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My Professional Plumber is a plumber and drain cleaning service provider that’s seen it all. It can be the case that plumbing issues in your home don’t necessarily start in your home. They can sometimes start in the sewer lines around your home, and one of the reasons for this could be the weather.

In Knoxville, TN, extreme weather conditions aren’t a singular occurrence, which can cause havoc with your plumbing. But adverse weather like snow, heavy storms or extreme heat isn’t the only thing that causes problems with the sewer lines. Rapid flora growth can often see plants get stuck inside sewage pipes. This can potentially cause clogs, which impacts not just your home’s plumbing but your main sewer lines as well.

Aren’t sewage issues someone else’s problem?

Sewer lines are like a network. There is a main line and then offshoot lines that run from it. If a problem occurs in one of these offshoots, then it is likely to only affect that line. If a problem occurs on the main line, it could affect the whole system or house. This is one of the reasons why regular services are recommended for routine plumbing care. This is also where you have to be careful, as a problem on the main line can mean you could be about to experience a sewer back up.

You want to avoid such a situation at all costs as a sewer backup can bring life in your home to a standstill.

Sewer lines essentially service anything that uses water in your home. You need water to do the laundry, wash the dishes or take a bath.

When all of these things tend to run like clockwork in your house, it is natural that we take for granted plumbing maintenance and the need for regular drain cleaning services. Neglecting this routine type of care is risky, however, as when a problem hits, you will know about it.

If a sewer backup is on the horizon, it can cause problems as minor as a slow draining plughole or more significant such as an overflowing toilet. Whichever, it is you’ll want to try and tackle it before it escalates. Otherwise, you could be forking out for significant repairs.

Warning Signs of a Sewage Backup

To avoid a costly and inconvenient situation, look out for several signs warning of a nearing sewer backup.

1. Slow draining plumbing

Slow draining water down the plughole is quite a common household problem. Water doesn’t drain as fast it should drain in your bathtubs, sinks for laundry lines, which can indicate that there is a blockage somewhere. Minor blockages can be the result of trapped hair and scum, which is relatively straightforward to remedy. At other times, these slow drains can be a trigger warning for the start of a more dire problem.

2. Badly smelling drains

An awful stench emitting from the drains isn’t just unpleasant, it can be dangerous to your health if what you’re smelling is sewer gas. This gas escapes into the drainage system if there is a sewer backup. If your drains do not smell normal, then you must call a drain cleaning service straight away.

3.  Multiple clogs in your home

A singular clog is isolated to that one drain. But when there are two or more drains that are affected at the same time, then you should sense that there is a deeper problem. If any of those clogs occur in drains that get little use, such as in the guest bathroom, then that is an added alarm bell for you to call for drain cleaning services.

4. Running water in one drain causes backups elsewhere

If you’re doing laundry or having a bath, and you hear bubbling and gurgling in the toilet, a blockage may mean the water is looking for an alternative exit route.

You are likely to see this when water tries to push past a clog, trapping air, which in turn causes bubbling. You can try and check if it’s a one-off clog by filling up the sink or bath with a few inches of water and watching while it drains, then checking for bubbles. This should be a prompt to get your pipes cleaned through a drain cleaning service with your neighborhood plumber.

5. A lack-luster flush

When toilets aren’t flushing as they should, and the usual plunging treatment hasn’t made much difference, then it might be the case that a sewer backup is at bay.

If this is the case, call a drain cleaning service straight away.

My Professional Plumber can help you nip a problem in the bud or tackle it before it advances.

What to do once you identified there’s a problem

Needless to say, once you have determined that there is a problem, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. The consequences are a potential backup of raw sewage and significant damage to your property.

A drain cleaning service can address a sewer backup or help prevent one. It can also be part of a long-term solution for sewer and drain maintenance.

The main sewer line is what carries waste from your household drains to the sewage plant. Maintenance and the use of a service are especially essential to prevent any problems in the future.

My Professional Plumber is a plumbing company that provides drain cleaning services and more in Knoxville, TN, and its surrounding areas. It fully understands the water systems of the community and provides its customers with honest quotes and reliable service.

There is also a 24 hour-a-day emergency service for very urgent jobs. So, whether its a drain cleaning service you’re after or anything else, call My Professional Plumbers to get your domestic life back to normality.