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10 Money-Saving Tips From A Plumber | Knoxville, TN

Contrary to what homeowners think, it’s not difficult to save money on your plumbing. Read this article for helpful tips on conserving energy and water, and avoiding a costly plumbing repair. If you have questions, contact a plumber in Knoxville, TN.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. Call a plumber for repairs or installations. Some homeowners would do minor repair work and this is okay so long as you have the right plumbing tools to get the job done. For example, use a plunger or a drain snake to remove what’s clogging the drains. If you don’t know how to use a plumbing tool though, we recommend calling a plumber in the area for assistance. For other repair work, get in touch with a professional to save money. Hiring an unqualified person can only lead to more repairs.

2. Cover unprotected pipes. No one wants to deal with water damage because it’s stressful and can be extremely costly. Thankfully, there are things you can do to avoid a catastrophic plumbing emergency. One of them is to protect exposed pipes inside and outside your home. Do this when the temperature starts dropping or the water inside the pipes will freeze when the temperature reaches below zero. When the water freezes, the pipes can expand and then burst. Call a plumber immediately for assistance or you’ll be paying a lot of money for repairs.

3. Always test the sump pump. Is there a coming storm? We recommend you test the sump pump first to ensure it actually works. To test it, simply pour water into the sump pit and wait for the float switch to turn on. Enough water should activate the float switch. If it doesn’t turn on, contact a plumber in Knoxville, TN for assistance as there’s likely an issue with the sump pump. We also suggest you get some backup batteries especially when there’s a coming storm as there might be a power interruption. You can avoid a flooded basement and a costly repair or replacement by ensuring all devices and equipment in your home are working, especially the sump pump. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

4. Don’t ignore a slow drain. Plumbing emergencies don’t just happen, they occur because a homeowner fails to take care of their plumbing. Slow drains are usually the first symptom of a major drain clog. Don’t wait until your problem progresses into a costly plumbing repair, we recommend calling a plumber immediately for professional drain cleaning. You can also try cleaning your drains with vinegar and baking soda solution. Never use chemical-based drain cleaners as they can be extremely harmful to the pipes. They also pose health risks. Hiring a licensed professional for drain cleaning can extend the life of your plumbing and ensure it’s in excellent shape. Most importantly, it can help you avoid costly repairs.

5. Install a garbage disposal. Are you having trouble disposing of your food waste? Try installing garbage disposal but you need to properly care for your device to avoid a drain clog. For example, never grind down large food particles or they can end up damaging the motor. Maintain your garbage disposal and clean it regularly to avoid unpleasant smells in the kitchen. If there are issues with the garbage disposal, contact a professional immediately for assistance.

6. Switch to tankless water heaters. Do you want to save money with your plumbing? Install energy-efficient appliances like a tankless water heater. Compared to the conventional water heater, the tankless version doesn’t have standby heat loss, which means you’re not wasting energy. You only use energy when you turn on the tap or the shower. With a conventional water heater, you’ll need to always turn on the heating to have hot water. If you want to conserve more energy, replace your old water heater with a tankless water heater. Other benefits include not having to worry about flooding in the basement and homeowners getting to save space. Contact us if you need more information about tankless water heaters.

7. Be careful with hidden leaks. Some leaks are pretty obvious as they usually come in pooling water in the yard or kitchen. Some leaks though, can’t be detected easily. There are signs to look out for, thankfully. If you see water spots in the ceilings or walls, or your water bills have suddenly skyrocketed, there’s likely a leak somewhere in your plumbing. Please don’t ignore this if you want to avoid paying for a costly plumbing emergency. Contact a professional right away for a thorough inspection of your plumbing. Our team can identify the leak and provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

8. Get stainless stain washing machine hoses. Are you buying a new washing machine? You can save money with an ENERGY STAR washer and dryer, and invest in stainless steel braided hoses. The regular hose is more susceptible to damage and they don’t really last long. Stainless steel hoses are less susceptible to damage and can last twice as long. Call us if you need help installing a new washing machine for your laundry room.

9. Get a routine inspection when water pressure is low. This indicates a leak in your plumbing. Consider installing leak detection devices and contact a plumber for an inspection. You can also do a water meter test if there’s indeed a leak in your plumbing and get in touch with us to help you repair the leak.

10. Install low-flow fixtures and energy-efficient appliances. Want to save more money? Invest in low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilets. Energy-efficient appliances can also help you conserve energy and save money.

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Plumber Tips: Stop Doing These Things To Your Plumbing System | Knoxville, TN

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Although some plumbing issues are uncontrollable, others are due to homeowners’ inattention. You may not believe it, but the most dangerous threat to your plumbing system is yourself. Your gross habits, such as doing a terrible DIY job or inserting inappropriate substances in the garbage disposal, will end up causing havoc on pipes and drains.

In fact, some folks ignore minor plumbing problems such as leaky faucets or running toilets, leading to extensive and much bigger problems. Do you want to prevent big plumbing troubles in your home? Continue reading to find out some of the daily mistakes that could be slowly destroying your plumbing system.

Relying on Liquid Drain Cleaners

Most individuals fall into the trap of using quick and easy solutions such as liquid drainers to clear clogged pipes. However, these products are known to do more harm than good; that’s why it’s rare to see a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN, using them.

These drain cleaners contain strong chemicals such as bleach, caustic potash, lye, and peroxide that are toxic and fatal when swallowed or inhaled. They also cause severe burns when they come into contact with your skin.

In addition, household drain cleaners damage your pipes because they react with clog and the pipes, hence eating away everything. Sometimes the cleaners may be unable to clear stubborn clogs and remain in the pipes, causing significant damage.

Although no plumbing system is safe from these toxic chemicals, the damage is worse in homes with old plumbing systems or those using PVC pipes. Therefore, to avoid the devastating effects of these chemicals on your health and pipes, it’s advisable to look for a competent plumber to resolve these problems.

Using Drop-in Toilet Fresheners

Drop-in toilet cleaners are popular among homeowners because they are a fast and mess-free way of cleaning toilet bowls. They come in the form of bleach-chlorine tablets, thus effective in washing dirty toilets. However, the chlorine in the tablets dissolves and corrodes the washers and the gaskets. In the long run, your toilet starts leaking or fails to flush properly due to the damage resulting from the in-tank tablets.

Also, the cleaners are not environmentally friendly and have to be neutralized before entering the sewage treatment system. Instead of using toilet cleaners, a qualified plumber will advise you to go the old fashioned way of scrubbing using the toilet bowl cleaner. This will save you from incurring the long-term cost of toilet repairs and replacements.

Thinking A Big Plumbing Problem Is Kindergarten Task That You Can Handle

There is nothing wrong with trying to save some money by going DIY. But it’s important to remember that some plumbing jobs are best left to plumbers. Since many DIYers do not have the expertise and professional training, they rely on online guides and trial and error to get the project done.

However, in plumbing, there is no room for trial and error, and even a minor mistake will end up being costly. That’s why it’s common to find most DIYers making expensive rookie mistakes such as forgetting to turn off the water before beginning the project, over-tightening the connections, or connecting two different metal pipes.

If the plumbing costs are daunting, you can get bids from professionals in Knoxville, TN, and select the affordable one instead of embarking on a misguided DIY project that will end up being a disaster.

Not Replacing Hoses on Washing Machines and Dishwashers

When was the last time you replaced the hose from your dishwasher or washing machine? If it has been a long time, it would be good to install a new hose to avoid water damage in your laundry room.

Most manufacturers advise homeowners to have the water supply hose replaced every three to five years to prevent it from bursting or cracking because debris and gunk get stuck in the lines over time. This saves your laundry room from water damage.

Flushing Foreign Objects

Although homeowners know that they should only flush toilet paper and waste down the toilet, there are still many cases of plumbers encountering foreign objects of all kinds in clogged toilet drains.

Treating your toilet like garbage by flushing items such as jewelry, feminine hygiene products, food, paper towels, or wipes will end up causing clogs, blockages, and expensive repair bills from a plumber.

Homeowners can avoid most plumbing emergencies by following some of the plumbing tips below:

  • Put a garbage bin in the bathroom to avoid the temptation of flushing objects that are not supposed to go down the toilet.
  • Avoid flushing items such as wipes even if they say “flushable,” and instead throw them in the trash to avoid interfering with the clog drains.
  • Use reusable items, including cloth diapers and washcloths.

Leaving Hoses Connected in the Winter

As you are winterizing your plumbing system ahead of the autumn rain and freezing winter, do not forget to store your hoses indoors. Leaving your garden hose outside in winter causes it to freeze, especially if there is some water inside.

When water freezes, it expands, causing the hose lining to wear out, forming holes in the pipe’s walls. This may even lead to water pressure problems in the water lines of your home, and you’ll be forced to start looking for a plumbing company during the frigid winters.

Putting Potato Skins Down the Garbage Disposal

Unlike the earliest garbage disposal units, the current models can handle multiple kitchen waste. However, homeowners should be careful not to put potato peels in these systems. This is because potato peels have abundant starch that could bind together, forming a thick paste that clogs the disposal.

Sometimes, intact peels could pass through the garbage disposal and accumulate in the drain forming a tough clog. Plumbers advise homeowners to peel potatoes directly into old newspapers, towels, or plastic grocery bags before throwing them into a compost bin to avoid these issues.

Consult A Plumber To Avoid These Plumbing Problems

With this information, you can avoid many plumbing mistakes and live stress-free without any worries. If you experience any plumbing mishap, you can rely on My Professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN, to address any issue promptly.

We work with certified and licensed plumbers who are available 24/7 to respond to all your plumbing emergencies. Request a service call today for all your plumbing needs, whether it’s water filtration, repairs, installation, drain cleaning, water heater, or garbage disposal.

How You Can Avoid Common Plumbing Scams With A Reliable Plumber | Knoxville, TN

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As a homeowner, it is expected that you are going to need the services of a plumber at some point. Good plumbers in Knoxville, TN are able to assess the nature of the plumbing issue you are facing and give you a fair quote for the job that needs to be done. However, not every plumbing professional is honest, and therefore, you need to be skeptical when dealing with plumbing professionals. Unfortunately, common plumbing scams do not always seem obvious, and it is not necessarily hard for you to get reeled in before you can realize that something fishy is going on. To make the matter worse, these scammers can cause extensive damages to your plumbing issues in addition to taking thousands of dollars from you. Below are some signs of an unfolding plumbing scam and how you should respond to it.

Elusive Estimates

Your plumbing system is quite complex, and therefore, it is not realistic for a plumber to give you accurate estimates of what a plumbing job will cost without visually inspecting the problem. Of course, some plumbers charge a flat rate for simple plumbing jobs, such as removing grain clogs. However, if a plumbing job is more involving, a good plumbing professional can only give you rough estimates before coming to your house in person. Therefore, if a plumbing company is giving you firm estimates via a phone call, you need to be worried. You should be even more worried if the quoted estimates are too low to be true. But even if a plumbing company comes to your house, you need to remember that a verbal estimate is not enough. A plumbing professional who is not willing to provide a written estimate is probably doing it on purpose with aim of overcharging you. Therefore, if a plumbing professional is not willing to come to your home, assess the work at hand visually, and itemize the quotation clearly, it is wise for you to avoid them completely.

Dodging Details

When you are looking for a plumbing professional, there are several credentials that you will need a plumber to have to be certain that they are capable of solving the plumbing issue you are facing. For instance, you need to ensure that the plumbing professional is well licensed and insured. A good plumbing company will know that you are looking for these details, and they be willing to let you see them. If a plumbing company seems hesitant or unwilling to show you their credential, it is likely that they don’t have these credentials, and they are just scammers who will take your money and fails to deliver according to your expectations. In fact, they might leave your plumbing system and property in a worse condition.

Unnecessary Assistants/ Subcontractors

This scam is common in more complex or multi-day plumbing projects. After you and your plumber have signed the paperwork to get the job started, extra people show up and start working alongside your plumbing company. In some cases, the extra person may be an apprentice or an assistant doing legitimate work. However, you should never assume anything. When you have unfortunately settled for a shady plumbing company, the extra person could be the plumber’s friend who has come to do some basic plumbing tasks only to charge exorbitantly for it. Your plumbing company will then tell your that the extra person is a sub-contractor who sets his/her own rate, and there is nothing they can do about it. To avoid losing money in such a scam, you need to ask why the extra person is necessary and ensure that the cost of their work is covered in the written quotation.

False Promises

Many homeowners are usually happy to pay top dollar for high-quality plumbing products and services because they want their plumbing system to last. Unfortunately, some scammers take advantage of this and use substandard plumbing products to pocket the difference. For instance, a dishonest plumbing company can promise that they will install durable PEX pipes and end up installing PVC pipes. To avoid getting scammed this way, you need to ask your plumbing company to provide a list of the parts they intend to buy and confirm their prices from a hardware store. You can expect your plumbing company to make some profits, but if they are charging you several times more, you need to start asking why.

Pushy Plumbers

The aim of a good plumber is to solve your plumbing problems in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, a good plumbing company will not try to bully you into spending your money on unnecessary products or services. On the other hand, dishonest plumbing companies use scare tactics to pressure you to spend money on their services. For instance, they might tell you that your plumbing system is endangering the nearby homes, and your neighbors could sue you for property damages. If the pushiness of a plumbing company leaves you feeling uneasy, you should let them go and seek the opinion of another more reputable and experienced plumbing company.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that when you are looking for a plumbing company, you need to do your due diligence to ensure that you settle for an honest professional. However, this is often easier said than done because some plumbing scams are not always obvious, especially in your initial engagement with a plumber. Therefore, you need to be extra careful even after signing the contract with your plumbing company. If you are looking for an honest plumbing company in Knoxville, TN, My Professional Plumber is an excellent plumbing contractor to consider. We have been serving our community for many years, and our reputation as a professional plumbing services provider is well established. Therefore, you can count on us to honestly advise you on the most efficient plumbing solutions. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and services.

Tips From A Professional Plumber: Rookie Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid | Knoxville, TN

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There are many reasons why you may opt for DIY plumbing for your Knoxville, TN, home. You may enjoy the feeling you get after successfully resolving a problem in your home without the help of a professional plumber, or maybe you want to save some cash on repairs. Regardless of the task, you may be doing more harm than good.

Seemingly easy-to-do tasks such as replacing kitchen sinks and faucets or repairing dripping taps can lead to future costly repairs if not done well. Some possible risks include damaged drainage systems, malfunctioning toilets, flooded basement, bodily injury, and accidental pipe bursts.

Homeowners often make such mistakes because they lack the knowledge and skills required to deliver a successful job. If you want to keep your pipes and plumbing fixtures in good condition, you should avoid the following plumbing mistakes.

Not Using the Right Tools for the Job

Plumbers do a successful job because they are equipped with the right tools, while DIY enthusiasts use any tool to fix the plumbing issues. Although some tools can be perfect for the job, not all are compatible and may worsen the situation.

For instance, some may use regular adjustable spanners to tighten plumbing fixtures. The spanner may slip off and damage your faucets, leaving them with scratches and noticeable marks.

Using incorrect tools may also deform your pipes, thereby resulting in water flow issues. As a result, you may have excess pressure in the pipes, which can damage them. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a professional for the job.

Flushing More Than Toilet Papers Down Your Toilet

Some homeowners use toilets to dispose of waste, including sanitary pads, facial tissues, diapers, and baby wipes. These items are considered the most common causes of drain clogs in most homes in Knoxville, TN. Some may also flush food waste down their toilets. Apart from tissue paper, you shouldn’t flush toiletries down the drains. Unlike tissue papers, such products may not disintegrate in water.

Diapers and sanitary pads don’t biodegrade easily, and they tend to absorb water, thereby blocking the drainage system. It can also result in backflow issues, which result in severe damages and health issues in your home. Plumbers advise homeowners not to flush such waste down their drains. Instead, they should have disposal bins to put such items.

Over Relying on Drain Cleaners

Whenever homeowners experience drain clogs, the first thing they can think of is drain cleaners to clear their drains. This is a common plumbing mistake because drain cleaners can damage your drain pipes. These chemicals work by processing the food waste and any waste matter obstructing the flow. If you use it more frequently, it can destroy your pipes and may even result in leaks.

Also, if the liquid cleaner fails to clear the clogs, it means that it will remain in the drainage system, and you may have no choice but to call a plumber to clear it. Such corrosive chemicals can cause injuries to you and the plumber. If you experience drain clogs, consider using a snake drain cleaning tool. You should hire a professional for the job.

Not Planning for Cold Weather

Homeowners in Knoxville, TN, often experience cooler temperatures during the winter months. Although the harsh weather conditions may not last for long, they can affect the condition of your pipes. Extremes of cold can cause freezing in water pipes. When this happens, it can result in pressure build-up, which results in cracks or pipe bursts. The problem is usually common in old pipes and those that are in open areas.

You should ask a certified plumbing professional to insulate pipes in the crawl space or near your garage to prepare you for the cold season. You may also consider insulating pipes beneath your basement to ensure maximum safety.

Insulating your pipes may not only protect them from cold weather but also reduce the amount of heat or cold transfer to the surrounding. For this reason, the water in the pipes remains hot as it flows from the after heater to your taps, and cold water remains cold during the summer months.

Using Garbage Disposal as a Trash Can

Garbage disposals are a convenient way to get rid of food waste, but when they fail, they can get messy. These systems can only process specific types of food wastes. Some homeowners wash all sorts of food wastes down their disposals, including eggshells, potato pills, fruit pits, and coffee grounds. The design of the garbage disposal blades may not be in the position to break down hard substances such as bones.

Some of the wastes can also stick on the walls of the system, thus resulting in clogging. They can also damage your garbage disposal, and you may have to incur costly repairs or replacements. If your sink is draining slowly, chances are you have problems with your disposal, and it’s you who is to blame. You should call a plumber to fix your garbage disposal to avoid making other mistakes.

Overtightening Connections

As you all know, it’s normal to tighten plumbing connections such as joints and pipes to keep them watertight. However, DIYers may tighten the joints way too much as they try to avoid possible water leaks. Too much force on the fittings can result in cracking or pipe ruptures.

The issue may not manifest itself right away, but the excessive force may cause your pipes to break with time. If this happens, you can lose significant amounts of water which damages your home. If you experience some leaks after fixing your pipes, you can tighten them a bit harder. You can avoid these issues by having a certified plumber fix your plumbing connections.

Ignoring Small Plumbing Issues

If you notice a plumbing issue, it’s wise if you seek help right away. If ignored, a small problem can translate to a bigger one in no time, and you may have to seek plumbing emergency services.

For instance, if there is a leak in your kitchen tap, you could solve this by taping the leaky area, but a few moments later, you may experience more dripping in your faucets. Therefore, it’s appropriate to call a plumber as soon as you notice some plumbing problems.

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At My Professional Plumber, we offer professional and reliable plumbing solutions to clients in Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding areas. If you have clogged sinks, backflow issues, or leaking faucets, reach out to our technicians to address your issues. Give us a call.

8 Plumber Tips for Taking Care of Your Plumbing System | Knoxville, TN

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By far one of the hardest parts about being a homeowner is taking good care of your plumbing system. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to plumbing, but so many of them are preventable if you take the time to do a little preventative maintenance. If you want to keep the plumbing system in your Knoxville, TN, home in good shape and avoid calling a plumber, here are 8 tips to help you.

1. Keep Drains Clean

One important thing if you want to prevent plumbing problems is keeping your drains free of clogs. A clogged drain can cause a wide range of issues, from leaks in pipes to sewage backups. The good news is, you can avoid calling a plumber for drain clogs by simply being careful about what you’re flushing down the drain. If you do notice your drains starting to get a bit clogged, you should either call a drain cleaning service or use a plunger and drain cleaner to try to remove the clog on your own.

2. Avoid Hard Water

Have you ever heard of the term “hard water”? This refers to water that has a high mineral content, which might not sound like the worst thing. However, that high mineral content means this water tends to leave a residue in fixtures and appliances, which can cause corrosion that leads to a lot of problems. You can avoid having to deal with hard water by having a plumber install a water softener in your home, or you can simply install a water-softening device on the appropriate fixtures.

3. Watch Your Bill

The last thing you want is to have to spend a fortune on your water bill, so you should keep an eye on it. However, it’s even more important to keep an eye on your water bill because it can be such a good indicator that you’ve got a plumbing problem. If you haven’t changed the size of your household or your water usage habits but your water bill is suddenly much higher than normal, have a professional check things out. It could be that you’ve got a silent problem such as a small leak or a running toilet that’s causing a lot of water waste each month.

4. Prevent Burst Pipes

Another thing you need to do if you want to minimize the amount of plumbing damage you have to deal with is try your best to prevent burst pipes. Burst pipes can cause a ton of water damage and leave you with a massive water bill, so preventing them should always be a priority. The good news is, preventing burst pipes is as simple as taking the time to have a plumber look at your plumbing system and insulate problem pipes. If you have pipes that are especially susceptible to freezing, you might want to have them wrapped in heat tape.

5. Locate Your Shutoff Valve

When you have a major problem with your plumbing system, the last thing you want is to let water freely flow into your home and cause as much damage as it can. The best thing you can do to prevent water damage while you wait for a plumber to arrive at your home is to shut off the water. Every home is equipped with a main water shutoff valve that allows you to quickly cut the supply of water to your home, so make sure you know where yours is ahead of time.

6. Look Out for Leaks

Leaks can be one of the hardest plumbing problems to spot, especially if they’re occurring in a spot where you don’t normally look. However, there are also some telltale signs that you’ve got a leak which are pretty easy to spot. If you ever notice a brown or yellow spot on a piece of drywall in your home, that’s a good indicator that you have a leak. You may also smell mold or mildew near the leak. If you suspect you have a leak in your home, make sure you call a plumber right away to prevent water damage.

7. Keep Up with Maintenance

Most people don’t think about having plumbing maintenance done, but that’s an important part of making sure your plumbing system is in good shape. From having the pipes checked on to having your drains cleaned, there are a lot of little things you can have a professional do to keep your plumbing working. You can even have somebody flush out your water heater tank to remove the sediment so it lasts longer. If you want to prevent problems, every little bit of maintenance helps.

8. Recognize Emergencies

One of the things you need to be able to do as a homeowner is recognize plumbing emergencies. Whether a pipe bursts in your home, there’s a sewage backup or your home is flooding, knowing when to call an emergency service which will arrive quicker is crucial. When you do call these emergency services, make sure you take the time to shut off your water so you can minimize the damage while you wait for help.

Call Today

Making sure your home isn’t susceptible to any major plumbing problems can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to keep your plumbing system in better shape, having a plumber help with maintenance, repairs and advice goes a long way.

If you’re looking for help taking care of the plumbing system in your Knoxville, TN, home, look no further than My Professional Plumber. From preventing plumbing problems to fixing them, we can do it all. If you need a little help preventing problems in your plumbing system, call My Professional Plumber to schedule a service appointment today.

5 Safety Measures to Take for A Plumber Amidst COVID-19 | Oak Ridge, TN

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With the current pandemic, it’s not unusual for many homeowners to feel uncomfortable calling a plumbing company to come take a look at the plumbing. Many homeowners may be concerned about the possibility of getting exposed to COVID-19 while others may simply feel worried because they’re unsure of the type of safety precautions that they should take.

While some plumbing services can wait, others are considered emergencies and should be handled immediately. Many plumbing companies in Oak Ridge, TN are already implementing additional safety measures to keep everyone healthy.

This article will look at five safety measures that you can take during this time to feel more comfortable with calling a plumber.

#1. Give the Plumber More Space

Nowadays, professionals recommend that you social distance and give everyone at least 6 feet of space. Although you may be tempted to hover around the plumber while he or she is doing their job, you should still be able to social distance. There should be no exceptions. Be mindful of the amount of space that you are giving the professional while they are at work.

Some plumbers will set up barriers in order to prevent others from entering their workplace. Depending on the type of plumbing service that you need, you should consider perhaps freeing up the space around that area, like moving furniture. You should also make sure that everyone in the family knows that the professional will be there and to avoid that space if possible.

For example, if the professional is going to be working in the kitchen, make sure that everyone has the snacks and water they need, so they won’t need to interrupt that space. Try not to hover around the professional and perhaps stay in another room. This may even speed up their work, as there are less distractions around.

#2. Wear a Mask

Although this is not often a requirement, it’s always respectful to wear a mask while the plumber is in your home and while you are talking to them. You can even go one step further by having everyone in the home wear a mask while the professional is there. Usually, most plumbing jobs only take several hours to complete, so this is not that much of an inconvenience.

Most professionals will also arrive wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE). This includes face coverings and masks, shoe coverings, gloves and other types of clothing that will prevent them from spreading any germs. For safety reasons, most professionals will keep the PPE on the entire time.

#3. Provide Sinks, Soaps and Alcohol-Based Wipes

Hygiene and sanitation are a top priority in today’s climate. Before the plumber arrives, you should sanitize all surfaces with an alcohol-based wipe to ensure that there’s no bacteria or germs around. You should also consider cleaning up the area where the professional will be working, so they’re not working in filth or in unhygienic scenarios. Remove large furniture and any other objects that may get in their way.

You also should provide a sink specifically for the professional to use, so they can always clean their hands or any other equipment and tools that they’ve brought along. Make sure that you have soap available, and even alcohol-based wipes. These cleaning supplies will definitely come in handy.

#4. Lay Out Floor Mats or Coverings and Give All Surfaces a Quick Clean Afterwards

Although most professionals will walk through your house with shoe coverings, you may still want to consider laying out floor mats or coverings that protect your flooring. These floor coverings will also protect your floor from any dirt and bacteria that may get trekked into the house. You should consider where the professional will walk-through and layout for coverings; they create a path from the entrance to the area that requires work.

You should give all of the surfaces a quick clean after the professional leaves. Studies show that COVID-19 can live for about 2 days on the floor. Make sure that you use soap and warm water or some type of alcohol-based wipes. You should consider cleaning the floor even if you used a floor covering.

#5. Open the Windows for More Ventilation

Last but not least, Consider opening the windows and the doors for better ventilation while the professional is in your home. Better air circulation can prevent bacteria and germs from getting transmitted from one person to another. If a space is poorly ventilated, viruses and other pathogens can easily spread within the air. Studies have found that opening a window can reduce the transmission of bacteria like tuberculosis by up to 72%. Opening the windows can also prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It’s also good to get some fresh air every now and then. Studies have shown that breathing clean outdoor air can actually improve cognitive performance. It can help you feel more alert, awake and energized, and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve circulation within the home.

Call Us to Learn More About the Additional Safety Measures We’ve Implemented During this Time

We understand if you feel hesitant to call a plumber in Oak Ridge, TN due to the current pandemic. However, some plumbing services are considered emergencies and need to be taken care of immediately. They cannot wait. Some examples include major leakages that borderline on floods, frozen pipes and even sewage backing up into your home. The longer that you wait to get professional help, the worse the problem will become.

Thankfully, many plumbing companies including My Professional Plumber, have implemented additional safety measures during this time to keep both their plumbers and the homeowners safe. To learn more about the different safety measures that we have implemented, give us a call or contact us online. We can walk you through our new protocols and policies, so you feel more assured about getting the plumbing services that your home needs.

Plumber Tips: Myths That Will Harm Your Plumbing System | Oak Ridge, TN

Photo By nito at Shutterstock

Homeowners have all heard stories about what they can and can’t do with their plumbing system. For example, are flushable wipes really a thing? And can you pour grease down your sink? There are many things that homeowners regularly do that actually damage their plumbing systems.

This article will debunk some of the most common plumbing myths. Avoiding these common mistakes will allow you to keep your plumbing system in good working order.

If you’re searching for a plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, or the surrounding area, you may like to contact My Professional plumber. The company employs a highly skilled team of professionals who can carry out all types of plumbing work, including drain cleaning, maintenance, and repair and installing plumbing systems into new builds.

Do Flushable Wipes Really Exist?

You may have heard that it’s ok to flush wipes down the toilet. Some wipes even say on the packet that they are flushable. Plumbers tend to disagree and are often called out to unblock toilets that have been caused by flushable wipes. Some will even go as far as to say that flushable wipes are a myth.

Some people think that wipes are more hygienic than standard toilet paper, or they use cleaning wipes on their toilets and then flush them. There is a problem with these types of wipes; they aren’t flushable. Most wipes are unable to effectively breakdown in your plumbing system, which can cause blockages. In time, multiple wipes will cause a build-up in your system and create a clog that will result in a blocked toilet and back-up.

Plumbers think that flushable wipes are one of the biggest plumbing myths. Do yourself a favor and put wipes in the bin rather than the toilet. It would help if you didn’t flush anything other than toilet paper. Avoid flushing things like sanitary products or q-tips.

Are Drop-in Tank Tablets Good for Cleaning a Toilet?

Drop-in tank tablets allow you to easily keep your toilet clean and fresh for weeks with minimum effort. But are they good for your toilet and plumbing system? Professionals urge you to think about what the tablets are doing to your toilet and the plumbing system’s inner workings.

Many toilet cleaners are actually very corrosive and have a detrimental effect on your toilet pipes. This is a significant problem, and many toilet manufacturers won’t give you a refund if they see that an in-tank cleaner has damaged your tank. You must recognize the damage that some chemical cleaning products can do to your plumbing system.

Can You Put Grease into Your Sink if You Run Hot Water at the Same Time?

There are many things that should never be allowed to get into your drains, including food particles and loose hairs. However, you may have heard that it’s ok to pour grease into your kitchen sink as long as you pour boiling water down the plug afterward or run the hot tap as you’re doing so.

Plumbers say that this is, in fact, a myth and that you should never put grease that’s leftover from cooking down your sink. The misconception here is that using hot water will help to melt the grease and will allow it to flow through your plumbing system. This isn’t the case as grease will solidify and can cause blockages in your drains and pipes. Over time this can cause severe problems, and you’ll need to call out a plumber to unblock the sink.

Instead of putting grease down the sink, you can use a paper towel to absorb it and wipe out cooking pans and trays. If you have a lot of fat, you can pour it into an old jam jar and leave it to set. This can then be thrown into the trash. It’s a good idea to pay attention to what goes down your sink and gets into your drains.

Putting a Brick in Your Toilet Tank Will Save You Money

Some people may tell you that in order to save money on your water bills, you can put a brick in your toilet tank to make it use less water. This is one of the oldest and most common plumbing myths there are.

This myth assumes that the brick will displace some of the water in your toilet tank, which means that it will use less water per flush and therefore reduce your water consumption and save you money.

Homeowners want to save themselves money, but putting a brick in your toilet tank isn’t a good idea. A brick in the tank can cause damage to your toilet. If the brick begins to crumble, as it will do over time, it will ruin your toilet flushing mechanism. Toilets have also been designed to use a specific amount of water to run correctly. If you force your toilet to use less water, you may find that it isn’t flushing effectively.

Water Heaters That Are Making a Noise Need to Be Replaced

It can be worrying when your water heater starts making a noise, but this doesn’t automatically indicate that it needs to be replaced. While sounds can indicate that a malfunction is occurring, it may be able to be repaired. If your water heater is making a noise, you should phone a plumber as soon as possible as your water heater has a risk of catching fire or even exploding.

Don’t automatically believe the myth that noise means you need to replace your water heater. Ask a professional to service your equipment as it might need to be cleaned and maintained. Water heaters should be regularly serviced and do tend to need regular maintenance. This can cause worrying noises.

My Professional Plumber

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Questions That Homeowners Often Ask Their Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that you’ll have problems with your plumbing system at some point. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that plumbers are asked. If you have a plumbing emergency, it’s essential to turn off the main water supply to your home before calling a professional.

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Why do I have water dripping from my light fixture?

Some homeowners noticed that they have water dripping from their light fittings; maybe the light globe in your living room is gradually filling up with water. This may seem strange or dangerous, but it’s important not to panic. Water dripping from light fixtures is an indication that there’s a leak somewhere in your home. You should call an emergency plumber as soon as you notice the problem before your electrical system becomes affected.

Before calling out a plumber, there are a few simple steps you should take. Don’t turn the light off; instead, shut off the power supply to your home at the breaker box. You should also turn off the main water supply to your home as this will reduce the damage caused by water. Be careful not to touch any water that’s on the light; don’t drain the water as it could give you an electric shock or cause electrocution.

Why are my water bills increasing?

It’s never good news when you receive a bill that’s higher than you expected. Plumbers are commonly asked about sudden spikes in water bills, as this is likely to indicate that there’s a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system. Several things, including leaking faucets or toilets or a leaky irrigation system, can be caused by a high-water bill.

Leaky faucets

The most common cause of a higher than expected water bill is due to a dripping or leaky faucet. You may be surprised to learn that a leaky faucet can waste around 3,000 gallons of water a year. If you’ve noticed any faucets that leak, its time to call in the professionals.

Leaking Toilets

Flushing the toilets accounts for about 24% of our daily water use, which will increase significantly if there’s a leak. A leaking toilet can waste a staggering 200 gallons of water every day.

Outdated Plumbing

If you live in an older property, your plumbing system may be outdated and ineffective. This could cause more problems such as leaks or bust pipes. Sometimes there may be a leak in your system that has gone unnoticed. If your water bills have seen a sudden increase and you live in an older home, it may be time to replace outdated plumbing works.

Leaking water Line

An increase in your water bills could also be caused by a leak in the underground pipes that bring water to your home. A pipe may have become loose or could have become damaged by tree roots, animals, or an earthquake. If there’s a problem with the waterline, you’ll likely notice areas of waterlogged or flooded ground in your yard.

Too much water waste

If there seems to be no apparent reason for your water bill increase, it could be due to your family using too much water. If you’re overwatering your lawns or are taking longer showers, then usual, this may cause an increase. Some families notice an increase in their water usage during the summer months while their kids are home from university.

Leaky irrigation system

If you use an irrigation system to water your lawn, your water bill’s increase may indicate that your sprinkler system leaks. If this is the case, you’ll need to have it replaced.

There’s a sewer smell inside my home. Help!

You may be distraught to notice that there’s a bad smell in your home. Plumbers are commonly asked about what causes this and what to do about the problem. Several things could create a bad smell.

Dry U-trap Trap

Toilets have been designed with a U-trap, which is a U shaped pipe in the toilet bowl that acts as a barrier to sewer odor. If there’s a sewer smell in your bathroom, the U-trap may have dried up, which would allow smelly gases to come into your home. To fix this issue, you can put some water into the U-trap, which will help recreate the barrier.

City Sewer

If you notice that there’s an offensive smell in your garden or neighborhood, it’s likely to be from the city sewer. The sewage treatment plant may be having plumbing problems. Smells in your yard could also indicate that your home has drain problems. If this is the case, you can contact a plumbing company who will be able to clean the drains and get rid of the odor.

Sewer Trap Plugs

Another common reason that there’s a sewer smell in your home may be that there’s a missing or loose sewer plug. Your sewer pit should contain a trap that creates a barrier between the sewer and your house. If this plug is missing or gets damaged, the odor will travel from the city sewer to your home. If this is the cause of the problem, a plumber will need to replace the plug, and this will allow the air to clear.

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Plumber Tips: Common Hitches That You’re Likely To Encounter In Your Plumbing System And How To Fix Them | Oak Ridge, TN

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Different problems occur in the plumbing systems of average U.S. homes, with leakages being more common than others. The leading causes of household leaks, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), include worn-out toilet flappers, faulty faucets, showerheads, and broken pipes.

Nearly 10,000 gallons of water from homes across the United States leak and go to waste yearly. It’s not surprising that 10% of households, including those in Oak Ridge, TN, lose 90 gallons or more per day. Not to worry, though. You could save about 10% on your water bills by fixing these leaks with the right tools and basic knowledge about your plumbing system.

However, it’s prudent that you hire a professional plumber to run diagnostic tests on the entire plumbing system, identify the root cause, and perform repairs or replacements. Here are some of the common hitches that you’re likely to encounter in your plumbing system and how to fix them:

Leaky faucets and pipes

Taps at various user points contain washers that are made of silicon or rubber components. They help to regulate the flow of water, for instance, when you turn off the tap, the washers form a water-tight seal that inhibits more water from making its way out via the faucet.

For this reason, the leading cause of leaking taps is a worn-out, dislodged, or hardened internal washer, corrosion, and poorly installed faucets. Leaky pipes are frequent during extreme winters when the water flowing through them freezes and expands, leading to drips or bursts, especially at the pipe joints. Breakages may also occur as a result of human activities such as repairs and constructions in sections where the pipes pass through and attack by rodents.

Water lost through leaky faucets and pipes translates to higher water bills, provide a conducive environment for mold growth, and may lead to accidents such as slips. As a homeowner, you should conduct regular inspections of your plumbing system as you carry on with your daily activities to identify dripping faucets.

Visible rusting, dripping sounds, and tiny pools of water collecting below your pipes are indicators of leakages. Given that you need water daily in your house, it’s likely that you’ll be faced with leaky faucets at a certain point when the washers become obsolete.

You could consider fixing small leaks in pipes using a rubber sheet or leak tape as a short-term solution. Also, avoid straining the handles of your taps as a preventive measure. The long-term remedy for leaky pipes and faucets is hiring a professional to replace broken sections in your pipework and faulty washers.

Clogged drains

Clogged drains occur due to the accumulation of household waste and debris, including congealed fat, food remains, personal care products, hair, and foreign objects that restrict the flow of wastewater.

The blockage poses a significant health risk to your entire family in the form of potentially life-threatening infectious diseases spread through contaminated food and drinks.

Clogged drains manifest as backflows when you flush the toilet, empty a sink, or take a shower. When faced with a clogged drain, you could always try to unblock it using a plunger, and don’t hesitate to call a licensed professional to help you out.

You could prevent frequent blockages by installing a drain guard at appropriate drain points such as kitchen sinks and shower drains to trap hair and other debris.

Also, ensure that you only flush dissolvable waste products down the toilet and proper garbage disposal. Plumbers in established companies employ advanced methods and tools, including air pressure, chemicals, plungers, and plumbing snakes, to dislodge or remove the clogs from your pipes.

Low water pressure

At times, you may notice water trickling when you open your tap rather than gushing. This indicates low water pressure. You could check with your neighbors if they’re experiencing the same problem or reach out to the water company that serves your area to confirm that the issue lies in your plumbing system.

Several factors could be attributed to low water pressure in your houses, such as pipe corrosion, hidden leaks, or clogs. The water entering your pipes carries sediments and dissolved minerals that eventually build-up and deposit on metal surfaces, filters, and aerators, thus impeding the water flow at the user points.

You can fix minor clogs in the aerator by soaking it in vinegar and reduce the build-up of calcium deposits and sediments by flushing your water tank. You could also hire a dependable plumber to replace corroded and leaking pipes, thus restore normal water pressure.

A wobbly and running toilet

A wobbly toilet is caused by loose connections in the bolts that hold your bathroom to the floor. However, it could result from leaking water eating away at your sub-floor or faults in the wax seal around your toilet.

Besides, a running toilet is primarily due to a faulty flapper valve, which regulates water flow from the tank to the bowl. Other causes include sediments that could affect the toilet’s flushing and filling, corroded shower handles, and refill tube problems. A running toilet could translate to significantly high water bills if you don’t seek a plumber to fix it for you.

Malfunctioning water heaters

Hot water is a necessity in your home for routine activities such as laundry, showers, and dishwashing. Several factors could contribute to a malfunctioning water heater, such as mineral deposits, poor installation, loose electrical connections, and faulty thermostat and heating elements.

You’ll notice malfunctioning water heaters when you get water of undesired temperature at the designated user points. You could try flushing your water tank regularly to get rid of mineral deposits as a preventive measure. Due to the sensitivity of the electrical components in your water heater, it’s recommended that you hire a certified plumber to carry out repair and maintenance.

Sewer odors

Sewer drains consist of vents and traps that are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering your home. Thus, sewer odors occur when there is a crack in the vent line or worn-out traps in your drain. Sewer odors are a menace and could cause an infestation by flies, rendering you uncomfortable in your own house. You should contact an experienced plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, before things get out of hand.

A reliable plumbing company

My Professional Plumber is a plumbing service provider that serves homeowners with plumbing installations and repair, drain cleaning, tankless water heaters, and garbage disposals. Our licensed plumbers respond to emergency services promptly and are available on a 24/7 basis.

When faced with any plumbing needs, don’t hesitate to call us. Our plumbers are well-equipped and conversant with contemporary practices in the plumbing sector to help restore normalcy in your home.

Call Your Plumber For House Maintenance | Knoxville, TN

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As the harsh weather of the winter gives in to the beautiful and much wanted hot weather of the spring, it’s time to start planning your home’s annual maintenance. This time of the year is just ideal for arranging for a plumber to inspect and maintain the plumbing system of your house as the weather is good. This gives you plenty of time to deal with any problems that may arise, way before you set off for your summer vacations. As with other houses locally you tend to use more water during the warmer seasons. Apart from the usual dish washing and laundry, water sprinklers are coming back to life in preparation of the hot weather lying ahead. When it comes to plumbing issues, it’s worth putting your ducks in a row, way before you can use all those summer facilities. Just imagine the disappointment of having to stay inside because the septic tank has overflowed, ruining your day off at the pool. By calling a professional to do the annual maintenance checks, you ensure that when the temperature climbs and it’s time to take some time off work, you won’t have to deal with the plumbing systems of your property.


Taking Care of the Septic Tank

Most houses in Knoxville, TN, have installed their own waste disposal tank in order to gain independence from the sewage network. A septic tank, as the name suggests, is the tank that processes all waste that is produced from your home. They came with a variety of benefits as they are cost-effective, and they don’t require a connection with the rest of the sewage network. Septic tanks are hidden below your garden, in an area known as drain field, and connect to the rest of the home by using sewage pipes, which are also buried underground. If your property has a septic tank installed, it is necessary to keep in touch with a professional plumber who will regularly inspect and drain the tank when it reaches its full capacity. It is important that the septic tank is functioning correctly, otherwise, you may end up in a nasty situation where the plumbing facilities of the house are no longer functioning. Despite being durable, neglected waste tanks may rupture, causing the drain field to flood with sewage water, and thus, completely, ruining your day. Make sure to tell your plumber any tell-tale signs such as bad odour, puddles of water or wastewater that takes a long time to drain.


Rain Storm Drains

Storm drains is an essential part of the house’s plumbing system as it directs the rain water away from the home. Drains can easily be neglected as they are usually located adjacent to the roof of the property, thus, causing blocked rain water to puddle in unexpected areas. Since the drains are exposed to the elements of nature, they often get blocked by domestic pests, soil, and leaves. Attempting to clean the drains on your own can be a risky and challenging act since they need special equipment and someone who is trained to safely do the climb. A professional can use the various tools hidden in his armory to clean the system from debris and ensure that during the next storm, the drains will work like a charm.


Embedded Pipes

Pipes are the veins of your plumbing system and it is essential to keep them clean. Apart from the sink, the toilet, and the bathtub, more devices are connected with your house’s freshwater plumbing system. Dishwashers, washing machines are a few to name but it can make a big difference if you regularly arrange for a plumber to inspect the pipes that interconnect the various facilities of your property. Freshwater pipes are pressurized in order to provide fresh water. The presence of limescale in the water as well as the age of the pipe itself can cause a leak within the system that may cause water to flow freely on your property. A ruptured pipe comes with a noticeable drop in the water pressure. Should you notice that the water pressure is not stable or lower than usual, call for an experienced plumber to assess the issue.


Garden Watering System

If you are planning to refresh the look of your front yard by planting some colorful flowers, think when was the last time you checked the watering system. External watering systems are mainly used during the warmer seasons and as a result, they might need to be looked at by a plumber before you can use them. Seasonal flowers need a controlled flow of water. An old watering system might have malfunctioning sprinklers or ruptured hoses which will alter the flow and amount of water reaching the plants. Having a specialist to look at your garden in advance, can make a big difference in the final look of your garden this year.


Get Your House Ready for Summer

Before you take time off work to relax and enjoy all the benefits of the summer, be sure to take the necessary maintenance that your plumbing system needs. While taking matters into your own hand can be a nice recreational activity, nothing compares with the professional inspections and expertise of your local plumber. Avoid the headache that comes with bad odours, leaky pipes and defective plumbing appliances. Leaky sewage can pose a risk to your health and ruin your plans for the summer. Make a list of all the appliances that you use and check if the water runs naturally through the sink.


If you find out that part of your house’s plumbing system is not functioning as expected, you should seek professional advice on how it can be fixed. Whether you have a question about a problem that you are dealing with or you simply want a professional opinion, arrange a meet up with your local Knoxville, TN, plumber at My Professional Plumber and get your plumbing system sorted out for you.


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