Drain Cleaning Service: Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning Methods | Knoxville, TN

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Water backups are one of the most common signs of a clogged drain. When you have a water backup that is causing water to spill forth, it’s time to call a drain cleaning service. Often this problem starts with slow drainage followed by the clog getting so bad that water can’t get through your pipes at all. When this happens big problems can arise. Water backups can lead to big problems due to water damage.

When your drains become severely clogged, many homeowners do the responsible thing and call a professional plumber for drain cleaning service. Yet some homeowners opt to try to do it themselves through drain cleaning methods. These methods can often make matters worse, costing you time and money!

At My Professional Plumber, we have seen many DIY nightmare scenarios that have caused homeowners much bigger and more expensive problems. There are many reasons why taking the do it yourself approach to cleaning out a clogged drain is not always a good idea. We will discuss why it is better to call for a service to deal with your clogged drain.


The Problem Might Be More Complex Than You Think

If you are not a plumber yourself you can’t possibly have any idea of the scope of the problem that is lying in your drains. You need to know the exact cause of the clog to even try the many DIY methods out there. Grime buildup for example requires the assistance of a plumber. For solid masses, you’re going to want the help that only a drain cleaning service can provide.


Liquid Drain Cleaners Aren’t Always the Best Option

Knoxville, TN Professional plumbers never recommend the use of liquid drain cleaners. Most of these drain cleaners are also extremely bad for the environment. Some contain lye which is toxic and dangerous. Lye contacting human or animal skin can cause burns, it is also highly corrosive. Most of these cleaners can damage your drains and pipes thanks to the corrosive acids that work to unblock those clogs. A professional service with professional tools won’t cause these issues.


You Could Risk Further Damage

Without the knowledge of professional plumbing, you risk the chance that you could cause even more damage to your pipes than the issue at hand. There are many ins and outs of professional pipe maintenance and cleaning, and many of the DIY methods can damage your drainage system. In short, you could create an even pricier problem which could have been avoided had you called in a professional drain cleaning service, to begin with.


DIY Is a Big Time Investment

DIY Is a big-time investment that doesn’t always yield results. By calling a drain cleaning service you can carry on with your daily activities, without investing the better part of a day or longer in figuring out how to unclog your drains. What would be worse is spending a day trying to unclog the drain, only to find out later that your methods failed. Time wasted is never satisfying. Since DIY is such a time sink why not call in a pro? What if the clogged drain returns in a few days? Even more, time wasted.


Your Drains Can Become Clogged Again Quickly

Most do it yourself techniques only provide a temporary fix to clogged drains. This is especially true with expensive liquid drain cleaners. Ever notice when you use those types of liquid clog fixes that you’re often running to the store to pick up another bottle as the clog has occurred once again? These types of fixes usually only clear out a drain part way, allowing some water to flow but leaving a significant amount of debris behind. This leads quickly to future clogs. Your local drain cleaning service can easily remove those stubborn clogs and tell you how to avoid future clogged drains once the source of the clog has been determined.


Drain Cleaning Service Yields Professional Results

The professionals at My Professional Plumber have access to the tools, equipment, and methods to remove even the most stubborn drain clogs. Amateur do it yourself people do not have access to these tools and equipment, while your local drain service in Knoxville, TN can unclog these drains the way they were meant to be unclogged. You want your drain to be unclogged in a way that stands up to the test of time as well, so the problem doesn’t reoccur at some random point in the future.

A drain cleaning service is often one of the most affordable services a plumber offers. What’s more, is they have advanced training on drain cleaning techniques and tools. For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning, call in the professionals at My Professional Plumber.

Now that we know you need a pro when it comes to clogged drains, what are the signs you need a drain cleaning?


Slow Draining

If your water is draining more slowly than usual you likely have a buildup in your pipes. Call in a drain cleaning service before a slow drain turns into a full-blown clog.


Standing Water Accumulation

If you have standing water in your showers or sinks, this demonstrates that your drainage problem has worsened. If these receptacles are often filled with water that never drains, it’s time to call a pro immediately.


An Unpleasant Smell

If your drains are clogged, sewage and waste can build up in the pipes. In hotter months this problem can send a rather strong odor even into adjacent rooms. Any foul smell coming from your drains should be dealt with immediately.


Fruit Flies

If you suddenly have fruit flies hovering around your drain chances are they are most likely being attracted by the food waste building up in your drain. Calling in a pro can often not only take care of the clogged drain, but also deal with the pesky fruit fly problem.


For greater peace of mind when it comes to drain cleaning, call in the professionals at My Professional Plumber today at 865-238-7049, your trusted local plumber.