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5 Plumbing Issues That Require A Licensed Emergency Plumber | Knoxville, TN

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When an issue develops with the plumbing system in your Knoxville, TX home, it can make your life very inconvenient. You rely on your plumbing system from the moment you wake up and use the bathroom until you brush your teeth before bed. If something isn’t functioning correctly, things can become chaotic.

Although all plumbing issues are inconvenient, some can wait until your plumber has an opening in their schedule. However, certain issues shouldn’t be ignored for even one day and require a call to an emergency plumber.

The following issues are considered a plumbing emergency and should be repaired immediately.

#1 Leaks

Any leak in your Knoxville, TX home’s plumbing system can be very damaging; therefore, you should call an emergency plumber. Leaks can cause substantial water damage and can cause mold growth, which can be very expensive to repair, and you should wait to call a plumber.

A leak under the sink will cause water to pool in the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity and are easy to detect. Leaks behind the walls are more difficult to detect but may leave water spots on the walls. Underground leaks are also difficult to detect and can cause water to pool in the yard. Underground leaks can also cause the basement floor to be warm, and in severe cases, the leak can damage your home’s foundation. Finally, the only signs of a leak in some cases will be a high water bill due to the wasted water.

A plumber can find the leak quickly using acoustic leak detection equipment. The plumber can tighten or replace the leaking pipe when the leak is found, preventing any further water damage.

#2 Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs are not uncommon. Clogs occur when you try to flush too much toilet paper and waste. A clog can also happen if something is flushed that shouldn’t be flushed. Trying to flush a clogged toilet will result in a messy overflow; therefore, trying to flush repeatedly won’t help.

A plunger can often break up the clog enough to be flushed. If the clog is too large, too solid, or located too far down the drainpipe, the plunger will be useless, and you will need to call an emergency plumber.

A toilet clog makes it impossible to use the toilet; therefore, it is an emergency. The issue is even more urgent if you only have one bathroom in your Knoxville, TX home. A plumber can use a drain camera to get a good look at the clog and its location, and this information will help them decide the best way to reach the clog and the best way to remove it.

#3 Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can make it challenging for the water to go down the drain. Small clogs cause the water to drain slowly, which can be frustrating when you let the water run for a while. For example, the sink will fill quickly when you brush your teeth and will take time to drain. Also, when you shower, there will be several inches of water in the tub when you finish. Small drain clogs are a nuisance; however, you can wait a day or two until your regular plumber has an opening in their schedule. However, large clogs are more serious and require a call to an emergency plumber.

Large clogs can prevent the water from draining at all; therefore, you can’t use the sink or tub until the clog is removed, making this an urgent issue.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the location of the clog and determine the size. This information is essential for the plumber to remove the entire clog, preventing drain issues in the future.

#4 Water Heater Issues

Technically, your water heater is an appliance; however, it is an integral part of your home’s plumbing system. Without the water heater, you won’t have hot water coming from the taps in your Knoxville, TN home, which you need to perform many everyday tasks.

Issues with your water heater can cause a lack of hot water or make the hot water unsafe for use. In addition, some problems can cause 50+ gallons of water to flood your home; therefore, you should call a plumber if your water heater is experiencing any of the following issues.

  • No hot water
  • The water doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm
  • Discolored hot water
  • Foul-smelling hot water
  • You frequently run out of hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit
  • Moisture or water pooling around the unit

An emergency plumber can inspect your water heater to determine whether the issue can be repaired or if replacing it is the best option.

#5 Frozen Pipes

If you turn on the water and nothing comes out on a very cold night, your pipes have likely frozen, and you should call an emergency plumber right away. The lack of water makes this an emergent issue, but this isn’t the worst consequence of frozen pipes. When the pipes freeze, the ice inside will expand, causing the pipes to burst. If this happens, the pipes can burst, causing a major flood in your Knoxville, TN home.

An emergency plumber can thaw the pipes as quickly as possible, preventing a disaster from occurring. They can also put heated tape on the pipes, which will keep them from freezing again in the future. Because burst pipes can be damaging, it is essential to call an emergency plumber as soon as you suspect your pipes have frozen.

Why Choose My Professional Plumber?

Call My Professional Plumber if you have an emergent plumbing issue and need to hire an emergency plumber. We are a full-service plumbing company, and our plumbers have over 70 years of combined experience.

Our plumbers are formally trained, skilled, licensed, and insured. They also must pass a drug test and background checks so you can feel safe when you let our plumbers into your home.

We have earned an excellent reputation over the years and have been recognized in the awards we received. We won Home Advisor’s Best Of award in 2017. In 2018, we won Angie’s List Super Service Award and Cityiew’s Best of the Best award. In 2019, we won Angie’s List Super Service Award again. We also have a 5-star rating on Google.

To schedule an appointment with an emergency plumber or any other service we provide, give us a call today.

Top Seven Plumbing Problems That Only An Emergency Plumber Can Resolve | Knoxville, TN

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Your home’s plumbing system comprises two essential parts, the drainage, and the water intake infrastructure. Each of these components is constructed using different materials, which can determine the life expectancy of the entire plumbing setup.

Ideally, a well-maintained residential plumbing system should last for about 75 to 100 years based on the piping materials used. However, despite their long life expectancy, normal wear and tear may still take a toll on some elements, prompting the need for solutions from a scheduled plumbing repair service provider or an emergency plumber near Knoxville, TN.

Determining if a plumbing issue requires a scheduled service or emergency solutions can be difficult. Fortunately, you can go through this guide to have a working idea of some of the problems that categorically fit the description of a plumbing emergency. Needless to say, you should never wait around for such issues to simmer as they may result in extensive structural damage, which can compromise the integrity of your residence as well as its safety.

Burst Water Pipes

The North Texas Municipal Water District urges homeowners with pipe bursts or significant water leaks on their properties to consider seeking prompt solutions from their nearest emergency plumber. Pipes bursts can cause considerable water wastage.

The agency claims that a leak in a half-inch pipe could waste as much as 50 gallons of water per minute while damaged four-inch pipes could waste up to 3,400 gallons per minute. With that in mind, it should be a no-brainer that if you spot a burst pipe on your property, your next move should be to switch off the main water supply and get in touch with an emergency plumbing service professional near Knoxville, TN.

If you’re unable to turn off the water main before the water floods your residence, you should try as much as possible to stay out of the water to avoid electrocution as you wait for expert solutions. You should also turn off your home’s electricity to prevent this phenomenon.

Leaky Pipes

Although a full-scale pipe burst can cause significant water wastage, homeowners should also pay attention to leaky pipes. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, it’s estimated that almost 10 percent of all American homes have plumbing leaks.

These leaks lose an average of one trillion gallons of water yearly, equating to water that can be consumed in over 11 million households. Leaking pipes can waste not only water but also leave your home susceptible to structural water damage.

The latter can lead to more severe problems such as extensive property damage and mold growth, which is why you should always seek solutions from a plumber if your home ever experiences plumbing leaks.

Damaged Water Main

The water main is essentially the line responsible for ensuring that your home has a clean supply of water at all times. It connects your residential plumbing system to the public water supply system.

A problem with the water main can cause extensive property damage, which is why you should always reach out to an emergency plumber under such circumstances. Damaged water mains are often denoted by soggy spots in the yard, astronomical water utility bills, shallow water pressure, and poor water quality.

The damage can occur due to several factors, including tree root infiltration, mineral buildup, freeze and thaw action, or ground shifts. With most water mains typically lying beneath the ground, spotting leaks or breakages can be difficult. Luckily, your plumber may have the tools and knowledge required to provide effective solutions.


Some clogs can be easily cleared with the help of DIY tools such as drain snakes and plungers. However, if your residence has blockages too tricky to clear or present in multiple plumbing appliances, the problem may lie deep within its drainage system. Without timely interventions by an emergency plumber, these clogs can create pipe leaks, which can, as previously discussed, leave your home susceptible to significant structural water damage.

In some scenarios, the clogs may even cause sewage backups. Failing to have a plumber locate and clear such blockages can damage your home’s plumbing pipes beyond repair, prompting the need for costly replacement services.

Frozen Water Pipes

Most areas in the US can experience freezing temperatures, especially during the winter season. Therefore, homeowners should make efforts to protect their home’s plumbing pipes from freezing to prevent the need for an emergency plumber in the future. If water freezes as it moves through the pipes, it may force them to expand.

The expansion can then form cracks which can create a flooding risk once the ice has thawed. Homeowners should always try to thaw frozen pipes as carefully and fast as possible. Meanwhile, they should avoid applying intense heat as it can damage the pipes further. It’s always advisable to seek assistance from a nearby emergency plumber under such circumstances.

Sewer Line Blockages

Your home’s sewer line is responsible for transporting waste from your indoors to the outdoor septic system for treatment. If it becomes clogged for one reason or another, you may have serious consequences to deal with that may require you to request the assistance of an emergency plumber.

Drain clogs in multiple appliances often denote sewer system backups, water pooling around basement floor drains, and gurgling sounds inside the plumbing system. During sewage backups, the sewage often gets trapped at the backup point, creating a health hazard. If the clog’s extensive, the sewage may find its way into your home, putting the health of its inhabitants at risk.

Gas Leaks

Professional plumbers can help homeowners seeking solutions for copper pipes and damaged gas-powered water heater connections. Whenever there’s a gas leak, you should first evacuate your residence and immediately contact an emergency plumber near you along with your gas company. Gas leaks can cause home fires, and in some cases, prolonged carbon monoxide exposure, which can have lethal consequences.

Contact My Professional Plumber Today

Plumbing emergencies can strike without warning, sometimes leaving your Knoxville, TN, home in a dilapidated state, as in the case of basement floodings or sewer backups. Luckily, the professionals at My Professional Plumber are always ready to spring into action to provide impactful and long-lasting solutions.

Our emergency plumbers are available around the clock to help with any size plumbing problems. We also handle routine plumbing repairs as well as plumbing installation jobs.

7 Problems That Require An Emergency Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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The plumbing system in your Oak Ridge, TN home is essential to your daily life. If the water delivery system or the drainage system isn’t functioning correctly, daily household tasks can be challenging, and you should call a plumber. All plumbing problems should be repaired; however, some can wait until your plumber has an opening in their schedule, while others are more serious and would require a call to a licensed plumber.

The issues below should be checked by a professional immediately.

#1 Clogged Drain

Drain issues can be a nuisance. You expect the water to flow down the drain freely when you run the water. If it doesn’t, you should call a plumber. Slow drains can make daily tasks take longer than necessary, but you can still use the sink or tub. This is a problem that can wait until your plumber has an opening. However, if the drain is clogged entirely and the water won’t go down, you should call an emergency plumber. You cannot use the sink or tub until the clog has been removed, making a clogged drain an emergency.

#2 Clogged Toilet

It is not uncommon for toilets to clog. If a toilet in your home is clogged, plunging the toilet will usually remove the clog, and your toilet will flush. If the clog in the toilet is very large, or if it is located far down in the pipes, a plunger won’t help, and you will need to call a plumber.

A clogged toilet is considered an emergency because you can’t use the toilet until the clog is removed. If you have only one toilet in your home, you need to have the clog removed immediately because you won’t be able to go to the bathroom in your home. In addition, if someone tries to flush the toilet, the water from the toilet will flood the bathroom.

It is best to call an emergency plumber as soon as plunging the toilet fails.

#3 Leaks

A leak in your home is a serious issue. You should call a plumber immediately if you find standing water under the kitchen sink or bathroom vanity. The same is true if you discover watermarks on your walls or ceilings.

There are a few reasons why leaks are considered emergencies. First, the leak can cause significant water damage in the area that can be expensive to repair. In addition, the moisture can promote mold growth which can be challenging to eradicate and can put your family’s health in jeopardy. Finally, leaks can waste a significant amount of water. Allowing the leak to persist can cause a considerable spike in your water bills.

It is best to call an emergency plumber as soon as you suspect your plumbing system is leaking somewhere.

#4 You Have No Water

If you turn on the water in your Oak Ridge, TN home and nothing comes out; you may need to call a plumber. Before you make the call, check your records to ensure your water bills are up-to-date. Next, check with a neighbor to see if they have water. This will rule out a widespread outage.

If everything checks out and you still have no water, it is time to call a professional. There are a few issues that can cause a lack of water.

  • Broken water main
  • Clogged pipes
  • Aging materials
  • Frozen pipes

Because you need running water to perform many daily tasks, this is an emergent situation, and you should call an emergency plumber immediately.

#5 No Hot Water

You need hot water to shower, cook, and clean. In addition, your dishwasher and washing machine need hot water to function correctly. You can’t go without hot water; therefore, you should call an emergency plumber. You don’t want to waste money on an unnecessary service call; therefore, you should check a few things first.

  • Electric water heater: Make sure there is power going to the water heater and a circuit hasn’t tripped.
  • Gas water heater: Make sure the pilot is lit, your gas bill has been paid, and there isn’t a widespread outage.
  • Propane water heater: Make sure the pilot is lit and there is propane in the tank.
  • Oil-fueled water heater: Make sure the pilot is lit and there is oil in the tank.

If everything checks out, it is time to call a plumber. They can inspect your water heater to determine why you don’t have hot water so they can determine if the issue can be repaired or if it is best to replace the water heater.

#6 Leaking Water Heater

If the water heater in your Oak Ridge, TX home is leaking, you should call an emergency plumber right away. If you allow the problem to persist for even one day, all stored hot water will flood your home.

#7 Frozen Pipes

If it is freezing outside and you aren’t getting any water from the taps in your Oak Ridge, TN home, you should call a plumber. There is a good chance the pipes are frozen, which is a very serious problem.

When the water in the pipes freezes, the water will expand and can cause the pipes to burst, flooding your home.

An emergency plumber can thaw the pipes quickly and safely, preventing a disaster from occurring.

Why Choose My Professional Plumber?

If you have a serious plumbing issue that requires an emergency plumber, contact My Professional Plumber. We are a full-service plumbing service with close to 70 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry.

Our plumbers are professionally trained and can handle any job, whether it is something simple like a slow drain or more complex like re-piping.

We have earned an excellent reputation over the years. In 2017, we were the winner of Home Advisor’s Best Of Award. In 2018, we won Angie’s List Super Service Award and City View’s Best of the Best award. We also have a 5-star rating on Google.

To schedule an appointment with an emergency plumber or any other plumbing service, give us a call today.

What To Do When You Need Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Emergency plumbing service providers are worth their weight in gold to Oak Ridge, TN residents. After normal business hours, people who need help appreciate having someone trustworthy to call to take care of their plumbing emergencies. If you haven’t had the opportunity to reach out to a professional in the past and want to know what differentiates great plumbers from good plumbers, you’ve come to the right place.

Find an Emergency Plumber Long Before You Need to Hire One

This guide helps you locate an emergency plumbing service long before you need to hire one. It gives you ideas of what to do when you discover a plumbing problem when it’s late at night or in the earliest hours of the morning. It even suggests places to find a plumber so that you can make sure that you’re able to locate one long before you experience a plumbing emergency. By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be much more knowledgeable and prepared for the occasion.

Here’s what to do when you need emergency plumbing service in Oak Ridge, TN:

  • Call the company that you previously researched and screened. You’ve already stored its phone number in your phone for safekeeping. All you need to do is dial it and explain what’s going on with your plumbing. The plumber does their part to get to your home quickly to tackle the issue at hand.


  • Request emergency plumbing service right away. You need to state that it’s a plumbing emergency. People keep different types of schedules. Someone working the night shift may think they’re calling the company and leaving a message on the business’ voicemail. What they don’t realize is that they’re calling the plumber directly. If you state that you are experiencing an emergency, you’ll be first in line to get the help you need to resolve the problem.


  • Ask if there is anything you need to do to prepare for the plumber’s visit. They may instruct you to turn off the water main. They may not have you do anything. It’s still important to ask just in case. You don’t want to find out too late that you were better off safe than sorry. You can instead learn from the plumber so you can get the job taken care of right away.


  • Be available to let the plumber into your home as soon as they arrive. Giving the emergency plumbing service provider access to your residence is imperative. It ensures that the job gets done on schedule. You won’t delay the problem any further. Always make sure that you’re around to answer the door because you want to see who’s standing behind it before opening it. Children may not know what a service provider looks like.


  • Learn ways to prevent future plumbing emergencies just as soon as you can. Listen to the plumber’s advice. They’ll provide you with pointers to keep your home as safe as possible. Learn what you can from them to keep future emergency issues from occurring. A small investment in time results in better experiences for you later on. You’ll know what to do to prevent clogs, blockages, and drips.

Oak Ridge, TN, is the type of place where you should get help with your plumbing problems right away. Many companies provide emergency plumbing services for you to choose from today. It’s up to you to research your options and decide on the best one to use based on your experience with the customer service rep, the company’s website, and the online reviews left on its behalf.

Where to Locate a Plumber Before You Experience an Emergency

There are several places to find emergency plumbing services. The first and most reliable is through a web search conducted by you. When you pull up the results after entering your query into the search fields, you can start going through the list and selecting the names of companies that stand out. You can visit the emergency plumbing service provider’s website or call them directly for more information.

Another option is to reach out to family and friends and ask them to help you find a good, reliable plumber to hire. In many cases, they’ll know a person or two for you to call. If no one you know has experienced plumbing difficulties, you can always use online review sites and social media Recommendation tools for assistance.

You may find a long list of companies willing and able to assist you that way. You may only find one or two that get you thinking about who to call in your time of need. Whatever the case may be, it’s always best to research your options before you need to hire a professional to assist you. Putting the phone number of the plumber you feel is best to assist you in your phone ensures that you’ll have it when you need it the most.

It’s one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to get things done. Instead, you’ll be ready and able to let the plumber in so they can get to the root of the issue. Finding what’s causing the problem is imperative because there’s no telling what will occur next until that’s resolved. Getting to the cause of the issue makes it, so it doesn’t come up again anytime soon.

Get the Help That You Need Right Now

Contact My Professional Plumber today for assistance. We’re committed to making an emergency seem less daunting. We’re problem-solvers through and through. Let us answer the call for assistance today so that we can get the issue resolved before everyone else in your household wakes up. The number to reach us at is 865-238-7049. 

We take every request that we receive for emergency plumbing services seriously. Let us know how we can make things better for you. We’re committed to getting things done right the first time we visit your home. That way, you’ll always feel confident calling us with your service needs.

Where To Find A Reliable Emergency Plumber | Knoxville, TN

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We all need an emergency plumber sometime, as a plumbing disaster can occur at any time and can be an extremely stressful and messy business. But if you do not know one already, where do you start to find a reliable plumber in Knoxville, TN?

If you have searched for an emergency plumber before you know it is not always easy to find one in the evenings and at weekends. If you have a burst pipe you do not want to wait until tomorrow to have it repaired. You need someone now!

Some companies will charge a hefty premium for an emergency callout, so you want a company that will charge fair prices for quality workmanship. Welcome to My Professional Plumber. We have highly trained emergency plumbers available at all hours of the day or night, and we do not charge overtime for evening or weekend callouts. Check our many five-star reviews on Google, this is because we have built a reputation for the highest standard of work at reasonable prices.

Do You Have Your Plumbing System Regularly Serviced?

This is the best piece of advice we can give our customers. A regularly serviced water heater will ensure that it is running safely and will be more energy-efficient so reducing your energy bills. It will prolong its working life and give you peace of mind during those long cold winter days.

Any service will unearth any potential problems early and save you from an unnecessary visit from an emergency plumber. As the average cost of a water heater repair can cost hundreds of dollars, it makes good sense to have your heater regularly serviced.

Warning Signs That You Need an Emergency Plumber

Water is Taking Forever to Drain from Your Sink- is a way to create an expensive problem for yourself by pouring warm grease down your sink. Instead, put it into a different container to get rid of it. As it cools, the warm grease will stick to the insides of your pipes.

Other materials like food, hair, and coffee grounds will stick to the grease and start to form a clog. If you do nothing the clog will grow and grow and the water in your sink will take longer and longer to drain until eventually the sink will become blocked and you will need a visit from an emergency plumber.

Your Toilets Keep Blocking

We advise people to only put water, toilet paper, human waste, and some gentle cleaners down a toilet. People are surprised to discover that items like Wet-Wipes and Kleenex tissues are not suitable for flushing down the toilet. This is because they are not designed to dissolve quickly in water and if not flushed away properly, they can build up and become the source of a blockage.

Another piece of good advice is to stop flushing the toilet to clear a blockage. All you are likely to do is to cause an overflow, resulting in hazardous germs, and human waste all over your floor. An emergency plumber from My Professional Plumber is equipped with protective clothing to clean up the mess safely, and this may be a job that is best left to them.

To clear a blockage people will retort to pouring strong chemicals down the toilet. This is not always a good idea because the chemicals can corrode older pipework and joints and cause a leak. In any case, the blockage may be located far from the toilet so the chemicals may not even reach the clog. Should the toilet overflow, these chemicals will probably end up on your floor too.

You Hear Running Water

Leaks are not always easy to find, often the first sign is a sudden jump in your water bill or the smell of mold and mildew coming from the sink cabinet or under the carpets. If a leak has been running for a long time it may have caused a lot of unseen water damage.

Many people try to fix a leak themselves; this may be okay if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer. We have been called out many times to repair what started as a small leak or dripping tap and has become a Vegas fountain display. Joking aside, not everyone can do DIY repairs and there is no shame in asking an expert to help you. Do not make matters worse and more expensive to repair.

You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is probably due to a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. It could also be due to a build-up of clogs restricting the flow of water through the pipework. A failure of the water pressure value in your water heater can be another cause.

As there are so many reasons for low water pressure that you need expert help from My Professional Plumber to quickly locate the cause of the problem and then fix it for you.

Are There Puddles of Water Around the Outside of Your Knoxville, TN Home?

Have you noticed pools of water gathering around the outside of your home? Is your lawn looking green and lush during a dry spell? You could have a slab leak, which means that either the water or sewer line is damaged and leaking under or even inside the concrete foundation of your home.

The structural integrity of your home could be at risk, this is a problem you cannot put off without putting you and your family’s safety at risk. If you suspect that you have a slab leak, then you should call My Professional Plumber immediately.

My Professional Plumber of Knoxville, TN

An emergency plumber is often called out for water leaks, burst pipes, and water heater repairs. Water is a powerful and destructive force and if left unattended for any period will cause a lot of damage.

It is incredibly stressful to have to clear up any mess left behind. Much of the aggravation can be eliminated if you react quickly to any warning signs or take simple steps to avoid problems happening in the first place. If you need an experienced emergency plumber then please call My Professional Plumber, and we will send one out to help you as fast as we possibly can!

How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency With An Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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There are a lot of different types of plumbing problems, from small faucet drips to severe drain clogs that lead to sewage backups. As an Oak Ridge, TN, homeowner, it’s important that you have a good understanding of what types of plumbing problems you’re likely to face and how you can deal with them. This is especially true when it comes to knowing when to call an emergency plumbing service. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for plumbing emergencies, here’s what you need to know.

Recognizing an Emergency

The first step to preparing yourself for a plumbing emergency is making sure you know what constitutes an emergency. As soon as you have a major problem with your plumbing system, you need to call an emergency plumbing service and start taking steps to prevent damage, so awareness is key.

Burst pipes are one of the most common plumbing emergencies, especially during the winter. When a pipe gets too cold and freezes, the water inside expands and can break the pipe. This leads to tons of water being poured into your crawl space or wall, as well as a big increase on your water bill.

Sewage backups are another common plumbing emergency. If you’re ever dealing with any sewage or questionable water, it’s a good idea to call a plumbing service to take care of cleanup and repairs. You never know what’s in the water that’s backing up into your home, and it could be hazardous to your health. A professional can carefully remove water from a sewage backup so you get a clean home without putting your health at risk.

Shutting Off Water

Once you know you’ve got a plumbing emergency on your hands, you need to do what you can to deal with the problem while you wait for help. The most important thing you can do while waiting for an emergency plumbing service to arrive at your home is shut off the water to your home.

Shutting off water is as easy as finding the main water shutoff valve and turning it off. The problem is, a lot of homeowners don’t know where their main water shutoff valve is, which means they end up with a ton of water damage while waiting for help. One of the best things you can do to make sure you’re prepared for a plumbing emergency is take the time to locate your main water shutoff valve right now.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that there are separate shutoff valves that are designed to allow you to shut off water to a specific fixture in your home. While most homeowners don’t use these shutoff valves as often as they use the main water shutoff valve, it’s still nice to know they’re there in case you can’t find your main shutoff.

Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

The good news when it comes to paying for emergency plumbing service is that there are a lot of plumbing emergencies you can actually prevent. As a homeowner, it’s your job to make sure you’re staying on top of maintenance and repairs and keeping an eye out for these problems so you don’t have to deal with them.

Preventing burst pipes is probably the most important thing in terms of plumbing emergencies, especially during the winter. What’s even better is that it’s not very difficult to prevent burst pipes in your home. All you have to do is have a plumber take a look at your plumbing and look for any pipes that are located in external walls. You can avoid having to call an emergency plumbing service company by simply insulating this pipe a bit.

You should also do what you can to make sure your drains aren’t getting clogged. While a small drain clog might not be a huge issue in terms of damage, clogs get worse over time and can eventually lead to sewage backups, pipe leaks and other plumbing emergencies. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on emergency plumbing service, make sure you’re putting the right things down your drain and hiring a drain cleaning service every now and then.

Another thing you can do to prevent plumbing emergencies is have your pipes looked at every once in a while. While you might not realize it, water lines are only designed to last a certain amount of time, so it could be time to have yours replaced.

Why You Need a Professional

As is the case with any type of plumbing service, it’s always best to hire a professional when it comes to emergency plumbing service. Not only are plumbing emergencies dangerous to deal with, but you can also allow a lot of damage to happen if you don’t clean things up right.

As soon as you have a problem that you think might be a plumbing emergency, call an emergency plumbing service and have them take a look at it. Whether you’re talking about dealing with standing water, unclogging a drain or repairing or replacing a burst pipe, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to plumbing problems.

We’ve Got You Covered

The hardest part about owning a home is making sure you’re keeping up with all the maintenance and repairs it takes to keep your home in great shape. This problem suddenly gets worse when you have a plumbing emergency that causes severe damage in your home.

If you’re in need of emergency plumbing service in Oak Ridge, TN, you can count on the folks at My Professional Plumber to get the job done right. We can even help you prevent plumbing emergencies so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money having them fixed. Next time you need plumbing service, call My Professional Plumber today.

How Do I Know When To Call A Plumber | Oak Ridge, TN

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Being a homeowner is great, but sometimes it can feel like you have a million little things you need to do if you want to keep your home in good shape. This is especially difficult when it comes to things like maintaining your plumbing system, which most homeowners don’t know the first thing about. Your job as a homeowner is to keep an eye out for problems so you know when to call an expert. If you want to make sure you’re calling a plumber at the first sight of a problem, we’ve got some tips for you.

Water Bill Changes

One of the easiest things you can do if you want to keep an eye out for plumbing problems is look at your water bill each month. Your water bill might change a bit from month to month, but those changes should come with some sort of explanation. Plus, you shouldn’t see any huge jumps in your bill from one month to the next.

Oftentimes, a high water bill is a result of some sort of water leak in your home. In many cases, this leak is something simple like a dripping faucet or a tiny leak in a pipe. However, you should always have someone inspect your home for leaks if you think you may have one, because even small leaks can cause big water damage.

Water bill spikes may also occur as a result of a running toilet. If you flush and you notice your toilet still sounds like it’s filling up with water 10 or 20 minutes later, have a plumber replace the flapper valve. While it may seem minor, a running toilet can cost you hundreds every month.

No Hot Water

There are a lot of plumbing problems that are a pain to deal with, but few problems are quite as bad as waking up on a cold winter morning and realizing you have no hot water. The truth is, this is a fairly common occurrence, especially if your water heater is a little bit older. For most homeowners, a lack of hot water is considered an emergency that requires the help of a plumber right away.

The good news about not having hot water is that it’s fairly easy to get things working again. Most of the time, it’s best to check out the heating elements on the water heater to see if they need to be replaced. However, a professional may recommend simply replacing the water heater if it’s near the end of its lifespan. In either case, you can get your water heater fixed in about a day usually.

You can prevent water heater problems by making sure you’re having somebody drain and flush your water heater twice a year. By having an expert remove the sediment from your water heater every once in a while, you reduce the risk of corrosion and improve performance.

Water Damage Signs

There are a lot of pesky plumbing problems you can have in your Oak Ridge, TN, home, but many of them aren’t incredibly expensive to fix. When it comes to expensive plumbing problems, the ones that have potential to cause a lot of water damage are the worst. If you notice any signs that you may have a plumbing problem causing water damage in your home, call a plumber right away.

One of the most classic signs of water damage due to a pipe leak is discoloration of drywall. If you notice a yellow or brown circle on one of the walls in your home, there’s a good chance you have a leak. Sometimes, you can tell you’ve got a leak that’s soaking your drywall just by the way a room smells, which is another good sign that it’s time to call a plumber for help.

Clogged Drains

You might not think a clogged drain is a very big deal, and you’d be right to feel that way at times. However, drain clogs can lead to major plumbing problems if you don’t take care of them in a timely manner, and that’s not always easy to do on your own. If you’ve tried an enzyme-based drain cleaner and you simply can’t seem to get rid of your clog, have a plumber run a snake or auger to clear out the drain.

If you leave a clogged drain, that clog will get worse and eventually cause sewage backups. Plus, the clog will continue to get more difficult to remove, so acting fast is key. Even if you don’t have badly clogged drains, it’s a good idea to have a drain cleaning service company come to your home and make sure your drains are fully cleaned out every once in a while.

Plumbing Emergencies

On top of knowing when to call a plumber for help, you should also know when the problem you’re dealing with is considered an emergency. Things like burst pipes, sewage backups and leaks that may lead to water damage are great examples of problems that require emergency help. If you do end up having to call an emergency plumber, make sure you shut the water off while you wait for them to arrive at your home. If you’re not sure where your shutoff valve is, a professional can help you find it for future reference.

Call Now

It’s not easy owning a home, particularly one you’re proud of and want to keep in excellent shape for decades to come. However, knowing when to call an expert for plumbing repairs and maintenance is a good start.

If you’re in the Oak Ridge, TN, area, My Professional Plumber is the simple way to take care of all your plumbing problems. Whether you need a little bit of preventative maintenance or emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered. Next time your plumbing is on the fritz, call My Professional Plumber at (865) 238-7049.

Emergency Plumbing Service For Water Efficiency In Homes | Oak Ridge, TN

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It is any homeowner’s dream to use home appliances and resources conservatively to enhance affordability in utility bills. Recent statistics indicate that each American utilizes an average of 88 gallons of water daily, and installing efficient water usage appliances in homes can save up to 20 percent of the water. Water is life, and so any homeowner who finds themselves wasting it should treat the situation with the seriousness it deserves; like you would an emergency. It’s therefore advisable for residential property owners in Oak Ridge, TN, who use inefficient water-saving appliances to contact emergency plumbing service providers for suitable replacements. Below are some plumbing technologies homeowners may opt for to facilitate cost-effective water usage.

Leak detectors

Water leakages should be among the top reasons to consider contacting an emergency plumbing service company. Leakages may lead to structural damages in your home in addition to increasing water wastage. Leak detectors help avert these damages since they alert homeowners whenever a leakage occurs. If you’re experiencing frequent leakages in your premise, contact your local plumbing company for emergency fixes of the broken pipes and installation of leak detectors.

Touchless faucets

How would it feel to have your tap running automatically immediately when it senses your hand? Better yet, wouldn’t you want to get rid of germs that linger on the traditional taps? Well, calling a plumbing professional to replace your manual faucet with sensor-enabled ones will not only save you utility bills but also increase your tap usage comfort while maintaining high levels of hygiene. These taps also help eliminate leakage problems and consequently minimize plumbing repair expenses for homeowners.

Greywater systems

You may relish having a garden in your home that supplies fresh flowers or vegetables, but did you know that it may just be the source of the hike in your utility bills? This is because plant materials require a large amount of water for survival, so you may end up using up much of the colorless resource to irrigate your garden. This in turn translates to an increase in water bills. To eliminate this problem, have a sit-down with your local emergency service plumbing experts to get insight and services for greywater systems that recycle gray water from your home to irrigate your garden.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets have a broad spectrum of features, including automatic flushing, overflow protection, leak detectors, and water use control. This suits eco-friendly homeowners who also stand to benefit from diminishing water bills. You should embrace having smart toilets in your home since they reduce the need to frequently contact an emergency plumbing service provider to fix messes resulting from leaks and blockages.

Aerated faucets and showers

Taps and showers are the frequently used water appliances in homes, and homeowners need to install water-saving fixtures to reduce excessive water flow. Aerators effectively serve this purpose since they reduce the use of freshwater and lessen the load on wastewater systems. You may choose to install the faucet on your own, or better yet, call an emergency plumbing service specialist to fix your aerated faucet.

Efficient dish and clothes washing machines

In the US, dishwashers and washing machines averagely utilize a combined 24 gallons of water per day for every household. This contributes significantly to the expensive utility bills that homeowners incur. To preclude this scenario, inventors have come up with front load washing machines that use water conservatively. These appliances may be expensive to purchase initially but are worthwhile in the long run since they save homeowners from expensive utility bills.

Dual flush toilets

The traditional flush toilets utilize the same amount of water every time you initiate flashing. It’s wasteful to use an equal amount of water to flush both solid and liquid waste, and that’s where dual flush toilets come in. They have two flush buttons; the first one being the normal 1.6 gallon flush for solid waste and the other being 0.8 to 1.1 gallon flush for liquids. To get more information on these appliances and seek installation services, contact your plumbing service technician, and you’ll be a step closer to reducing water wastage in your home.

Tank inserts

As much as water-saving toilets are ideal, they may be a bit expensive to purchase. Thanks to technologists, a more economical option exists; the tank inserts. All you need to do is mount them inside the cistern tank space and they’ll reduce the space available for water. Your emergency plumbing service provider will tell you that these inserts help reduce water usage during flushing by about 0.5 to 1.0 gallons. Tank inserts are a better alternative to help save water loss from toilets.

Pressure reducing valves

Think installing a plumbing system in your home is costly? Then you’ll quiver at the thought of the expenses you may still have to deal with from the huge repairing or replacement costs for your piping system and appliances that result from high water pressure. Installing pressure reducing valves on your plumbing system not only conserves water but also reduces damages since they control the amount of water flowing in your fixtures. If you feel like your plumbing has high-pressure issues, it’s time to call your emergency plumbing service team to address the problem as soon as possible.

Recirculating hot water pumps

You may have to wait a while before hot water trickles down your faucet or shower. This not only decreases the convenience of hot fixtures but also wastes the cold flowing water that you leave spilling as you wait for the steaming water. Recirculating hot water pumps are a solution to this problem as they prevent already heated water in the supply pipe from getting cold. The pumps, therefore, help reduce water wastage and cut down water bills. With an emergency plumbing service technician’s contact in hand, nothing will stop you from reaping the benefits of this appliance.

Shower timers

With showers contributing to a substantial quantity of water usage in homes daily, reducing the amount of time your household members spend showering is essential. You may enjoy hot showers and want to spend lots of time in the bathroom. This habit may be hard to change but using a shower timer may do the trick since it works by pre-setting a timer after which the system fails to release hot water once the set time lapses. Afterward, the timer will reset in readiness for the next shower occupant. With a limit in the amount of hot water each person receives, you’ll definitely reduce shower time. Homeowners interested in using shower timers just need to call an emergency plumbing service provider for installations.

Quality plumbing service company 

My Professional Plumber is a renowned emergency plumbing service provider staffed with proficient plumbers who serve homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN. Our plumbers offer 24/7 services and are quick to respond to customer needs, be it the installation, repair, or maintenance of plumbing systems. Call us today and we will gladly attend to your plumbing service requests within no time.

Emergency Plumbing Service: 3 Plumbing Emergencies You Are Likely to Encounter | Knoxville, TN

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After a long day at work, all you want is to get home and relax. What do you do when you come back to find your basement is flooded? The right answer would be to call an emergency plumbing service provider. However, this does not stop you from panicking.

Plumbing is inevitable, especially if you live in an old house. With plumbing, a small problem cannot be ignored because a small leak over time can mean a massive bill at the end of the month. Such expenses are totally avoidable if you call a service provider as soon as you notice a problem. But what constitutes an emergency? Below are a few emergencies you can anticipate.

1. Burst Pipes

One of the most common reasons to need emergency plumbing services is burst pipes. Both the house’s plumbing network and the supply pipes can burst without prior notice. Pipes are designed so that they can withstand a considerable amount of force, but if there is structural damage, they are bound to burst. Other than structural damage, there are several different causes of burst pipes, they include;

  • Water freezing in the pipes. In winter, it is not uncommon to have the water in the pipes to freeze, especially when the temperature falls below -4 degrees Celsius. When water freezes, it expands. The expansion alone can cause the pipe to burst. When the water in the pipe freezes, it causes a blockage in the pipe and creates too much pressure in the pipe, causing it to break.
  • Old pipework. All pipes are human-made, and they can only last for a given period. You can get them to serve you longer by ensuring they are laid by an expert, and they are well and frequently maintained. Even if you take the best care of the pipes, they will start to structurally degrade after several years. Pipes made from metallic pipes tend to erode with time while plastic piping becomes brittle with time. If there is excess pressure in the pipes could cause them to burst. An emergency plumbing service provider will not only mend the old pipes but they can also lay in new ones.
  • Excess water pressure. As stated earlier, pipes are constructed to withstand a certain level of pressure. The exact pressure level is often indicated on the pipe. A plumbing expert from Knoxville, TN, will advise you on the pipes you should use. When the pressure of water within the pipes exceeds that it can withstand, they can burst abruptly in which case you need to call an emergency plumbing service provider.

2. Leaking Faucets

Did you know that every year, leaking faucets account for over 10,000 gallons of water? That amount of water is enough to wash over 250 loads of laundry. What is even more surprising is that people will still receive a bill for this amount. How do you know you leak?

  • Keep a log of the amount of water you use on a monthly or weekly basis. If you keep a record for long enough, you can confidently know the amount of water your household uses on average. If the amount increases without an increase in usage, it could signal a leak. Such leaks are hard to find, and it is advisable to contact an emergency plumbing service provider to locate the leak before it becomes worse.
  • If you suspect that your toilet is leaking, all you need is some food colour. Add a little food colour to the toilet tank and leave it there for a while. Go back and check if there is coloured water in the toilet bowl in 10 minutes. If the water in the bowl is coloured, it means that there is a leak. To avoid staining the tank, flash immediately before you seek emergency plumbing service. An emergency plumbing service expert will also advise whether you need a new toilet.
  • Faucet leaks are often easy to notice and equally hard to ignore. Leaking faucets are not only easy to spot but also the easiest to solve. An emergency service provider will fix the leak by changing the faucet washers and gaskets. Wear and tear is often the most common reason for faucet leaks.

3. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains just like leaking faucets are hard to ignore and relatively easy to spot. Having a clogged drain is not only an inconvenience but also disgusting. If you do not have the block removed by an emergency plumbing service provider, it is likely to cause health issues later because it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. An accidental drop of a foreign object into the pipes or the accumulation of hair, grease and gunk in the drains is the leading cause of clogged drains. Understanding the reason you are experiencing a block is the easiest way to guard against it in the future.

Other than debris down the drain, offset pipes can be another cause for blocked drain. Over time the foundation of your house will shift and settle. This movement can cause pressure on the pipes causing them to break or offset. Other than shifting ground, roots from trees can cause the drain pipes to move and offset. Roots grow at a slow rate, but they are extremely powerful, and they can travel great distances in search of water. Considering that it is all happening underground offset pipes are not easy to spot, and you need an emergency plumbing service provider to find and fix the problem.

Contact the Professionals!

Have you noticed that your bill is higher than usual and you suspect a leak? Do not hesitate to contact My Professional Plumber in Knoxville, TN, for expert and professional services.

5 Reasons You Need to Know Who to Call for Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Plumbing emergencies can happen any time.

Not all plumbers offer emergency plumbing services, and you need to know who you can call. When things go wrong, you may not have time to look up who you can call in the middle of the night when your water heater breaks and floods.

You’ll want some who’s available and can keep more damage from happening. In Oak Ridge, TN, My Professional Plumber offers around the clock services. They can get to your home, get the problem fixed, and keep things from getting worse.

Why do you need to know who you can call for emergency plumbing services?


1.  Not all plumbing contractors have it

If your regular plumber doesn’t handle emergencies, having a serious problem can go from bad to worse very quickly. You don’t want to be trying to find one as your problem gets more severe. Minutes can matter.

Deal with a plumbing emergency as soon as possible. You can avoid more costly repairs like subfloor replacement if you do. Even a relatively small water heater can contain tens of gallons of water. If it breaks and starts leaking? You’ve got a lot of water flowing around your home. That can lead to mold, mildew, and structural damage.

A licensed, reputable plumber with an emergency plumbing service can keep you from hiring another contractor for more expensive repairs.

2. They can help you keep emergencies from happening again

Most plumbing emergencies are preventable. Plumbers who deal with emergencies regularly can help keep them from happening. They can help you make a plan of inspection and maintenance that can cut down on costs in a big way.

Having a plumber inspect your home’s plumbing regularly can (and should) be a part of that. They can also give advice to you on how to handle upkeep and taking care of problems before they need emergency plumbing services. Knowing what causes the emergencies and how to deal with them means they know better how to prevent them.

Septic tanks, for example, can break and leak if not taken care of. Levels need to be checked regularly along with scheduled pumping. If you have a plumber who can do both? That saves a lot of hassle. They can absolutely take care of it, but emergency jobs can be messy and time consuming for both you and your plumber. If you can keep them from happening and know who can handle the job? Everyone ends up happier.

Find someone who knows what to do when there’s a septic leak, and you can find someone who can teach you how to keep them from happening.

3.  They’re ready for anything

Plumbers who don’t have emergency plumbing services may not be equipped to handle these jobs. Plumbing emergencies need specialized equipment, and if your plumber doesn’t work with them? They may not have them on hand. Even if they know what to do and how to do it, getting the right tools can eat up valuable time.

Some only offer emergency services during business hours. Emergencies don’t keep banker’s hours.

Experienced plumbers who deal with emergencies regularly have seen a lot. Anything that can go wrong, they’ve fixed. And the more they do it, the better they are. And that means the quicker they can get the job done, and done right.

Emergency plumbing is a specialized skill, and using them on the job regularly is a big part of doing the job well.


4.  They’re specialists

Plumbing businesses that offer emergency plumbing services keep specially trained staff on hand. The skills are similar, but handling an emergency is different than scheduled maintenance.

The people who deal with these problems can keep a cool head and do better work. They’ve got the knowledge and razor-sharp skills to handle whatever your plumbing throws at them.

Plumbers without a dedicated service can handle the job, but they don’t have the sheer experience emergency plumbers do. Your plumber’s job is their craft. A master plumber who’s worked emergencies gets the job done faster and more efficiently than another who hasn’t.You shouldn’t have to rely on anyone but the best. And the best are the plumbers who see those kinds of emergencies every day.


5.  It makes you rest easier

Even if you’re doing the best maintenance and upkeep you can, emergencies still happen. And with the potential for water damage, you need to be as prepared as you can.

Knowing exactly who to call when a pipe breaks in the middle of the night is one less thing you have to worry about. Keeping up with your home’s maintenance can be stressful. If you know that you can pick up the phone and get a plumber to your house fast when something breaks? That’s some extra sleep at night.

And if they’re prepared for emergencies, that’s less waiting around worrying about it. A trained master plumber available whenever you need also means less scheduling. If you can get the job done quickly, you don’t have to worry about taking time away from work or your family to get it fixed. Emergency plumbing services are something you don’t want to worry about when it happens. Prepare early and prepare well.

Who you gonna call?

It’s 3 a.m., your water heater is leaking everywhere. What do you do? If you keep track of who you can call when things go bad, you can get it taken care of before more goes wrong.

My Professional Plumber has 24/7 emergency plumbing services available to you. With years of experience and availability around Oak Ridge, TN and Knoxville, their emergency plumbing services will get you taken care of. They’ll get a licensed, bonded, and insured master plumber to your door, no matter what time things go wrong.

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