucets | Knoxville, TN

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It is vital to ensure that your faucets are in good working condition. A small faucet leak may waste hundreds of gallons of water every year. Dripping faucets are a common sighting in many Knoxville, TN households. If the dripping is ignored, it may lead to costly repairs, property destruction, and water damage.

Although you may use DIY techniques to fix your faucets, we advise you to enlist the services of a professional plumber to repair the faucet. Trying to fix the faucets yourself may result in further damage, meaning you will ultimately call a plumbing service and pay higher costs than you would have. Having well-maintained faucets helps conserve water and keep your water bills under control.

More importantly, properly functioning faucets ensure that homeowners can partake in their daily activities efficiently and quickly. Despite the regular maintenance, your faucets wear down and start to cause problems like any other plumbing appliance. When such happens, ensure that you call a plumbing expert. Below are some signs to watch out for to know if your faucets need the attention of a plumbing expert.

1. Dripping or Leaking

Leaking or dripping is the most obvious sign that your faucets need repair. If the water still drips from your faucet even after turning it off or leaks at the base of the faucet. Some people ignore these issues and see them as minor. Therefore, it is no surprise that these homesteads are hit with high water bills.

However, the problem might be because of the high-water pressure within the water lines, causing dripping and leaks. Even if you purchase and install a new faucet in such a case, the problem will persist. Instead of guessing the cause of the leak, it would serve you best to hire a professional plumber to assess the issue causing the faucets to drip.

2. Rust and Corrosion

Have you noticed rust around the stem of your faucet? It is time to replace the faucet. Corrosion and rust occur when the plumbing fixtures lose their sealings or protective coatings after a long time of use. This not only damages various parts of the faucet but also gives your faucet an unsightly look, making it hard to use them. Such faucets should be replaced and not repaired. Therefore, enlist the services of a professional plumbing expert to replace it with a new one. The expert can also recommend you use faucets made from quality materials that are corrosion resistant.

3. Splitting Streams

An aerator at the faucet’s tip mixes water and air to ensure the water leaves in a smooth stream. It has threads for fastening and unfastening it onto the faucet’s tip. Besides aerating the water and controlling flow, they also filer sediments and grit produced within the pipes.

The debris builds up with time, blocking the aerator’s interiors. The faucet won’t produce uniform and splash-free water streams if the aerator is clogged. Sometimes, the aerator might start leaking when the washer inside that prevents leaks gets displaced. Enlist the services of a professional plumber if the aerator is worn out entirely. They will remove the old and install a new aerator in the faucets of your home.

4. Old Pipes

Galvanized pipes are a part of the plumbing systems in most old homes. These pipes corrode and rust quicker, unlike modern pipes. This is why individuals selling their property are required by the local authorities and building codes to remove them before selling the home.

The other outdated pipes you do not want in your home are lead pipes. They are gray and can be scraped using a screwdriver. Lead is a toxic metal, and the drinking water from these pipes tastes terrible. Contact a plumbing service to assess the piping before you purchase a home.

5. Squeaky Handles

Old faucets may produce squeaky sounds whenever the handle is turned. This is because of the worn-out threading at the faucet’s stem, resulting from the interior’s wear and tear. A plumber can fix this issue quickly and ensure the handle efficiently functions without replacing the entire faucet.

6. Abnormal Water Pressure

Whether low or high, home water pressure issues at your Knoxville, TN, can be frustrating. You might be forced to wait for the faucets that take ages to fill a sink or a bathtub and showerheads that do not deliver the strong spray you need.

However, before you blame your faucets, it is vital to remember that water pressure changes may arise from clogged pipes, water leaks, and insufficient water supply. Sometimes the problem may be an improperly fixed faucet. Hire a skilled and licensed plumber to inspect your plumbing and repair all issues impacting water pressure in your plumbing system.

7. Molds

When a faucet leaks for a long time, you will see mold start to grow around it. The mold could also be caused by a minor leak from your kitchen sink that might have gone unnoticed for a long time.

Molds destroy the faucets and are unsightly. Unfortunately, if the faucet has reached such a state, it is too late to repair it. A plumber can only recommend a replacement.

8. Sounds from Your Faucet

Besides the typical sounds that water produces when it hits a surface, the faucets may also make abnormal sounds because of internal damage. For example, if the rubber is worn out, your faucet could start producing screeching sounds. Because most rubber washers may harden as they age, they could begin malfunctioning at some point. If you hear screeching sounds, contact a licensed plumber and schedule a visit to replace the rubber washers.

Conversely, clicking or cranking sounds could be a sign that your faucets have cracked. Locating the cracks in your faucets is usually a difficult task unless the entire faucet is opened. It could serve you best to have a plumbing company inspect the faucet thoroughly to identify and repair the cracks.

Repairing your faucets immediately you notice either of the signs above increases their efficiency and saves you from making routine faucet replacements in your Knoxville, TN residential or commercial property. You need not worry about your faucets’ needs because My Professional Plumber will help repair and maintain them.

Our plumbers will also conduct periodic repairs and timely maintenance to enhance their performance and increase the lifespan of your faucet. Do you need any plumbing service in your home? Call My Professional Plumber today.