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Being a homeowner is great, but sometimes it can feel like you have a million little things you need to do if you want to keep your home in good shape. This is especially difficult when it comes to things like maintaining your plumbing system, which most homeowners don’t know the first thing about. Your job as a homeowner is to keep an eye out for problems so you know when to call an expert. If you want to make sure you’re calling a plumber at the first sight of a problem, we’ve got some tips for you.

Water Bill Changes

One of the easiest things you can do if you want to keep an eye out for plumbing problems is look at your water bill each month. Your water bill might change a bit from month to month, but those changes should come with some sort of explanation. Plus, you shouldn’t see any huge jumps in your bill from one month to the next.

Oftentimes, a high water bill is a result of some sort of water leak in your home. In many cases, this leak is something simple like a dripping faucet or a tiny leak in a pipe. However, you should always have someone inspect your home for leaks if you think you may have one, because even small leaks can cause big water damage.

Water bill spikes may also occur as a result of a running toilet. If you flush and you notice your toilet still sounds like it’s filling up with water 10 or 20 minutes later, have a plumber replace the flapper valve. While it may seem minor, a running toilet can cost you hundreds every month.

No Hot Water

There are a lot of plumbing problems that are a pain to deal with, but few problems are quite as bad as waking up on a cold winter morning and realizing you have no hot water. The truth is, this is a fairly common occurrence, especially if your water heater is a little bit older. For most homeowners, a lack of hot water is considered an emergency that requires the help of a plumber right away.

The good news about not having hot water is that it’s fairly easy to get things working again. Most of the time, it’s best to check out the heating elements on the water heater to see if they need to be replaced. However, a professional may recommend simply replacing the water heater if it’s near the end of its lifespan. In either case, you can get your water heater fixed in about a day usually.

You can prevent water heater problems by making sure you’re having somebody drain and flush your water heater twice a year. By having an expert remove the sediment from your water heater every once in a while, you reduce the risk of corrosion and improve performance.

Water Damage Signs

There are a lot of pesky plumbing problems you can have in your Oak Ridge, TN, home, but many of them aren’t incredibly expensive to fix. When it comes to expensive plumbing problems, the ones that have potential to cause a lot of water damage are the worst. If you notice any signs that you may have a plumbing problem causing water damage in your home, call a plumber right away.

One of the most classic signs of water damage due to a pipe leak is discoloration of drywall. If you notice a yellow or brown circle on one of the walls in your home, there’s a good chance you have a leak. Sometimes, you can tell you’ve got a leak that’s soaking your drywall just by the way a room smells, which is another good sign that it’s time to call a plumber for help.

Clogged Drains

You might not think a clogged drain is a very big deal, and you’d be right to feel that way at times. However, drain clogs can lead to major plumbing problems if you don’t take care of them in a timely manner, and that’s not always easy to do on your own. If you’ve tried an enzyme-based drain cleaner and you simply can’t seem to get rid of your clog, have a plumber run a snake or auger to clear out the drain.

If you leave a clogged drain, that clog will get worse and eventually cause sewage backups. Plus, the clog will continue to get more difficult to remove, so acting fast is key. Even if you don’t have badly clogged drains, it’s a good idea to have a drain cleaning service company come to your home and make sure your drains are fully cleaned out every once in a while.

Plumbing Emergencies

On top of knowing when to call a plumber for help, you should also know when the problem you’re dealing with is considered an emergency. Things like burst pipes, sewage backups and leaks that may lead to water damage are great examples of problems that require emergency help. If you do end up having to call an emergency plumber, make sure you shut the water off while you wait for them to arrive at your home. If you’re not sure where your shutoff valve is, a professional can help you find it for future reference.

Call Now

It’s not easy owning a home, particularly one you’re proud of and want to keep in excellent shape for decades to come. However, knowing when to call an expert for plumbing repairs and maintenance is a good start.

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