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Preparing Yourself For Emergency Plumbing Service | Knoxville, TN

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While there are some plumbing problems you don’t need to fix right away, others can cost you thousands if you don’t take care of them in a timely manner. Making sure you’re prepared for these plumbing emergencies is one of the best ways to avoid having to pay for expensive structural repairs. Not only do you need to know when to call an emergency plumbing service, you also need to know what to do to minimize the damage in the meantime. If you want to protect your home from plumbing emergencies, here’s what you need to know.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Preparing for plumbing emergencies starts with understanding what actually constitutes a plumbing emergency. Any time-sensitive plumbing problem is considered an emergency if you want to save money. Even if you have to spend a little more on emergency plumbing services, knowing when to make the call can save you a lot of money.

Burst pipes are one of the most common plumbing emergencies, especially during the winter. Pipes generally burst as a result of water freezing inside the pipe. Water freezes when it expands, which means a pipe full of water will expand to more than the pipe’s capacity. This can cause pipes to burst and spew gallons of water every minute. Major plumbing leaks like these are some of the worst plumbing emergencies you can have.

Another thing you should always call an emergency plumbing service for is anything that could be sewer-related. If you’ve got a sewage backup in your home or something you think might be sewage, you should never deal with it on your own. Instead, you should call a plumber who has the proper equipment and knows how to dispose of sewage in a safe manner.

Shutting Off Your Water

One of the best things you can do to save your home from water damage while you wait for an service is shut your water off. Every home has a main water shutoff valve that allows you to cut the supply of water from the city to your home. If you don’t know where your main shutoff valve is, you should have a plumber show you where it’s at.

Not only can leaks cost you a lot of money because of how much water they waste, they can also cause a lot of damage in your home. The last thing you want is a room or crawlspace filled with water because you didn’t know how to shut the water off. The good news is, shutting your water off only takes a moment, so you can do it while you’re waiting for an emergency plumbing service to arrive.

Electrical Problems

Something you always have to consider when you’ve got a plumbing problem is how it may affect other parts of your home. If you’ve got a pool of water building up inside your home, it can do a lot of damage to your electrical system. In situations where you’ve got water that’s at or near the level of the electrical outlets, you should cut the power to your home while you wait for a plumber to arrive.

You can turn off power to your home in one of two ways. If you have a disconnect switch on your electrical meter, you can use that to turn the power off to your entire home. If you’ve checked your meter and there’s no disconnect switch, you’ll have to use the main circuit breaker in your electrical panel to cut the power while you wait for an emergency plumbing service.

Mold Problems

One of the biggest things to remember after you’ve had a plumbing problem is that mold absolutely loves growing in spots where there’s a lot of moisture. Since so many plumbing problems end up leaving moisture in hard-to-reach spots in your home, mold growth is a common problem after a plumbing emergency.

The best thing you can do to minimize mold damage after you’ve had an emergency plumbing service fix the problem is make sure the area gets fully dried out. You can do this by setting up fans and keeping the moist area warm. You might also consider using vinegar or a mold-killing spray to stop the mold at its source if you’re not getting good results from simply keeping the area dry. The worst case scenario is that you have to call a professional to redo the drywall where the mold problem is.

Proceed with Caution

Whenever you have a plumbing emergency at your Knoxville, TN, home, it’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t do too much on your own. While it might be tempting to try to put a temporary stop to a problem, it’s best to call an emergency plumbing service and have them take care of it instead.

If you’ve got standing water in your home, you should always call a professional instead of dealing with it yourself. You don’t know what’s in that water, and it could be as bad as a sewage backup. On top of that, you never know if the water is making contact with any electrical wiring or outlets that could be electrically charging it. The best thing you can do is keep your distance and wait for an emergency plumbing service to take care of the problem.

The Smart Way

If you want to prevent thousands of dollars of structural damage in your home, knowing when to call an emergency plumber is important. However, there are also some things you can do to make sure you’re minimizing damage in the meantime.

Lucky for you, My Professional Plumber is here to help you take care of any plumbing emergencies you may have at your Knoxville, TN, home. Next time you’ve got a problem that requires an emergency plumbing service, give My Professional Plumber a call at (865) 238-7049.

All You Need to Know About Emergency Plumbing Services | Oak Ridge, TN

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Whenever homeowners experience any plumbing issue, they typically have the urge to fix the problem within the shortest time possible to prevent further damages. Calling an emergency plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, on odd working hours, holidays, and weekends can come in handy. However, emergency plumbing services come at high premiums; therefore, you need to know which repairs require immediate attention and which can wait. At My Professional Plumber, our experienced and skilled plumbers are well-equipped to solve all your plumbing needs.

When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Services 

Risk of Flooding

Water is often pumped at higher pressure to ensure all houses, including multi-story buildings, get an adequate supply. However, if one or more pipes burst, then there is a risk of water pooling. Other potential causes of flooding include failed sump pump, sewer back up, and failure of water valve to turn off. These failures have a higher risk of causing other significant problems such as damage to structures, the threat of family safety, and an increase of water bills. This is, therefore, one of the plumbing emergencies that require immediate assistance from a professional plumber.

Sewer Back-Up

Sewer lines are essential for all residents of Oak Ridge, TN, as it plays a significant role in channeling wastewater away from homes and business areas to treatment plants. However, when the sewer backs up, it possesses not only flooding but also threatening the health of your family. That is, it consists of hazardous elements that have an advance impact when it comes in contact with clean water. As such, it prevents the usage of the facilities as well as water henceforth, making life quite difficult. Sewer back up is another vital factor to call for emergency plumbing services.

Lack of Water

Another safety concern is when your house doesn’t have running water from your pipes, especially clean water for cooking and cleaning. A home without water is not conducive for living as we depend on water for different purposes of living. Like sewer back up, lack of water leads to an inability to use the property; therefore, the need to hire an emergency plumbing contractor to provide solutions to the problem.

Risk of Burst Pipes

Winter seasons are characterized by considerably low temperatures that have a freezing effect on different elements. Frozen pipes, faucets, and water valves tend to expand and crack, and with water pressure, bursting can occur. However, when it thaws, bursting is prevented. Burst pipes have a risk of flooding and cause a lack of water, which requires emergency services. When your plumber visits your home, it is crucial to learn where your water valves are located as to shut off in case of bursts, especially during colder months.

Broken Water Heaters

Packing up of water heaters is a severe problem, primarily when it occurs at odd hours of the night. Though it doesn’t seem a big deal, it may become a problem when one or more family members need a shower. There are also other significant problems such as heater not turning off and unusual noises. These are all inconveniences that require emergency plumbing services to repair your water heater unit.

Less Urgent Plumbing Services

There are specific plumbing problems that don’t require urgent repair and replacements. As most emergency plumbing services are costlier than standard services, it is vital to determine the extent of the problem at hand. Besides, you should note that even when your emergency plumber arrives, it is not a guarantee that they will fix the problem immediately. In this case, analyze your plumbs to determine the extent of the issue, if serious, call your emergency plumber or wait for standard working days for less urgent faults.

At My Professional Plumber, our staff is equipped with adequate knowledge about different areas of plumbing, therefore, always ready to serve you. However, if you require repairs, the company can send specialists within a day and solve the problem. Some of the less urgent emergency repair services include request for preventive maintenances, lagging drain clogs, general inspection, appliance installation, and work remodeling.

Benefits of Emergency Plumbing Services in Oak Ridge, TN

Provision of Real-Time Solutions

Having a 24-hour plumbing service offers real-time solutions that prevent the problem from getting worse. Most home and business owners love when they have a plumber ready to provide plumbing solutions at all times. This gives them peace of mind of all their emergency problems being addressed promptly, even during holidays and midnights. My Professional Plumber comprises of trained plumbers to help you solve the problem right away.


Emergency plumbing services mean the plumber should always be available, including the support team ready to answer your calls. You don’t have to wait for another hour for your problem fixed; you need it as soon as possible. This is one of the primary benefits of plumbing emergencies as they guarantee real-time solutions. The plumber should have adequate experience to handle all types of plumbing emergencies. That is, he or she should have undergone sufficient training to prevent further damages.

Flexible Working Hours

Whether it is your heater not functioning or require replacement of your kitchen pipes, your emergency plumber will work at your most convenient time. If you have a problem with the toilet bowl, pipes, faucets, or fixtures, call My Professional Plumber and explain your problem. If you feel to install new piping systems, shower, or sink, the plumber will listen to you, provide his or her comments, and work on your needs. As such, the delivery of emergency services works with flexible schedules of homeowners.

Reliable, Trustworthy and Professional Services

Most companies offering emergency plumbing services tend to have years of expertise in the industry. They have the experience to deal with all types of plumbing emergencies professionally and promptly. Both simple and complex problems are handled adequately to prevent assumptions and inconveniences. These companies are often confident to fix all plumbing issues; therefore, you can rely on them for services. Similarly, the staff remains honest, transparent, and trustworthy to deliver friendlier and professional plumb services.

With over 25 years in the plumbing industry, My Professional Plumber is one of the leading providers of emergency plumbing services in Oak Ridge, TN. The company has a dedicated team of plumbers to work all year round to provide exceptional plumbing solutions.

What Plumbing Faults Need Emergency Plumbing Service | Knoxville, TN

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The plumbing system is a large part of your home environment. It runs across the washrooms, kitchen, corridors, and even the yard. If any part of that system is faulty, it could be annoying.

Here are some of the things you could consider that need an emergency plumbing service:

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes occur as a result of frozen pipes. Most people who reside in cold areas are subject to frozen pipes. Water pipes in basements or underground spaces should have insulation against the cold. Otherwise, the water flowing through them may freeze, causing a leak or a complete pipe burst.

When pipes burst, an emergency plumbing service is the best option for immediate repairs.

How to Identify a Frozen Water Pipe

When you turn on the tap in winter, and no water runs out, it’s highly likely that the water in the pipes has turned into ice. You must contact a professional company for an emergency plumbing service.

Broken Water Lines

Underground water lines can break due to several reasons. Earthquakes, roots of trees, and poorly aimed shovels are some of the common causes.

You will identify broken lines once you spot wet areas in your yard or if water from the taps comes out with little or no pressure.

To ensure that your home has a continuous supply of water, you must seek a professional emergency plumbing repairs in Knoxville, TN.

Sewer System Backups

No one wants to experience damages in the sewers. It might be the messiest and most inconvenient emergencies you could ever have. It also has, over time, proven to be costly.

Some of the signs of a sewer system backup include bad odors, water gathering around the basement, floor drain, and gurgling toilets.

Having sewer system backups is a health hazard. It’s therefore advisable that once you start noticing the signs, notify an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN, for a quick fix.

Leaking Faucets

Apart from wasting so much water, leaking faucets are irritating. The drip sounds that come from the drains, however small they seem, may increase your water bill. Sometimes you may try to fix leaky faucets by yourself, but they start dripping again within a few days.

Therefore, it’s essential to seek the help of a professional service provider.

Leaking Washing Machine Hoses

When purchasing a washing machine, it comes with a hose for draining dirty water away. It’s not a rare case for a tube to have damages over time. These damages cause water to leak all-around your machine.

It’s risky because water might come into contact with electricity. It’s difficult to replace or even fix a leaking hose all by yourself. The only way to get it done is by calling an emergency plumbing service for proper repair or replacement.

Water Heater Faults

A lot of complications develop in a water heater over time. Suppose you are using a tank-based water heater, be ready for emergency plumbing issues. Typically, a water heater will show you some warning signs. Some of these issues include:

Weird Sounds

Once you hear clicking or snapping sounds coming from your tank, it may be because sediment is building up in the tank. You should have the contacts of an emergency plumbing company, to provide a technician to clean up your boiler as soon as possible.

Rusty Hot Water

The cold water coming from your tap is clear. However, hot water is rusty. It indicates that your boiler is rusting from the inside. If you notice this happening, do not ignore it since it might develop more complex issues. Immediately contact an emergency plumbing service provider for guidance.

Leaky Water Heater

You might have noticed your water heater consumes a lot of electricity. Be cautious enough to check if it’s because of a leak.

A leaking water heater can also cause damage to your property in the form of floods. It’s essential to take immediate action

Clogged Sinks

It becomes quite annoying when you’re washing utensils, and the sink is draining slowly. However, as little as it may seem, if left unattended, the draining may stop and ultimately cause your daily activities to come to a standstill.

There are several reasons why your sink may clog. For instance, greasy foodstuff is the most common cause of a blockage. You might need a plunger close by for minor clogging. However, if the problem recurs, Knoxville, TN, has numerous emergency plumbing companies you can contact.

Another possibility of damage that may occur with clogged sinks is if you make a mistake of leaving the tap open, your house will flood and will cause property damage.

Overflowing Septic Tank

Even though you take time to maintain your septic tank, it will still overflow. Overflowing creates a lot of mess around your yard. Plumbing technicians recommend that your septic tank should be cleaned out every year as part of its maintenance plan.

Once you notice your septic tank is overflowing, be quick to stop using water and avoid flushing your toilet. Contact an emergency plumbing service provider for repairs.

Failing Sump Pump

Failing sump pumps are mainly the occurrence of a stuck switch. It occurs when the pump shifts in the basin and the float which runs the switch becomes wedged against the side of the pump.

If the sump pump in the basement stops working altogether, no water is pumped out. Another danger is, if it rains heavily when your sump pump is malfunctioning, your whole basement could be at the risk of flooding.

Therefore, the instant you notice your sump pump has failed, don’t wait too long to call an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN. You may never know when things go south.

Always Be Ready!

Having My Professional Plumber for an emergency plumbing service is crucial for every homeowner. You never know when the system may malfunction. Therefore, you must have a fast means of getting guidance as help arrives. Knoxville, TN, has emergency plumbing service companies that got your back!

Tips from Your Drain Cleaning Service Expert for Preventing Drain Clogs in Your Home | Knoxville, TN

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If you have ever had the displeasure of dealing with a clogged drain in your home, you know how much of a pain it can be. The good news is, there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a clogged drain in your Knoxville, TN, home. Not only do you need to know what not to do, you also need to know what steps to take when you notice a drain slowing down. Lucky for you, we’ve got some great drain maintenance tips that can help you avoid spending money on a drain cleaning service.

Drain Cleaners

Most Knoxville, TN, homeowners don’t think twice before using popular drain cleaners like Drano. After all, these drain cleaners must have become a household name in the industry for a reason, right?

The truth is, any good drain cleaning service would recommend against using Drano or other chemical drain cleaners. Drano uses lye to break down the organic matter in your pipes, which does a somewhat decent job of cleaning pipes but can cause damage to them. If you use chemical-based drain cleaners for long enough, it may cause your pipes to corrode and leave you with a hefty repair bill.

If you want to avoid hiring a drain cleaning service, one of the best things you can do is switch to an enzyme-based drain cleaner. There are a lot of enzyme-based drain cleaners on the market, all of which use enzymes that eat away at organic matter but are harmless to pipes. Since they aren’t harmful, you can use enzyme-based drain cleaners on a regular basis to make sure your pipes are staying clean.

What Not to Flush

Believe it or not, flushing the wrong things is one of the most common things that leads people to call drain cleaning services. Your toilet may seem like it can handle a lot, but the truth is you shouldn’t flush anything down your toilet that won’t naturally break down in drain pipe.

Toilet paper is made in a way that it breaks down easily as it goes down the drain. If you put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and leave it, you’ll notice it eventually turns to basically nothing. Flushable wipes, on the other hand, will stay intact even if you leave them sitting in water for hours. Despite these products being marketed as flushable, any good plumber or drain cleaning service would recommend against using them in your home. Unfortunately, there aren’t any wipes like this that break down easily in your toilet, so it’s best to avoid them.

Other things you should never flush include cotton swabs, makeup removal pads, menstrual products, condoms and more. Cigarette butts are another common cause for clogs, so make sure you aren’t flushing yours if you smoke in your home.

Your Garbage Disposal

While having a garbage disposal in your Knoxville, TN, home might seem like a blessing, it can cause a lot of problems if you aren’t using yours right. Rather than looking at your garbage disposal as something that allows you to put anything in your kitchen sink, you should view it as backup.

Whenever you get the chance, you should throw any chunks of food in the garbage or a compost bin to make sure you don’t need to call a drain cleaning service. You should specifically avoid putting certain foods down your garbage disposal, including egg shells, coffee grounds, celery, bones, grease, fruit pits and pasta. Even if these things seemingly go down your garbage disposal just fine, the truth is they’re causing a lot of problems down the line.

Avoiding paying for expensive drain cleaning services should never be a question of convenience. You can purchase a removable basket that attaches to the corner of your kitchen sink, allowing you to dump cereals and pastas in there to drain them of their liquid before throwing them out. This is a great way to avoid putting the wrong foods down your garbage disposal.

Additional Tips

Aside from watching what you flush and put down your drains and using the right drain cleaners, there are some other small things you can do to make sure you don’t need drain cleaning services frequently.

One of the biggest causes for clogs in the bathroom sinks, tubs and showers is hair. Between shaving and showering, you can lose a lot of hair down the drain where it eventually combines with soap. One simple way to prevent this from happening is to use a drain screen or grate to catch hair. Cleaning hair out of a drain grate may not be the most pleasant experience, but it’s better than letting it clog up your shower drain.

Another way to prevent clogs in your Knoxville, TN, home is to brush your hair before you shower. Losing a bit of hair is normal, especially if you’ve got longer hair. Brushing your hair before you shower gets the loose hairs out so you don’t have to worry about clogging up the drains as much.

Professional Help

When it comes to taking care of your plumbing, preventing clogs is one of the most important things you can do. Drain cleaning services can be expensive, plus it’s hugely inconvenient to have a slow-draining fixture or one that won’t drain at all.

The good news is, you don’t have to fight clogs alone. As one of the top drain cleaning services in the Knoxville, TN, area, My Professional Plumber is happy to help you prevent and treat clogs in your home. We can help you create a plan to prevent clogs in your home so you don’t have to call us, and we can help you unclog drains if anything does happen. To find out more or schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (865) 6622-4101.

Emergency Plumbing Services That Every Homeowner Will Need | Oakridge, TN

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Plumbing problems are every homeowner’s most dreaded headache by far. These issues can strike at any time and usually without warning. Some of the common plumbing issues that require emergency plumbing services include clogged toilets, frozen pipe, gas leaks, blocked drains and broken water lines. These are situations that need to be solved quickly or they will get worse. For example, a blocked drain can lead to flooding in the house.

Choosing the DIY approach is a good idea but may not solve the plumbing problem completely. You do not understand the technicalities of the plumbing systems and may end up spending more money on repair services. Hiring emergency plumbing services is the best way to sort such issues. A professional plumber is experienced and is a master of his tools. He will quickly locate the cause of the problem and bring the systems back to normal.

My Professional Plumbing is a company based in the Oak Ridge, TN area. It provides a wide range of plumbing services such as drain cleaning, camera inspection of sewer lines, remodeling specialist, water heater installation and repair and water filtration systems.

Our emergency plumbing services are available the whole day throughout the week. Whichever your situation, our plumbers will handle it quickly. Call us today if you ever have a plumbing problem.

Our plumbers are certified by the relevant technical bodies, both locally and nationally. Certification means that we undergo regular training on the new trends and equipment in the plumbing industry. Experience makes us complete your projects within the stipulated deadline. We are also friendly and respectfully conduct our services. We always leave your house cleaner than we found it.

The plumbers will arrive at your place as fast they can because they value your time. We understand how a delicate plumbing problem can turn into a disaster within a short period. Seek our emergency plumbing services today if you are ever in need of a repair.

Our Emergency Plumbing Services

Backed Up toilet

Clogged toilets are a situation that nobody would ever want to experience. The bowl fills to the brim with flush water and perhaps overflows. While using the toilet plunger may work in the short-term, completely solving the issue requires the services of a professional plumber.

If the toilet keeps getting clogged consistently, then you can seek our emergency plumbing services. Our plumbers have sophisticated tools such as a toilet snake, which is a long wire coil with a corkscrew-like tip. It is fed into the toilet until it encounters the clogs. The corkscrew-like tip moves through the clog and destroys it. If you live in Oak Ridge, TN region can call us whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

Blockages in Your Drain

Not only is a blocked drain inconvenient, but it can also lead to another severe plumbing problem. A blocked drain can cause flooding and other damages that can turn into an emergency plumbing issue. Whether it is a blocked kitchen sink drain or a bathroom drain, call our emergency plumbing services as soon as you realize.

Our plumbers will provide excellent drain cleaning services, including a free camera inspection of the entire plumbing system, location and removal of any existing clogs and free advice on the materials not to dispose of in the drains. For example, fatty liquids enhance the formation and build-up of clogs. The use of chemical cleaners to remove the clogs may end up destroying the pipes through corrosion. We are only a call away whenever you need us.

Broken Water Lines

Have you ever seen a water main break? It is extremely dramatic. A broken water pipe causes water to ooze out with force. If the broken pipe is not fixed in time, then you may pay a massive bill at the end of the month. If you notice any broken water lines, then you should call our emergency plumbing services. We will repair the water lines in a short period regardless of how challenging the situation may be.

Leaking water pipes can be detected when your water bills become high out of a sudden with no apparent reason. We can check your water lines for any problems and fix them. Our plumbers are experienced in such works.

Frozen Pipes

This is a situation that is common during winter. Freezing of pipes occurs due to cold temperatures outside and if the situation is not solved quickly, then your pipes will burst or get damaged.

Water can also freeze in pipes due to the malfunction of the thermostat or inadequate insulation. To identify a frozen pipe, start by looking for cracks and split-pipes. Then locate the main shut-off valve to prevent flooding.

When you hire our emergency plumbing services, the plumbers will assess the situation carefully before thawing the pipes with our powerful equipment. With our expertise, you are assured that flooding will be out of the possible events. The plumbers are friendly and will advise you on the simple things to do when your pipes are frozen. Do not hesitate to call us in Oak Ridge, TN and the surrounding regions to have your plumbing emergencies sorted by professionals.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur at home or in commercial properties. Professionals can fix gas leaks quickly, to avert a disaster through early detection of leaks. Gas leaks commonly happen at the places where pipes join together at the fittings such as the flex lines, the regulator’s valves, unions. If these connections are not tight enough, then gas leaks can occur at any time.

Repairing gas leaks are part of our emergency plumbing services. Call us today if you find yourself in such a situation in Oak Ridge, TN region.

My Professional Plumbing offers excellent emergency plumbing services. We are defined by reliability and time consciousness. We will arrive at your place within the hour and solve the problem fast. Our expertise and experience are unmatched in the Oak Ridge, TN, region. Call us today for services with a difference.

Top Reasons to Call for Emergency Plumbing Service | Knoxville, TN

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Emergencies never come pre-informed, and that is why they are called emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can turn into nightmares in a blink of an eye. One moment it is just a minor plumbing issue, and the next moment, it is a disaster. Plumbing problems gross most people out, and they try to get the issues fixed as soon as possible.

There are certain plumbing problems which you think need immediate attention when in reality you can wait to get them fixed. You sure wouldn’t want to bear the cost of an emergency plumbing service in the Knoxville, TN area when it is not actually an emergency. However, there are some situations where you have to call for an emergency plumbing service. Some of these emergency situations have been listed down below:

1.  Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a plumbing problem that is dreaded the most. It is not only disgusting but also hazardous to the health of the occupants of the house. The water that flows out from a toilet is dirty and unhygienic. It contains dangerous bacteria and viruses that can infect the inhabitants of the home and cause serious infections and diseases. The consequences of an overflowing toilet are grave. A toilet usually overflows when there is a blockage somewhere down the pipeline.

Therefore, if your toilet has overflowed, call right away and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

2.  Frozen Pipes

Winter season in Knoxville, TN, may be a bit short but still quite cold. The chances of the water in the pipes freezing are quite high. When the temperature falls too low, the water that flows through the pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it expands. With this expansion, the pressure on the pipes increases by several folds and the risk of pipes bursting soars. Not only that, but the supply of water in your home can also be halted. In such cases, there might be a need to call for an emergency plumbing service so that unfreezing of water can be done and the water supply can be restored.

3.  Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is one of the most commonly reported plumbing problems that not only creates a mess but also instigates significant panic. Burst pipes can result in flooding, which puts all the furniture and electronic appliances in your home at risk of getting damaged. Moreover, if the water comes in contact with the electrical supply, the risk increases by several folds and may lead to the loss of life.

That is why burst pipes should be treated as an emergency. Other than flooding, if the pipe bursts, it would also have an impact on the water supply to your home (in case water supply pipe bursts) and the sewage system (if a sewage pipe bursts). A situation where a pipe bursts surely calls for an emergency plumbing service.

4.  Blocked Drains

Blocked drains don’t seem to be major problem and are often overlooked. You don’t realize that you have a blocked drain unless the water starts to stagnate in the sink.  However, when the drains get completely blocked, the water in the sink starts to rise and can even result in flooding. You can’t use the sink until you get the drain unclogged. This can have an effect on daily tasks like washing dishes, etc. Therefore, you should get blocked drains fixed on priority. Calling an emergency plumbing service in the Knoxville, TN areawill be a wise thing to do.

5.  Leaky Fixtures

Leaky fixtures are also among the common plumbing problems that are often reported. Leaky fixtures do not pose serious risks if the leakage is slow and hence, does not call for emergency treatment. You can wait for an appropriate time when a plumber is available. However, if a fixture is leaking fast or if the leakage is occurring from a pipe that can be problematic, for example, a sewage pipe, you may need to call for an emergency plumbing service.

6.  Gas Leak

Gas leaks are one of the most serious of all plumbing issues, majorly because they pose a risk of fires. They not only put your family in danger, but your entire property is put at risk too. If you detect a leakage from a gas pipe, you should call for anemergency plumbing service to make sure that the gas leak is attended to on time.

7.  Broken Hot Water Pipe/ System

Hot water systems need regular maintenance for optimal functionality. In case you fail to do so, the hot water system may stop working as efficiently as it should. Moreover, you may also get deprived of hot water if there is a broken hot water pipe. In either case, you should call for an emergency plumbing serviceto ensure that the supply of hot water is consistent and the hot water system keeps functioning at the best of its efficiency.

Any plumbing problems should be attended to on time to make sure that the issues do not get worse. As we said, plumbing problems can become a disaster in a matter of a few minutes, and therefore, they shouldn’t be overlooked or taken lightly.

If you are looking for the best emergency plumbing services in the city of Knoxville, TN, My Professional Plumber is the company you want. Just give them a call on their number 865-622-4101 and avail highly professional emergency services!

Expert Plumber in Knoxville, TN

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Clogged drains or leaky faucets mean you require a plumber. Plumbing maintenance and repair is essential if you want proper functionality in your house. My Professional Plumber is a great choice for plumbing services.

Signs You Need a Plumber

There are a few signs to look out for when considering plumbing issues. Here are a few signs that you might need the services of a plumber in Knoxville, TN:

  • Murky water
  • Mold growth
  • Poor water pressure
  • Constant leaks
  • Unusual sounds
  • Fluctuating water temperature
  • Aging pipes

If you notice any of the above, you might want to call for a plumber in Knoxville, TN.

There are also a number of different types of leaks should worry about: gas, water, or slab leaks. Having a plumber to inspect them is the right idea.

1.   Water Leaks 

If your water bill has increased for no reason it could be a water leak. Whether this is in the kitchen or bathroom, we got it covered! You simply need to get a plumber to find out where the leak is and fix it.

2.  Gas Leaks

These are another type of leaks that can be potentially harmful. These are dangerous and can cause explosions. Gas leaks come from any appliance that needs gas and can often be traced back to the piping itself.

3.  Slab Leaks

A slab leak is when the water line or sewer under the concrete starts leaking. A few common signs of this are wet floors, high water bills, and unexplained water dripping sounds or low water pressure. Call a plumber to get these fixed!

How to Find the Right Plumber

Your quest for a plumber in Knoxville, TN can also be solved if you follow the tips below:

1.  Look For a Certified Plumber

To get the best service, check the plumber’s certifications. See that they are certified with the ASSE International which is a plumbing certification. With a certified plumber,you know the quality of service will be good.

2.  Research the Plumber’s Reputation

Ask around before hiring a plumber in Knoxville, TN. Their craftsmanship separates one from the other. Get a plumber with a professional track record to get the best quotation for services. Also, choose a plumber from an established or well-known company so that you can trust him or her.

3.  Get Cost Estimates

Find someone affordable. To find out about this, get as many cost estimates as you can. You can then get the best plumber for your budget.

4.  Check the Plumber’s Specialties

You should see what specialty the plumber you plan to hire has. For instance, some focus only on commercial work. You should check to see which service you require. You should also check the materials and tools they use before they start work.

5.  Check Warranties and Repair Plans

By getting a repair plan, you get the plumber to visit your house which can prevent future problems. If you are getting excessive work done then get a warranty too. This makes replacements easier.

6.  Check Their Experience

You should check the experience of the plumber in Knoxville, TN before you hire. Hiring someone with less than a decade of experience isn’t the best idea. You can search online for plumbers who have experience in your area.

7.  Location

You should see the geographical location of the plumber’s office. The plumbing company shouldn’t be too far from your house. This is because emergency work becomes difficult the further the company. So hiring a plumber in Knoxville, TN near you is a good idea.

8.  Check Customer Service

Get reviews from the customers to get a better idea of who you are hiring. You can check the website of the company you are hiring. Get a plumber who respects his or her clients.

9.  Insurance

Ensure you know the plumber’s insurance policy before hiring. The plumber in Knoxville, TN you hire should have insurance for damages and injury. These policies ensure the safety of the plumber and yourself. If the plumber gets injured in your house, for instance, you are not held liable.

10.  See if They are Professional and Friendly

You should ensure that the plumber in Knoxville, TN is friendly to avoid unnecessary issues. Professionalism is another thing to consider. You don’t want someone who doesn’t know how to do their work properly.

Benefits of Hiring a Plumber

There are a few benefits of hiring a professional plumber for your plumbing needs. These include:

  • Industry experience and work quality
  • Plumbers can handle delicate repairs
  • Plumbers can give professional plumbing advice
  • Plumbers are a cure-all
  • Safety

Here are a few reasons why you should select us in your search for a plumber in Knoxville, TN:

  • Affordable
  • Timely Service
  • Certified Plumbers
  • Trusted and Honest
  • Emergency Repairs


Apart from the many services of a plumber, we also offer the following:

  • Installations
  • Repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Tankless water heater service
  • Garbage disposal

You should make sure you hire someone who has comprehensive services so that you don’t have to resort to hiring a different plumber for a different issue. Choosing a plumber in Knoxville, TN will be easy once you consider all the tips above.

At My Professional Plumber, we provide you with the best plumbing expertise and customer service in the East Tennessee areas. We understand the importance of a home water system and our Knoxville plumbing service goes above and beyond to provide you with professional work, honest quotes, and reliable solutions.

We offer 24/7 emergency services during after-hours. We understand that things can happen any time, and we’ll be here when you need us urgently. Whether you’ve got a clogged sink, a burst pipe, a broken sewer line, a leaky faucet, water heater issues or a backed-up toilet, the expert professionals at My Professional Plumbers will assist you with your plumbing needs.

5 Benefits of an Emergency Plumbing Service | Emergency Plumbing Service in Knoxville, TN

Photo By A. and I. Kruk at Shutterstock

Just like any other problem, plumbing problems are difficult to predict. However, without a proper plumbing channel it is almost impossible to survive. The moment you face an issue with the water faucets, gas pipe lines, taps, showers and faucets you tend to seek help from an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN.

An emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN can be there for you whenever you call them. They are quick to detect a problem in your plumbing, and come up with a timely solution.

Why Do You Need an Emergency Plumbing Service?

Burst pipes, gas leakage, tar issues, leaky pipelines and blocked drainage are some of the most common plumbing problems, every homeowner faces. If any one of these problems occurs suddenly, your first impulse in to call an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN. These plumbers are qualified and possess the right amount of training to deal with challenging projects. Furthermore, a lot of emergency plumbers are licensed and can provide you with a warranty, in the event of an unsuccessful project. If you feel that the problem isn’t over, you can avail the same services within the warranty period.

Also, the smooth functioning of your HVAC systems is extremely important. Especially during the winter months, it becomes more difficult to survive without an efficient heater. If you face any problem with your heater, an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN can pull you out of the issue.

An emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN is available throughout the day and can be contacted even at odd hours. You might just come across a problem in your plumbing channel, or your water heater. Regardless of what the problem is, an emergency plumber will always be there to the rescue.

Services Offered by an Emergency Plumbing Service

Almost all plumbers offer a variety of plumbing services. However, when it comes to contacting an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN, you need to ask them about their area of expertise. You can even go through their website to get a clear picture of the areas they specialize in.

Let’s take a look at the services provided by an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN.

  • Some of the major issues that occur with you plumbing are burst pipes and plumbing leakages. These problems need to be gotten rid of immediately by an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN. If the water pressure suddenly increases and you are using an old pipe, you might encounter a burst pipe problem. In such a situation, your plumber needs to change the entire pipeline as well as the faucets.
  • During the winter season, it is of vital importance to have your heating and cooling machines in the optimal condition, for it becomes impossible to bath with cold water. There are times when the water heater tends to get disconnected and cannot supply hot water, due to a fault in your radiator. In order to get rid of the problem, you need to seek help from an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN. These plumbers are experienced and skilled to detect the slightest faults in your heating systems and also repair them in a timely manner, thus ensuring an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

Benefits of an Emergency Plumbing Service

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN.

1.  24/7 Services

One of the best things about an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN is that their services are available throughout the day. As a result, you get to have your plumbing inspected and repaired at any time of the day. This feature works best when a pipe starts to leak or a toilet drain fails to function during the night. An emergency plumbing service will come to your rescue, wherever you need them.

2.  Well Equipped

Inspection and repairs of your plumbing depends heavily upon the equipment being used. A good thing about an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN is that they possess the right amount and nature of tools and equipment to deal with challenging situations. Furthermore, they are skilled and prepared to deal with any plumbing problem at anytime of the day. Their access to a variety of complex plumbing tools, makes their job easy for them, and allows them to inspect and repair your plumbing efficiently and effectively.

3.  Very Quick

As the name suggests, an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN is very fast in arriving at your place, in the case of an emergency. Their promptness is helpful when dealing with water damage and other problems related to plumbing.

4.  Cost Efficient

A lot of the times, an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN might cost a lot more than a traditional plumbing service. However, they tend to save you a lot more money in the long run. They get rid of the plumbing damage in the initial stages, before it gets the time to worsen. As a result you end up saving thousands of dollar, which otherwise would be spent on expensive repairs.

5.  Security

A reputable emergency plumbing company in Knoxville, TN, not only asks for their employees to be licensed, but also conduct comprehensive background checks before hiring them. These background checks ensure that you and your property will remain safe, when their plumbers visit your place and walk around the house. Consequently, none of your privacy and personal security will be violated.


Plumbing is one of the most crucial and complex components of your house’s structure. The moment you notice a fault with your plumbing, make sure to get rid of it right away, with the help of an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN.

If you are looking for such a service, you have come to the right place. With a team of experienced and trustworthy professional we ensure quick inspection and elimination of your plumbing related worries. To know more about us and avail our services, visit our website now.

Plumbing Emergencies – Examples and Necessary Actions | Plumber in Knoxville, TN

Photo By Robert Kneschke at Shutterstock

Plumbing emergencies are something that all homeowners fear. The reason behind this is that plumbing issues bring discomfort. Unfortunately, they also result in water wastage, damages due to dripping water or flooding, and high water bills. These are some of the reasons why calling a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN should not be delayedwhen you notice a sign.

If you have ever been through a plumbing emergency, you do know how troublesome it can get. From wastage of water and the inability to perform routine activities to the risk of getting your valuable damaged due to water leakage, such a problem can incur huge losses. And this is why numerous users land on the internet searching ‘plumber near me in Knoxville, TN.’

If you are unaware of plumbing problems and the precautions that should be taken to prevent damages till the time the repairmen arrive, you have come to the right place.

Emergency Plumbing Service in Knoxville, TN – Here’s What You Need It For

As per the professional plumbers in Knoxville, TN, you should not try to handle plumbing emergencies on your own; instead, you should call an expert as soon as possible.

These include the following.

·     Clogged Sinks

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and rushing to the bathroom to brush your teeth, only to find out that the sink in there is not willing to drain the mess. Oh and what if you think of quickly doing the dishes so that you can finally jump into your cozy bed but the sink in the kitchen ditches you?

While clogged sinks may not always create emergencies, they have the tendency to expose you to one if not treated in time. In any case, clogged sinks are a nuisance and should be fixed immediately by hiring a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN.

·     Clogged Toilets

This is the worst kind of plumbing emergency. Using the toilet is something you can never annul and that is what clogged toilets compel you to do. If the toilet in your home is making odd noises, unable to flush, or leaking, it’s high time you look for a plumber by entering ‘plumber near me in Knoxville, TN’ and hire them immediately to introduce repairs.

Truth be told, plumbing emergencies like clogged toilets can ruin your days in addition to presenting health dangers due to hygiene factor.

In case you already have a clogged toilet at home, you must not attempt to use DIY chemicals and products to unclog it. This is because harsh chemicals can damage the system and result in even worse problems.

·     Water Leakages

Whether it is the faucets and toilets in your home that leak or things, like water heaters and washing machine hoses, all leaks need immediate attention; they can result in water wastage leading to high water bills and flooding. Not to forget how quickly accumulated water can result in mold and mildew formation and cause furniture and other things in homes to get corroded or warped.

If you have a water heater in your home that is leaking, it is not only water that is getting wasted but also the energy used to heat it up. This means double the losses and even more reasons for hiring a plumber in Knoxville, TN immediately for such a problem.

Likewise, washing machine hoses are highly prone to leaking. These leaky hoses can also cause mold and rusting presenting a risk of serious problems and losses.

Regardless of the type of leak that you notice in your home, one thing that you must not forget is instantly calling an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN to get the problem fixed.

·     Broken Lines

Calamities like earthquakes etc. can cause underground water lines to break, ultimately resulting in small water pools in the yard, reduced water pressure, and low-grade water quality.

Remember that a plumbing network with any of the above problems can never be expected to perform well. Luckily, the world we live in has plumbers in Knoxville, TN and elsewhere like My Professional Plumber who can fix all kinds of plumbing issues for you. And this is what you should make the most of!

Things to Do In Case of Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing issues in homes are not uncommon. They occur every occasionally and require immediate attention. While most plumbing issues can only be resolved perfectly by hiring a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN, there are some instant actions that you can take in case of an emergency to prevent extensive damages and losses.

Here is what you can do.

  1. Turn off the main water supply as soon as you notice a plumbing issue in your home or that an emergency kicks in. However, if you are sure that it is only a single faucet leaking, you can only turn off the supply of that pipe instead of shutting off the main valve.For example, if the toilet is leaking, you can turn off the valve that supplies water to the toilet.
  2. In case of major plumbing emergencies, such as huge leaks, flooding, etc., it is good to turn off water heaters to prevent damages. Make sure to only turn off the unit when the main valve is shut already so that the heat doesn’t get trapped or welled up inside, leading to the risk of overheating and bursting.If the water heater in your home runs on gas, turn off the gas supply first.
  3. As per the expert plumbers in Knoxville, TN, homeowners must always keep plumber’s tape handy at home to tackle small leaks on their own. Nonetheless, you can also use pieces of towel and rags to cover or stuff into the leaks. Another way you can temporarily deal with leaks in by placing containers under them to gather water so that it is not wasted and there is no risk of flooding.

Looking for an emergency plumbing service in Knoxville, TN? Talk to the experts at My Professional Plumber now.

A Plumber In the Dark: 5 Emergencies When You Need a Plumber | Plumber in Knoxville, TN

Do you have a backed-up sink? Is your bathtub clogged? Are your pipes dripping through the walls or is your water heater malfunctioning? If you are facing any of these issues and are a Knoxville resident, you might need to call a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN.

Professional plumbers can be handy in every kind of situation, from leaky pipes to broken garbage disposals. They are especially handy in plumbing emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can be of many types and can happen at any time of day.

It is important to keep up-to-date with your house’s plumbing needs and call professionals to fix problems at crucial stages. If you have an emergency like a burst pipe, the wise thing to do would be to contact a plumber to immediately remedy the issue.

A professional plumber in Knoxville, TN, is not that hard to find, but people often look to do-it-yourself tactics when it comes to household repairs. The problem with this approach is that an unprofessional touch can further worsen the damage to your plumbing systems.

Moreover, the real scale and depth of plumbing issues may be lost on an untrained eye. This is simply because you may not have the same training or knowledge as a professional plumber to understand that bad odor in your water tank may be a symptom of its damage.

You should then instead rely on professionals to fix or prevent plumbing emergencies. Emergencies can be easily fixed by any good plumber in Knoxville, TN. However, how do you know when it is time to call one?

The following are 5 instances of plumbing emergencies that will potentially damage your home and need a plumber’s intervention.

1. Burst Pipe

Burst pipes call for professional help. A burst pipe can drain out your water supply, drench and damage furniture as well as flood your home. Pipes within your walls may burst and cause water damage to the structure of your house thereby compromising its structural integrity.

Burst pipes may even lead to flooding. They may be a safety risk as they might cause potential drowning or a roof collapse.

Burst pipes are an immediately recognizable emergency that should be addressed as soon as possible by a plumber in Knoxville, TN. While waiting for a plumber, you should turn off the main water line to prevent flooding.

If you live in the city, immediately call for an emergency plumber in Knoxville, TN.

2. Broken Sewer Line

A plumber in Knoxville, TN, can help repair and replace a broken sewer line. A broken sewer line can be an emergency and health hazard in two distinct ways.

Firstly, sewer lines breakages can cause sewage to seep into your main water line. Sewage can also flood your homes in these cases.

Secondly, sewage leaks can create an unsanitary living environment. They can potentially cause serious health risks if you consume or use a mixture of your main water supply mixed with the leaked sewage.

Broken sewer lines are emergency cases that can be expertly handled by a professional plumber in Knoxville, TN.  If you notice your shower water is brown or has a bad odor, you should immediately stop using the water and contact a professional at the earliest convenience.

3. Clogging

Clogging can be considered a plumbing emergency. You can experience this issue in sinks, drains and toilets.

At times, a clogged drain can be fixed with simple household remedies. However, drainage issues can happen due to a large blockage which can lead to considerable damage if not addressed promptly. The blockage must be professionally removed and the damage to the system must be reversed.

Smaller drain issues can be present in showers and bathtubs. In case of a blocked drain, you may notice that shower or bath water is draining slowly or not draining at all. If you see this happening, the drain may require cleaning or blockage removal.

Main sewage drains can be clogged, too, which can cause sewage leakages and problems with other drains in the house.

Clogged toilets and sinks can be caused by debris that must be removed using specialized equipment. Thus, in case of clogging you must seek a skilled plumber in Knoxville, TN, someone who has the expertise and equipment to deal with the issue.

4. Water Leaks

Water leaks can be seriously damaging not simply to your plumbing system but also to the structure of your house. Sometimes, you may ignore a leaky pipe or filter because it may not seem like a serious issue.

Leaks can come back to haunt you and become a bigger risk as the leaking crevice may increase in size. You should address the problem of leaks head-on and nip the problem in the bud as soon as it starts.

Leaks can lead to water damage to your house and cause potential flooding. You may notice leaks in pipes, faucets, or even toilets in the form of constantly dripping water. If you notice water seeping into your walls, it may be a sign of a leaky pipe in the walls.

If you have leaks in any shape or form, it would be prudent to call a plumber in Knoxville, TN.

5. Water Heater Issues

Water heater issues may need a professional’s attention. Water temperatures may oscillate back and forth if a water heater is damaged.

A difference in water temperatures can affect your health and comfort. It would be unwise to continue showering in cold water in winters because of a water heater failure.

Problems with water heater tank damage can be identified through the odor or color of the water. If the color or odor of the water in your tank seems bad, it may be a situation for a plumber to address.

Thus, the best solution for a water heater issue is a plumber in Knoxville, TN.

Plumbing Emergencies in Knoxville, TN

Plumbing emergencies are serious and should be fixed at the earliest possible opportunity. Addressing the issues with a sense of urgency can prevent damage to your health and your house.

Plumbers can provide crucial services in your hour of need. If you are seeking a plumber in Knoxville, TN, look no further. You can contact My Professional Plumber at 865-622-4101 for 24/7 services if you have a plumbing requirement or emergency.



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