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Signs You May Need A Plumber To Fix Your Root Intrusion Problems | Oak Ridge, TN

Among the various problems that can plague a home’s plumbing system, few are as irritating as a root intrusion. Root intrusions occur when the roots of trees or other plants grow into sewer lines or drainage pipes in search of moisture or nutrients. Once they enter the pipes, the roots can cause all sorts of problems, from clogging drains to breaking through sewer lines.

In some cases, the only way to remove the roots is to dig up the affected section of the pipe and replace it. Needless to say, this is a costly and time-consuming repair. Fortunately, there are a few signs that can indicate that you have a root intrusion problem. If you notice any of the following, it’s best to call a plumber as soon as possible.

Sediment In Your Water

If you’ve noticed an increase in sediments in your water, it’s important to take action immediately. Sediments are a major sign that you may have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. This can happen when the roots break through the sewer pipe, allowing dirt and debris to enter your home’s water supply. If you notice sediments in your water, it’s important to call a professional right away to have your plumbing system checked for a root intrusion. A root intrusion problem can often be resolved with prompt action without major repairs or replacement.

Bad Smells Coming from Your Drains

If you’ve noticed bad smells from your drains, it’s another sign that you may have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. This is usually caused by tree roots growing into the sewer pipe and causing a blockage. As the blockage worsens, it can cause sewage to back into your home, leading to bad smells and a health hazard. If you notice bad smells coming from your drains, it’s important to call a plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, immediately to have your plumbing system checked for a root intrusion.

Roots Protruding From Your Drainage Pipes or Sewer Line

If you see roots protruding from your drainage pipes or sewer line, it’s a sure sign that you have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. Roots can grow into sewer lines and drainage pipes in search of moisture or nutrients. Once they enter the pipes, the roots can cause all sorts of problems, from clogging drains to breaking through sewer lines. If you see roots protruding from your drainage pipes or sewer line, you should immediately call a professional to check your plumbing system for root intrusion.

Green Patches In Your Yard

Have you noticed any green patches in your yard that seem out of place? A common sign of a root intrusion in your plumbing system is the presence of green patches in your yard. While this may result from other issues such as poor drainage or over-watering, it is often an indication that tree or shrub roots have infiltrated your sewer lines. 

If you think you may have a root intrusion problem, you should contact a plumber to have your pipes inspected. An expert can determine if you have a root intrusion problem and recommend a course of action to repair the damage.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is often caused by a build-up of mineral deposits in your plumbing system. However, it can also signify that you have a root intrusion problem. Tree roots can enter your sewer lines through cracks or leaks, quickly growing and blocking the pipe.

As a result, water pressure can drop significantly, making it difficult to use your faucets or shower. If you suspect that you have a root intrusion problem, it is important to contact a qualified plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, as soon as possible. They will be able to assess the situation and take steps to resolve the issue, restoring normal water pressure to your home.

Some Drains Are Slow or Clogged Completely

If your drains are slow or clog completely, this may be a sign that you have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system. Tree roots can enter the sewer line through cracks or holes and grow into the pipe, causing blockages that can lead to sewage backups and flooding.

To prevent this, it is important to have your sewer line inspected regularly and repaired if necessary. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to have the affected section of the pipe replaced. If you think you may have a root intrusion problem, call a professional plumber for an evaluation and repair.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing or Backing Up

If you’ve ever experienced an overflowing toilet or a backed-up sink, you know how frustrating it can be. But did you know that these problems could signify a more serious issue with your plumbing system? In particular, they could be indicative of a root intrusion.

Roots can enter your sewer lines through cracks or leaks and cause blockages that lead to sewage backups. If the roots are left unchecked, they can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and your home. In the worst scenario, you may be able to see the roots growing through the toilet bowl or coming out of the drain. If you notice your toilet overflowing or backing up, it is important to contact a plumber right away. Taking action quickly can avoid serious damage to your home and keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Don’t Let Root Intrusion Damage Your Plumbing System

If you think you may have a root intrusion problem in your plumbing system, you must contact a professional plumber immediately. They will be able to assess the situation and recommend a course of action to repair the damage. In some cases, the roots can be removed and the pipe repaired. However, in other cases, the damage may be too severe, and the affected section of the pipe will need to be replaced. Either way, it is important to take action quickly to avoid further damage to your home.

Our Team Can Help

If you think you may have a root intrusion problem in Oak Ridge, TN, our team of experienced plumbers from My Professional Plumber can help. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly assess the situation and take action to resolve the issue. We also offer a wide range of other plumbing services, so we can help you with any other problems you may be experiencing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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A Guide To Sewer Problems From Your Plumbing Company: How To Tell Your Sewer Line Is Broken | Knoxville, TN

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A sewer line essentially collects any form of waste from home and directs it to a place of disposal, say, a septic system or to a treatment plant. Certain things, such as tree intrusion, could reduce the efficiency of your sewer line before it even fails. Another cause of sewer failure is the age of the sewer pipes.

As a homeowner in Knoxville, TN, taking preventative measures in time can save you from incurring costly repairs in repairing a faulty sewer line. Below are some things that will tell you something is cooking with your sewer and why you need a plumbing company to fix it quickly.

Indentation In Lawn and Sagging Pavement

A sagging or moving depression in your lawn or concrete on your yard, pathway, or driveway could be an indication your sewer line has been interfered with.

When a sewer pipe develops cracks, water leaks may saturate the soil around it, causing the area which sits above your main sewer line to sag or dip. Once you identify such an occurrence, be sure to contact a plumbing company to solve the issue.

Lush Patches of Grass or Extra Green Grass

This may seem ordinary, but if your lawn develops extra green or lush patches of grass, there’s more to it. Sometimes it could be caused by a leaky sprinkler system or other overwatering. However, it could be due to a faulty sewer line in some cases. A plumbing company can run a camera inspection into the sewer to establish any possible leak.

Cracks In the Foundation of Your Home

Cracks on your home’s foundation can result from a malfunctioning sewer line. If a sewer line breaks and it’s left unattended for a significant amount of time, the water may find its way into the foundation slab of your house.

If the leaking goes on for a long time, the water may damage the structural components of your settlement or building. You can quickly tell this by the visible cracks on your walls or even sinkholes in your courtyard. This is a sign enough to have your sewer line assessed by a professional plumber.

Sewage Backups

If there’s a clog in your sewer line, you can experience sewage backups in your drains. If a backup only happens with a particular drain, then the problem may be directly linked to the plumbing of the fixture itself. However, if you flushed a toilet and sewage backed up in your shower drain or bathtub, this could be a problem with the sewer line since all drains in your home rely on the main sewer line.

Frequent sewage backups could point to something more than just a blockage in the sewer pipes. For this reason, it is paramount that a plumber inspects your sewer line to identify the root cause of such happenings.

Mold Growing In Your House

Have you ever noticed mold growing on the walls, floors, or ceilings of your house? If yes, this indicates a sewer line that may be broken under the wall. Mold only requires the right amount of humidity to grow.

A broken sewer line can lead to a damp environment on surfaces within your house, which can cause mold growth. If you see this, you call a plumbing company to come in and fix the situation. Remember mold is a severe health hazard, and ignoring it can put your health and that of your family at risk.

There’s Sewage Smell In the House

Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t smell sewer gas in your house unless there’s an opening in your sewer line. This is because a sanitary sewer is made in such a way that it’s airtight except for the vent stacks found on your house’s roof.

Suppose you smell sewer odors in your kitchen or bathrooms, as these are mostly the open points for the odors to escape. In that case, all you’ve to do is to find a certified plumbing company in Knoxville, TN, that can offer expert sewer line inspection services to get things back to order.

Your Drains Are Slow

When a crack forms on a sewer line, soil can build up inside the sewer pipes, reducing their diameter. Tree roots could also find their way inside the pipes, slowing down the movement of wastewater or other substances within your sewer system.

Your sewer system could have problems if you notice your house drains take quite some time to clear out, even after cleaning them. If that’s the case, you should link up with a plumbing company to rectify the mess before the condition worsens.

Waste Water In Your Yard

Septic water pooling in your courtyard is another sign to watch for. When a sewer line breaks, the wastewater from your sink, bathrooms, or toilets may find its way out through the sinkholes formed in your yard.

Once you notice a smelly and soggy mess in your driveway or patio and your sewer line is placed right beneath them, you should contact a plumbing company immediately.

Your Toilet Gurgles When You Flush

If your toilet makes bubbling-like sounds when you flush it, that’s a symptom of a faulty sewer line. Ideally, your toilet shouldn’t be producing any strange sounds. If you realize the toilet sometimes gurgles even without any recent flush, contact a licensed plumbing company to inspect the sewer line.

Rats In Your Home

This is another reason you need to schedule a sewer inspection with a plumbing company. Rats are tiny creatures that tend to live inside the sanitary sewer lines. If there’s a crack on your sewer line, an average rat can sneak through the tiny openings and find its way into your home.

Rats are carriers of many life-threatening diseases such as hemorrhagic fever and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. You could even be hospitalized for breathing in dust that’s contaminated with rat urine or droppings. Therefore, if you’ve noticed a rise in the number of rats in your home, get a plumbing company to conduct a sewer line inspection and repairs right away.

The Solution?

No one loves the smell, let alone the sight of sewage. It’s disgusting! But the health consequences associated with broken sewerage is the last thing you want to endure.

At My Professional PlumberKnoxville, TN, we save you the hassle. Apart from sewer line maintenance, we also provide general plumbing and repair services, garbage disposal, and emergency plumbing. You can count on us for all your sewer line needs.

Drain Cleaning Services | Knoxville, TN

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My Professional Plumber is a plumber and drain cleaning service provider that’s seen it all. It can be the case that plumbing issues in your home don’t necessarily start in your home. They can sometimes start in the sewer lines around your home, and one of the reasons for this could be the weather.

In Knoxville, TN, extreme weather conditions aren’t a singular occurrence, which can cause havoc with your plumbing. But adverse weather like snow, heavy storms or extreme heat isn’t the only thing that causes problems with the sewer lines. Rapid flora growth can often see plants get stuck inside sewage pipes. This can potentially cause clogs, which impacts not just your home’s plumbing but your main sewer lines as well.

Aren’t sewage issues someone else’s problem?

Sewer lines are like a network. There is a main line and then offshoot lines that run from it. If a problem occurs in one of these offshoots, then it is likely to only affect that line. If a problem occurs on the main line, it could affect the whole system or house. This is one of the reasons why regular services are recommended for routine plumbing care. This is also where you have to be careful, as a problem on the main line can mean you could be about to experience a sewer back up.

You want to avoid such a situation at all costs as a sewer backup can bring life in your home to a standstill.

Sewer lines essentially service anything that uses water in your home. You need water to do the laundry, wash the dishes or take a bath.

When all of these things tend to run like clockwork in your house, it is natural that we take for granted plumbing maintenance and the need for regular drain cleaning services. Neglecting this routine type of care is risky, however, as when a problem hits, you will know about it.

If a sewer backup is on the horizon, it can cause problems as minor as a slow draining plughole or more significant such as an overflowing toilet. Whichever, it is you’ll want to try and tackle it before it escalates. Otherwise, you could be forking out for significant repairs.

Warning Signs of a Sewage Backup

To avoid a costly and inconvenient situation, look out for several signs warning of a nearing sewer backup.

1. Slow draining plumbing

Slow draining water down the plughole is quite a common household problem. Water doesn’t drain as fast it should drain in your bathtubs, sinks for laundry lines, which can indicate that there is a blockage somewhere. Minor blockages can be the result of trapped hair and scum, which is relatively straightforward to remedy. At other times, these slow drains can be a trigger warning for the start of a more dire problem.

2. Badly smelling drains

An awful stench emitting from the drains isn’t just unpleasant, it can be dangerous to your health if what you’re smelling is sewer gas. This gas escapes into the drainage system if there is a sewer backup. If your drains do not smell normal, then you must call a drain cleaning service straight away.

3.  Multiple clogs in your home

A singular clog is isolated to that one drain. But when there are two or more drains that are affected at the same time, then you should sense that there is a deeper problem. If any of those clogs occur in drains that get little use, such as in the guest bathroom, then that is an added alarm bell for you to call for drain cleaning services.

4. Running water in one drain causes backups elsewhere

If you’re doing laundry or having a bath, and you hear bubbling and gurgling in the toilet, a blockage may mean the water is looking for an alternative exit route.

You are likely to see this when water tries to push past a clog, trapping air, which in turn causes bubbling. You can try and check if it’s a one-off clog by filling up the sink or bath with a few inches of water and watching while it drains, then checking for bubbles. This should be a prompt to get your pipes cleaned through a drain cleaning service with your neighborhood plumber.

5. A lack-luster flush

When toilets aren’t flushing as they should, and the usual plunging treatment hasn’t made much difference, then it might be the case that a sewer backup is at bay.

If this is the case, call a drain cleaning service straight away.

My Professional Plumber can help you nip a problem in the bud or tackle it before it advances.

What to do once you identified there’s a problem

Needless to say, once you have determined that there is a problem, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. The consequences are a potential backup of raw sewage and significant damage to your property.

A drain cleaning service can address a sewer backup or help prevent one. It can also be part of a long-term solution for sewer and drain maintenance.

The main sewer line is what carries waste from your household drains to the sewage plant. Maintenance and the use of a service are especially essential to prevent any problems in the future.

My Professional Plumber is a plumbing company that provides drain cleaning services and more in Knoxville, TN, and its surrounding areas. It fully understands the water systems of the community and provides its customers with honest quotes and reliable service.

There is also a 24 hour-a-day emergency service for very urgent jobs. So, whether its a drain cleaning service you’re after or anything else, call My Professional Plumbers to get your domestic life back to normality.


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