Taking Care of Your Septic Tank | Tips from Your Trusted Oak Ridge, TN Septic Tank Pumping Professional

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If you live in areas like Oak Ridge, TN you are more than likely very familiar with septic tank pumping and how it works. Basically, a septic tank is your personal on-site sewage treatment system. People use septic tanks when there is not an accessible sewer system available to them or it is not cost-effective. The benefit of septic tanks is that they are out of sight and they are odorless when their owners properly take care of them.

Following a few basic rules-such as not using too much water and not putting certain things in your septic tank plumbing system in your Oak Ridge, TN home that the bacteria cannot break down-ought to ensure that a septic system will not have any problems for a very long period of time. Septic tanks do need to be cleaned out when too many solids build up. Part of maintaining your septic tank pumping system is being very careful about what you put in your system in your Oak Ridge, TN home. It does not take much to upset the delicate balance of a septic tank. Along with being very careful about what you put in your septic tank system, and by following the following recommendations to properly maintain your septic tank pumping system.

Inspect Your Septic Tank Pumping System and Keep Records of these Inspections: You need to inspect your septic tank system on a regular basis and keep track of these records. The records need to be organized by using a diagram or by system maintenance or with some other form of organization.

Pump Out Your Septic Tank Pumping System on a Regular Basis: You need to pump out your septic tank at least every one to three years to ensure that the solids in it have broken down as they should so they will not clog up the drain field. Regular pumping may also help you avoid your septic tank pumping system and make your system last a long time as well.

Use as Little Water as Possible and Monitor That Usage: Putting a lot of water into your septic tank system than it is able to handle may cause it to back up-and that is something that you really want to avoid.

Avoid Using a lot of Household Chemicals: You can use a normal amount of laundry soaps, bleach, drain cleaners, and other household chemicals without putting a stop to the bacterial action that takes place in your septic tank pumping system in your Oak Ridge, TN place of residence.

Don’t Put Things That Do Not Dissolve Easily Down Your Septic Tank: Items like coffee grounds, cooking grease, wet-strength paper towels (ones that do not dissolve easily like heavy duty ones), disposable diapers, tissues, cigarette butts, and other items that will not decompose in your septic tank pumping system. Since these items do not decompose, they will fill up the septic tank and clog up your system.

You need to remember that your septic tank system is not a trash can. Items that you may think are safe to go down your toilet are actually very bad for your septic tank system. These items include non-flushable wipes like baby wipes or wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, diapers, cat litter, pharmaceutical medications, and household medications like gasoline, oil, pesticides, antifreeze, and paint or paint thinners.

Do Not Dump Grease Down Your Drain: Grease can clog up your sewer pipes or build up in the septic tank and plug the inlet. It is a good idea to store grease in a separate area and then dispose of it when you take out your trash.

Protect Your System: You should never drive over your septic tank system drain system. It is a bad idea to cover it with asphalt or concrete or let your livestock run over it. Planting grass over it is a good thing to do though. This will help prevent soil erosion. Discourage root damage by keeping all of your trees at least one-hundred feet from your septic tank pumping system at your Oak Ridge, TN place of residence. Trees that have very aggressive roots, like willow trees, need to be kept even further away from your septic tank. If your drain system gets too soggy, it will also not absorb and neutralize your liquid waste either. Plan your landscaping, roof gutters, and foundation drains so that excess water is sent in the opposite direction of your septic drain field.

If a Problem Comes Up: If, after you have done all of the aforementioned things to protect your septic tank, a problem comes up, you will absolutely know it. Keep your eye and nose on your drain field. You may see sewage bubbling up, and you will definitely be able to smell it. However, not all signs of your system backing are easy to detect or will gross you out. If the grass and weeds by your septic tank system are growing very fast, this could also be an indicator that something is wrong with your septic tank.

If your septic tank does back up, you will absolutely know that this is taking place, without a doubt. It does not have to be a complete system block even. A slowdown in your drain system and gurgling sounds are a clue that something is really wrong with your system. Along with keeping records of your system maintenance, you also need to keep records of when your system is in need of maintenance. All of these records will be very helpful for the next time that you need to call out a professional to check out your septic tank. You should also never open your septic tank by yourself. The reason for this is that it has a lot of bacteria and gases in it.

If you follow these ideas and tips, your septic tank should have a long and good life. These ideas are really good ones that you need to follow to take properly take care of and maintain your septic tank. For all of your plumbing needs contact My Professional Plumbing.