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How To Shop For Water Filtration Systems | Lenoir City, TN

Are you in need of water filtration systems for the home? Do you live in Lenoir City, TN, and are ready to save time, money, and energy by having round-the-clock access to filtered water? Well, you’re in luck!

Water filtration systems are an excellent investment. They provide plenty of rewards for you to take advantage of today. Find out what they are below.

Water Filter Systems Are an Excellent Addition to Every Size of Home

Water filtration systems make every home infinitely better. If you love filtered water, you’ll love having access to it 24/7. You don’t need to go far to have the purest water in the area. You have it on tap, after all!

Having a water filtration system set up in your home gives you many advantages. It saves you the time of running to the store for water. It doesn’t have a calcium build-up on your pipes and faucets. You’re not drinking questionable substances that haven’t been filtered well.

Here is how to shop for a water filtration system in Lenoir City, TN:

  • Find out which companies offer the service. It’s easy to learn who can do this type of work for you if you have access to the internet. You’re not reliant on hearsay. Instead, you can get the help that you need from the best service provider in the area. After doing some research, you’ll learn who that is and how to get the full value from their services. It makes it much easier to request assistance in the future when you know which companies can assist you.
  • Call a few service providers to learn who can assist you with your request. Just because you find a company’s contact information online doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to get the help that you need when you ask for it. Some companies are overbooked. They may find it challenging to call you back. That’s why you should be very conscientious about who you contact. Companies that have rave reviews are more attentive to their customers’ needs. You’ll probably have a really good experience working with them.
  • Explore the different options you have for water filtration systems. Find out what makes one system better than another for your home. You’ll learn rather quickly that the questions that you ask and the product descriptions that you read make all the difference. You’ll find it impossible to tackle all of the various systems without having a guide and sense of direction to take. The company that you reach out to for help will grab the reins and make purchasing the water filtration system you need much easier.
  • Purchase the one you feel best meets your needs. After thoroughly considering your options, select the one filtration system that meets your needs physically and financially. Choose one that addresses your need for filtered water as a household. How will you use it each day? How much water will you consume through drinking it, washing with it, and using it to care for your pets, plants, and yard.
  • Have the water filtration system installed in your home. This is clearly the easiest task on the list. It involves little work for you. Letting the professional into your home to complete the job is all you need to do. It makes it possible for them to finish the installation in no time, which gives you immediate access to the filtered water you need. Water filtration systems are a bonafide investment!
  • Enjoy! There are plenty of ways to use water filtration systems. Have fun trying to discover them all. Having access to pure water is valuable. You don’t need to worry about a tainted water supply affecting your family and pets negatively. Instead, you’re able to address the need for water with your new filtration system. Best of all, you’ll have it serviced regularly, making it possible for you to enjoy the cleanest, clearest water year-round.

Lenoir City, TN is full of companies that offer a water filtration system. Finding the one that fits your needs well takes little time and minimal research. It’s something you can even do on your phone if you have a few minutes to spare. Once you’ve found the company that provides the services, you can easily shop for water filtration systems that work well for your home.

You can easily schedule water filtration systems service calls after you’ve had your system installed. It takes no time to do at all and allows you to receive the same high level of quality care from a company you’ve gotten to know. You’ll have no issue getting things done in a way that feels satisfying to you. Instead, you’ll keep the water in the home pure and filtered with every call you make to your favorite plumber.

Reach Out to Us with Your Request Right Away

My Professional Plumber provides outstanding value with the plumbing services we offer to our customers in Lenoir City. If you’re in need of filtered water and don’t want to pay exorbitant prices at the store to buy single bottles and gallons of it, contact us. You’ll have a way to filter your water for the entire household easily.

Contact us with your request for water filtration systems today. We’ll go over the different types we have available, so you’re able to figure out what you can do with them. You have choices when you decide to work with us. Let’s get a water filtration system set up in your home to help you with your filtered water needs!

It’s our mission to help you with whatever we can. When you reach out to us for assistance, note that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction. Then, you’ll be able to receive the type of assistance that you have nothing but good things to say about it. You’ll want to work with My Professional Plumber in the future and thank everyone involved for giving you a sustainable way to tackle your home’s water needs.

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Pros And Cons Of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems | Maryville, TN

Of the countless water filtration systems, reverse osmosis is the most efficient in removing contaminants in water. The water treatment units provide clean water for drinking, cooking, showering, and other sanitary tasks.

They operate at low temperatures and high water pressure to eliminate harmful substances, chemicals, and other impurities from water. There are three types of reverse osmosis water filtration systems, including desalination and brackish, that you can get for your home. This masterpiece will discuss the pros and cons of reverse osmosis water purification units to help you gauge if they are ideal for your house.

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis Filters

Efficient in Eliminating Contaminants

The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes reverse osmosis water filtration systems as the best technology for removing up to 99 percent of radionuclides and contaminants from cooking and drinking water. Its membrane has tiny pores that restrict uranium, gross alpha, lead, radium, mercury, and beta contaminants from passing through.

Water with radionuclides exposes you and your loved ones to radiation that can lead to cancer. The water filtration systems also filter out dangerous chemicals, such as chloride, which can alter the taste and quality of water. Getting a reverse osmosis filter at the point of entry in your water supply line protects your family from diseases by improving water quality.

Improves the Taste of Water

Contaminated water with high content of dissolved metals, such as magnesium, zinc, lead, and iron, has a metallic taste. It cannot quench thirst and make you spend a lot on bottled water. Water with high minerals and chemicals can also affect food flavor, making you suspect your taste buds.

With reverse osmosis filters, you can say goodbye to bad-tasting water and food as the water filtration systems remove all the dissolved metals, minerals, and other impurities.

Eliminates Minerals

Another benefit of having desalination or brackish reverse osmosis filters installed in your home is the removal of minerals or salts in water. Hard water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium that forms scum and leaves residue on utensils, making them look unclean. It also takes time to lather, leading to excessive use of soap.

Without water filtration systems to purify your water, your skin will also feel the effects of hard water minerals with time. To make the water in your home soft, you need reverse osmosis filters to work with water softeners.

A plumber in Maryville, TN can install an ion-exchange filter at the point of entry to exchange calcium with sodium properties and the RO at the point of use to remove any traces of minerals left in the water.

Clears Smell in Water

Sometimes water from your faucets can have a nasty smell, making it difficult for you to use it for anything in the house. If the water has sulfur or rotten-like odor, it has hydrogen sulfide, which stems from bacteria.

Stored water in hot water tanks is one of the culprits of smelling water because it gives room for bacterial growth every time it boils and cools inside the tank.

Apart from cleaning the water heating system, have a plumber install reverse osmosis. It is the best water filtration system for eliminating bacteria, making your water odorless and healthy to drink and use.

Energy Efficient

With a high demand for energy-efficient appliances and devices, most manufacturers are making products that meet the energy-efficiency needs of their target customers.

Reverse osmosis is among the water filtration systems that do not rely on electricity to operate efficiently. It uses a pressure vessel with a membrane for water with high pressure to pass through for filtration.

For that reason, you will not worry about hiking utility bills or lack of clean water as long as you have a well-maintained RO unit installed. The unit will also save you money as you cut down on buying bottled water.

Limitations of Reverse Osmosis

Removes Useful Minerals

One of the drawbacks of using reverse osmosis is having tasteless water because it removes most minerals that give water a thirst-quenching taste. You might feel the water is flat the first few days after installing the water filtration system, but with time you will get used to it. Even though the unit removes the minerals in the water, you can get them in foods to promote your health.

Prolonged Wait Time

Homes with low water pressure can find it difficult to use reverse osmosis filters. This plumbing appliance requires high water pressure to provide sufficient water throughout.

But, when the pressure is not that high, you might have to wait for RO to build adequate water for filtration and use it every time you want more water for cooking, washing, or bathing. Waiting for water to build up several times can test your patience.

Needs Maintenance

Since reverse osmosis is a filter that eliminates dirt and impurities from your water, it is susceptible to getting dirty. A plumbing expert in Maryville, TN can recommend regular cleaning of the unit with a precise focus on the membrane.

Failure to perform periodic tune-ups on the water filtration systems will lead to multiple issues, including disruption in the provision of clean water. Therefore, if you want the water treatment equipment to last the longest, get a maintenance plan from a renowned plumbing company that will never miss a tune-up and cleaning appointment.

Do You Want a Reverse Osmosis Filter in Your Home?

From the above pros and cons, it is indisputable that the advantages of RO surpass its drawbacks, which is a sign for you to get one for your family. My Professional Plumber in Maryville, TN understands the importance of water filters and will help you get the best option for your home for exceptional installation.

Our technicians are drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained to provide quality and safe plumbing services. We also install your water heating units, water filtration systems, toilet, tubs, showers, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures and appliances. Give My Professional Plumber a ring today!

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How Water Filtration Systems Can Benefit Your Home And Family | Knoxville, TN

The water coming into your house is treated at the water plant first, but there’s no guarantee that the contaminants have been removed. It’s not uncommon for water to contain high levels of lead, fluoride, chlorine, and other harmful impurities. These pollutants can affect the water’s taste, your family’s health, and your clothing.

Fortunately, water filtration systems will eliminate harmful impurities, and installing one in your Knoxville, TN, home will ensure the water is safe.

Two types of filtration systems purify the water coming from every tap in your home, including whole-house filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems. Each type works differently, but the final result will be the same regardless of which you choose to install.

If you aren’t sure if water filtration systems are worth the cost, you should consider how installing one can benefit your home and family.

#1 Healthy Drinking Water

One of the main benefits of water filtration systems is that the water from the tap in your Knoxville, TN, home will be safe to drink. Some impurities in the water can cause gastrointestinal issues, and a filtration system will eliminate them, ensuring the water is safe. Also, some contaminants affect the water’s taste, making it challenging to drink the recommended amount of water to keep your family healthy. Installing a water filtration system will ensure the water tastes good.

#2 Save Money On Bottled Water

Many people who drink a lot of water buy water bottles to ensure the water is safe and tastes good. Although bottled water is safe to drink, it can cost a significant amount of money over time. For example, if every member in a family of four drinks two bottles of water a day, they’ll go through 240 bottles a month, and you’ll need to buy ten 24-packs of water each month, costing between $50 to $60 per month, and up to $720 per year.

Water filtration systems will eliminate the need for bottled water, and the unit will pay for itself with the money you’ll save on bottled water over the first two years or so.

#3 Environmentally Friendly

Although bottled water ensures you’re drinking safe, great-tasting water, the bottles harm the environment. People in the United States throw away over 60 million plastic water bottles a day, and only around 12 percent are recycled. The bottles that aren’t recycled end up in landfills and waterways, affecting the environment.

Water filtration systems eliminate the need for bottled water, and installing one in your Knoxville, TN, home will help you do your part for the environment.

#4 Prevent Plumbing Problems

The heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals that can remain in the water can cause corrosion and damage to the pipes and our water-based appliances. Water filtration systems will eliminate harmful chemicals, preventing corrosion that can result in a leak and causing water damage and mold growth. Also, the filtration system will extend the lifespan of your pipes, water heater, and other water-based appliances.

#5 Protect Your Clothes

High chlorine levels in the water can affect your clothes every time you wash them. The chlorine thins the fibers, and the clothes will wear out and fade quickly, destroying your favorite outfits.

Water filtration systems eliminate the chlorine in the water, ensuring your clothes look new wash after wash.

#6 Healthy Hair and Skin

Most people want shiny, healthy hair and glowing skin, but many water impurities can dry your skin and hair.

Fortunately, water filtration systems will filter harmful impurities, and you’ll see and feel a difference after installing the filtration system.

#7 Reduce the Risk of Skin Rashes

Minerals and contaminants in the water can irritate your skin when you shower or wear clothes washed in the water. The water will worsen the condition if you or a family member have a chronic skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis.

Water filtration systems filter the impurities that can be harmful to your skin, eliminating skin rashes and itching, and will prevent ongoing irritation.

#8 Save Money On Soap

Soap is necessary when washing up, doing the dishes, and doing laundry. Many harmful impurities left behind when the water leaves the treatment plant will affect how well the soap lathers, and you’ll need to use more soap to get the job done.

If you install a water filtration system in your home, the impurities will be removed, allowing the soap to lather, and you won’t need to use as much, saving money on soap, which can add up in one year.

#9 Cleaning the Tub and Sink Will Be Easy

If you have to scrub hard to get your sinks and tubs clean, the water could be the reason. All kinds of soap contain high levels of sodium salt, which should dissolve easily, but if you have hard water, the sodium will bind to the minerals, resulting in soap scum, which can be very difficult to clean.

Installing a water filtration system will help because it works as a water softener, eliminating soap scum and making it easy to clean the sinks and tubs.

#10 Peace of Mind

One of the best reasons to install a filtration system is its peace of mind. It’s great to know that your family can fill a glass of water from the tap and drink it without getting sick. You also want your family to shower without skin irritation and wash your clothes without them being damaged. Installing a water filtration system will provide peace of mind that the water is safe.

Call My Professional Plumber Today

If you plan to install a water filtration system in your home, look no further than My Professional Plumber. We’re a full-service plumbing company and are experts in softener and filtration systems.

Our plumbers are professionally trained and licensed and have the knowledge and skill necessary to handle the toughest jobs in the plumbing industry.

We understand how inconvenient plumbing problems are, so we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have an issue that must be addressed immediately, we’ll do our best to get a technician to your house as quickly as possible.

To schedule an appointment to install a filtration system or for any plumbing service, give My Professional Plumber a call today.

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The Top Reasons To Install Water Filtration Systems In Your Home | Knoxville, TN

Water filtration systems are an important investment for any home. Not only do they improve the quality of your water, but they also protect your plumbing and extend the life of your appliances. Here are the top benefits of installing a water filtration system in your Knoxville, TN, home:

Remove Harmful Contaminants From Your Water Supply

One of the most important things you can do for your family is to ensure that the water they drink is clean and safe. While your municipal water supply is regulated by the government and typically safe to drink, there can still be contaminants in the water. They include lead, bacteria, and pesticides which can enter your water through leaching from old pipes or runoff from agricultural fields nearby.

Filtering your home’s water effectively removes these contaminants and improves your family’s health. A good filtration system will remove bacteria, viruses, and protozoa from your water and chemicals like lead and chlorine. While installing water filtration systems is an initial cost, the long-term benefits of improved health and quality of life are well worth it.

Better-Tasting Water

Home water filtration systems are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. They provide clean, safe water for drinking and cooking, and they can also improve the taste of your water. If you’ve ever noticed a strange taste or odor in tap water, it’s likely due to chemicals like chlorine used to disinfect the water supply. While these chemicals are necessary to kill harmful bacteria, they can also give your water an unpleasant taste.

A good filtration system will remove these chemicals, leaving you with water that tastes fresh and clean. In addition, water filtration systems can also remove other impurities like lead and sediment, further improving the quality of your water. So if you’re looking for a reason to install a filtration system in your Knoxville, TN, home, better-tasting water is a great place to start.

Safer Water for Bathing and Showering

It’s not just drinking water that can be improved by installing a filtration system. The quality of water from your showerhead and faucets will also be improved. This can lead to a safer and more enjoyable bathing experience for you and your family. Additionally, filtered shower water can help reduce skin irritation and dryness.

Reduced Wear And Tear On Appliances

Homeowners rely on a variety of appliances to maintain a comfortable living environment. While these appliances are typically designed for durability, they can still be susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, the minerals in hard water can cause lime scale buildup inside your pipes and on your appliances. This limescale reduces the efficiency of your appliances and shortens their lifespan. By installing water filtration systems, you can remove these deposits, as well as any sediment that might be in your water supply. As a result, your appliances will not only work better, but they will also last longer.

Fewer Repairs

In addition to reducing wear and tear on your appliances, filtered water also means fewer repairs overall. That’s because limescale buildup can damage your appliances and your pipes. Over time, this buildup can cause your pipes to become clogged and eventually leak. These chemicals can also cause corrosion, leading to serious water damage in your home. Water filtration systems can remove these damaging deposits and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Lower Utility Bills

Another significant benefit of filtered water is lower utility bills. That’s because good filtration systems can help improve the efficiency of your appliances and your home’s plumbing. As a result, you’ll use less water and energy overall, saving you money on your monthly bills. In addition, filtered water can also help extend your appliances’ life, so you won’t have to replace them as often. Installing home water filtration systems is an excellent way to save money in the long run.

Increased Lifespan of Clothing

Did you know that the minerals in hard water can shorten the lifespan of your clothing? That’s right. These minerals can cause your clothes to become dull and fade over time. In addition, hard water can also leave behind deposits that make your fabrics less absorbent. As a result, your clothes will not only look bad but also wear out more quickly. Water filtration systems can remove these damaging minerals and protect your clothing investment.

No More Bottled Water

Bottled water is expensive, and it’s not good for the environment. Fortunately, filtered water is a great alternative. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also help reduce your environmental impact. Filtered water is just as good as bottled water and is much more convenient. You can easily get all the clean, safe water you need without having to lug around heavy cases of water.

Fewer Household Cleaning Products Needed

Another benefit of filtered water is that it can help you save money on household cleaning products. Filtered water will often do a better job cleaning than regular tap water, so you won’t need to use as much soap or other cleaning products when doing laundry or washing dishes. Over time, this can lead to significant savings on your household budget.

Don’t Let Hard Water Damage Your Home – Install a Filtration System Today

If you’re still on the fence about installing home water filtration systems, consider all the benefits they can provide. From improved water quality to lower utility bills, there are many reasons to make the switch. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your home and appliances are protected from the damaging effects of hard water.

Call Our Plumbing Experts to Install Your Filtration System

If you’re ready to install a filtration system in your home in Knoxville, TN, our plumbing experts at My Professional Plumber are here to help. We can help you choose the right system for your needs and budget, and we will make sure it is installed properly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Water Filtration Systems For Your Home | Oak Ridge, TN

According to recent research, 71 percent of families in the United States consume tap water. The bad news is that tap water can contain contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, bacteria, and even metals such as lead. For this reason, it’s important to consider installing a water treatment system.

With numerous water filtration systems, finding the one that’s best for your home can be challenging. So, here’s the big question. How do you know which is the best option for you, and where do you even start? Don’t sweat it; in this blog post, you’ll learn to find the perfect one for your house.

Contaminants in Your Water

The primary reason for investing in water filtration systems is to effectively remove any water contaminants in your tap water, leaving it clean and safe to consume. Without a good water filter, some impurities can contaminate your water and affect your family’s health.

If chemical pollutants make their way into your water, they can cause health problems such as kidney diseases, hormonal imbalance, and dehydration. Some of the most common harmful chemicals in water include Chlorine and Sulfur. Biological contaminants can also be found in the water.

In addition, your tap water may contain metals such as arsenic and lead. These chemicals are very poisonous; if you or your family consume them for a long time, they can cause cancer.

Before purchasing a water filter, it is essential for homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN, to have their water tested by a professional to understand what kind of contaminants are in the water. This will assist them in purchasing the most effective water filtration systems for their home.

Most water filters remove about 40 contaminants, but others can filter 60, and smaller ones can sieve 25 impurities.

Cost of Installation and Operation

The most sophisticated water filtration systems will cost you more to install because of the complexity of their connections. Many factors affect the overall price of water filtration systems. These factors include the rate of filtration, storage capacity, and the number of stages involved in the filtration process.

However, the installation cost is not the only thing homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN, need to worry about when choosing water filtration systems for their homes. They should also consider the cost of electricity required to run the unit and the needed annual filter or cartridge change.

You do not need to buy an expensive water filter to be effective. Various water filtration systems in the market meet your requirements and budget. But it’s also essential to calculate installation and operation costs before you purchase a filtration system for your home and choose one that doesn’t harm your budget.

Rate of Filtration

Another primary factor homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN, should consider is the filtration rate of the treatment system. The daily maximum rate of filtration is the highest amount of water your system can filter in a day. Based on the size of your family and daily consumption, you need to choose a water filter that can meet your demand.

Luckily, there are different types of water filtration systems in the market today with varying filtration rates. You should choose a water filter slightly above your water consumption since it can be helpful if you need more water, especially if you have guests.

On the other hand, you should also avoid buying filters that produce way more water than you require, as it is likely to be costly.

Maintenance of the System

How much effort are you willing to put into the system? You must consider how easy your desired water filtration system is to maintain. It is insightful to consult your water filtration guide on how frequently the filters need to be changed. To ensure your water remains safe and clean, you should change the membrane and filters at the required time.

Depending on the filter type, some water filters need to be changed often, while others require more than one cartridge. Buy a filter that is easier to maintain. With time, there can be a buildup of hard water and lime scale that will need to be cleaned to guarantee the quality of your water.

Make sure you understand what you are in for when you choose a particular water filtration system for your home.

Compatibility of the Filtration System with Your Home

Most water filters are compatible with faucets, sinks, and plumbing equipment. But it’s also essential you confirm whether or not you’ll require to buy extra additional attachments to ensure the filtration system is running at its best.

Determining your water filtration system’s compatibility with your home can be challenging. That’s why a water treatment professional should inspect your well and plumbing equipment to see if you require any additional equipment, attachment, or even water softener to enable your water filter to perform well.

NSF Certification

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is found on a marked seal on water filtration systems and is used to certify if the filter you want to purchase removes contaminants. It is one of the critical things to look out for when buying a water filter.

The NSF is an independent organization that ensures food safety, including drinking water. The NSF-approved water filters are based on each type of treatment option. Some NSF marks to look for on the water filter you intend to purchase are NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ ANSI 58, or NSF/ANSI 42.

Improve the Quality of Water in Your Home Today

In a nutshell, the ideal water filtration system should meet your household’s needs and guarantee your family’s health and safety in the long run.

In case you are concerned about the condition of the water in your home, contact My Professional Plumber. We offer quality plumbing services, including water softening and filtration. Our plumbers can also help you with numerous plumbing repairs as well as water heater installation. Please call us!

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Tips For Choosing Out Of The Many Water Filtration Systems Available For Your Home | Lenoir City, TN

Drinking water in the United States is among the world’s safest and most reliable drinking water. The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) passed in 1974 protects the public health by regulating public water systems. Additional regulations by the EPA further increase the safety of municipal water. Still, it’s a good idea to get a water filtration system.

Why Does Your Home Need a Water Filter?

If your home in Lenoir City, TN, relies on a private well for drinking water, getting a water filter is a good idea. The EPA does not regulate private wells, but it offers resources for testing private wells and information on water filtration systems.

Even though public water is relatively clean, it still has a few safety issues. A lot of the water lines contain lead. Rust, corrosion, and aging infrastructure are the most common sources of lead in drinking water. According to the CDC and EPA, no amount of lead is safe. Lead poisoning is especially harmful to children. It can damage the nervous system and lead to learning disabilities, impaired hearing, and stunted growth.

If you buy bottled drinking water, water filtration systems can help you reduce costs in the long run and help reduce plastic pollution in the environment.

Test Your Water

The first step in choosing water filtration systems for your home is to test your water. The type of water filter you will need primarily depends on the contaminants in your tap water.

While there are home water testing kits, you should use a state-certified laboratory if you want correct and detailed results. Many health departments, including your health department in Lenoir City, TN, offer private well testing.

Different Types of Water Filters/Purifiers

The main difference in the following water filtration systems is the types of contaminants they handle.

Sediment Filtration

This is the most basic form of water filtration. It removes sediments and large particles in water.

Simply put, a sediment water filter comprises sieves with tiny pores. When water passes through it, particles that are too big to pass through the pores accumulate on the surface of the filter. Once the filter is complete, you replace the cartridge.

Sediment filtration is usually used as a prefilter in other filtration systems. Sediment filters cost very little but can’t remove chemicals, bacteria, and most other contaminants. If you need safe drinking water, combine it with other filters.

Carbon Water Filters

Carbon water filtration systems eliminate contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, radon, and other chemicals. You might need this type of water filter if your water tastes, smells, or looks terrible. Some carbon water filters can also reduce the lead content in water. But you need to check for certification to make sure it does remove lead.

The positively charged activated carbon block attracts negatively charged chemicals like chlorine when water passes through a carbon water filter. In that way, it also gets rid of bad tastes and smells.

A standard carbon filter does not remove nitrates, salts, and certain metals. Contaminants removed from the water will accumulate in the filter, and if you do not regularly change the filter cartridge, bacteria can grow in it.

Carbon filters are available as whole-house systems, countertop, and faucet-mounted filters. Some faucets have an inbuilt carbon filter though they are not as effective.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

If your water contains salts, metals, minerals, asbestos, and certain organic chemicals, a reverse-osmosis water filtration system might be the answer. Most of these systems have carbon filters to remove other contaminants and improve the water’s taste.

Reverse osmosis water filters are located under the sink and are directly connected to the plumbing. The system consists of several filters and the reverse osmosis membrane. Once the water is filtered, clean drinking water is stored in a storage tank. The whole process takes a considerable amount of time. You will need a larger storage tank if you have a big household and use a lot of drinking water.

Reverse osmosis does not remove bacteria and viruses. It also wastes water by sending water containing filtered contaminants down the drain. RO water filters are usually installed under the kitchen or bathroom sink. They are not recommended for whole-house use.

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers

UV water filtration systems remove what carbon and reverse-osmosis systems cannot remove, bacteria and viruses. They deactivate living organisms that cause illnesses such as cholera, hepatitis, dysentery, and gastrointestinal problems. UV disinfection is also effective against chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

UV water filtration systems are point-of-entry systems. They purify the water before it enters your house. Water from your main line passes through the UV lamp section. The UV rays from the lamp damage the cells of microorganisms, thereby killing or deactivating them.

Although UV water purifiers eliminate many harmful contaminants, they do not remove inorganic substances and particles. You will need to install a water filter before the UV lamp section to eliminate particles that could block the UV rays from reaching bacteria.

Most probably, you will also need a carbon or reverse osmosis filter to make the water safe for drinking. UV water purification is also more costly than other forms of filtration.

Not Yet Sure Which System Is Best for You? Ask My Professional Plumber.

Clean drinking water is essential to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Our team at My Professional Plumber has years of experience with water filtration systems. We listen to the needs of our customers and give them solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Apart from water filtration systems, we offer plumbing repairs and installations, water heater service, drain cleaning, and garbage disposal maintenance, among other services. Our 24/7 emergency service takes care of any problem promptly and efficiently. My Professional Plumber in Lenoir City, TN, has the answer to any water problem you might have. Give us a call today.

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